[New Spell] Boat Like a Cork

Boat Like a Cork

‘Perhaps, in retrospect, we should have found a more seaworthy, or, in this case, lakeworthy, boat,’ admitted Lakko the sorcerer.

The ten or so on boarrd the rickety boat looked suddenly quiet concerned, the dwarves appeared terrified.

‘We are still afloat, what can happen?’ inquired a shaky Narzol the dwarf.

‘Well, you see, we made a couple of wrong turns around the lake’s edges and we should get to the far shore fairly soonish to avoid being out on the water when my spell lapses, especially with that thunderstorm rolling in,’ the wizard replied pointing at the dark clouds.

‘Can’t you cast it again?’ someone asked.

‘Not until tomorrow and after some rest,’ Lakko said.

‘Let’s row to shore and hopefully, if we make it we will decide what to do from there,’ Narzol suggested to the others.

‘Sounds like a solid plan,’ Lakko said.

‘I did not say that you were going ashore with us,’ the dwarf snarled in a way that ended the conversation.

Boat Like a Cork (Magic-user)

Level 4

Range: Touch.

Duration: One hour per level of caster.

With this spell a magic-user may keep a small watercraft up to the size of a small sailing ship intact and afloat during any natural nautical conditions with the exception of attacking sea monsters. Note that this keeps the craftitself intact and does not keep cargo, passengers or crew onboard, the vessel will just not sink no matter what during the spell’s enchantment upon it.

Option: Three or more magic-users with this spell may keep a larger ship, including a galley, afloat or double the spell’s duration, yet not both.

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