[New Spell] Colorless Flame

Colorless Flame


Fellhorn picked up a stick from the fire. He knew in his mind that the stick was on fire, yet he could not see the flames.

‘What madness is this?’ the druid asked.

‘All of our gear is soaked by the rain and this is the only fire spell we have,’ squeaked the gnome.

‘Great,’ complained the elf. ‘My cloak has been singed because it is hard to see the flames of your spell.’

The gnome smirked.

‘Or I could just not have cast any spell and we would be in the dark, wet and cold,’ he said.

The others grumbled their appreciation. The gnome noted the lack of sincerity.


Colorless Flame (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 10′ +5’/level of caster

Duration: One hour per level of caster or until extinguished.

A very dangerous spell in many cases, the Colorless Flame spell makes any fire burn without color, only a few wavy lines reveal the flames as they flicker. This spell puts out half as much light as normal flame, yet burns just as hot as any fire. Entire villages have been burning before anyone realized how far the fire is spread. In sunlight the flames are all but invisible (70% undetectable) while still emanating a faint light and heat, yet water or other conventional ways of putting out a fire work just as well.

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[New Magic Item] Orb of the Spider

Orb of the Spider

A knock at the second story shutter woke everyone in the house up.

‘I got it,’ Valance said sleepily as he walked over to the window and opened it.

Suspended by two strands of ropey webbing was a man holding on to a strange orb from which the spidery webs projected.

‘Yeah?’ asked the priest of the Spider God.

‘Missive from the temple, your turn to make a pilgrimage, I think,’ the courier said as he handed Valance a rolled up piece of paper.

‘Duly noted,’ said Valance with a half frown. A trip into the Web Between Worlds was always tricky.

‘Say, why is it my turn when you are still holding that artifact that belongs to the Spider God?’ the priest said.

The acolyte shrugged.

‘Fickle deity?’ he offered.

Valance’s frown deepened into a smirk as he closed the shutters.

One of the treasures stolen from the Spider God is the Orb of the Spider. This magical artifact was once given to a vile and absurd champion of the Spider God and who was defeated by a champion of Locustus the Insect God and subsequently reclaimed. It is rumored that the spider folk (q.v.) are the culprits behind the theft of this magic item which has now been lost time and again to a succession of thieves and adventurers.

Benefit: The current owner of the orb can use this magic item to project up to four sticky strands of webbing from it at will. These strands of webbing can extend up to 40′ and a solitary strand can bear up to 300 pounds of weight. It takes 10 hit points of damage to sever a strand although the bearer of the Orb can cause any strand to disconnect from the item at any time. Disconnected strands of webbing turn to dust in one round (one minute).

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Bell of St. Clador

Bell of St. Clador

The bells rang gently as a choir of youth passed through the town, singing the names of heroes who had fallen lately.

‘Those bells won’t ring for me,’ Valance said as he raised a toast to fallen heroes.

‘Nor any of us,’ Chalk said raising his mug.

‘Remember the time we faced those dragons to save the town?’ Koram asked.

‘But we are merely the dreams of a madman, I often think,’ the priest of the Spider God said softly and took a deep drink from his glass.

A relic of the generous and courageous Clador who was elevated to sainthood by his faith, this magical bell doesn’t turn the tide of a battle or bring a dark lord down, it causes those within the affected area to pause a moment to recall those who have died a noble death.

Benefit: When rang this bell causes all similar bells in a 300′ radius to gently ring as well in memory of someone who has fallen. In addition the bearer of this magical bell may cause a garden to grow dedicated to the deceased that can be up to 30’x30′. This garden will grow and thrive for five years unattended before it needs care. Some vengeful people have used this to grow disruptive vegetation while others just grow a typical garden of local flora. Anyone not an enemy of the deceased may rest in this area and heal three times faster than usual (any healing spell cast on someone in this area not an enemy of the fallen enjoys three times the points healed).

Usable by: Anyone.

Posted in memory of fellow OSR member, Clangador (Chris Yoder). Rest in peace, my friend.

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[New Spell] Stained Touch

Stained Touch


A heavy knock at the door caused everyone to look at Valance. The priest of the Spider God pointed at Navnen.

‘He’s the thief!’ the cleric hissed to the others as Chalk got up to answer the door.

Constable Nettles and his lesser guardsmen burst into the room.

The lawman scanned the room and pointed and Valance.

‘Seize the pouch of coins that he has,’ ordered Nettles.

