[New Magic Item] Coin of the Wolf

Coin of the Wolf

‘Are you going to lose that thing?’ Chalk asked Valance as the two adventurers strolled down the uneven cobblestones of Ird.

‘I intended to lose this coin and a few others if indeed Jarks is going into the deep woods in a few days,’ the priest of the Spider God said with a smile.

‘It isn’t like you to willingly lose, can’t you just drop it on his person?’ the wizard asked.

‘Too risky with all of his goons around, besides, spiders will lead us to the bodies to fetch the coins,’ Valance replied.

Chalk nodded as he saw a trio of chickens skitter nervously out of their path.

Forged by a dwarven forge-master at the request of a mischievous druid the Coin of the Wolf has lead to some interesting and sometimes unfortunate situations, almost all of which have been totally unexpected, except for that one strange fellow that defiantly carried one of these everywhere….

Benefit: This magical coin causes the one bearing it to give off the scent of an alpha wolf to all animals around. Domestic animals will panic when within 30′ of the bearer of the strange coin, attempting to flee whenever possible. Creatures of Animal to Semi- Intelligence (1-4) with 4HD or more that have aggressive natures will attack the one with the cursed coin 80% of the time. Even after getting rid of this dread item the effects last for one hour afterward.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Monster] The Relentless

The Relentless

A flow of sand under the door of the small house began to form into a stylized humanoid shape. Chalk watched this happen in growing horror.

‘Do you have a spider that will handle this?’ the wizard asked Valance.

The priest of the Spider God sighed heavily and dug into a pouch at his side.

As the figure, now fully humanoid, strolled forward Valance tossed a large cut gem at the creature who caught it nimbly in one hand and smiled.

‘Your debt is paid to Gozatta,’ the thing said with a gravelly voice. It then became a thing of mud and broke a window which it flowed through as sinuously as a serpent.

Strange magical creatures tied to the elemental plane of Earth, The Relentless often act as bounty hunters or couriers and are able to change their molecular structure at will from a stone being to one of clay or sand. Each Relentless is an individual and not just a mindless construct which leads some arcane scholars to wonder if these creatures are an offshoot of the elemental earth creatures known as the Dao. The Relentless prefer payment for their services in platinum, electrum or gold coins or in gems of at less 500 g.p. value. Relentless speak Common and the Earth elemental tongue.

The Relentless: HD 7+4 AC 6[13]; Atk: Bite (1d4) or Punch (1d6) ; Move 7 ; Save 12; AL: N; CL/XP 9/1100; Special: Change Consistency:The Relentless can shift between stone, clay and sand forms at will, allowing them to move along different surfaces, change shape to fit into small openings or to ‘flow’ up a surface or to appear as statues, Strong: The Relentless are very strong and resilient, effectively around 14-16 and these creatures do not need to eat or breathe. Exceptional individuals will be able to gate in 1d4 rust monsters or xorn once per day.

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[New Magic Item] Bandit’s Crown

Bandit’s Crown

Fellhorn the druid eyed the gnome suspiciously.

‘Did you take my silver?’ he asked.

‘Not me, I have lost mine as it is!’ exclaimed the small thief.

‘There is someone out there, following us,’ the elf ranger said stoically.

‘And stealing our coins,’ complained the druid.

‘Your coins, I keep my currency hidden better,’ the elf bragged as he patted the outside of his vest.

Just as the human and gnome turned there was a bright flash before the elf’s eyes.

‘My gold!’ the elf cried out a few moments later.

Allegedly created by a master mage-thief in the dim, dark past, this magic item has allowed for many daring heists to be pulled off without a hitch, thanks to the magical aid it provides.

Benefit: When worn this magical crown gives an extra boost to a thief’s skills by dulling down one target in particular’s senses. Once per day the wearer of the Bandit Crown adds 15% to all thief skills (including Climb Walls for a fast getaway) while one target has their Int, Wis and Dex reduced by three points for two turns (twenty minutes) with a -1 Save versus Spells and one casting per day of the spell Blinding Flash.

Usable by: Thieves in particular or thefty types.

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[New Spell] Casters of Spells

Casters of Spells


The door burst open of the Drunken Dragon Inn. Several priests and constables entered, including a very irritated Constable Nettles who nodded to one of the masked priests who instantly began murmuring a prayer-spell. The stern Nettles walked over to the adventurers at the table that included Chalk and his fellows.

Nettles pointed down at a seated Valance’s head. The casting priest shook his head from side to side. Nettles grimaced.

‘Are you sure?’ the constable asked.

The cleric nodded. Nettles smirked at the adventurers.

‘Don’t go too far anyway, I am sure you lot are up to something,’ the lawman said.

Striding up to his retinue Nettles indicated another masked priest.

‘Your turn to cast next time.’

‘What was that all about?’ Chalk asked.

