[New Magic Item] Spore of Arbitrary Arcane Effects

Spore of Arbitrary Arcane Effects

Without even a squeal the goblin drop the strange pod from above the adventurers. The elf ranger noticed and pointed. The trio stared wordlessly as the thing crashed silently and splattered them all in millions of tiny spores that crackled for a moment and then silence reigned again.

‘What is that, some goblin plague?’ the gnome illusionist asked.

All three quickly shook and dusted themselves off.

Two large humanoids lurched from the shadows growling ominously.

‘Bugbears!’ the elf shouted and drew his bow. The arrow flew and struck home. The giant goblinoid glowed a pale blue for a moment and then cackled.

‘What did your arrow do?’ asked Fellhorn the druid.

‘I think I healed it,’ replied the elf as he took a moment to look at his bow.

‘Our magic items have switched properties around!’ squeaked the gnome as his hat caught on fire from a tap by a ring he was wearing.

This nasty little bit of sporecery has aggravated and confounded many an adventurer and gotten a price put on the head of the perpetrator of this mischievous magic.

Benefit: These spores, which grow in dark and strange places can be thrown as a projectile, dropped from a height, or left as a trap. Once the spore takes 2 hp of damage it silently and violently explodes, covering all in a 20′ radius in tiny neon green spores. For a moment these tinier spores crackle and ALL magical items in the affected (infected?) area randomly change qualities with another magic item, regardless of how bizarre or illogical this swapping of powers might be. This is a permanent arcane alteration, barring the use of Limited Wish, Wish, Alter Reality or….using another of these spores.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Amulet of the Soft Attack

Amulet of the Soft Attack

‘Invoke the amulet!’ Chalk shouted.

Valance hesitated.

The werewolves advanced.

‘Do it!’ urged Koram as he drew his Crystal Sword.

Navnen eased the talisman out of the priest of the Spider God’s hand and mumbled an arcane word.

Screeching, the lycanthropes retreated, with howls of rage and frustration.

From the Web Between Worlds the Spider God smirked, sure his priest had somehow encouraged the theft.

Created to thwart the efforts of the Spider God and given to a mighty Champion of Law, this powerful amulet has thwarted many a vampire and wererat too, thus earning the ire of many ne’er-do-wells.

Benefit: Twice per day the enchantment of this magical talisman may be invoked and each time it cause the nails, talons, claws and fangs of all who would strike the attacker or any within a 20′ radius to become dull and ineffectual, deal -2 damage, which causes no bleeding. Any special supernatural effects from such an attack (lycanthropy, vampirism, etc) only have a 15% chance of happening due to the sudden bluntness of these natural attack methods while natural effects, like the transmission of poisons are rendered harmless. The effect lasts for ten minutes each time (one turn) yet the dulled claws, talons, fangs, etc must grow back or regenerate.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Insectimization


‘Let’s have some fun,’ Fellhorn snickered.

Just as the guardsmen approached the hamlet he snuck up close to them with his companions and cast a quick spell. The men transformed into tall, brutish beetle-humanoids.

Suddenly rocks pelted them as the peasants gathered sticks and other improvised weapons. The two soldier-beetles barely escaped the crowd with their lives.

‘Why did you do that?’ asked the elf ranger.

‘I wanted to get the reaction of the average yokel if we had to use that spell to get out of a scrape and ran into a mob of villagers,’ the druid replied.

‘Not promising,’ noted the elf.

Insectimization (Druid)

Level 5

Range: 10′ radius+ 5’/level.

Duration: One hour per level of caster.

A wondrous druid spell, Insectimization causes all in the radius of the spell that the caster chooses, including themselves, to transform into a humanoid beetle for the spell’s duration. The upside is a +2 to AC due to the hard exoskeleton, +3 to Str and and two extra attacks thanks to the extra set of arms. The downside is a -2 Dexterity and -10′ Movement due to the bulky and cumbersome nature of the beetle form. As for Charisma, that would be -3 in most cases and you might get pelted with rocks and rotten vegetables by peasants that think the transformed are monsters. 10% chance of permanency each individual affected.

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Thank you, everyone!

Today marks the ten year anniversary of Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets. For a decade this blog has served the OSR community and I appreciate all of the comments, emails, and feedback of all kinds. Phase 1 is done. Now begins the new era….

