[New Spell] Shrouded City

Shrouded City


‘And why do we fear the necromancer’s goblin horde in such fair weather?’ asked the duke as he laughed.

‘Very well,’ the necromancer replied. He then mumbled the words of a spell before the guards could stop him. Suddenly the torches on the walls shed the light of a candle. Screams and cries could be heard from a nearby window.

Now the necromancer laughed as many of the guards dropped their weapons in fear and ran.

‘Your terms?’ the duke asked in defeat.

‘Nothing so bad as you would think,’ the vile wizard replied. ‘Only, say, a quarter of your profits for the next year?’

The duke gasped, but knew he currently had no choice.

‘A contract!’ shouted the necromancer as two goblins appeared bearing a rolled up sheet of parchment.

As the duke signed he mentally tried to recall all of the assassins in the area.


Shrouded City (Magic-user)

Level 8

Range: Line of sight (affects towns and cities of up to 500,000 inhabitants).

Duration: One day per level of caster.

This strange and shadowy spell enshrouds a civilized area in swirling shadows so deep that it cannot be seen unless one is within one half of a mile. Light sources are dimmed by 50% and require twice as much fuel (unless magical, which operate as normal) to cast light. Any creatures with low light or night vision can see normally without penalty. Chickens will not lay eggs while in this magical darkness and other animals may act strange or run away until the spell ends. Attempts to teleport within this area, even by those who have before, has a 50% chance of going awry and teleporting to a location within twenty miles.

Variant-all damage incurred within the area of this spell is doubled.

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[New Magic Item] Potion of Tracking

Potion of Tracking

‘This is impossible’ snorted Stork as he looked over his shoulder. ‘Those bandits are still following us.’

‘How do they do this? They have no spellcaster among them and no ranger,’ replied Vistis the Blue Mage.

‘Some sorcerous trick,’ Stork said with a sneer. ‘We’ve got a few of those ourselves, eh?’

Delving into a thicket the two wizards found a steep hillside, much too steep for them to climb. Stork fussed about in the satchel at his side for the right scroll. Finding it he mumbled a few words and the two adventurers floated up the side of the hill, shielded by trees. As they reached a ledge they strolled onto the hillside and both got down on their hands and knees to listen.

‘Where did they go?’ one bandit asked.

‘I don’t know, the trail ends here….unless,’ he looked up and spotted Stork and Vistis before they could hide their faces.

‘Curse them!’ hissed Stork as he and Vistis did their best to get away before the bandits could get to their location.

Allegedly created for a thief to trail a bandit through dense woods, this potion is very handy and fail-proof, unless the one being followed decides to fly, sail or ride. Or change shoes. Unknown how this potion works on halfing feet.

Benefit: To use this potion one must take a sip of the draught and pour at least a teaspoon of the remaining potion onto at least one piece of footwear of the person one wishes to follow. Effects last for three days and the one who drank of the potion can see the tracks of the footwear affected by the potion. Note: this only tracks the individual on foot and not when riding, sailing, fly, etc, although the trail may be picked up later. After two days the trail becomes fainter and after three it can no longer be followed.

Usable by: Anyone, although rangers often will not use this magical elixir, trusting in their own skills.

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[New Magic Item] Rope of Corvis

Rope of Corvis

Stork was pulling the thief up with the magical rope he had acquired recently.

‘Toss the bag up and you will have a better grip,’ the wizard suggested.

Without thinking the thief tossed the bag up.

‘Oh no,’ he muttered.

Stork smiled, revealing his shark-like teeth.

‘Oh, yes,’ the wizard said. ‘Back into the gloom!’

The rope started to grow longer faster than the thief could climb it, lowering him back down towards the gnashing and howling trio of bugbears.

Bored, Stork cut the rope, sending the frayed end down into the darkness.

Of unknown origin (nobody is even sure who or what ‘Corvis’ is) there are a number of these magical ropes known to exist. Thieves and adventurers swear by these magic items.

Benefit: The owner of this rope (a process that takes 24 hours of constant contact with this magic item for bonding with it to occur) can decide with an exclamation how long this rope can be beyond 10′. This can be used to lower someone into gloom, and, consequently, to cut the rope at 11′ and leave the one on the other end to their own devices. The owner must be within 60′ of the rope and it must be within line of sight to control its length, anyone can cut the rope, only the owner wants it cut more than 10′ in length from the closest end to the owner or the magic is lost.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Four Shades Black

Four Shades Black


The strange, inky creature scratched at the door. Chalk answered, tossed a few coins in the creature’s hand and took the scroll that the thing offered. It backed up slowly and disappeared into the shadows of twilight. The wizard shuddered a little.

‘I really don’t mind buying from the illusionist and his magic shop, but dang, his delivery service is creepy,’ Chalk said.

‘Hmmmm, maybe I should start a delivery service of some kind, I always have spare spiders around,’ Valance thought out loud.

‘No! One creepy messenger service is enough,’ Chalk said.


Four Shades Black (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: Shades can travel within one mile of caster.

Duration: Permanent.

