[New Spell] Note Sung onto Parchment

Note Sung onto Parchment

‘Do you read this?’ Krozik the dwarf asked Bakra-do.

‘I can read it if that is what you mean,’ the mercenary responded as he squinted at the words on the light gray stone.

‘Is this the entrance to the treasure-tomb? Does it say?’ asked the anxious dwarf who was already imagining piles of coins and jewels.

‘No, it actually says that this is a dead end and that the treasure-tomb is the next small cave…’ replied Bakra-do, yet before he could finish the dwarf scampered off.

‘…and has been pilfered. He will find out,’ finished the mercenary.

Some time later a loud groan that was a mix of anger and frustration could be heard.

Note Sung onto Parchment (Illusionist)

Level 1

Range: Touch.

Duration: One month per level of caster.

The casting illusionist may actually sing the message onto any surface, not just parchment for any legible surface will suffice. The caster may transfer up to two hundred words per level onto a surface in the desired language that will appear as legible print. When the spell lapses the words slowly fade away, until then they are weatherproof.

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1 Response to [New Spell] Note Sung onto Parchment

  1. Dick says:

    Spell focus is a strangely shaped metal wand, which is held close to the singer’s mouth during the song. Recording starts when you tap the wand three times with the fingers of your free hand.

    “Weird how many of these messages start with ‘Testing Testing Is This Thing On?’ isn’t it?”


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