‘Who knows?’ replied Valance.


Casters of Spells (Arcane/Divine)

Level 3/3

Range: 30′ radius +5’/level

Duration: Instantaneous.

This spell, when cast, creates a colored sigil above the heads of all who have cast a spell within the last hour revealing what spell was cast. If multiple spells were cast by a caster multiple sigils will appear. This spell not only names the spell but also the spellcasting class is revealed (druid, illusionist, etc).

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[New Magic Item] Ring of Reversal

Ring of Reversal

Chalk lobbed a spell at one of Valance’s thug captors. The magic-user stared at his hands in amazement as a spell that should have slowed the man suddenly caused him to move even faster. The bruiser paused a moment to mockingly tip his hat at the wizard.

‘Way to go,’ Koram commented as he jogged by Chalk, crystal sword drawn, Navnen just rolled his eyes as he raced passed the spellcaster.

The magic-user paused a moment, shrugged and threw another spell that engulfed the malcontent in writhing magical bands of various pulsating colors.

‘Reverse that,’ Chalk said with just a tinge of fear in his voice in case it was possible to reverse that spell as the thug fell to the ground struggling and howling while Koram and Navnen hurried to get to the other villains hustling Valance along.

Possibly one of the most coveted and priceless artifacts recovered from the Necropolis of Zhan, the Ring of Reversal has caused unnamed deaths and even caused the destruction of two civilizations. Magic rings tend to be dangerous and deadly things…..

Benefit: Three times per day this ring can be used to reverse any magic spells cast at the wearer of the ring. The wearer must be facing the caster and the spell cast must be reversible otherwise the spell has normal effects on the ring’s wearer (i.e. a Slow spell would become Haste while a Fireball is a Fireball with a few exceptions that are up to the GM/LL- a Sleep spell might become an Energized spell that grants +2 to Dex and initiative rolls for the spell’s duration). A spellcaster wearing this ring casting a reversible spell on themselves merely wastes the spell (98% chance of spell failure, 2% chance of success).

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Amulet of the Silent

Amulet of the Silent

Koram never heard the thug approach and suddenly the sap struck him on the back of the head, he dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes. Chalk was next, then Navnen. Valance heard it all, he screamed, nobody heard him. A short man strolled into the room rubbing a small silver talisman between a thumb and forefinger.

‘Why?’ the priest of the Spider God asked.

‘I wanted you to hear us coming. You need to talk to the boss about your gambling debts,’ the man replied with an oily smile.

‘Will they be okay?’ Valance asked.

‘We have no beef with them,’ the man said. ‘They will recover and be fine. You, on the other hand, are coming with us.’

Valance slumped forward, apparently in despair and resignation. He was calling to the Spider God in quick prayer, calling for great spiders to come and save him.

This small amulet is shaped like an ear in silver and allegedly was made for a master thief who used this spell on his victims when they were sleeping who often awoke to being not only robbed but also rendered deaf, an often perplexing and maddening situation.

Benefit: Once per day the bearer can invoke the power of this magical amulet to render up to 1d4 people within 20′ (bearer’s choice of targets) deaf for 1d4 days, or less if the owner of the magic item decides to end the effect earlier. This deafness is complete and short of a Wish or Limited Wish spell irreversible. Save versus Paralysis at -1 to avoid the effects of this talisman. This effect may cause madness (15% chance) the first time it is used on a target due to the shock and horror of suddenly being rendered deaf, subsequent uses are not insanity inducing.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Blizzard for Four

Blizzard for Four


Three strangers entered the tavern. Seeing them Valance instantly cringed. Recognizing the priest of the Spider God the trio immediately moved over to the table.

‘Venkos has missed you at the gambling table,’ one of the strangers said.

‘I’ll be there soon,’ the cleric replied.

‘Good,, because you still owe him, remember?’

‘Oh, I remember,’ answered Valance.

‘Good,’ the man said with a smile and patted the priest of the Spider God on the shoulder.

The three turned and left peacefully as the temperature started to drop and a freezing blizzard caused everyone in the room to shiver and complain.

‘We’d better go,’ Chalk said.

‘I have a feeling this will be following me for a while,’ Valance said with a sigh.

‘My beer’s freezing!’ snarled Koram.

‘Go stand by the fireplace,’ Valance offered as the saw the crowd start to grumble.


Blizzard for Four (Druid)

Level 3

Range: Touch or Self, affects 30′ radius +5’/level

Duration: One hour/level of caster.

So named because there are often four members to an adventuring party, by by no means limited to affecting this many people (all within the radius of the spell are affected) this spell drops the temperature in its radius to 26 degrees F (-3 C) and a blinding blizzard of snow falls in this area for one hour per level of caster. The snow may remain (depending on the temperature after the spell lapses) or may begin to melt immediately. Often handy when in a parched desert or while adventuring in the infernal realms.

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