[New Magic Item] Coin of Three Revelations

Coin of Three Revelations

The Scholar of Wexos tossed a coin into the air and mumbled each time. The illusionis then frowned and slipped the coin into a pocket of his robes.
‘Is everything okay?’ Zorvab inquired.

‘Yes, just someone I thought was dead is not only dead, but has talked about me,’ the spellcaster replied.

‘Wizards!’ exclaimed Zorba. ‘You bring too much turmoil upon yourselves with your amulets and charms! I would rather not know these things and be content.’

‘You may be right about that,’ agreed the Scholar of Wexos.

A large, strange golden coin with a mouth on one side and an ear stamped upon the other. Most merchants are skeptical about this if used as currency while others quickly snap it up.

Benefit: The coin may be used once a day by being tossed in the air and caught three times, each time at least a specific word should be said aloud such as ‘Who talked about me last?’ ‘Where was that person at the time?’ or ‘What exactly did they say?’ and each toss there is a Dexterity attribute check with a -1 modifier to catch the coin and hear the answer. A failed catch means the coin drops to the ground and the question is unanswered yet may be tried again if there are enough attempts left. The holder of the coin is always the topic of the questions asked.

Usable by: Anyone.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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