[New Magic Item] Locking and Unlocking Charm

Locking and Unlocking Charm

‘May I see that scroll?’ Vistis the Blue Mage asked Stork.

‘Certainly,’ the sorcerer replied as he grabbed his scroll case and tried to remove its cap. He made a confused face.

‘What is wrong?’ the illusionist asked.

‘It seems to be stuck,’ replied the wizard as he pulled harder, straining.

‘This isn’t funny, what if we needed that scroll right now?’ Vistis asked.

Stork looked around the room of the inn and saw a pair of dwarves looking at him and snickering. One held a curious silver object in his hands. The wizard’s eyes narrowed.

The dwarves hurriedly finished their drinks as Stork tried to untie the strap on his spellbook. It too was held fast. When he looked up the dwarves were gone.

‘Let’s go!’

‘Where to?’ Vistis asked.

‘To interrogate a pair of dwarves,’ Stork snarled.

This magic item appears as a silver walnut. Created to be a foil, or at least to delay, wizards that may be hostile to the bearer.

Benefit: This silver enchanted item has a small flat space that would indicate a ‘bottom’ on one of the shells and allows the talisman to sit flat without rolling. If the shell is turned at the seam where the two halves of the shell meet clockwise (orientating from the ‘stem’ and using the bottomg to gauge up and down) all items that can be tied with cord or twine, bound with a strap, sealed with a cap or lid are affected as if by a Lock spell. Turning the shell counterclockwise has the effect of a Knock spell. Does not work on actual locks, radius 60′. Using the applicable reverse spell will give the desired effect to any thwarted by this magic item.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Geas Band

Geas Band

Chalk, Valance and Knat where enjoying a drink at the Drunken Dragon Inn when a bedraggled adventurer approached and told them a tale of woe regarding a cursed ring he had put on his finger and how it had taken him a year to figure out how to remove it. He looked the three spellcasters over and asked Knat to help him and grant him a quest.

‘Do you think I will go easier on you than these two?’ the druidess asked with a mischievous grin.

‘I thought…,’ the man began.

‘You thought that ring was a good idea too,’ come back tomorrow and we will discuss this further.

Shoulders slumped, the man drifted off into the crowd.

‘What is the most devious quest we can come up with?’ Knat asked the others and the three put their heads together to come up with a really gruelling quest.

A beautifully wrought golden ring with intertwined silver braids that swirl around it. A single bright blue gem is set within it.

Benefit: This ring will gravitate towards a fore- or middle finger and when worn this enchanted band causes the wearer to immediately take off all other magical items and only mundane weapons and armor may be used. The ring sticks tightly and will not come off. All attacks and damage are now at -1 until the wearer of the ring fulfills a Geas, or quest for a magic-user, druid or illusionist of at least 4th level. After which time the ring is easily removed and will disappear when taken off to reappear somewhere else at random.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Tickle of the Invisible Tentacle

Tickle of the Invisible Tentacle

Bakra-do grimaced as he struggled, held fast by an unseen tentacle. In his shock the seasoned mercenary had even dropped one of his swords. The bandits closed in, weary of the sword he still retained a grip on, their spellcaster standing a safe distance away.

‘What do you want?’ Bakra-do snarled as he struggled against the arcane constriction.

‘For you to fade into the background, to leave us alone,’ one of the bandits said.

‘Your leader has too big a price on his head,’ the mercenary replied.

‘Are you hard of hearing?’ one of the toughs asked.

‘I will kill you all if I have to once I escape this spell, or you can let me do my job,’ Bakra-do said calmly.

The bandits and their wizard looked at each other for a moment and then they scattered off into the night.

Tickle of the Invisible Tentacle (Magic-user)

Level 2

Range: 60′.

Duration: One round per level of caster.

Less of a tickle and more of a harsh constriction, this spell will cause one individual targeted by the caster to suddenly feel as if they are constricted by a giant python or the tentacle of a large octopus. After one round of being held the subject may attempt a Strength attribute check to break free and creatures with more than 5HD can break free after one round on a result of 3 or more on 1d6. There is a 65% chance of the target of the spell dropping anything held in their hand when this spell is cast upon them.

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[New Magic Item] Roc Wand

Roc Wand

For several drinks in the tavern the two adventurers argued over who would use the magical wand and to what purpose. Murgi the thief eventually won and the two adventurers walked outside.

‘You aren’t going to use it here are you?’ Guvno asked. Too late, Murgi had already begun.

Moments later the sun was eclipsed by a bird of prey of mind boggling proportions. The bird eyed Murgi as the townsfolk ran for their lives, screaming and dropping what they had in hand.

