[New Magic Spell] Animal Mimicry

Animal Mimicry


Fellhorn the druid seemed to be straining to hear something. A distant chirping could be heard in the trees. The druid answered with a bird call of his own, almost immediately followed by a repeat of the chirping.

‘This way,’ mumbled the druid as he started off in the direction of the chirping sound.

‘How do you know it wasn’t just a bird?’ the gnome illusionist asked.

‘Because it is the wrong season for that bird to be here, that is a druid’s signal,’ Fellhorn answered.

‘I don’t know which of you is stranger sometimes,’ quipped the elf ranger.

‘He is,’ each said as they pointed at the other.


Animal Mimicry (Druid)

Level 1

Range: Dependent on conditions, roughly 200′ maximum.

Duration: Instantaneous.


When cast this druid spell allows the caster to perfectly mimic any animal sound previously heard. Per day the druid may make one call per caster level. While this is meant to be used to signal other sentient creatures, this spell may be used to try to summon animal predators or to act as a warning to other animals. This spell is 95% effective in fooling animals and people.

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[New Magic Item] Cup of Consequences

Cup of Consequences

A knock at the door caused Valance to jump in his chair. Koram looked out the window.

‘Some guy with one eye and a hook for a hand,’ the fighter said.

‘Are you kidding?’ the priest of the Spider God asked.

‘No, I am not, isn’t he the collector for Hish’s gambling den?’ Koram inquired.

‘Yes, I will put on some tea. Hot tea,’ Valance said as he produced a copper cup.

‘But won’t that….’ Koram began.

‘Yes! Then we haul him off before Chalk and Navnen return and heckle me,’ the cleric said.

An ordinary copper cup, enchanted to either provide a delicious brew or serve up a hot cup of missing time. Rumored to have been made for a king to take care of wayward knights, over the years a set of six of these copper cups have surfaced together only to be scattered again.

Benefit: Any cold liquids served in this magical cup will heal the drinker for 1d4 points of damage. Any hot beverages will cause the imbiber to lose 1d4 turns of time, in other words, from ten to forty minutes the drinker of a hot liquid is immobile and unaware of the world as if time were stopped just for them. Being attacked will negate this effect.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Monster] Grey Lurker

Grey Lurker

Chalk the wizard slowly opened the door and noticed that the lantern in his study had been put out again. He slowly backed out of the room, told the others and returned to light the lantern. Then the mage opened the door just a crack and peered inside.

A strange face appeared at the window, blank of expression, almost idiotic. The lanky creature slowly opened the window and the wispy creature began to creep into the room when a commotion exploded outside as the creature was ambushed.

‘We have it’ Navnen the thief shouted.

The next thing that Chalk knew the creature burst through the wall, leaving no trace. Valance was in the next room with conjured spiders to harass the creature away from the cottage.


Grey Lurker
These nine foot tall slender humanoids, as their name implies, lurk outside of homes and buildings waiting for any opportunity to put out any type of artificial light, be it candle, torch, campfire, lantern or any other kind of artificial light. For what reason these low intelligence creatures seem driven to do this is unknown, but grey lurkers go out of their way, using their ability to Passwall to get at the light an extinguish it. These creatures often work with monstrous humanoids to create as much darkness as possible before a raid or attack. Grey Lurkers are mute and try to move silently but understand Common.
Grey Lurker: HD 2+4; AC 6[13]; Atk Bite (1d4) or Claw (1d6); Move 10; Save 14; CL/XP 5/240, Special: Immune to non-magical weapons, Passwall x2/per day, Nightvision 90′.

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[New Magic Item] Sling of the Sloth

Sling of Sloth

Chalk and Koram dragged Navnen the thief along as Valance summoned spiders to hold of their pursuers.

‘Is it the hit to the head he took?’ Koram asked.

‘I believe that it was a magical stone, or maybe sling, because he seems extremely slowed down,’ Chalk replied.

Navnen tried to say something, but the words came out too slowly.

‘Those halflings are pretty vicious, especially when you try to steal from them, eh?’ Koram asked the thief as they tried to find cover.

At first thought to be a givt from a kindly old wizard to a halfing border guard, these magical slings have turned up a number of times in some out of the way places. A Sling of the Sloth looks like a normal sling, with two lengths of cord and a leather piece to hold the ammunition.

Benefit: Stones from this magical sling are enchanted so that on a successful hit the stone/bullet deals 1d4+1 damage and the target must make a Saving Throw with a -1 modifier against Magic Items or be Slowed for three turns (30 minutes). This halves movement and attacks and only one spell may be cast every two rounds. Subsequent strikes do not stack.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a sling.

