[New Deity] Taarkoli


Koram dusted Navnen off and seated him in a chair at the table.

Valance nodded in approval.

‘He doesn’t look too bad,’ the priest of the Spider God said.

‘What happened?’ the thief asked.

‘Well, you see….’ Koram began.

‘The fighter can’t read well,’ Chalk interrupted.

‘Was I….dead?’ Navnen asked. ‘And is that a giant vulture outside?’

The other three adventurers were silent.

‘That is great! I’m back!’ the thief said in jubilation. ‘It must have cost a lot. I appreciate it!’

‘What did it cost, exactly?’ Chalk asked Koram.

‘We have this quest to do before it becomes a Geas,’ Koram said.

‘WHAT?!’ Chalk and Valance exclaimed in unison.


Lesser Deity

Taarkoli, “The One Who Returns the Fallen”, “Arbiter of the Recently Deceased”
Alignment: Neutral
Spheres of Influence: Death, the recently dead, revenge.
Symbol: A two-headed vulture.
Typical Worshipers: Adventurers and those who deal with heroes and those who live risky lives.

Hit points (if you need them): 160

The great vulture Taarkoli is a bane to many a hero or tyrant as this neutral deity can decide to bring back the recently fallen. The defeated foe can live to fight another day if Taarkoli is convinced that it is a good idea. Often appearing as a huge vulture, this lesser deity also appears as a Medium sized humanoid with a vulture head and wings, similar to the devils known as vrocks (some of which serve this deity in a neutral capacity). While many would find this lesser god to be stoic those who have met him find Taarkoli to have a dry, dark sense of humor.

Abilities: Can may cast six Cleric spells up to three times per day as a 12th level cleric. Taarkoli may Resurrect or Reincarnate any creature that has been dead less than 72 hours and is basically intact (has not been cremated for example) twice per day and can Raise Undead at will. In combat, which this lesser deity strives to avoid, Taarkoli fights as a Roc of maximum Hit Dice. In humanoid form Taarkoli fights with a +2 flame mace that will catch anything flammable on fire upon contact and he will remember any attackers if they find themselves dead and in need of returning to the land of the living.

Awe: Usually appearing as a titanic vulture is definitely intimidating, and Taarkoli which gives him a +3 Awe factor.

Honor Guard: Taarkoli often has 6-10 giant vultures with full HD close by (use stats for giant eagle) and he can summon 1d4 Vrocks that are loyal to Taarkoli and are Neutral in alignment. Although usually Taarkoli is not attacked as this lesser deity is almost always being called upon for help and may be needed in the future.

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[New Magic Item] Worencor’s Spoon

Worencor’s Spoon

Navnen the thief lay lifeless on the dungeon floor.

‘Who mislabeled the bottles?’ demanded Chalk.

Koram tried his best to look innocent.

‘I can’t read that well, it was a mistake!’ the fighter finally said.

‘How do you mistake “healing broth” and “deadly poison”?’ the wizard asked.

‘How many thieves have we lost in the last ten years?’ Valance asked as he surveyed the situation shaking his head slowly. ‘That halfling that got eaten by the swans, he would have been the one to trust with that spoon.’

‘Well unless anyone knows anybody with a Wish in their pockets we may be out of luck,’ said Chalk.

Nobody is quite sure if Worencor was interrupted or incompetent, either way this minor magic item from the magic-user in question is handy, most of the time. Easily overlooked in treasure hoards, most halflings know a good piece of spoon when they see it.

Benefit: When used for one minute to stir at least a quart of fluid, this magical spoon will do one of the following:

  • turn the fluid into cool, harmless, potable water, 65% chance.
  • alter the fluid into a warm healing broth that cures 1d6 points of damage, 25% chance.
  • make the fluid into a deadly poison, 10% chance. Those who imbibe this poison must make a Save versus Death roll or die on the spot. Even touching this poison causes 1d6 hit points of damage. This magic item is usable twice per day. The effects last for one month and then the fluid will, if unused in that time, will revert back to its previous state.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Wind Wall

Wind Wall

The elf ranger jumped out of the way of a half a dozen goblin arrows as Fellhorn the druid’s spell protected himself from the incoming arrows.

‘Hey!’ shouted the elf.

‘I didn’t know that could happen!’ apologized the human.

The gnome illusionist threw a hypnotic pattern of swirling colors at the vile little humanoids.

‘Could you two stop bickering and…’

Before the gnome could finish he was caught up in the druid’s spell and hurled ten feet in the air and landed behind the elf.

Wind Wall (Druid)

Level 4

Range: Self or Touch.

Duration: One round per level of caster.

Conjuring a whirling column of air around either the druid or one that he or she designates within 20′, this spell creating a furious barrier that makes all physical weapons and attacks are -2 to hit and damage due to the speed of the spinning wall of air. This coulmn will surround and protect a creature up to Large size, although there is an opening at the top that does expose the one protected by the whirling wall of air.Note that anyone right next to the subject protected by this spell may be struck by errant arrows or rampant blades (65% chance) depedning on whether he or she is in the path of the current or not. Not that Small and smaller sized creatures have a 65% chance of being caught up in the strong air current and thrown d10 feet.

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[New Magic Item] Slippers of the Sneak

Slippers of the Sneak

Navnen the thief whistled as he carried a parcel towards the Thieves Guild. A couple of thugs burst from the shadows then recognized their fellow ne’er-do-well.

‘Returning those slippers after your assault on the tower?’ one thug asked.

‘Yes, as per the rules,’ Navnen replied.

