[New Magic Item] Shield of Balance

Shield of Balance

Narrox the Feral strode confidently through the ruins and then he saw the quartet of halflings sitting around their campfire. The dog-headed Champion of Chaos snarled and drew an axe that seemed to snarl itself.

The halfings jumped into action, one in particular face off against Narrox with a shield that seemed to glow softly.

Narrox struck the shield and howled in confusion.

Now there were only two halfings.

Something sharp pierced the side of the Champion of Chaos. His next howl was one of pain.

‘Horkel the Lawful, at your service!’ came a voice somewhere beside Narrox. The Chaos Champion lashed out again, and this time a short blade bit into his other side.

‘And Kirel the Just, at your service!’ was heard at Narrox’s other side.

A half dozen pathetic mutants lurched into view and grabbed their bleeding leader only to carry him off into the shadows.

A piece of armor so hated by some in the Cosmic Struggle that armies have been diverted to avoid the one bearing it. Many a Champion of Law or Chaos has been laid low by this shield.

Benefit: In combat this enchanted shield adds +2 to the bearer’s AC and, in addition, those of Lawful or Chaotic alignment that strike the shield cannot see those of their opposite alignment for one round per level of the one striking the shield. For example, a 4th level chaotic fighter that hits the shield cannot see any Lawful beings around them for four rounds while a 1st level Lawful cleric that strikes the shield cannot see Chaotic individuals or creatures for one round. There is no Saving Throw as this shield is meant to encourage parley, although in reality it rarely does. Those of Lawful or Chaotic alignment that pick up this shield suffer 1d4 hit point loss per round.

Usable by: Those who can use a shield of Neutral alignment.

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[New Magic Item] Click and Bang Stone

Click and Bang Stone

‘Do we dare use this stone again?’ one of the halfling wardens asked another.

‘Just be careful with it. The last time we lost Sibos. It is useful magic, but dangerous,’ replied the other halfling.

The six halflings set up camp, complete with a fire as night fell. One of the little folk balanced a rune covered stone on its edge and instantly strange noises surrounded them. They were used to the noises now and could fall asleep without fear or hesitation despite the random clicks and scrapes and mewling sounds.

At the edge of the light cast by the campfire a small creature lurched into view. The small skeleton inched towards the fire, his cape and metal cap told the others it was their companion lost four nights ago to creeping undead things.

‘Sibos has returned!’ one of the halflings said.

Yet Sibos was undead now himself, and answered only to a master in the darkness. Without emotion the skeleton raised its short sword to its previous companions.

A very simple, yet effective magic item for those who do not wish to be disturbed at night. The side effects could cause further entanglements though, use with caution.

Benefit: A rune-covered enchanted oval stone that, when balanced on its edge will produce eerie sounds in a 35′ radius. Creatures of animal intelligence will not enter the area, with the exception of vermin (rats, mice, insects, etc) while those of Semi Intelligence plus must make a Save versus Paralysis or flee the area for 1d4 hours. Those who make their saving throw are still -1 to hit and damage due to the strange and unnerving noises. There is a 10% chance that any ghost, ghoul, animated skeleton, poltergeist or similar undead will be attracted to these sounds and will try to add to the chaos if possible.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Szark’s Ropeweight

Szark’s Ropeweight

Bakra-do looked at the small stone that the rope in his hand was tied to then looked at the wizard.

‘It will hold your weight, if you quit dawdling before the spell elapses!’ Nordwid the Neverlate told the mercenary.

The mercenary took a deep breathe and descended over the edge of the cliff. He breathed a quick sigh of relief and started to lower himself. Wizards were tricky and he was always wary of their spells.

Nordwid simply leaped over the side of the cliff and slowly floated to the ground like a feather.

‘You don’t trust your rope?’ Bakra-do asked when they both got to the bottom of the cliff.

‘Not with this ring that slows my falls,’ the wizard replied. ‘Only problem is that the ring doesn’t allow me to fall up.’

Szark’s Ropeweight (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: Three rounds per level of caster.