Guvno was about to make a comment about them not being welcome here anymore when Murgi appeared to be in conversation with the titanic avian. The bird then settled on the ground and the thief climbed upon its back and urged Guvno to do the same. Soon the they were high in the sky, apparently headed for distant mountains. They bird land in a nest that size of a huge crater.

‘You had it bring us here? Why?’ asked a confused Guvno.

The thief knelt and searched among the refuse at the bottom of the nest. He then stood triumphantly, smiling from ear to ear and holding a number of items.

‘Discarded treasure of its victims,’ Murgi replied.

‘Does that wand have another charge in it to get us back?’ the wizard inquired.

‘You know, I’m not sure,’ the thief said as the wizard rasied his arms in despair.

A magic wand from a faraway land made of strange twisted wood with a large glass ball on one end that appears to have a bird’s eye in it.

Benefit: This enchanted wand tpically has 1d4 charges in it when found and holds a maximum of four charges. The wielder of the wand may use it to summon a full (18) HD roc. This creature will make one attack for its summoner (dealing 4d6 damage) and leave or carry the wielder and up to three others for up to one hundred miles. The creature is neutral to the one who summoned it, yet if mistreated the titanic bird will turn on the wand’s owner. Lost charges of the wand may be replaced with one 4th level spell per charge.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a wand.

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[New Encounter] Bone Lake Trading Post

Bone Lake Trading Post

Vistis gasped as he watched Stork remove a boot and sock and stick his foot into the freshly cut hole in the ice.

‘Have you gone mad?’ the illusionist asked.

Stork looked down at his foot in the water, all he could see of it were bones. He wiggled his toes.

‘This is it! Bone Lake,’ the wizard exclaimed.

‘I didn’t eat the stew in the tavern last night, maybe it was off,’ Vistis pondered aloud.

‘Would you stop blabbering and help me cut this hole bigger?’ Stork asked.


‘I’m going in of course. There is a trading post down there and allegedly a scroll I am seeking is there,’ Stork answered.

‘I will keep watch up here then,’ the illusionist said.

‘No, no, come on in, the water really is fine,’ Stork replied as he hurriedly cut the ice.

The eerie Bone Lake can and has appeared in many a strange wilderness setting. Some theorize that Bone Lake is nomadic, traveling over the surface of the planet and maybe even underground and to other dimensions. One thing is known; it does move and many who wish to return spend a lifetime questing to get there for the item that they left behind.

In the game: Bone Lake is an unexpected body of water, it never ‘takes over’ or overlaps another lake, pond, river, etc. Any travel on the surface is normal while anyone going under will notice that their flesh appears to be gone and only bones remain. Skeletal fish and other life moves about as normal, minus their flesh and organs. While one is submerged in this pond they will not drown as the magical waters grants Water Breathing as the magic-user spell. In the depths of this strangely lit body of water is a trading post. No coin is exchanged here, only barter, making this a ‘trading’ post in the truest sense. A bony wizard-merchant and his 4HD ogre assistants make sure that peace is kept, the thick skeletons of the ogres and their sharp scimitars are not easy to overlook. It is rumored that the occasional necromancer or liche will send a raiding party down to cause mischief as their skeletal hechmen blend in perfectly.

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[New Spell] One Last Journey

One Last Journey

Guvno cast the spell on the shore of the large lake as his companion, Murgi the thief looked about nervously.

‘I hear them in the trees,’ the thief whispered.

A small paddle-boat broke the water and the two adventurers hurried into it just as the goblins broke from the trees, screaming and waving weapons in the air.

‘Row for it!’ Guvno shouted as he threw another spell at the goblin warband, this one scattered them with strange explosive colors.

The thief rowed towards the center of the lake, getting out of range of the goblin arrows.

‘Now what?’ Murgi asked.

‘We need to get to the shoreline somewhere safely,’ the wizard replied.

‘Is there a rush?’ the thief asked.

‘When this spell is done the wood of this boat becomes dust and we are then swimming in this lake,’ Guvno answered.

Just then something in the water nudged the boat just enough to encourage Murgi to row for the far shore.

One Last Journey (Magic-user)

Level 1

Range: 100′.

Duration: One day per level of caster.

This magic conjures a ruined boat, ship, wagon or cart, as long as the pieces are recognizable as once being the mode of transportation that they were and the vehicle is restored for one more trip. No crew or drivers are provided and no draft animals, yet the vehicle will be sturdy and reliable until the end of the spell, when the mode of transportation will disintegrate and this spell will not longer work upon it.

