[New Magic Item] Old Brown Hat

Old Brown Hat

The elf ranger appeared wearing a floppy old brown leather hat. Fellhorn the druid looked at him dubiously, yet the gnome illusionist just pointed and laughed.

‘You’ll regret that, runt,’ the elf assured the gnome.

Some time later the three adventurers became lost in the deep woods. The elf ranger paused a moment and mumbled a few words. A small brownie appeared and the two began discussing a safe rout to through the forest and to the nearby ruins.

‘Who is this?’ the gnome illusionist asked.

‘He could be your replacement if you keep up with your antics,’ snapped the elf.

The gnome sat and pouted, arms crossed, against an oak tree.

‘Replacement!’ he snorted.

One of those magic items that annoys the Fey, the Old Brown Hat has been popular with many druids and hedge mages that live around smaller communities and often utilize their summoned helper to help keep the community in order and safe.

Benefit: When worn the Old Brown Hat can be used to conjure a Brownie that will serve the hat’s wearer as a familiar. The creature has maximum hit dice and the normal powers and abilities of its kind and if treated well will be a faithful helper for one year and a day. If the enchanted hat’s wearer already has a familiar the two can work in conjunction or apart. If the brownie is mistreated or abused it will cast a random Curse upon the wearer of the hat and attempt to steal it. As an option 1d4 brownies may be summoned and will operate under the same stipulations as above.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Summons of the Deity

Summons of the Deity

The guard seemed hesitant to let the adventurers into the town until a large, hairy spider climbed his leg and distracted him.

‘Get it off of me!’ the guard screamed.

Valance whistled and the spider scurried back to him and climbed under his robes.

‘That….that, thing is yours?’ exclaimed the nervous guard.

‘One of many. We won’t cause any problems, we just want shelter for a few days,’ the priest of the Spider God assured the guard.

‘Just keep that away from me,’ the guard said as he gave the signal and the huge wooden doors slowly yawned open.

Chalk laughed as they entered.

‘What?’ asked Valance.

‘Some days I am glad that you are not the priest of the Rabbit Goddess, your little friends do get us places without a lot of hassle sometimes.’

Valance just grinned broadly.

Summons of the Deity (Cleric)

Level 3

Range: Immediate area.

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level of caster, and see below.

When cast this spell allows a cleric to summon one HD per level of caster in creatures (or one big creature with all of the allowable Hit Die) that are iconic to his or her deity. These creatures have animal intelligence however will obey basic commands like a well trained dog, including non-verbal hand commands. The creature(s) are corporeal and may look menacing or benevolent, depending on the deity. If the deity has no specific animal then a “generic” cat, dog, raven, etc is summoned. There is a 10% chance each time that the creature will remain permanently and can, in time, become awakened and become a champion for the specific deity in question. Unlike other summoning spells, the priest or priestess cannot summon any creature other than what is sacred to their specific deity.

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[New Magic Item] Azkar’s Door Jamb

Azkar’s Door Jamb

Navnen said his good-byes to a few of his colleagues and entered the cottage he shared with the other adventurers, casually tossing a small metal object into one hand and catching it repeatedly with a wry smile on his face.

‘What happened?’ Koram asked curiously.

‘Oh nothing. I just pulled off a side caper that made me a legend,’ the thief replied, unable to conceal his grin.

‘YOU!’ The mage’s guild!’ hissed Chalk.

Navnen shrugged.

‘How did you do it?’ the wizard demanded.

‘All it took was getting the apprentices to think that the door lock was working normally, my little friend here did the rest,’ Navnen replied.

‘You caused a lot of trouble, you are being hunted,’ Chalk exclaimed.

Valance grabbed an apple from the table and nodded at the thief.

‘Welcome to the club,’ the priest of the Spider God said with a grin.

While Azkar was only known for minor enchantments, his creations, such as the eponymous Azkar’s Door Jamb have made more than one adventure party make it rhough the dungeon and more than a few thieves become legendary with the proper application of these enchanted door jambs. Never activate more than two at once for best results. Most of these look like stylized dwarfs or giants carved in a straining position as if holding a particular door open or shut.

Benefit: These magical door jambs operate on a password, one for each device. In operation these will hold any door open or shut by digging in and holding the door in the desired position, rolling harmlessly out of the way so that the door can function normally when not holding it open. The door and its frame must be material but will not either open or close without the strength of a hill giant (21) or above. As this is beyond the strength of most adventurers and dungeon dwellers these magic items make effective tools. Repeating the password will cause the door jamb to become inert and easily picked up. If more than three of these are in use within a one mile radius these magic items will function randomly every turn until at least one is ‘turned off’ with the password.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] False Enchantment

False Enchantment

‘See? It isn’t always about violence, we got away from those bugbears simply by a little spell,’ the gnome illusionist boasted proudly.

