[New Spell] Curse: Don’t Say My Name

Curse: Don’t Say My Name!

The elf ranger drew back his bow to shoot at the strange hooded figure that entered the adventurer’s camp.

A strange utterance came from the figure, which ended with the word, ‘Nolfinil’.

The elf seemed to momentarily struggle, then froze in place with a whimper as the figure removed its hood, revealing a female elf.

‘Surely you would not shoot your own sister, Nolfinil,’ she said with a smile.

‘So now we know your name,’ grinned the gnome illusionist. ‘And I’d love to know that spell.’

‘If I were you, I’d run while you still have gnome legs,’ the elf ranger struggled to say despite the spell.

The ranger’s sister laughed.

‘If I were you, I’d listen to my brother.’

Fellhorn the druid, quiet in the forest, began his own spell.

Curse: Don’t Say My Name! (Arcane/Divine)

Level 2

Range: 5’+5’/level.

Duration: 1d10 rounds or See below.

A minor curse often used in wizard or cleric duels, this spell requires the true name of the target (which is one reason why many spellcasters do not use their real names). Once uttered in the spell the target gets a Save versus Spells with a -1 modifier. Those who fail their Save are Held for 1d10 rounds as per the spell Hold Person. Those who roll a 1 or 2 on their Saving Throw are Held for 1d6 turns. Only affects the living and only one target, but will affect any target who’s true name is known.

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[New Magic Item] Plague Bangle

Plague Bangle

Koram sneezed heavily, his sword floundered and bounced off of the armor of the beaked and heavily armored horror.

‘What is wrong?’ Chalk shouted in the fray.

‘That weird guy in robes, he must have done something to get me sick,’ Koram replied between sneezes.

‘I’ve got this,’ Valance said. The priest of the Spider God prayed for a few moments and a titanic arachnid crawled into view and leaped upon the bull-sized monster. The two hulking creatures rolled and tumbled, the spider found a soft spot and bit deeply, injecting its poison. The bizarre creature twitched and went limp, its fierce beak open in terror.

Koram sneezed loudly.

‘Let’s hope that wears off soon or we don’t encounter any other monsters right away,’ Navnen quipped.

Gifted to champions of the dreaded plague deities, these magical bracelets can completely ruin someone’s day, someone no a follower of the Plague Gods that this, who thrive on runny noses and bleary eyes.

Benefit: The wearer of one of these magical bracelets can, three times per day, cause individuals to catch a dreadful minor plague, a great flu that causes all rolls to be -2 for one turn as a severely runny nose and watery eyes is very distracting when one is trying to focus. After ten minutes the intensity lessens a little and the afflicted are -1 on all rolls for the rest of the day. A Saving Throw versus Poison is possible to avoid the effects, but can also stir the ire of the Plague Gods, as would the negating effects of a Cure Light Wounds spell or a Remove Curse spell. This only affects living creatures and effects do not stack.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Euphoric Candles

Euphoric Candles

The band of ogre thugs lumbered into the clearing and began rooting about in the ruins for anything they could scavenge. Their leader a great bandit with many gold and silver charms and amulets clinking and clanking about his person.

‘Can you light that candle among them?’ the gnome illusionist asked the druid.

‘I reckon I can, that is an easy enough spell,’ replied the druid.

‘And can you take out the leader from this distance?’ the small illusionist asked the elf ranger.

‘If I can fire off three or four arrows before they attack, yes,’ the elf answered.

‘Then light that candle and then we wait,’ grinned the gnome as he prepared a spell to scare off the other ogres.

The priests of Arlu may have invented and enchanted these magical candles, but the wise wizards of Nalaj perfected the enchantment and leave these candles burning strategically throughout the city.

Benefit: When lit these candles emit a sweet and pungent odor, all living creatures within 10′ of one of these burning candles feels at peace and will try to avoid combat at all costs, even being -2 on all rolls to hit or damage for 3 rounds AFTER being exposed to the magic of the candle. Anything that causes rage, anger or hatred is negated while one is under the influence of one of these candles. Each candle burns for eight hours and emits light twice as far as a normal candle.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Thought Transmitter

Thought Transmitter

‘The gnome is an idiot!’ came the voice from the elf ranger, his mouth however, did not move.