This spell allows the caster to alter the weight of anything tied to the other end of it up to plus or minus ten times. With it a 3 lb jug tied to one end can be swun around and strike a target as if it were 30 lbs, dealing much more damage. Or a 30 lb rock can become a 300 lb anchor for climbing or descending in a pinch. Works on living creatures and constructs too. If a magical rope has this spell cast upon it the caster must make a Save versus Paralysation with a -2 modifier. If the magic-user fails they are stunned for 1d4 rounds, if they make the Saving Throw then the spell can be ‘piggybacked’ onto the enchanted rope for the spell’s duration.

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[New Magic Item] Wand of Lock Attunement

Wand of Lock Attunement

Vistis the Blue Mage searched frantically through the pockets of his robes.

‘Quickly! Someone is coming!’ urged his adventuring companion, Stork the sorcerer.

‘We really need a thief….here’s one!’ Vistis said and he held a key in one hand and touched a lock wih another then he proceeded to open the lock with the newly altered key.

‘Let’s go!’ the illusionist shrieked to the sorcerer just before the guards arrived.

The door clanged shut in the face of the captain of the guardsmen.

‘Key!’ he shouted.

Yet for some reason no key could be found on the master keyring, even when the frustrated captain searched himself.

By the time the guardsmen were through the two wily spellcasters were long gone.

A simple enough magical wand that can overcomplicate things in time. And don’t get caught with one on your person by the constables!

Benefit: This enchanted wand will cause any one key in hand to attune itself to a lock touched by the bearer with the wand. This allows the lock to be opened and closed with no problem. This also causes a situation in which another key for this lock (quite often the closest), if one exists, takes the form of the key used to open the lock current lock. Each wand can hold three charges and one charge will replenish itself per week.

Usable by: Thieves and illusionists.

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[New Magic Item] Weird Keys of Klond

Weird Keys of Klond

The cat investgated the room with great intent, looking high and low for something in particular.

Suddenly the lock jiggled and the animal ran towards the door.

Too late, the key slipped from the lock as the thief picked it and fell with a thud to the wooden floor and the door opened just as Stork, who had been the inquisitive cat a few moments ago now grasped for the door handle in vain.

‘Who are you?’ the thief asked in surprise.

‘I could ask the same,’ Stork replied with a hiss as he snatched his key from the floor.

The thief shut the door as he drew a dagger.

Stork grinned and drew a wand.

‘Are you the wizard Stork?’ the thief inquired with wide eyes.

‘Yesssss,’ Stork replied with evil delight as the thief tried to escape.

These keys stand out in that the bow (the end of the handle) of the key is in the shape of a stylized animal. You may not open any locks with these keys, but you can find other ways to get passed a lock with one.

Benefit: Insert one of these keys into any lock on a thing (a door, chest, window, etc), basically, not a padlock itself, but a lock that locks something specific and the one turning the key will become a typical version of the animal represented in the bow of the key. Normally these are mundane animals, such as cats, dogs, bats, rats, weasels, etc and the person transforming retans his or her mental attributes and has the animal’s physical attributes. This change typically lasts for one hour per level of the person with a half hour maximum for zero level characters. If the key is removed by anyone, including the transformed, intentionally or not, the magic is over and the person regains their normal form. All clothing and gear transforms with the person and it is common for one trait of the person transformed to be seen in the animal shape they take (hair/eye color, limp-which does not affect physical Attributes in animal form, etc).

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Animate Clay Thing

Animate Clay Thing

The trio of adventurers sauntered into the small village and were immediately amazed by what appeared to be the occupants of the place; small, strange beings of clay that seemed to go about their business with a type of purpose, yet their expressions were blank as that of any simple clay sculpture. Just as the elf ranger was about to say something pithy a human appeared, falling out of a tavern window.

‘Oi! I spilled my drink!’ he exclaimed. The yokel pointed to one of the clay menagerie and made a drinking motion. It dropped its broom and walked to the bar and made the same gesture to another clay figure that poured a drink, handed to the first clay thing and it walked it back to the drunkard.

‘What sort of place is this?’ the elf asked aloud.