‘And when the spell wears off that idol that you “awakened for them”?’ asked the elf ranger.

The gnome cast a wary eye over his shoulder.

‘We’d better be very far away,’ he replied.

False Enchantment (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: One day per level of caster.

This tricky illusionist spell will cause any mundane item to radiate magic to such an extent that the item is obviously ‘magical’ to anyone (a roll of 2-6 on 1d6 convinces anyone that the thing is enchanted without a spell like Detect Illusion or similar magic involved). The item must itself be inanimate and non-magical. If an illusionist casts this spell on a magic item there will be an arcane disturbance causing the caster to take 1d4 points of damage. What exactly the “enchanted” item does is the mystery, one that hopefully is solved when the caster is far away.

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[New Monster] Border Hag

Border Hag

‘Here she comes again!’ the gnome illusionist squeaked.

The elf ranger lowered his bow and Fellhorn the druid.

‘You cannot cross here, either,’ the fey woman warned stoically, her eerie eyes glaring intently at the trio of adventurers.

‘Not even if we pay tribute?’ Fellhorn asked.

The Border Hag looked around for a moment.

‘What sort of tribute? Gold? Gems?’ she asked.

‘YES!’ the exasperated trio said in unison.

‘I think we can come to a deal if you can never mention it to anyone that I let you pass,’ the Border Hag said, a lethal threat interwoven in her words.

Border Hag
Unlike most creatures known as ‘hags’, the Border Hags are neither hideous nor entirely evil, yet they re vigilant and dedicated, for Border Hags protect and enforce borders and perimeter lines that others may not be aware of as fences, walls and other markers can be erased with time or obliterated during times of war or peace. These comely creatures will advise those who wander into forbidden areas to vacate the premises, usually with a stern warning, then with violent persuasion.

Border Hag: HD 6; AC 5[14]; Atk: By claws +(1d6+2); Move 9 ; Save 12; AL:C (L tendencies in regards to their job);CL/XP 8/5500; Special: Immune to poisons, drowning and Sleep or Charm spells, Special: Command: a Border Hag can cast Command (duration 3 rounds, range 35′). Charm (as spell).

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[New Spell] It’s the Ones You Can’t See

Curse: It’s the Ones You Can’t See

Navnen suddenly jumped as Valance appeared to randomly swing a staff at him. Then he screamed right after that as something bit him in the leg that Valance had swatted at. Then Koram took a swing at the thief’s leg.

Something that Navnen could not see let go after biting him when the Crystal Sword struck it and it let out a squeal.

‘What is happening?’ screamed the theif in horror.

‘You don’t see that?’ Valance asked while pointing at an empty corner of the room.

Navnen shook his head, he looked terrified.

‘Who bumped into you today?’ Chalk asked as he tried to corner the injured imp and all but the thief could see.

Curse: It’s the Ones You Can’t See (Arcane/Clerical)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: One hour per level of caster.

This dreadful minor curse thankfully lasts only a few hours at best, yet it is still potentially deadly as this Curse makes all magical creatures and animals invisible to the target that fails a Saving Throw versus Spells with a -1 modifier. Creatures and things animated by magical enchantment can still be seen by the victim of this Curse (golems, animated objects and animated dead) while other creatures, even summoned from another plane or being greater undead or just a fantastical beast are completely invisible unless Remove Curse, Limited Wish or Wish are cast upon the subject to cancel the spell.

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[New Magic Item] Mask of Draskos

Mask of Draskos

‘I can’t see! That damned mask!’ Chalk shouted aloud.

Navnen the thief quickly removed the mask thinking that he had blinded his friend with it.

‘I can see again!’ exclaimed Chalk joyfully.

‘Now I can’t see,’ moaned the thief.

Valance, sitting nearby, pondered the uses that for that mask, if any.

Created by the gods of mischief and placed randomly about the world, masks of this type are tricky to use and annoying to those around the wearer. Appears as an ornate and stylish mask that radiates magic.

Benefit: This magical mask, when worn, will cause anyone looking into the eyes of the wearer to make a Save versus Petrification/Paralysis with a -1 modifier or become blinded for up to one hour or until the wearer removes the mask, whichever comes first. When the wearer removes the mask he or she is then blinded themselves for three turns (thirty minutes) with a standard Saving Throw versus Petrification/Paralysis allowed to avoid the effect. Wearer is immune to being blinded if he or she sees their own reflection.

Usable by: Anyone.

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