Fellhorn the druid laughed.

‘Was that a surprise?’ he asked.

‘No, not at all, I just wanted to test the spell,’ replied the gnome.

‘Stop transmitting my thoughts or I will skewer you with an arrow in your sleep,’ the elf thought aloud, glaring at the gnome.

‘Fair enough!’ squeaked the gnome as he dispelled the spell.

Thought Transmitter (Illusionist)

Level 4

Range: 20’+5’/level.

Duration: Two rounds (two minutes) per level of caster.

When cast this strange Illusionist spell broadcasts the thoughts of the subject for the spell’s duration in the target’s voice. A Saving Throw versus Spells at -1 is required to resist this effect. Trying to resist thinking about any particular subject subsequently introduced to the target of this spell while it is cast upon them will require another Save vs Spells with a -2 modifier.

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[New Magic Item] Wrong Turn Ring

Wrong Turn Ring

The elf ranger dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

‘So now the bugbears won’t find us, now ambush,’ Fellhorn the druid said.

‘Yes, but what do we do with him?’ the gnome illusionist said, pointing a thumb at the elf.

‘We’d better hide him until we know it is safe outside,’ the druid said.

‘I will check to see if coins are weighing him down,’ the gnome said as he began to frisk the elf ranger.

‘I think not, remember that rusty bugbear sword that stabbed you that the elf undid?’ Fellhorn asked the illusionist.

The gnome grimaced and left the elf alone.

A very powerful artifact of unknown origin, the price is sometimes more to pay than the ring’s wearer bargained for. Use with caution.

Benefit: This ring allows the wearer to undo the events of the previous turn (ten minutes). Usable once per day, this ring can easily turn the tide of a battle, cause someone to not die or redo any other situation. However, there is a price to pay, each use causes the ring’s wearer to roll 1d20, the result of this roll is deducted from the wearer’s current Constitution attribute. If this reduces the attribute to ‘0’ or less the person will become unconscious and drop to the ground. Constitution is regained at one point per hour.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Screamshroom


The elf ranger and gnome illusionist ran off, Fellhorn the druid stood firm, glaring into the darkness.

‘Get back here, you idiots!’ the druid shouted.

‘Not yet, there was something hideous in the shadows,’ squeaked the gnome.

‘It is just some fungus, stop being scared of mushrooms,’ Fellhorn snarled at his adventuring companions.

A few minutes later the two returned. The mushrooms roared in the shadows and this time the druid ran off.

Screamshroom (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: 20’+5’/level.

Duration: One turn per level of caster. (see below)

This sporecery spell allows the caster to cause any mushrooms or other fungal growths to make any of a number of unintelligible sounds, from a discomforting mewling, to the sound of a wounded animal to a terrifying roar when anyone else comes within 10′ of the enchanted fungus. This causes any creature of Animal to Average Intelligence that walk within 10′ to make a save versus Petrification or hunt the source of the mewling, as either a prey animal or animal seeking a wounded one of its kind for two rounds, freeze in place for two rounds or flee the area in terror, depending on the type of sound and the type of reaction.

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[New Magic Item] Amulet of the Random Tongue

Amulet of the Random Tongue

‘I would have capitalized on that for some gold,’ Valance told Koram with a gentle elbow to the ribs. ‘Nonetheless, excellent work.’

‘That was unnerving,’ the fighter replied.

‘You were very handy to have when that wizard used that magical amulet,’ Chalk said.

‘I just understood what everyone was saying, us, the orcs, the kobolds,the gnomes, the ogres, the dragon,’ Koram said.

‘You saved the day and were a great distraction,’ added Navnen as he revealed a few small pouches he had stolen from the crowd mesmerized by Koram’s suddenly ability to speak all languages spoken as the various factions met in the odd caverns.

A ‘practice’ magical amulet made by a mage just starting to enchant items, this magic item is very handy, if you trust the translator. A bit tricky otherwise, and it is handy to have most of the time when adventuring in dark and dangerous places.

Benefit: The owner of this amulet can activate the magic item to cause one random sentient being within 30′ to understand all spoken languages for one hour. That makes this amulet very handy and sometimes perilous indire situations where a translator is needed. Usable twice per day.

Usable by: Anyone.

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