[New Spell] Glowshroom


Pursued by hobgoblins in the depths the druid Darsh pondered his available spells. In desperation, and considering his surroundings, spellcaster cast an enchantment on the surrounding mushrooms which varied in height from around the druid’s knee to towering above him at around thirteen feet. With the spell cast he pressed on quickly, hearing the voices of those on his tail.

Moments later there was arguing and much discussion as the small warband broke up, most of them retreating back to what they considered safety instead of rushing forward into the disturbing patch of multi colored fungus.

‘Three, three I can deal with,’ Darsh muttered to himself as he waited for the monsters in a hiding place he had found.

Glowshroom  (Druid)

Level 2

Range: 25′ +5’/level.

Duration: Three turns +1/level of caster.

When cast the druid may cause all mushrooms and related fungi to glow any desired colour at a brightness from torch to candle, as desired. This effect lasts for three turns (30 minutes) plus one extra turn per level of caster, who can dispel it at any time. Bizarre and jarring or eerie color combinations could initiate a morale check in some intelligent creatures who will flee the area if the check is failed (referee’s choice).

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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