[New Magic Item] Dagger in Hand

Dagger in Hand

The hobgoblins tied up the trio of adventurers.

‘Got them secured?’ the sergeant asked one of the humanoid warriors.

‘And weapons confiscated,’ the hobgoblin replied.

The gnome snickered as the monsters strolled off. Suddenly the gnome had a dagger in his right hand, one that had just been concealed in his boot, and was cutting his bindings loose.

‘I don’t know which is worse,’ lamented the elf ranger,’ being captured by hobgoblins or rescued by a gnome.’

‘You may stay, if you prefer,’ the gnome offered with a scowl.

‘No, no, I’ll gladly go,’ the elf replied with gratitude.

While unarguably a minor magic item, this dagger is quite useful and deals magical damage. A minor enchanted weapon of origins unknown.

Benefit: Any sleeve, boot, backpack, sack, pouch, or sheath that this knife fits into, it will appear in the character’s right or left sleeve on command. The only stipulation is that it must be on the character’s person. Deals 1d4+2 magical damage.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Locate Infernal

Locate Infernal


Jorvan the Resolute bowed his head in silent prayer. A moment later he raised his head and glared forward.

‘You!’ the cleric shouted, pointing at the two people talking.

‘Me?’ asked Valance in shock.

‘No, not you, him! The one next to you!’ Jorvan replied.

The man Valance was talking with sneered and Valance momentarily saw the human revealed as a demonic creature before returning to its previous form.

Arrows flew at the creature that turned an ran.

‘That was close,’ Chalk said as he put a reassuring hand on Valance’s shoulder.

‘No kidding, I just about handed that thing three hundred gold pieces on a bet,’ replied the priest of the Spider God in relief.


Locate Infernal (reversible) (Divine)

Level 2

Range: to nearest infernal creature.

Duration: One hour per level of caster.

A priest or cleric usually casts Locate Infernal to find a certain threat or challenge as the spell will give the caster basic information (type of creature and general direction). The caster should make a Wisdom attribute roll to see if he or she can determine if any other infernal creatures are in the same general area as the most powerful, and closest, one (which the spell centers on). This spell can be reversed to seek Celestial creatures too.

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[New Magic Item] Ring of Remembrance

Ring of Remembrance

The old man twisted the ring around his finger and looked thoughtfully out the window.

‘Surely you recall his secret name now,’ Chalk said.

‘Oh, I do, I recall it well, this ring’s power is very useful,’ the old man replied.

‘Then why the reluctance to tell us Valance’s true name?’ Koram asked.

The old man pointed to the window where Valance stood peeking in, a sinister grin on his face and a menacing spider in his hand.

Chalk smirked.

‘That was two thousand gold pieces gone on a “sure thing” of yours,’ the wizard said.

‘I didn’t know that Valance was going to be creeping around,’ Koram said in his defense.

Said to have once been a personal possession of the goddess Lymphus, this magical ring has reversed many cases of forgotten knowledge, even among ancient dragons and similar beings. Just using the ring once can cost several thousand gold pieces depending on what information is being recovered.

Benefit: When worn this magical ring may be used to recall one major detail or two minor details that the wearer has forgotten, either because of age or by magical means. This works automatically, unless a Wish spell was caused to make the bearer forget, in which case the power of the ring has a 50% chance of success, with a cumulative chance of +1% each day unless another Wish is cast to cause the person to forget, at which time the information is lost forever. Handy for getting information out of forgetful elderly NPCs.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Banished from Me

Banished from Me


Navnen came into the cottage with a limp and a black eye, his gazed focused on Valance.

‘You still owe two hundred gold pieces to Gulg the Breaker of Legs,’ the thief said.

‘How did he not see me?’ the priest of the Spider God asked coyly.

‘Probably because of whatever spell you had that shady wizard cast on you,’ Chalk commented idly while scanning his own spellbook.

‘Better to spend fifty gold than two hundred,’ Valance said with a grin.

‘Not if I have to take your lumps for you!’ Navnen shouted.

‘Ok, I’ll pay for your drinks for two weeks,’ the priest offered.

‘Is that how long the spell lasts?’ the thief asked.

‘Something like that,’ lied Valance.


Banished from Me (Magic-user)

Level 3

Range: Self or touch.

Duration: One year and one day.

When cast this spell causes one person the magic-user or the person touched by the caster knows and has met before will no longer cross his or her path. This spell causes avoidance of two people (the spell doesn’t work on constructs, fey or extra-planar creatures) and the two are not invisible to each other, they just are guided along different paths. If for some reason the two individuals are forced to face each other while the spell is in place both subjects take 1d10+6 points of damage. Note that while this does keep the two parties from seeing each other it does not stop their agents and associates from intervening on their behalf.