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[New Magic Item] Ancient Sword of the Dead Kings

Ancient Sword of the Dead Kings

Among the pounding drums strange instruments could be heard, then a voice from nowhere began wailing a fast paced song as the strange elf brandished his sword and confidently strode forward.

The brigands regarded each other. Then one screamed out, a shrill cry, and ran off. The remaining bandit turned to see the elf smiling coldly. Then he dropped his weapon on the spot and ran too.

‘I get out of more skirmishes that way,’ the elf said to himself as the music slowly faded in the background.

A master-crafted sword of silver and gold. A curious stylized amalgamation of two letters make up the pommel. Not to be used with similar swords or other weapons.

Benefit: The wielder of this sword may invoke its power twice per day to cause a song or particular piece of music to be heard within a 40′ radius that will cause the wielder and all allies in this area to be +1 to hit and +2 to damage all foes in the vicinity. In addition all foes must make a Save versus Petrification of flee the area in Fear as per the spell. If three or more of these swords have their power invoked at the same time overlapping the area of effect the resulting discord cancels the benefits of the power. Effect lasts for roughly 1d4+2 minutes each use.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a sword.

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[New Magic Item] Helm of True Names

Helm of True Names

‘At least it gets us a seat up at the bar on wizard’s night,’ Vonolv Starsinger said to his companion weaing the outlandish helmet next to him.

The dwarf laughed heartily.

‘Aye, that it does,’ agreed Chorn Oxheart the dwarf.
‘Where did all of my business go?’ lamented the barman as he returned from the cellar.

Elf and dwarf shrugged.

‘We will have two pints to start with though,’ the dwarf said gruffly (as dwarves do) and tossed several pieces of silver on the top of the bar.

This helmet is of ancient dwarf make, high domed and intricate. Those who know of its powers sometimes just run.

Benefit: This helmet of leather, wood and metal grants the wearer +1 to their Armor Class and in addition, if concentrating for three rounds, the wearer can know the true name of any individual within their line of sight. This can not only unmask disguised characters but also make life rather tricky for some spellcasters and extra-planar entities.

Usable by: Anyone who can wear a metal helmet.

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[New Magic Item] Cape of Glass Weapons

Cape of Glass Weapons

Knat the druidess balked as the sorceress with the purple cape somehow turned her spear into glass then broke it, shattering her weapon into hundreds of pieces.
‘I liked that spear a lot!’ the druidess screamed as the sorceress shrugged indifferently.

Knat gritted her teeth and cast a spell that caused the vines near the sorceress try to entangle her. With a few short thrusts of her dagger the sorceress cut herself free as Knat closed in to incapacitate her and two of her brutish henchmen lurched about in the background.

Knat stopped short and decided to retreat, still controlling the vones which waved menacingly at the henchmen.

‘This isn’t over yet!’ Knat shouted at the sorceress who only laughed mockingly in return, further infuriating the druidess.

A vibrant purple cape that looks very stylish and makes one a target if the enchantment is discovered. Wear with caution as it tends to anger most enemies even more.

Benefit: When worn this cape gives its wearer the ability to turn the weapons of others into glass. If the wearer’s weapon touches the weapon of an enemy that enemy must make a Save versus Petrification or have their weapon turn to glass, even a magical weapon can be transformed in this manner, although Greater Magic Items and Artifacts gain a +2 to the roll to save. A Remove Curse spell will return any transformed weapon back to its original state if the weapon is not broken as 5hp or more of damage will shatter the weapon into hundreds of tiny shards of glass.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Weapon to Owner

Weapon to Owner

In the center of the room in the ancient temple a sword stood, its blade sunken partway into the dirt floor. The mercenary Bakra-do pondered this situation. Then, throwing caution to the wind he pulled the sword from the earth.

Suddenly the mercenary found himself in a crypt standing before a skeleton seated on a throne, sword in hand.

‘So this is what happened to the Fallen King of Wroj-Vess,’ Bakra-do said to himself as he looked around the dimly lit room and saw a fair amount of treasure. An unusually lucky day indeed.

Then a loud hiss was heard as the skeletal king grabbed the hilt of the sword that lay across his lap.

‘I knew it was too good to be true,’ the mercenary said as he dropped the roral sword for his own short swords and prepared to fight.

Weapon to Owner (Magic-user)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: Until activated.

The spellcaster enchants an item designated as a ‘weapon’ which means a physical device created to be used primarily as a weapon. Then this item is left alone. The next person to wield this weapon is transported to stand before the owner. This spell can be used to help an ally to the owner of the weapon’s side or to send an assassin right to the weapon owner’s feet. Sometimes the intention does not match the outcome of this spell.

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