One thief hastily paid the other as if they had a bet on Navnen’s adherence to the rules. Both thieves pulled out daggers.

‘What if we take that back for you?’ the second thief asked. ‘What if we insist?’

The thieves closed in. Navnen suddenly disappeared, popping up behind one of the thieves. A tap on the shoulder and the thug dropped to the ground fast asleep. The other thief stood a moment slack-jawed.

‘I used these yesterday and thought I would wear them back today, just in case,’ Navnen said. ‘I’d start running, my dues are paid up.’

The other thief ran off as fast as he could. Betraying a fellow guild member was a death sentence.

While probably designed for thieves, assassins and like scoundrels, many magic-users and illusionists also find these enchanted shoes invaluable in many situations, if only for retreat.

Benefit: Magical leather slippers that appear as curly-toed nightwear, once per day these slippers allow the wearer to do the following (in addition to granting +1 to AC):

  • The wearer of these shoes may appear behind one person within 30′, teleporting without error. This can be friend or foe and is sometimes used by spellcasters to suddenly move ahead or behind in marching order (in this case the places are reversed in line) or to surprise a foe.
  • By tapping one individual he or she is subject to Sleep, as the spell, with a -2 to save.
  • The wearer of these shoes can silently (with 89% chance of success) Pass Without Trace as per the spell for up to one turn (ten minutes).

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Ink Colored Paper

Ink Colored Paper

His skeletons defeated the necromancer snarled at the trio of adventurers.

‘Very well,’ the fiend said as he drew a scroll from a satchel at his side.

Fellhorn groaned as he tried thinking of another spell. The elf ranger grasped for another arrow and found his quiver empty. The gnome illusionist snapped his fingers and smiled.

As the necromancer unfurled the scroll the parchment turned a dark blue in his hand, matching the ink. He could read nothing. He snarled again and as lowered the scroll from his face Fellhorn’s staff knocked the necromancer on the side of the head and dropped him.

‘Treachery’, the necromancer whimpered as he fell to the ground and lost conciousness.

The elf turned to the gnome.

‘I will give you that one, runt, that was a good spell.’

Ink Colored Paper (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: 20’+5’/level.

Duration: Effect lasts one turn (ten minutes).

This spell is the bane of many spellcasters and those about to reveal something written on paper or parchment. When cast this spell causes all paper, parchment or other items written on with ink of some kind, natural or made to become the color of the ink for the duration of the spell. The caster may exempt any items from this effect. This causes all scrolls to become illegible temporarily except those in the caster’s possession. Spellcasters of level 4 and higher receive a 35% (+5%/level over 4th) chance for their written documents to resist the effects of this spell.

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[New Magic Item] Bracelets of the Wise Raven

Bracelets of the Wise Raven

The Navnen-raven cawed loudly and flew up into the air and circled around in a wide circle before landing near his companions. He drew a crude map with his beak on the soft dirt.

‘Okay, this is handy, but we could use a thief again,’ Koram said.

The thief-raven flapped his wings wildly and cawed loudly.

‘He will get tired of it in time,’ Chalk said.

‘Not anytime soon!’ Navnen thought to himself.

In a distant mountain range two dwarf lords argue and fight over a pass that is used as a trade route. Each has a silver bracelet that has two stylized raven heads looking at each other on it. If these two can be convinced to come together and use this magic item for a party they may reap the benefits. This has not happeend in recent memory.

Benefit: If both of these enchanted bracelets are brought withing 5′ of each other the wielder(s) of the bracelets may do one of the following:

  • Summon a giant raven (3′ tall, 3 HD) that will steal one item that it can carry for an individual with an 88% chance of success.
  • Polymorph up to four individuals into giant ravens (3′ tall) that will retain their mental attributes and can fight as 3HD monsters. This transformation lasts until each individual decides to return to his or her original form.

Usable by: Anyone. Good luck!

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[New Magic Item] Magical Skulls: The Skull That Talks to Ghosts

Magical Skulls: The Skull That Talks to Ghosts

Deadflower the necromantress smiled her cold, distant half smile as the ghoul opened the wooden chest and revealed the bizarre crystal skull within.

‘Yes, yes, set it on the ground,’ she ordered her minion who acquiesed without question.

Something swirled within the crystal horse’s skull.

‘Beadlebones, come to me,’ Deadflower whsipered.

Moments later a shrouded ghostly figure stood before the necromantress.

‘What is it that you wish to know?’ the spirit asked in a wispy voice.

‘Dear sister, I wish to know where father is buried and if his staff is buried with him,’ Deadflower asked.

The ghost cackled.

‘Why should I tell you?’ Beadlebones asked. ‘What will you give me to answer you?’

‘I will send you back to your infernal slumber and not lock your soul into this bottle I’m holding,’ Deadflower replied.

Beadlebones mad a hissing sound.

‘You always were the most treacherous of us all!’

Deadflower half smiled, taking that as a compliment.

Looking like a crystal horse skull with short antlers, this strange magical skull is sought after by many villains and rarely relinquished without bloodshed. The secrets of the dead can be bargained for if the price is right. Sometimes the dead ask too much to reveal what they know however.

Benefit: This magical skull will use any type of cemetery or other burial site as a conduit to recall one spirit of an intelligent dead person, humanoid, aberration or other monster. The spirit will appear and will give an account of itself and will converse for one hour to those around, answering questions and giving advice. The catch? Only Chaotic or Neutral spirits will answer the call, creatures of Law will not. Is the spirit being truthful or lying? Perhaps a sacrifice of some kind will ensure truthfulness.

Usable by: Anyone.

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