[New Magic Item] Cursed: Thousand Mile Boots

Cursed: Thousand Mile Boots

‘Finally, after years!’ Stork the sorcerer exclaimed. He almost sounded giddy. He held the address of his hated rivals jotted on a piece of paper in his hand.

An errand boy brought a small parcel to the vile wizard.

‘What’s this?’ Stork asked the carrier.

‘Something I was paid to bring you. I do not know,’ replied the boy.

Hastily Stork opened the package. A pair of fine dark brown leather boots presented themselves. Without thinking the wizard tried them on. Then he paused.

‘It was a polymorph potion, a rather expensive one,’ the messenger boy said as he suddenly phased out of focus and came back clearly as Chalk, Stork’s rival.

Stork tried to step forward to lash out with a dagger, but found himself turned around, facing the opposite direction.

‘See you after a thousand miles,’ Chalk whispered in Stork’s ear before disappearing into the crowd.

The scream that emanated from Stork caused the crowd to disburse.

Strangely cursed well made boots. From parts unknown. These must be presented by the one laying down the curse, but the results are often worth the risk.

Benefit: When worn these cursed boots force the wearer to walk one thousand miles in them before he or she may physically harm the presenter. Just seeing them makes the intended victim make a saving throw to resist wearing them at -1. These magical boots are comfortable and water resistant. However this magic item also compels the wearer to walk one thousand miles before attacking their presenter. For one hour after delivery the presenter cannot attack the one they gifted the boots to.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Venom Splash

Venom Splash


‘I wish I had this spell, it is like a vicious spider bite!’ Valance said in a strange, delayed, halting manner.

Chalk turned his head slowly to look at the priest of the Spider God. This act seemed to take several minutes to the wizard.

‘Juuuuuuust ruuuuuuuuun!’ Chalk shouted in a voice that was drawn out.

The hobgoblin druid laughed and casually walked up behind the wizard and swung his staff, knocking Chalk over. The wizard lazily arced through the air, bracing for an impact that seemed like it would never come.

As the hobgoblin drew his scimitar he suddenly groaned in pain and crumpled over, a knif lodged firmly in his back.

‘Well that happened quickly enough, didn’t it?’ Navnen the thief said as he reclaimed his own envenomed dagger.


Venom Splash (Druid)

Level 1

Range: 15′

Duration: Instantaneous.


This spell conjures a sphere of venom (3′ in diameter/level) that the caster may cause to splash upon anyone in range, the bigger the sphere, the more targets hit. If struck by this poison a Save versus Poison at-1 is required. A failed save means the target takes 1d6+2 points of damage and is Slowed (as per the Slow spell) for one round per level of caster. A passed saving throw causes the target to just be Slowed as failed save.

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[New Magic Item] Boots of the Dark Elves

Boots of the Dark Elves

‘So, what do you think?’ asked the elf as he strolled into the cottage.

Koram drew his sword as Chalk and Valance began spells.

‘Who are you?’ the fighter asked.

The elf put up his hands and kicked off his boots, revealing Navnen the thief.

‘It is just me,’ he declared.

‘Very convincing,’ said Chalk.

‘These will get me passed the city watch for our next caper,’ the thief said.

On the roof of a nearby building two elves watched quietly. They wanted those boots, and to find out where the human had gotten them.

Created by the sinister Fell Elves of the Bonedagger Hills, these magical boots allow the sinister elves to fit into regular elvish culture. But if you are caught wearing these magical boots the elves (of any stripe) will be far from forgiving.

Benefit: In addition to moving silently (80% chance), these magical boots make the wearer resemble either a Wood Elf or High Elf (wearer’s choice, High Elf is the default if the wearer is unaware of the effect at first). All special traits of the chosen elf type are also granted (immunity to ghoul touch, night vision, etc) are granted to non-elves.

Usable by: Anyone but an elf. Seriously, they will kill you if they catch you wearing these.

Note: My dark elves are more like those of the Burning Wheel or Warhammer Fantasy, in other words, it isn’t their skin pigment from being underground or worshiping a spidery goddess that makes them dark elves, but their outlook on the world. However, even being similar to other elves, they still look more sardonic and villainous than other elves.

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[New Spell] Feast of Hounds

Feast of Hounds


Chalk and the others awoke in the straw on the floor of the barn.

‘She got us again!’ the wizard shouted in despair.

Valance massaged his aching arms and legs.

‘Did she have us run all night?’ asked the priest of the Spider God.

‘No matter how I try, I cannot recall last night after the meal,’ Navnen the thief said.

‘But the meal….ah, that was a great meal, I am still full,’ added Koram.