‘Welcome to the village of Burusk, where we love our priest of the goddess of ale and wine!’ the yokel stammered.

Fellhorn the druid turned to his companions.

‘This is why I dislike society as a rule,’ he whispered to them.

‘How about you?’ the elf asked the gnome illusionist. ‘This sort of sloth seems to be your thing.’

The gnome crossed his arms and eyebrows and scowled, although secretly he thought these people seemed to have it rather good.

Animate Clay Thing (Cleric)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: One year and a day. Maybe be cast again upon same object.

This prayer animates a small sculpted clay being. The image may be of anything and must be no larger than a medium sized dog. This animated clay can act as a beast of burden, bearing up to 500 gold pieces in weight, a torch bearer, butler or even combatant, fighting as a 2+2HD creature dealing 2d4 damage with a pummel attack. Not needing to eat, sleep, drink or breathe the resulting creature may be given simple commands and may be sent into dangerous areas although it cannot speak and if submerged in water for longer than 24 hours it may begin to dissolve, losing 1 HP per hour after one day submerged, this will heal naturally if exposed to air before being destroyed. If this spell is successfully cast upon the same figure three times within three days of the spell elapsing there is a 75% chance of the creature gaining a spark of divine life and receiving a 2d6+4 Int as well as other Attribute points as an NPC. The enchanted clay may be kept by the caster or bonded to another at the time the spell is cast.

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[New Encounter] Pond of Krognol

Pond of Krognol

Koram emerged from the strange waters of the enchanted pond and looked around. The fighter breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Valance and Chalk.

‘He’s wiser than I thought,’ the priest of the Spider God admitted.

‘We cannot afford to lose anyone else,’ the wizard Chalk said. ‘I am glad we all made it safely….because…..’

He jerked a finger behind him at the strange four-armed entity that was brandishing three swords and a scepter.

‘State your business in this land,’ the monstrous humanoid bellowed in a deep, booming voice.

‘We are here to find the thief city of Vorgiss, said to be in this lands,’ replied Chalk.

‘And your coins? I do like collecting coins from other worlds,’ the ogrish thing said.

They each produced a smattering of silver and gold coins and offered them to the creature who seemed delighted.

‘You may pass. And your path home will not be challenged from here,’ the guardian said.

‘And where may we find Vorgiss?’ asked Koram.

The green skinned thing pointed a sword in three different directions and the scepter in the fourth as it grinned.

The trio of adventurers all smirked and headed East for no good reason.

In most worlds the Pond of Krognol appears as a small pond with a mirror-like smooth surface, almost as if it was made of mercury. Anyone with access may enter the still water and try to enter another world, which may be another Prime Material plane or even an Outer Plane. No Inner Plane versions of this pond are known to exist.

In the game: The Pond of Krognol may be used to access other worlds, keep in mind that some worlds do not want visitors and this magical pathway may have several guardians around it, some may naturally not get along yet have forged an alliance temporarily to help each other to repel intruders. A Wisdom attribute roll must be passed by each one who seeks to travel in this way and those who enter within one turn and succeed with this attribute check will emerge from a similar pond at their desired destination although there is still a 14% chance of extra-planar interference. Those who fail their attribute save are dropped off at random somewhere in the multiverse where there is another enchanted body of water like the Pond of Krognol. Once submerged in this pond one will not drown as the magical waters grants Water Breathing as the magic-user spell.

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[New Magic Item] Candling Scroll

Candling Scroll

The mercenary Bakra-do found an out of the way place in the bustling city and lit the human-shaped candle as he was instructed, when the bell of the shrine of the dragon toad rang for the first time that day. Patiently he sat as the candle burned down and just as the candle was a puddle of hot wax a wizard suddenly appeared before the mercenary.

‘Excellent work!’ exclaimed the spellcaster as he looked around at his surroundings.

‘That will be two hundred gold pieces,’ replied Bakra-do.

‘Yes, yes, in time,’ the wizard said.

The mercenary grumbled.

‘I would like my pay now,’ Bakra-do said coldly.

‘I can turn you into a candle and put you on a shelf somewhere,’ the spellcaster boasted as he wiggled a scroll before the mercenary’s face.

