[New Magic Item] Bait Coin

Bait Coin

There was an insistant knock at the door. The adventurers echnaged glances and shrugged.

‘Who is it?’ Koram asked.

‘We are looking for a thief,’ came the gruff reply.

Navnen sighed, opened the door and faced a trio of constables.

‘How did you trace me?’ the thief asked as he retrieved a coin pouch and handed it to the lead constable.

‘That is for us to know,’ the chief constable replied with a wry smile.

One of the other two constables punched Navnen in the jaw as a reminder. The thief shut the door and crumpled into a chair, nursing his jaw.

‘Friends of yours?’ Valance asked with a sarcastic grin.

Created by an archmage that was tired of being stolen from, this magical coin has thwarted too many thieves to list. Also know as ‘Thieve’s Bane’ among rogues, this enchanted item is hated and despised by those who purloin for an evening.

Benefit: An enchanted gold or silver coin, for this magic item comes in both varieties, is activated by its owner and left alone, often mixed in with other coins or dropped into a coin purse. If lost, dropped or stolen the owber can sense the general location within three miles and and the owner can determine a more precise location if within 30′. Once regained by the owner it takes 24 hours to ‘reset’ the coin. If the owner does not recover the coin within a year and a day a new owner may take charge of this magical coin.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Old Oaken Snake

Old Oaken Snake

‘Hurry up, Nav, we’ve got to get out of here,’ Valance urged.

The thief hobbled down the corridor as an arcane alarm began blaring.

‘Something is wrong, that wooden snake bit me, my leg….,’ Navnen said.

The snarl of a ferocious dog behind them could not even make the thief move faster.

Valance whirled around and threw two handfuls of nasty spiders at the dog, which instantly whined and retreated just at the sight of the arachnids. The priest of the Spider God grumbled out the door as the thief tried his best to run with one leg made of oak.

Another magic item of unknown origin, the Old Oaken Snake is a devious thing, usually sent to cause a bit of mischief and chaos, which it usually does well.

Benefit: A small magical construct thought to be inhabitated by a minor spirit to give it a modicum of intelligence, enough to follow simple commands, the Old Oaken Snake is a hand-carved viper of oak that is often sent after thieves or rivals to ruin their day. A successful bite on a leg reduces speed by ¼, two legs by ½ (of a biped, of course) as the legs turn to stiff jointed limbs of oak for 1d4 hours. Each arm bitten reduces Dexterity by two points as fine manipulation with the hands becomes virtually impossible for 1d4 hours. A Saving Throw versus Paralysis with a -1 modifier is recquired to resist the bite of this unliving serpent. A bite to the head or torso causes the same wooden feeling yet does not affect any attributes.

Old Oaken SnakeHD 2; AC 5 [15]; Atk Bite (1d4 plus wooden limbs for 1d4 hours); Move 9/12 (climbing); Save 15; AL N; CL/XP 5/75; Special: Bite causes limb to turn to oak for 1d4 hours, construct, immune to Sleep and Charm spells, does not need to breathe, eat, etc.

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[New Spell] Corpse of One I’ve Slain

Corpse of One I’ve Slain

The porters groaned as they pushed the cart just out of sight of the town’s main gates. The magic-user strolled forward confidently and mumbled a spell. Instantly the tarps moved and buckled as something underneath rose and stepped forward. The porters grabbed at the coverings and revealed a dead mammoth, rotting and vile, with a saddle on its back.

‘Why does he insist on riding that thing into EVERY town and village we encounter?’ one of the hirelings asked.

‘I do not know,’ replied another,’but I sure will be happy when that thing rots down to bones so that it is easier to push.’

This comment caused the hireling to earn a sharp look from the ever vigilant necromancer.

Corpse of One I’ve Slain (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: Touch.

Duration: One hour per level of caster.

When cast this necromantic spell allows the caster to animate the corpse of one creature that he or she has slain or took part in slaying. This animated creature has full HD of it’s living counterpart and is under the full control of the spellcaster who raised it from the dead and may even send the creature on small missions as it will follow simple commands.

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[New Magic Item] Potion Against Blades

Potion Against Blades

The hobgoblin mercenary laughed as Koram struck it with his Crystal Sword and the weapon did no damage. Navnen’s thrown dagger dropped harmlessly to the ground.

