[New Spell] Birds of Terror

Birds of Terror

The elf ranger and gnome illusionist suddenly burst out of the glade, leaving Fellhorn standing alone.

‘What is it?’ the druid asked aloud.

‘The cacophony of those dreadful birds!’ the gnome squeaked.

A sparrow landed on the druid’s shoulder and chirped happily.

The elf ranger gritted his teeth, then panicked and ran, dropping his bow.

Fellhorn suddenly realized another druid was about. He did not know this magic, but he had heard of it. He drew his sickle and blended into the forest, waiting.

Birds of Terror (Druid)

Level 4

Range: 500′ and see below.

Duration: One turn per level of caster.

This spell causes all avian creatures within 500′ of the casting druid to radiate Fear as per the Magic-User spell. Each creature radiates fear in a 30′ radius that causes all non-avian creatures within earshot to make a Save versus Spells or flee the area for the caster’s level in turns. Avian creatures are immune to this magic, as is the casting druid and all other druids receive a +2 to their Saving Throws.

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[New Monster] Daughters of the Lord of Waves and Waters

Daughters of the Lord of the Waves and Waters

The sleek ship cut majestically through the waves, its sail robust as the wind propelled it along.

‘I still don’t know how this happened’, Chalk said, reveling in their good fortune.

Valance peeked warily over the side and thought he saw the looming shape of a monstrous shark, as it seemed that one always waited for him any time the priest of the Spider God went to sea.

‘I’ll just be glad when we reach land again,’ the cleric said nervously.

Koram coughed mysteriously.

‘Is there something you wish to say about how you received such a marvelous ship and how we have such fortunate weather?’ Navnen the thief asked the fighter.

Koram looked into the water himself. A pale smiling face smiled back.

‘No, not right now,’ he answered gruffly, looking once again into the distance.

Daughters of the Lord of Waves and Waters
Far underwater in the realm of the Lord of the Waves and Waters the Sea King lives with his wife, the Queen of Dangerous Waters and their seven daughters. From time to time these children wander, often looking for a mate to marry, yet sometimes helping heroes and heroines with great tasks that the latter cannot do themselves. While these beguiling women can fight and sometimes do with mighty weapons found in sunken ships, it is advised not to harm one or face the furious wrath of the Sea King and his Queen.

Daughters of the Lord of the Waves and Waters: HD 5; AC 6[13]; Atk: By weapon, Strike (1d6+2); Move 9 ; Save 12; AL:N (L tendencies);CL/XP 7/5000; Special: Immune to poisons, drowning and non-magical weapons (except silver), Special: Bringer of Luck!: A Daughter can bestow Limited Wish once per day. Charm (as spell), Summon and Control up to 6HD of underwater creatures, Breathe on land or underwater with no problems.

Option: Can be used in conjunction with: https://ancientvaults.wordpress.com/2009/11/24/new-magic-items-sea-themed-items/

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[New Magic Item] Ring Against Bones

Ring Against Bones

The vampire hissed as its strike missed Stork, again. The sorcerer sneered.

Before Vistis the Blue Mage could warn Stork a heavy iron behemoth strode into the ancient crypt and aimed a metallic punch at the sorcerer.

The vampire, also surprised, stepped back and nodded in appreciation as the wily sorcerer was knocked back several feet by the attack.

Vistis cast a spell that took both undead and construct by surprise and hauled Stork out of the fray.

‘Nice ring,’ the illusionist said snidely.

‘Hey, normally it works just fine,’ Stork said defensively.

‘Normally, until today,’ replied Vistis.

Stork nursed his wound and pouted quietly to himself.

Made for a king by a wily archmage, this magical ring deters one kind of magic while inviting another. Apparently the creator was more into constructs than reanimation.

Benefit: Any necromantic spell(s) cast against the wearer of this ring have an 80% chance to fail. In addition all undead creatures are -2 to strike and to -2 damage the wearer of this ring. However, each day there is a 35% chance that a golem of some type will appear and attack the ring’s wearer. In addition, any constructs encountered attack the wearer of this ring first and are +1 to Hit and +1 to Damage.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Curse- Reflection Petrification

Reflection Petrification

The thug pushed Navnen the thief who tripped over a stone and fell before the pond. Without thinking he looked into the water. To the astonishment of the outlaws the thief began to turn to stone.

