[New Spell] Voracious



Stork and Vistis mounted their horses and prepared to leave as they heard the stalwart knights running down the narrow corridor towards the egress of the ruins.

Behind his lacquered mask Vistis the Blue Mage chuckled and whispered a spell he aimed at the horses of their pursuers.

Vistis nodded at Stork and the two spurred their horses on just as the knights came into sight. As the pursuers climbed upon their mounts they each noticed that the horses were hungrily gnawing at the short grass. No amount of prompting or urging would get the horses into motion.

‘Foul magic?’ one of the knights asked another.

‘Do you expect any other kind from that duo?’ came the reply.

Grumbling amongst themselves, the knights had no choice but to wait out the spell, which left them far behind their quarry.


Voracious (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 10’+5’/level.

Duration: One turn/level.

This simple illusionist spell causes up to 1d4+1 per level living creatures to make a Save versus Spells or become so hungry that all rolls are -1 until the creature is satiated (hint: they won’t be for the duration of the spell). Creatures of Low intelligence and higher will defend themselves and fight, creatures of lower intelligence with food before them will do nothing but eat, only defending themselves when down to 1 Hit Die.

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[New Magic Item] Potion of Possession

Potion of Possession

Stork snarled as the manticore he had summoned fell in combat to the knight. Silently the sorcerer slipped inside a secret passage and spied the carnage as the bloodied knight began dressing his wounds. With a sneer Stork uncorked a vial and drank a drought of the potion. Suddenly his soul became like a scarlet smoke that flew into the dead monster. Its eyes suddenly flickered with strange light as the manticore rose again.

The knight turned and grumbled in despair.

‘Not again.’

Sometimes known as the ‘Get revenge for me!’ potion, this magical concoction is a jealously guarded secret and hard to come by, but very useful.

Benefit: When imbibed this strange potion allows the drinker to animate the body of one dead creature. The soul of the drinker leaves their own body to take over the corpse. The body must be within line of sight. The magical nature of the potion gives the body full physical abilities (not magical) and half of the original hit dice (round down). This potion lasts for two turns (twenty minutes) or until the creature is destroyed, at which time the soul returns to the drinker of the potion.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Bracers of Ghoul-kind

Bracers of Ghoul-kind

‘We can easily outwit these ghouls,’ Stork told Vistis the Blue Mage.

The illusionist nodded at the sorcerer. Moments later Vistis groaned as the touch of one of the ghouls paralyzed him and he dropped to the ground, immobile.

Stork blasted two of the quartet of these undead as their leader revealed himself. The sorcerer blinked.

‘Gorlo the Shifty?’ Stork asked.

The ghoul paused a moment.

‘Yes,’ the creature hissed. ‘Are you the wizard I worked with on the theft of the five chalices of the Forsaken Tower?’

‘Why yes,’ Stork replied.

‘Sorry about your friend in that case, he will come around in a few minutes,’ the ghoul said.

Stork nodded and the sorcerer and former thief caught up on old times.

A tricky magic item created by the Lords of Mischief, these magical bracers are a boon at first and very useful in combat (or when causing trouble) until time passes and one bears the full price of using these magic items.

Benefit: These magical bracers grant the wearer the ability to cause Paralysis as a ghoul does, by touch, for twice the normal duration while granting +2 to the wearer’s Armor Class. After four uses these bracers have a 50% chance (plus 10% after the fifth use) of transforming the wearer into a ghoul with 3HD (with the current Int and Wis intact) permanently (losing any spellcasting abilities if of a spellcasting class), unless a Remove Curse, Wish or Limited Wish spell is used to reverse the transformation. At this time the character’s Charisma drops by 3 points and he or she can be turned by a cleric as an undead creature. Transformed ghouls often lead a pack of 1d8 ghouls that sometimes act as a death cult.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] My Face In Every Place

My Face In Every Place


The thief ran down the alley, a masked face with glaring eyes seemed to be projected on the nearby walls, fences, even the cobblestones below.

‘Where did you see the thief with Chalk and his companions?’ a voice whispered to the cutpurse.

‘I cannot say,’ the pilferer shouted to the images.

‘You will or the next face you see will be Stork’s’ the voice said.

The thief stopped dead in his tracks at the mention of the Sinister Sorcerer.

‘No,’ whispered the thief.

‘Oh yes,’ said another voice as Stork stepped from the shadows, smiling to reveal shark-like teeth.

The cutpurse cursed as the dagger he drew fell from his trembling hands and clanged against the cobblestones.

Stork advanced with an unearthly hiss.


My Face in Every Place (Illusionist)

Level 4

Range: 300’/level.

Duration: One turn/level.

