[New Magic Item] Crown of Wargs

Crown of Wargs

The trio of elves rode into the dismal human town unchallenged. A nervous looking town guard nodded and tried to crack a smile.

‘Is this the town that the wolves have taken over?’ one of the elves asked.

The guard looked around and nodded. He extended a hand to one of the elves, the other raised an eyebrow yet did likewise, honoring the strange human custom. A piece of paper exchanged hands. The elf quickly read it and smirked.

‘Well, it is of no concern of ours, we will be moving on,’ the elf said aloud. The other two followed, assuming something was wrong.

Outside of the town the elf revealed the note to the others: “Please help. Our mayor has a strange magic item that turns him into a monstrous wolf and he terrorizes us at will.’

‘Extraordinary spelling for a peasant,’ one of the elves quipped. ‘I suppose we’d better help them.’

A collection of claws and fangs bound together by twine, this powerful magic item is often overlooked in treasure troves as junk when in reality it is often the most valuable item of loot. Created by a powerful goblin shaman the Crown of Wargs is sought after by clever wargs and can throw towns and villages into upheaval at the mercy of the dire wolves.

Benefit: When placed upon the head this crown allows the wearer to transform into a 6HD warg once per day for up to three hours, retaining all mental attributes and gaining the physical abilities, including tracking, of a warg. The wearer may also summon and command up to 12HD in wargs (typically three creatures) for three hours per day as well, these wargs may be summoned while in either normal or warg form. Placed upon the head of a warg the creature suddenly as an Int of 12 and becomes an 8HD creature that can summon 12HD of wargs at will.

Usable by: Anyone or a warg.

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[New Spell] Talking Three Days After You Are Dead

Talking Three Days After You Are Dead


Koram growled again.

‘This is getting old,’ the fighter said.

‘Patience, take it easy,’ Valance replied.

‘We are dragging a dead body around that won’t shut up,’ Chalk interjected.

‘He owes me money, I won fair and square and I paid for the spell to be cast!’ the priest of the Spider God said.

‘You had to pick such a gabby person to win from?’ Navnen the thief asked.

‘Hey, I didn’t know he was going to die before paying me,’ Valance retorted.

The corpse in the cart kept on babbling along.

Koram looked at Chalk and made a “torching the body” pantomime. The wizard nodded in agreement.


Talking Three Days After You Are Dead (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: Three days unless dispelled or corpse is destroyed.


Sometimes a person dies before they have revealed something important, sometimes it is handy to have a talking body around. The Talking Three Days After You Are Dead spell must be cast upon a person within three hours of their death. If successful this spell pulls the soul back to the body but only animates the mouth of the corpse. The body cannot see or move otherwise, but can hear and speak. This spell is often used to try to retrieve crucial information from the recently deceased, although there is a 65% chance each day of the three days of the spell’s duration that the information will be revealed. If the corpse is mutilated or burned the spell ends, the corpse must have a head attached to the torso at least.

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[New Magic Item] Stump Golem

Stump Golem

‘So how fast does this go?’ Navnen asked the druid.

‘Not very.’

‘Can it swim?’

‘It can sort of float in the direction you want it to,’ replied the druid.

‘What can hurt it?’ the thief inquired.

‘Only magical weapons.’


Many hours later there was a knock on the door of a small house on the edge of town. Chalk got up and answered the door.

Navnen was sitting in a walking stump that had arms.

‘What is that?’ the wizard asked.

‘Something only hurt by magic weapons,’ replied the thief as he crawled inside and closed the mouth.

‘I want to try it,’ whined Valance.

‘You’ll get spiders in it. I don’t want it full of spiders,’ Navnen complained.

Created by a ritual involving a druid and a wizard, these magical constructs seem crude, but are all in vogue in some areas, with nobles riding around in their stump golems to impress those that must go without such a conveyance. Buying one in a larger city is very expensive, but stealing one, at its rate of movement is rather pointless.

Benefit: A Stump Golem is basically a tough, wooden exoskeleton that is commanded by its owner. Slow moving (30’/10′) this magic conveyance has two arms, two feet and a ‘face’ with a huge mouth that will open to seat a creature up to human size. While it is possible to just ride around in the open mouth of the golem one can also get inside, close the mouth and operate the arms as well. A Stone Golem has 8HD, can strike for 1d6+2 damage and can only be hit with magical weapons (AC 4).

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Now It’s Clear

Now It’s Clear


Vistis the Blue Mage wiped a gloved hand on the wooden wall then stood there, staring at the wall.

‘What are you doing?’ Stork asked.

‘Looking for Chalk and the others, we heard they were here,’ replied the illusionist.

‘By staring at the wall?’ asked a puzzled Stork.