‘Oh damn,’ he whispered before becoming a statue and subsequently disappearing.

‘We really need to get that curse lifted,’ Koram said.

‘Agreed, we could use him in a fight,’ Chalk agreed as he began a spell.

Valance was already summoning giant spiders to repel the stunned thugs.

Reflection Petrification (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: A year and a day or until dispelled.

Whenever the cursed subject sees their reflection in a mirror, water, mercury, polished metal or any reflective surface he or she must make a Save versus Petrification or become turned to stone for 1d4 days. As this is not meant to be a killing type curse, if in combat or in the presence of enemies or potential enemies the target is then safely teleported to an isolated area up to one mile away. This spell can be very annoying with enemies that know what will happen.

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[New Magic Item] Gem of Unmapability

Gem of Unmapability

‘And this is why I prefer adventuring in the woods,’ Fellhorn the druid said.

The gnome illusionist frowned as he kept losing concentration while he tried mapping the dungeon.

‘Get it together, I don’t want to die down here,’ snapped the elf ranger.

‘You try it then,’ the gnome replied, offering the mapping equipment to the elf.

With a sneer the elf grabbed the mapping gear from the gnome and was immediately frustrated.

‘Something isn’t right, we are being kept from mapping,’ the elf ranger admitted, looking around suspiciously.

It is thought that while only a few dozen of these enchanted gems exist each can cause a bit of chaos, but two or more together can ruin an adventuring party.

Benefit: If placed upon the earth or solid rock the area within a 100′ radius cannot be accurately mapped by hand, all attempts fail. If it is determined that these clear, fist sized gems are the cause of this misfortune or they are merely prized from the earth for their value then it is again is possible to accurately map the area. Many humanoid species that live underground seek these enchanted gems to sew discord and chaos among dungeoneers and explorers.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Don’t Mind Me Amulet

Don’t Mind Me Amulet

As the thief stabbed the gnome illusionist he revealed himself to the demi-human.

The gnome gasped and pointed at the human bandit as blood ran from a shoulder wound.

‘What are you pointing at?’ the elf ranger asked.

Suddenly the elf grunted as he took a stab to the leg.

‘Okay, where is the threat?’ Fellhorn the druid asked.

The elf and gnome pointed at the thief that that druid still could not see,

Made as a thank you for the leader of the local thief’s guild, this small amulet makes one beneath notice for a short time, make that time count!

Benefit: This amulet, usable once per day, renders the bearer invisible for 1d4 rounds to all living creatures within 100′. While not invisible per say, all living things will ignore the presence of the amulet’s owner, unless they attack another and cause a wound, the wound will reveal the ignored one to that particular individual, which can cause further confusion. As the effect wears off others will notice the owner of the amulet.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Into the Lair of the ………

Into the Lair of the ……

Needing a vial of the blood of a particular monster Fellhorn the druid cast a spell.

The trio of adventurers were instantly transported to the mouth of a strange cave.

‘I do not remember it like this before, did the creature move?’ the elf ranger asked.

Something hissed in the darkness. The druid’s staff lit up at the top, glowing brightly in the darkness, revealing a strange recoiling creature.

‘It is a manticore all right,’ the gnome illusionist said. ‘Let’s get it’s blood!’

The creature snarled and let out a howl.

The elf ranger paused a moment.

‘Just how many of these creatures lair in this area?’ he asked aloud.

Into the Lair of the …… (Druid)

Level 5

Range: Self or Touch and see below.

Duration: Instantaneous.

This spell transports the caster and up to three others or four others besides the caster within 10′ of the casting druid straight to the lair of the nearest monster, either named or unnamed (Either: Vestinas the Medusa or The Medusa are appropriate. Willing subjects require no save while those that are not interested into being transported to the entry to the lair of a monster may make a Save versus Spells roll with a -1 modifier. The particular monster or type of monster must lair within two miles when this spell is cast. If not named those transported go to the nearest lair.

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