‘Yes, although I am sure Knat had us running about like fools or something,’ Chalk said dourly.


Feast of Hounds (Druid)

Level 4

Range: Special, see below.

Duration: One hour/level of caster.


This spell allows a druid to enchant an amount of foodstuffs to provide delicious food for one large meal. All who eat of the meal must make a save versus Spells at -2 or become transformed into a large hound (2HD war hound for all intents and purposes) for the duration of the spell. The transformed are loyal to the druid and will track (87% accuracy), hunt, fetch, guard and follow any other commands of the caster for the duration of the spell. When the spell elapses each person is returned to their original form with a full stomach.

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[New Magic Item] Deep Underground Amulet

Deep Underground Amulet

‘Mark that spot on the ground,’ Chalk said to no one in particular. Navnen made a hasty mark with a few stones and twigs.

‘I’ll get some spiders on the trail,’ Valance said and began conjuring.

Koram stood there, staring blankly.

‘We will get your Crystal Sword back,’ Chalk said.

‘How?’ the warrior asked.

‘We get that magic item used to put it in the ground and try to bring it back,’ the wizard answered.

‘Or we could dig,’ the thief suggested.

‘Maybe we should try both?’ Koram suggested.

‘You need that sword, especially against whatever we are supposed to face that is frightening enough that someone felt compelled to rob you of that sword,’ said Chalk.

Nobody is sure where this magic item came from, some assume it was made for a master thief, others for a great Hero to disarm a vile Wizard in ages past. Nobody knows anymore, but the item is very handy.

Benefit: Once per day this amulet can conjure elemental hands and arms from the earthy ground to take an item(s) from an unsuspecting person and deposit these things deep underground. With the element of surprise this amulet can take one item per level of the amulet’s owner with a Saving Throw for the victim versus magic at -1. A failed saved means that these earthen hands have taken these purloined things roughly 25′ underground in a small pocket of air roughly 10’x10’x10′, although a referee may allow a Str test versus a Str of 16 to wrestle the item back. These things remain there unless dug up from the earth or called up using the amulet (this magical talisman will return anything it has buried if the bearer of the amulet is within 100′ of the underground location of previously buried items).

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Bestow Literacy

Bestow Literacy


‘What language is this?’ Chalk asked.

Valance muttered a faint prayer.

Koram pretended to faint.

‘A spell that helps us?’ the fighter inquired mockingly.

‘I’ll ignore that,’ the priest of the Spider God whispered.

‘It is an incantation to a bugbear deity,’ Navnen said.

‘Not really necessary, I suppose,’ Chalk said.

‘Not unless any of us worship bugbear deities all of a sudden,’ Koram said.

‘Unless we decide to alter it ourselves and add to it,’ Valance suggested wryly.


Bestow Literacy (Divine)

Level 3

Range: 5′ radius/level

Duration: Permanent.


A seemingly innocent spell, this clerical ability allows a priest or priestess to bestow literacy in one language (with 90% accuracy) upon all within range of the spell that have an Int of at least 7. Many members of clergy use this to advance their own particular faith, providing relevant writings to sway outsiders to their religion. This can also be used to insidiously reveal some for of writing to those who otherwise would not understand it to convey grave portents. Of course, if one already knows this written language the spell has no effect. If the caster does not know the language they may gain it themselves via this spell.

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[New Magic Item] Horn of the Eye

Horn of the Eye

The gnome illusionist stood still a moment, holding a long strange horn in one hand.

‘Yes?’ the elf ranger asked impatiently.

‘The corridor turns to the left and there is a sudden decline in the elevation, and the darkness gets almost….solid,’ the gnome then gasped.

‘What is it?’ Fellhorn the druid asked.

‘The connection to the eye was lost, I’m not sure what that means,’ the gnome confessed.

Suddenly a low growl came from where the direction the party had come from.

‘It means we are trapped,’ the elf said frankly. ‘Weapons at the ready!’

A seemingly simple magical item created for a Hero in ages long, long ago, this magical horn can help a party of dungeon adventurers get through tricky parts of the underground realm, and if their connection to the magical eye is suddenly lost they know to be on their guard.

Benefit: Once per day this magical horn, when winded, can produce a large, baleful ghostly eye that the bearer of the horn can direct down halls and corridors and around corners, tied to the horn by a strange, silvery cord. This arcane eye cannot move through solid objects, but it may be ordered to stay in position so that the horn’s owner can ‘catch up’ to the eye. If the cord is somehow severed, as in cut by a magical weapon or attacked by an extra-planar creature and takes more than four points of damage the connection is lost and the eye cannot be produced for another day.

Usable by: Anyone.

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