Four Shades Black is an illusionist spell that conjures lesser Shadows known as Shades, wretched creatures from the Plane of Shadow. These creatures take on the forms of bipedal black cats or shadowy skeletons of human-like skeletons and are completely silent when they move. The creepiest aspect of these creatures is that they can meld into each other, doubling, tripling or quadrupling their Hit Dice and attacks. These creatures serve as spies and thugs for an illusionist. It is rumored that one particular spellcaster of this type had an army of these creatures.

Shade: HD 2; AC 7[12]; Atk 1claw(1d4); Move 12; Save 17; AL C; CL/XP 2/60; Special:-1 to Hit in bright light or sunlight. Move silently (although have a base intelligenc and can speak common) and can climb most any surface at full speed. These stats are for one creature, these beings can meld together, thus doubling, tripling or quadrupling HD, #of attacks and XP, although at most the CL will double.

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[New Magic Item] Wand of Voices

Wand of Voices

The curious wizard pulled something from his sleeve just before the lantern broke, plunging the inn into darkness.

‘Over here,’ said Chalk.

Koram, Navnen and Valance headed towards the voice.

‘That’s not me!’ squeaked a voice that certainly wasn’t Chalk’s.

‘It sure sounded like it,’ Koram said.

‘Of course it did, but I am over here,’ came the squeaky voice in the dark.

Navnen struggled to start a candle burning and realized the darkness was magical in nature, perhaps cast after the lantern broke.

A knife could be heard slowly sliding from its sheaf.

‘Let’s let the spiders decide who is who,’ Valance suggested, punctuating his comment with a sinister cackle.

‘Okay, okay! I’m not him!’ the voice said in a panic.

‘That’s all I needed to know,’ Valance said in a deep and malicious tone.

The sound of scuttling was followed by screams in Chalk’s voice.

Valance giggled.

Definitely a creation of the Gods of Mischief, these magical wands are scattered about the world and while not evil or malicious on their own, they may be used in conjunction with other magic to cause a lot of mayhem.

Benefit: Up to three times per day this magic wand can be used to either exchange or replace the voice of one living being for another for up to one hour each time (multiple uses can overlap within this time frame). There is no Save and the person is not necessarily compelled to speak by the wand, but may be made to speak via other means.

Usable by: Magic-users and illusionists.

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[New Spell] Goblinsight



‘Here comes the painful bit,’ Valance said as he winced a little.

‘Oh yeah, that spell hit you and Navnen permanently, that is going to hurt,’ Chalk said with a slight grin.

‘Your cursed scroll!’ Navnen sneered.

‘That makes your job easier and saves the group on torches and lantern oil,’ retorted Chalk.

Koram strained and opened the stone door, sunlight flooded in. the thief and cleric gasped in the bright sunlight.

‘Maybe we can dispel this somewhere,’ Chalk said.

‘Let’s not be too hasty,’ Navnen said. ‘Let’s see how this works out for the group first. It is, after all, only a couple of hours before nightfall.’


Goblinsight (Magic-user)

Level 2

Range: 10′ radius around caster +5’/level

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level of caster and see below.

When cast this spell allows all within its radius that the caster chooses (including or excluding themselves) to be able to see in very low light, such as a cat or goblin. A candle is sufficient in most instances to see great distances by and torches are not necessary. If exposed to daylight or a Light spell or similar illumination, magical or mundane all under the effect of this spell are -1 to hit in combat due to feeling wobbly when exposed to bright light. The referee should roll percentile dice after the spell is cast as this spell has a 15% chance of being permanent unless dispelled.

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[New Magic Item] Devil In A Bottle

Devil In A Bottle

Valance, Navnen and Chalk nursed their hands from recently grabbing the bottle that contained the raucous imp. The small infernal creature laughed and laughed at the adventurers. Koram held the bottle aloft, his hand unharmed.

‘Good fighter, four times you may call upon me, and by my magic I must serve thee,’ the creature said, bowing mockingly at the warrior.

‘This won’t end well,’ Chalk said glancing at Koram and his new little ally.

Valance shook his head in agreement.

‘Of course not,’ the priest of the Spider God said.

‘We are just jealous, that thing would be awesome to command,’ Navnen said and the other two nodded with the thief.

When the evil archmage Disortis attacking the tower of the good mage Vold with dozens of imps the benevolent spellcaster had no choice but to bottle those imps and spread them around the world, cursed to serve good people.

Benefit: Any Good character seizing this bottled imp may command the tiny devil four times, each time the creature can perform a minor form of Limited Wish, granting a weapon or shield the ability to rebound spells to the caster three times per day, enchanting a mundane item into a +2 weapon for a combat, moving a very heavy stone, teleporting to a location within sight, etc. Once the four instances have happened the bottle’s current owner can elect to break the bottle and free the imp (the creature cannot attack the one who freed it, but can defend itself) or elect to leave the bottle anywhere within 30′ for someone else to find, thus keeping the creature in service to others. The imp will put up a strong case for the former outcome over the latter of course.

Usable by: Anyone of Good alignment. A Neutral character holding this bottle takes 1d4+2 points of damage, an Evil character takes 1d6+2.

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