[New Magic Item] Conversation Coins

Conversation Coins

The half-ogre barkeep watched the newcomers with interest, three sat hunched over a bowl of water while one stood guard as one of the sitting men whispered into the bowl.

‘Are you guys going to buy something more to drink than water in a bowl?’ the barkeep asked.

The standing man glared until he saw the half-ogre stand to his full seven foot height.

‘Four ales?’ the standing man asked.

‘That’s a great start,’ the barkeep said, leery of what the other three were up to in his establishment.

Difficult to find, these coins have no mouths on the faces on the face of the coin. They do radiate magic and are coveted by devious magic-users to give to their henchmen to report back to them with.

Benefit: These coins are often found in pouches of 1d12+2 and the coins are used thusly:

  1. Thrown into non-running water will allow a message to be sent to a single person at any distance as long as it is on the same plane and they have met before. Dialogue is out loud.
  2. Allows for this communication to be two-way, still, must be spoken.
  3. Brings in a visual element, so that the two parties may see each other.

Using any more has no additional effects. Once submerged the coins are inert for 1d4 days while they recharge.

Usable by: Anyone.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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