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[New Spell] Power Drop

Power Drop


The trio of adventurers each felt a slight breeze as the prayer of the gnoll washed over them. The hyena headed creature cackled as the elf ranger loosed an arrow from his bow that was easily deflected from the man-beast’s shield. Fellhorn the druid swung his magical staff at the gnoll warrior next to him only to have it thud dully against the creature’s armor without its usual electrical effect.

‘Our weapons have lost their magic!’ exclaimed the druid.

The gnome illusionist murmured a spell and a burst of dazzling colors spun before the hyena-men, causing them to suddenly halt their advance and stand dazed.

‘Then use your feet! Let’s get out of here!’ urged the gnome as he began to skitter towards a nearby crumbling tower.


Power Drop (Cleric)

Level 4

Range: 30′ diameter of caster.

Duration: 1-4 rounds.


In contrast to arcane magic, this clerical prayer drops the power of all magic items within range of the spell for 1d4 rounds, rendering these items either inert or as normal weapons and armor for the duration of the spell. Each item receives a Save versus Spells to retain half (round up) of their modifiers or effects. Magic spells and effects are not affected by this prayer, only magic items.

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[New Magic Item] Infernal Chalice

Infernal Chalice

Navnen crept into the upper room of the cottage a little before the hue and cry could be heard in the streets. The thief then casually walked downstairs to join his companions.

‘What’s in the sack?’ Chalk asked casually.

‘The chalice that was above the hearth at the Basilisk and Boar,’ the thief answered.

‘And why do you have it?’ Valance asked.

‘So one of you can turn it in for the five-hundred silver pieces offered for its swift return,’ Navnen said.

‘Not me, that sounds like a trap,’ Koram remarked.

‘I’ll do it for half the loot,’ Valance said.

‘Half?’ asked Navnen, aghast.

‘These two aren’t going to do it and you can’t stand up to the constables questioning you,’ the priest of the Spider God said.

‘And you can?’ the thief inquired.

Valance produced a strange purple spider from one sleeve, they had all tried its mind-numbing bite.

‘Very well,’ Navnen said with a hint of defeat in his voice.

It is said that a greater demon fashioned these strange magic items with great protesting, after he was brought to the edge of utter defeat and annihilation. This being created dozens of these silver chalices and then either escaped or was released, the story isn’t clear, but for this deed he earned the enmity of many greater infernal creatures.

Benefit: Standing on many a hearth over a roaring fire is an Infernal Chalice. Each night, as the innkeeper closes down the chalice is to be filled with quality alcohol of any kind. During the small hours at least half of the alcohol is drunk by creatures passing by; demons, devils, vile spirits, etc will satiate themselves with a drink and no harm or evil will come to the inn (or building) directly from the Lower Planes. But beware, if the chalice is not filled or even worse, if it is stolen, those that have quaffed from the cup will know and will be howling to cause mischief and destruction.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Monster] Fleshtaker


‘Why are they just sitting there? I don’t like this,’ the elf ranger said.

‘It is really strange that two of the three are flesh and blood and the third isn’t,’ the gnome illusionist said as the adventurers watched the strangers slowly rise.

‘I think they want the skin of one of us,’ Fellhorn the druid added.

‘I think we should have a cleric in the group,’ the elf said as they all turned to run.

The trio of undead began to chase them in an ungainly manner.


At first the fleshtaker appears as a skeleton, normally human, however, ogre, giant, demi-human and humanoid variants have been encountered. These creatures tend to try to re-flesh themselves according to their original body, but desperate times….

In combat the fleshtaker uses its claws and bite to attack. When a suitable dead body is found (not always an easy thing for these undead) the fleshtaker absorbs the flesh, organs, nerves, etc and re-bodies themselves into undead similar to a ghoul or vampire- living dead that thrive on the blood of the living. If the body has been dead less than twelve hours the fleshtaker’s new skin and innards will last indefinitely barring any damage and can pass as average members of their species under casual scrutiny, bodies that have been dead longer but are still salvageable will rot and deteriorate as a zombie.
Fleshtaker: HD 3+4; AC 7[12]; Atk Bite (1d4+2) or 2 claws/pummel (2d6); Move 9; Save 13; CL/XP 5/240, Special: Immune to Sleep, Hold, Charm, (if re-fleshed) Pass for Living 65%, Regenerates (including flesh) at one point per turn.

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