This unsettling spell focuses on one target in the line of sight of the caster. Once cast the subject, if they fail a Save versus Spells at -1, is hounded by images of the face of the caster on up to four flat surfaces around the target. This creates a two-way communication system between caster and subject, and while the caster can only see and hear the target, the target can see and hear the caster and the world around them. Anyone near the caster can see the two dimensional image of the caster as it follows the subject. This disturbing spell causes those affected to be -2 on all rolls for the duration of the spell and any attempts to cast a spell require an Int or Wis (Arcane casters use Intelligence while Divine casters and Druids use Wisdom) attribute check at -2 before casting a spell. A failed attribute check means the spell fails. On a result of 5-6 on a subsequent d6 roll the spell backfires on the subject of this spell if applicable or reveals false information.

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[New Magic Item] Lammasu Amulet

Lammasu Amulet

The creature appeared in a cloud of inky blue smoke that matched its fur and feathers. A scowling human-like head with a crimson beard and mane turned to regard the princeling.

‘What may I do for you today, sire?’ the creature asked in a bored tone.

‘I shall need a ride to the nearby city of Okleberg and be discreet about it,’ answered the princeling.

With a smirk the great creature knelt and the young man drew himself up onto the lammasu’s back.

They flew for a trio of hours then saw the city ahead.

‘In the main square,’ shouted the princeling above the chill wind.

Dodging a couple of crossbow bolts from halfhearted city guards the creature landed in the city square. A crowd assembled, dazzled by the sudden appearance of the duo. One of the men, an ovious wizard of some skill and importance stepped forward.

‘But how…’ he began.

‘The kids got an amulet that controls me,’ the lammasu replied.

A nod from the archmage caused the nearby guardsmen to pull the princeling unceremoniously down.

The lammasu glared at the young royal.

‘Sorry, kid, the wizard has more potential,’ the creature said as the princeling howled in despair.

Normally kind and benevolent creatures, the lammasu that has been bound to this amulet so many centuries ago has become surly, mean and vindictive, not wanting to serve at the whim of lesser creatures. He is tricky and will do what he can to twist the intent of the amulet bearer’s words to his own ends.

Benefit: Bound ages ago, the lammasu within will, once per day, appear to assist the amulet’s owner. The creature can cast any magic-user or illusionist’s spell up to 3rd level once per day (in addition to the ability to Cure/Cause Wounds at double the effect twice per day) or can fight for the amulet bearer, with two attacks, each dealing 1d8 points of damage. The creature has 8HD and can move at 150′ (50′) and Fly at 180′ (80′). This creature is very intelligent and may answer questions about ancient times as well. Its blue plumage and fur with its often angry looking human-like face often cause it to be mistaken for a manticore, although it is far wiser than these creatures.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Names in Flames

Names in Flames


Valance suddenly leaped up and kicked the dirt on the fire, the flames flickered wildly then diminished.

‘Wasn’t that your name that appeared in the fire?’ one of the other gamblers asked.

The priest of the Spider God laughed nervously.

‘No, no, of course not.’

‘It was, right after someone asked who the Dice Cheat of Norgen was!’ exclaimed another gambler.

Valance looked around the crowd and saw many furrowed brows.

‘I’ll just be leaving,’ he said before scampering off and cursing whoever cast that spell.


Names in Flames (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 10’+5’/level.

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level or until the fire is extinguished.

An illusionist spell that will leave the name of a person, place or thing in any fire or flame, from a campfire to a burning city in a color deeply contrasting with the flames. This can be clearly seen and read by any who can read and is often left as a marker, reminder, signature, threat or evidence to a particular situation.

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[New Spell] Coming of Dawn

Coming of Dawn


Fellhorn looked at the gnome.

‘Sleeping again?’ the druid asked.

‘I believe it is a spell put on the little grub by that wizard that just escaped us,’ the elf replied.

‘We could use his sneakiness,’ grumbled the druid. ‘I’ll waste spell on him, I suppose.’

‘Wait,’ said the elf and removed a few gold coins from the gnome’s pocket.

‘Okay, go ahead. He owed me for that game at the last inn we stayed at.’

Fellhorn waved his hands and mumbled an incantation and the gnome sprang to his feet instantly, ready for a fight, but unaware that his pocket was lighter of gold.


Coming of Dawn (Druid)

Level 3

Range: 30’+5’/level.

Duration: Instantaneous.

A simple druid spell that refreshes all in the vicinity and awakens any under the effects of a Sleep spell or potion or any type of Paralysis, but does not effect those who are magically Held or Charmed. Any who are freed by this spell are +1 on initiative the next round do to being ‘charged up’.

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