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[New Monster] Driber


‘They are pretty harmless,’ the gnome illusionist said.

‘They are foolish and a little creepy,’ countered the elf ranger.

The humanoid rabbit chittered at the gnome.

‘And he is housebroken,’ added the gnome.

‘Nevertheless,’ the elf said,’ it is not normal. If we start taking in talking rabbits what is next, talking raccoons and owls?’

‘Both of you stop,’ Fellhorn the druid said. ‘We will let him tag along for now, but I don’t want to have him causing us problems.’

The elf smirked. The gnome grinned triumphantly. The driber leapt in joy.

The driber is a 1 ½ to 2′ tall humanoid rabbit, Neutral in nature, although very pesky and driven to mischief and practical jokes. Fairly intelligent, the driber live in small communities near human or gnomish settlements (dwarfs and elves cannot stand these creatures and often drive them away). Sometimes these creatures follow adventurers through the wilderness, stealing small items or playing innocent pranks unless someone kills and or eats a rabbit and then the driber become nasty and are out for revenge. These creatures usually speak a squeaking form of Common as well as Gnomish and Goblin.

Driber: HD 2 AC 6[13]; Atk Weapon (1d4), Bite (1d4) or Kick (1d6+1) ; Move 13 ; Save 12; CL/XP 2/50; Special: Lucky, roll twice for saves, taking the best result; burrower: can dig a hole to hide underground in two rounds, can dig a tunnel, 10’/turn. Exceptional creatures may cast 1-3 Illusionist spells of 1st/2nd level.

Because of this!

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[New Monster] Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter

Chaos erupted suddenly as a band of blue-boned skeletal creatures burst through the wall of solid ice, waving swords and axes menacingly.

Koram swung his Crystal Sword and took down one skeleton just as Chalk threw a spell. Valance tried to run, making distance so he could summon a few spiders to help. Everyone noticed suddenly that these undead were not slowed by the knee-deep snow.

‘Turn them!’ shouted Navnen the thief.

‘Oh yeah,’ the priest of the Spider God said. He stood still and revealed a stylized spider symbol that caused the skeletons to fall back, creeping through the ice wall to hide from the cleric.

‘That won’t last long, we’d better come up with a plan,’ Valance suggested.

‘How do you forget that you can turn undead away?’ Chalk asked.

‘You forgot too,’ the priest of the Spider God replied in exasperation.

Victims of the cultists of gods and goddesses of cold climates and sometimes of these deities themselves, the Dead of Winter are reanimated with a spark of those frigid deities within them, relentless and free of the problems that the terrain causes others. Trying to stay one step ahead of these enhanced undead is trickier than it seems. Stripped of flesh, these icy blue boned skeletons hate all life with a vengeance.

Dead of Winter: HD 2+1 AC 7[12]; Atk Weapon (1d6), Bite (1d4) or Punch (1d4+1) ; Move 10 ; Save 12; CL/XP 3/75; Special: Not slowed by cold: these creatures move normally through snow, no matter how deep, do not fall on ice and can even walk through walls of snow and ice as if incorporeal., Strong willed: these skeletal undead are more powerful than regular skeletons in a spiritual way and are turned as 4HD monsters.

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[New Spell] Shrouded City

Shrouded City


‘And why do we fear the necromancer’s goblin horde in such fair weather?’ asked the duke as he laughed.

‘Very well,’ the necromancer replied. He then mumbled the words of a spell before the guards could stop him. Suddenly the torches on the walls shed the light of a candle. Screams and cries could be heard from a nearby window.

Now the necromancer laughed as many of the guards dropped their weapons in fear and ran.

‘Your terms?’ the duke asked in defeat.

‘Nothing so bad as you would think,’ the vile wizard replied. ‘Only, say, a quarter of your profits for the next year?’

The duke gasped, but knew he currently had no choice.

‘A contract!’ shouted the necromancer as two goblins appeared bearing a rolled up sheet of parchment.

As the duke signed he mentally tried to recall all of the assassins in the area.


Shrouded City (Magic-user)

Level 8

Range: Line of sight (affects towns and cities of up to 500,000 inhabitants).

Duration: One day per level of caster.

This strange and shadowy spell enshrouds a civilized area in swirling shadows so deep that it cannot be seen unless one is within one half of a mile. Light sources are dimmed by 50% and require twice as much fuel (unless magical, which operate as normal) to cast light. Any creatures with low light or night vision can see normally without penalty. Chickens will not lay eggs while in this magical darkness and other animals may act strange or run away until the spell ends. Attempts to teleport within this area, even by those who have before, has a 50% chance of going awry and teleporting to a location within twenty miles.

Variant-all damage incurred within the area of this spell is doubled.

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