‘Let’s see how the hobgoblin like the bite of the giant spider,’ Valance said with a grin.

‘Now that isn’t funny,’ quipped the hobgoblin before making a hasty retreat.

This complicated alchemical concoction, if used with the right words, can get a person out of a lot of trouble, or get them in a worse jam if not used properly.

Benefit: A simple elixir that renders the imbiber immune to bladed weapons for one hour per dose (a small vial typically holds four doses when full. Swords, daggers and axes do no damage to the one who drinks this potion, however blunt weapons such as maces, cudgels and clubs deal an extra +1 damage for the duration of the enchantment. Unarmed combat is carried out as usual, this potion only affects held weapons.

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[New Magic Item] Wizard of Adrathi’s Hat

Wizard of Adrathi’s Hat

As the trio stormed the tower they realized that they may have underestimated the wizard in residence.

The elf ranger reeled in surprise.

‘Did his hat just fire a spell at us?’ he asked then turned to see the gnome illusionist struggling with an animated rope.

‘Yes! Shoot the hat!’ squeaked the gnome as the Fellhorn the druid tried to counter the spell of the wizard under the hat.

A burst of radiant colors shocked and distracted the elf before he could fire his bow and his arrow went astray.

This enchanted pale blue hat is large and pointed, as many wizard hats are. In addition there are two small holes covered in mesh at the front and back of the hat. Very valuable, many wizard’s would be jealous of such a hat and find it useful in combat as well.

Benefit: This enchanted wizard’s hat is actually the lair of a homunculus that lives in the pointed section of the hat. Quite intelligent (Int 16) this homunculus will bond with the owner of the hat and act as a spare familiar, yet will remain within 10′ of the hat as long as possible. This creature will hide as much as possible and has small holes that it can see out of in the front and back of the hat. This spare familiar can store any four 1st level spells or two 2nd level magic-user and/or illusionist spells. These can be spells that the hat’s owner knows or has paid for the homunculus to store. This familiar can use these spells as deemed by its master.

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[New Spell] If Blood Is Spilled

If Blood Is Spilled

The door to the Briar and Stag tavern burst open. Four figures entered silently. One scanned the room and cracked a smile.

‘Volgan, priest of Locusts, the Insect God,’ Valance said as he rolled up his sleeves.

Volgan suddenly sat upright, trying to shake off the effects of too many ales.

‘Yes, priest of the Spider God,’ Volgan said with disdain.

‘My year and a day are up. No blood spilled,’ Valance said with a smile.

‘No…,’ Began the priest of Locustus.

‘Oh, yes, I am going to spill some blood now, yours,’ sneered Valance.

Volgan bolted for the back door as the priest of the Spider God and his companions laughed and sidled up to the bar.

‘Maybe after a few drinks,’ added Valance.

If Blood Is Spilled (Cleric)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: Instantaneous when conditions are met within one year and a day.

The priest or priestess touches the target and if that being willingly sheds blood then all wealth possessed by that person is donated to the church, shrine, temple, etc of the caster. Blood must be shed in combat by the subject, accidents and bruising/brawling do not count. If the target of the spell resists shedding blood for one year and one day then the spell becomes inert.

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[New Magic Item] Spear of the Ancients

Spear of the Ancients

‘Until we retrieve your bow and arows you will need to use that spear,’ Fellhorn the druid said.

‘You are enjoying this, aren’t you?’ asked the elf ranger.

‘I know I am,’ quipped the gnome illusionist.

‘This spear is a curse!’ complained the elf.

‘We will find your weapons in these ruins soon,’ the druid said, trying to hide his grin as the elf tripped over a stone.

With an obsidian spearhead and an intricately carved hardwood shaft, this ancient spear is rumored to be from prehistoric times. While this may be a rumor, there are certain qualities that seem to certify this theory.

Benefit: In the hands of a human this spear is +1 to strike and deals 1d4+1 damage (1d4+3 damage if thrown). Additionally the human (including cavemen or neanderthals, etc) who possesses this magical spear gains +2 to Intelligence as long as they own the spear. Demihumans however are -1 to strike, deal 1d4-1 damage and have a -1 modifier to Intelligence and -1 to Dexterity if they try to use this enchanted spear. Humanoids and creatures like ogres and trolls gain the same benefits as humans.

Usable by: Anyone that can wield a spear.

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