[New Spell] Arcane Absentmindedness

Arcane Absentmindedness

‘Narzol, where is that ring you always brag about that has saved your life so many time? Normally it sits upon a finger of your right hand,’ Lakko inquired.

The dwarf stopped suddenly and regarded his hands, there were a couple of rings, yet these were not magical in nature. Narzol first looked concerned then angry.

‘You wizards!’ snarled the dwarf angrily.

‘I didn’t take your ring, if I did I certainly wouldn’t ask you about it standing next to you,’ retorted the wizard.

‘What would you have done if this was your doing?’ Narzol asked.

‘Probably sent a mocking letter when I was far away, I suppose,’ Lakko replied honestly.

The dwarf grumbled in reluctant agreement to that.

‘We are going to find that ring! We means you too!’ Narzol said bruskly.

‘Nothing else to do, let’s get on it,’ Lakko proposed eagerly.

Arcane Absentmindedness (Magic-user)

Level 3

Range: 25’+5’/level.

Duration: Special, see below.

When cast upon an individual this enchantment compels that person to forget about a magic item in their possession until it is required to use next or mentioned to its previous owner by a third party, until that time the person will act as if they never had this particular item in their possession, yet will become obsessed with finding it once they discover it is gone. This can be for a particular item or a random one. The caster of this spell must make an Intelligence attribute check in which the modifier to the target of the spell’s own Intelligence is the reverse modifier used to determine if the spell succeeds or not. For example an individual with an 18 Intelligence would give the caster (in most OSR systems) a +3 to their roll while a 7 Int, in another example, would give a -3. Rolling over Intelligence and failing the test means the subject is aware of the spell and its intentions, yet not the caster’s identity.

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