‘Can you do this before I carve you to pieces?’ the mercenary inquired, each hand on the pommel of a sword at his side.

The wizard searched his robes until he found a pouch of gold.

‘You have a point,’ the spellcaster said as he smiled weakly and handed over the gold.

One of those magic items that makes normal people leery of spellcasters in general, a Candling Scroll is a handy enchanted scroll with a variety of uses. It is said that some wizards have had many of these scrolls and have amassed an interesting array of candles with them.

Benefit: When one of these scrolls is read aloud by the right spellcaster or thief this magic item will levitate in the air before the reader and begin to melt like hot wax, just as one item indicated by the reader also melts into a candle. The reader of the scroll determines the object ,living or non-living, up to 1,000 lbs (living beings receive a Saving Throw versus Petrification of Paralysis with a -1 modifier to their roll to avoid the effect of the scroll). The scroll and target merge into the resulting candle which will stay in this state until the wick is lit and the candle burned at a rate of 150lbs per half hour (the scroll weight is negligible and not considered). When the candle is finished burning the target is in their previous state and the scroll is recharged and ready to be used again. If the candle is destroyed in any other way, such as be crushed or being melted without being properly lit then the item and scroll are both destroyed and are just bits of wax.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a magical scroll.

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[New Spell] Word of Knot Command

Word of Knot Command

‘Who locks a door with a knot?’ the elf ranger asked with a smile as he shook his head and regarded the knot securing the door of the cabin.

‘It is metal wire, it looks intricate,’ Fellhorn the druid added.

The ranger shrugged and tried to take the knot out of the thin wire. It would not budge.

‘Who locks a door with a knot?’ the gnome illusionist asked the elf mockingly. ‘Apparently someone smarter than you.’

The elf smirked.

Word of Knot Command (Druid)

Level 1

Range: Line of Sight.

Duration: Instantaneous, holds or refuses to become a knot for one hour per level of caster.

This simple spell allows the caster to be able to magically tie or untie any appropriate material either into a knot or untie a knot already tied. This spell also assures the material will stay in the caster’s intended state for one hour per level of the caster. A higher level magic-user with this spell or the M-U Thwartknot spell may counter this magic at any time.

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[New Magic Item] Rabbit Pot for Stew

Rabbit Pot for Stew

The mercenary Bakra-do hunched over his tiny stew pot when he heard a noise behind him and drew his blade.

‘Hail!’ said a shabbily dressed human that apparently realized he had been heard approaching.

‘What do you want?’ asked the mercenary.

‘I saw your small fire in the dusk and I am famished,’ replied the man. Considering that they were deep in the badlands Bakra-do surmised this man to be a bandit, either a scout, a survivor from a skirmish or an outcast.

‘Hungry?’ Bakra-do inquired.

‘Very,’ the man said.

The mercenary spotted the poorly concealed dagger.

The bandit tasted the soup.

‘Do you mind if I had a bit of venison?’ he asked.

Bakra-do finished his bowl of stew.

‘Be my guest,’ he said with a grin.

Not a pot for rabbit stew, this ancient enchanted crockery has an image of a leaping rabbit glazed onto its surface. Creator unknown, possible from a rabbit or hare cult?

Benefit: When a vegetarian broth is made in this small three legged pot (which has just enough room for one-third of a candle to fit under it) and vegetables added the resulting stewwill grant those who consume it to be able to leap 25′ horizontally or 12′ vertically as well as adding another 20’/10′ to their movement. In addition those who ate from the pot also add three points to their Wisdom attribute and can move in complete silence (only heard on a result of ‘1’ on 1d6). These effects last for one hour each day no matter how much stew is made and eaten. Bear in mind that any meat placed into the pot will cause the stew to turn poisonous and any who eat the resulting stew must make a Save vs Poison with a -2 modifier. Those who fail their save lose 1d4 points of Constitution, 1d6 hit points and are -2 on all rolls for 1d4 hours due to illness.

Usable by: Anyone, prized by thieves and halflings and such folk.

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