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[New Monster] Betrayers of Desednol

Betrayers of Desednol

The gnome illusionist looked on in awe as the muscular ape-like creature threw the huge stones out of the way. It was a burly mandrill with a green leather vest and a sword on a belt at its side. It walked on two legs, yet its arms were quite long.

‘Your cart may pass freely,’ the humanoid mandrill said to the adventurers.

Fellhorn nodded his thanks and urged the cart forward.

‘We could use a ranger like that!’ the gnome said.

‘Hey, I am right here!’ exclaimed the elf ranger.

‘But he has muscles,’ quipped the small illusionist.

The elf groaned as they passed the creature that smiled as the cart moved forward along the mountain road.

Betrayers of Desednol
These intimidating looking mandrill-folk are the enemies of the chakadok (q.v.) and are hunted by them constantly for not supporting their previous evil deity and his crazed ambitions. It is said that when Desednol stripped the Betrayers of Desednol of their special abilities that a rogue deity, slain and erased from memory by Desednol, gifted these mandrill-folk with an immunity to being magically charmed or put to sleep while giving them the ability to be comfortable in colder climates, where these creatures tend to operate as ranger types-protecting and defending the weak and vulnerable, often as quietly and as unseen as possible. While they look fierce these creatures are actually quite gentle and kind and fight the forces of Chaos and Evil passionately. These creatures speak Common, Giant, Bugbear and their own tongue.

Betrayer of Desednol: HD 4+4; AC 5[14]; Atk: By weapon, Strike (1d10+2); Move 12 ; Save 13; AL:N (L tendencies); CL/XP 3/500; Special: Immune to Charm and Sleep spells. Hardy: Comfortable in Temperate and Cold environments; Wise Ones: effective Wisdom of 16; Strong Ones: Strength of 18/50.

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[New Spell] Smoking Object

Smoking Object

‘Stop, thief!’ Chalk shouted as a thin, wiry human took off into the crowd.

‘I’ve got this,’ the Scholar of Wexos said and muttered a quick spell.

The spellbook held in the hands of the purloiner suddenly began to emit a thick, dark smoke that created a trail through the air to the thief with several of the townspeople coughing at as the smoke got in their lungs. The thief dropped the book and ran off into the crowd only to be grabbed by a passing constable.

‘That is a handy spell to have,’ Chalk exclaimed before he trotted off to retrieve his book.

Navnen the thief swallowed nervously, aware of yet another hazard in his career of choice.

Smoking Object (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: 10′ radius+ 5’/level.

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level of caster.

This illusionist spell allows the caster to cause one inanimate object (or construct) to begin billowing thick, dark smoke that can easily fill a small room in seconds and cause a breathing hazard (Save versus Poison every round after the first three rounds or die from smoke inhalation). This smoke will slowly rise and can be seen for a long distance, with the smoke rising up to thirty feet before starting to dissipate. Other than the breathing hazard and obscured vision this spell does no other damage; when the spell expires it has consumed nothing as there was no actual fire and now smoky smell remains as a sign of the spell even being cast.

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[New Magic Item] Dispersion Coins

Dispersion Coins

All of Chalk’s small items floated in the air for a moment and then were violently scattered on the floor of the inn. Again.

‘Would you do whatever it is you need to to stop that from happening?’ Koram asked.

‘I’m trying to,’ replied the wizard as he scrambled to retrieve his belongings. He held a coin aloft and suddenly it was ripped from Chalk’s hand and scattered.

‘Aha!’ he said with exuberance.

‘Next round is on me,’ the wizard told the others at the table after he dropped a handful of coins.

When the server came around again to get their order and clear out the empty tankards Chalk hastily ordered a new round. Moments later the serving girl screamed as every small possession she had on her person suddenly swirled around her and scattered violently on the inn’s floorboards. The crowd roared as the serving girl tried to race the patrons to pick up the coins and her jewelry.

‘Finally rid of that!’ the wizard said as he and the others pondered on what further madness that cursed coin would cause.

Irritating and frustrating, just one of these coins can cause a lot of havoc and madness, especially among adventurers and when the activation word is known by a miscreant or very common. Allegedly created by a dragon to further curse those that would steal from him.

Benefit: When the activation word is uttered within 20′ of the enchanted coin every Small item carried by the bearer of the coin is scattered randomly in a 30′ radius. Each item is individually dispersed (for example, a pouch of coins has all of the coins and the empty pouch scattered about). As soon as the coin is picked up the trigger word can start this process all over again.

Usable by: Anyone.

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