The illusionist turned his masked face to the magic-user then muttered a few words. Now Stork could see through the wall as if it were a window.

‘This will speed up the hunt if they are here,’ said an excited Stork.

‘Yes, as long as we don’t get interested in watching the goings on in every tavern and inn this town has, they have to be in one.’


Now It’s Clear (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: Touch (affects up to 2’x2’/level no deeper than 1′)

Duration: One turn (ten minutes-see option below).


This simple spell makes any surface into a transparent one, crystal clear to the caster-stone, wood, brick, etc. The caster just rubs the surface with their hands while casting and a one-way mirror effect is created, while the caster can see through the material nobody else can. Walls, floors, ceilings, any surface can be made clear as long as it is no deeper than one foot thick. The illusionist may allow others to see through this surface as well, but this only happens on the side of the surface that the spell was cast upon.

Option: When cast roll 1d6, a result of ‘6’ means the spell is permanent.

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[New Magic Item] Mental Mantle

Mental Mantle

The gnome drew a thin cloak from his backpack and slipped it on.

‘Chilled?’ the elf asked without any real concern.

‘No, planning for the oncoming onslaught of orcs,’ replied the small illusionist.

The elf cocked an eyebrow in mock curiosity.
‘I knew that this could make me smarter, but does it make you dumber?’ the gnome asked.

The elf snarled.

‘Why you…’

Suddenly arrows began flying. The gnome conjured a shadow creature that erupted among the orcs and thrashed about, scattering the squealing humanoids.

‘We’ll settle this later,’ smirked the elf.

A thin, gauzy magical hooded cloak that has been used by some wizards to boost their spells, some thieves to figure out difficult puzzles or traps and some fighters to figure out complicated strategies. While only effective for an hour a day this little boost has saved more than a few adventurers from an untimely death.

Benefit: This magical cloak can be used for up to one hour per day to alter one’s physical attributes, taking three away from Str, Dex or Con to add to Int, Wis or Cha (the latter being a matter of will instead of actual physical looks) and possibly grant modifiers if applicable. Once the attributes are switched they cannot be rearranged in any other way that day and are set for the next hour, after that the attributes return to normal and any modifiers temporarily granted vanish.

Optional: Rumor has it that there is a belt that does the opposite, switching mental for physical traits temporarily.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Ring of Rounds

Ring of Rounds

The druid Fellhorn looked at the gnome as the latter came scuttling back from scouting ahead.

‘I don’t see anything,’ the gnome replied.

Fellhorn glanced at the dwarf who closed his eyes to concentrate a moment, a finger suddenly pointed towards the gnome.

‘The ring never lies,’ the dwarf said.

‘Fine!’ grumbled the gnome,’I’ll go further ahead.’

The gnome soon disappeared.

‘Let’s hope there isn’t a town devoid of alcohol nearer,’ the elf commented.

‘Hopefully if there is the gnome will never know,’ Fellhorn quipped.

The first of these rings was a cruel joke of an elven archmage on a dwarf wandering hero, causing no end of amusement to the elf as the dwarf wandered about frantically. It is said that once the crafty dwarf caught on he commissioned a magic item to confound the elf mage in return and got the last laugh.

Benefit: This magic ring has the uncanny knack for pointing the finger it is worn on towards the nearest alcohol/favored drink of the wearer. Useable at will. While it may sound ridiculous, many a lost adventurer has found their way back to town with this ring. Note: distance is not known, just the direction to the nearest source.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Silent Cloak

Silent Cloak

‘Can you scout ahead?’ Chalk asked the thief. With a nod Navnen slipped off into the shadows of the dungeon.

Minutes later he returned soundlessly with an arrow in his leg.

Koram groaned and handed over a healing potion while the thief mimed.

‘Goblins?’ Valance asked.

The thief shook his head.

‘Orcs?’ asked Koram.

Another shaking of Navnen’s head.

‘Kobolds?’ Chalk asked.

Vigorous nodding from the thief.

‘Would you just deactivate that thing?’ the fighter asked.

Navnen shook his head.

‘He is getting his money’s worth,’ said Valance.’Now let’s get those kobolds!’

Thought to have been a gift from the Lords of the Night, these magical cloaks have been fought over and coveted for centuries, aiding heroes and villains in epic tales of glory and villainy.

Benefit: Twice per day for up to one hour the wearer of this cape is completely silent, no sound emanates from this person. While obviously a boon in many ways (all thieves, and everyone else, Move Silently is at 98% while the cloak is ‘active’) this can also be a pain if the wearer needs to convey a message or get someone’s attention (it takes one round to ‘deactivate’ the cloak).

Usable by: Anyone, favored by thieves and assassins.

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