The guardsmen followed orders and handed the pouch over to their chief constable. He took a few minutes to rummage through the coins and almost seemed to give up when he finally pulled a coin from the pile that had a green thumbprint on it.

‘Aha! You were gambling last night at the Boar and Bugbear!’ Nettles said. ‘There was a murder there last night and we need to question all witnesses.’

‘Surely you don’t think I….’ Valance began.

‘I suspect all until I find out who is guilty,; Nettles said grimly.

Valance sighed and went with the guardsmen. Only to be released some time later and vowing to inspect all winnings in the future.


Stained Touch (Arcane)

Level 1

Range: Self or Touch

Duration: One day.

The caster or someone he or she elects to be enchanted by this spell can, for one day, change the color of all or part of any physical object. The color itself remains for one week, afterwards the item will return to its unblemished state. This can be used to mark property, obscure writing or for any other purpose the enchanted one wishes.

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[New Magic Item] Pillow of Perfect Slumber

Pillow of Perfect Slumber

Fellhorn grumbled at the gnome.

‘What did I do?’ squeaked the small demi-human.

‘This cursed pillow of yours, it is too comfortable and too good, there must be a catch,’ the druid snarled.

‘You talk in your sleep,’ the elf nearby replied. ‘It is actually rather interesting.’

The gnome glared at the elf.

‘You little rascal! Take your magical pillow back! I knew it was too good to be true,’ lamented the druid.

Wistfully the gnome retrieved the pillow and crumpled it into his own backpack.

While maybe not the cleanest magic item, the Pillow of Perfect Slumber is a desired one. It is thought that a group of gnomes produced a large number of these magical pillows at some point in the near past and distributed them to certain people, some spellcasters, some not, for a variety of reasons known only to the gnomes.

Benefit: A person using this magical pillow will not only be granted a full night’s rest in merely four hours, but each day it is slept on the user receives a +1 to any Saving Throws based on mental attributes or conditions. Twice per week, if the magic item’s user is a spellcaster they may choose one extra spell after having used the pillow. The downside: each night the sleeper has a 25% chance (non-cumulative) of talking in their sleep and revealing an interesting secret.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Pearl of Tides

Pearl of Tides

Bakra-Do struck with his vicious sword, time and time again. The onslaught of small fish-men continued. He raised the pearl above his head and the river raised just to his toes then the water subsided, washing the fish-men out towards the center of the fast flowing river, then he allowed the water to rush naturally, washing many of the strange creatures away down the river.

‘We will get that back,’ one of the creatures gurgled.

‘If you can swim in a bog, maybe,’ stated the mercenary grimly.

The fish-man stared blankly back, frustrated as the current dragged him off.

An ancient relic from a faraway land, this magical pearl is about the size of a mystic’s crystal ball and is easily carried in one hand. There are said to be a half a dozen of these in the world, some of varying degrees of power as in how much they can affect, this is a typical pearl, although more legendary pearls may exist. It is said that many sea creatures want these magical pearls returned to the watery realms from which they came and do not believe that ‘Those Above’ need own these things.

Benefit: If held aloft this magical giant pearl may be used to cause the tide to ebb and flow to the wielder’s whim for up to one hour twice per day in a three mile radius. In addition, once per day this magic item may be used to raise or lower water (as per the spell) up or down 30′.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Curse: Animals All Around

Curse: Animals All Around


Navnen rushed about to catch Valance, who was now a duck and seemed pretty mad about it.

‘You are the one who took me to that gambling den, Valance, how was I to know they had a wizard that throws curses when he loses?’ the thief asked.

The Valance-ducked quacked furiously at this and refused to sit still.

‘Oh don’t get your feathers all ruffled, we will remove that curse,’ Chalk said.

Everyone laughed at that except Valance, who ran around even faster now.


Curse: Animals All Around (Magic-User/Cleric)

Level 3/3

Range: 40′

Duration: One year and a day or until dispelled.

A nasty curse that affects those around the caster, who is merely the vector of this spell and does not suffer from its effects. Each day that that the person is under this curse one random person around them (within 40′) turns into a small and harmless animal that retains wisdom and intelligence, but has the physical attributes of the animal and cannot speak. Typical animals are bats, frogs, toads, ravens, crows, rabbits, rats, owls, field mice and the like. After a year and a day or when the curse is dispelled those affected return to normal. No saving throw is available.

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