[New Magic Item] Flute of Coins

Flute of Coins

Chalk, Koram and their companions strolled into a clearing at the edge of town they were about to enter. They saw a fifty foot circle littered with silver coins with three dead goblins littered about randomly among the coins.

‘Well that is strange,’ Koram mused.

‘I could use those coins to settle a debt,’ quipped Valance.

‘There must be a trap here somewhere,’ Navnen said, looking around suspiciously.

‘Probably best we go around this altogether until we know more,’ Chalk said.

Nevertheless, Valance still scooped up a handful of silver wen he thought everyone was looking away.

‘I saw that,’ Chalk said. ‘Be it on your head whatever comes of taking that coin.’

‘What is the worse that can happen? I will buy drinks at the inn for us and a night of rest,’ Valance offered as he jangled silver coins in his cupped palms.

This strange magical flute has gotten more than one charlatan out of a jam, and gotten more than a few into a bigger predicament later on. Of unknown origin, not sure if it is cursed or not, you decide.

Benefit: Three times per day this magical flute can be used to summon coins from the sky. One tune, Hail of Gold, produces 7D100 pieces of gold rain down in a 50’ radius of flautist. Anyone caught in the radius takes 1d8+2 points of damage from the arcane downpour unless they find shelter. The second tune, A Storm of Silver, causes 7D100 silver pieces to rain down in a 60’ radius of the flautist. Anyone caught in the affected area takes 1d6+2 points of damage from the falling silver unless they leave the area or get under shelter. The third tune, Cloudburst of Copper, causes 7d100 copper pieces to fall from the sky in a cacophony of coins affecting a 70′ radius of the flautist. Anyone in this zone takes 1d4+2 points of damage unless under shelter. The flautist is on one edge of the radius and not affected by the falling coins. All coins vanish after one day.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Interrelation



The gnome illusionist tried to quiet the goblin who was struggling to free itself. The gnome wore ragged goblin clothing while the goblin wore the small illusionist’s robes.

‘I think you should clunk them on the head before you cast that spell, probably less of a shock,’ the elf ranger suggested dryly.

‘I’d like to get the password to get into the goblin outpost,’ replied the gnome.

‘Oh, no problem,’ the elf said, drawing back his bow, an arrow pointed at the goblin’s head.

‘Snowball! Snowball!’ the goblin shouted.

‘That was easy,’ quipped the elf.


Interrelation (Illusionist)

Level 4

Range: 10’+5’/level.

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level of caster.


This illusionist spell, when cast, causes the caster and one target to trade all carried possessions and clothing for the duration of the spell, but not physical bodies. Clothing and weapon sizes will alter for the duration of the spell to allow for a convincing fit. A Save versus spells at -1 is allowed. Only works on living subjects. Possibly a more advanced version of Trading Spaces (q.v.)

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[New Spell] Haunted by your Kills

Haunted by your Kills


As the thugs closed in on Valance and Chalk the two weighed their options.

‘I have this spell….’ Valance began.

‘More spiders?’ Chalk asked as the outlaws grew nearer.

‘Not at all, this may be the perfect time to try it out,’ replied the priest of the Spider God who then began a prayer to his eight-legged deity as Chalk balked.

One of the thugs groaned and fell to the ground, covered in translucent bodies that clawed at him.Then two more fell.

‘It worked, run!’ Valance shouted as he tugged at the wizard’s arm.

‘Say, that was pretty good,’ Chalk admitted with a nod.

‘That won’t stop them forever,’ Valance urged.


Haunted by your Kills (Cleric)

Level 4

Range: One subject or any/all within a 30′ radius.

Duration: 1d4 turns.


This gruesome spell calls for the dead of a particular subject or any/all within a 30′ radius. The casting priest invokes the souls of those killed by those affected by the spell. Each sentient creature murdered (not killed in self defense or war) will pile onto their target, each soul weighing 5lbs of encumbrance for the duration of the spell, weighing the person down and slowing them accordingly. When the spell elapses the target of the spell can shake off the souls back to their haunts.

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[New Magic Item] Inversion Globes

Inversion Globes

Before he could react Koram saw the small glass globes roll along various shelves in the room of the inn before crashing to the wooden floor, each breaking and releasing a purplish smoky fog that engulfed the room, which coincided with the hobgoblin invasion of the very same room.

‘This is going to be the longest bar fight ever,’ the fighter lamented as he pulled his Crystal Sword.

Very delicate magical items, these glass globes 3” in diameter are normally thrown, launched or set in a trap to drop upon an enemy. To do otherwise would be rather dangerous and foolhardy.

Benefit: When these enchanted globes break they release a magical fog 30′ in diameter. All engulfed in this fog have all of the bonuses on their weapons, armor and other magical items reversed for 2d6 rounds (for example a +3 sword becomes -3, etc), no Saving Throw is allowed. At the end of this time all bonuses are returned to where they were before exposure to the magical fog. Normal weapons are unaffected.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Vermin Dice

Vermin Dice

Valance, now dry and short of gills from a previous misadventure disappeared into the town for a few hours, then returned to his usual haunts.

As adventure called the priest of the Spider God and his companions set out from the small town.

‘What phase of moon is it tonight?’ he asked the others.

‘New, I believe. Perfect for night work,’ replied Navnen the thief.

Valance took a moment to stop and look over at his shoulder at the small town they were leaving and he suddenly laughed maniacally, which, of course, caused the others to regard each other with concerned glances.

A ‘gift’ from the Lords of Spite and Malice, these somewhat minor dice can cause all sorts of trouble. Innocently used most of the time, twice a month these dice are a menace, just as they were meant to be.

Benefit: A simple pair of six-sided dice, often used in games of chance, with an odd symbol replacing the one. An arcane symbol that represents a rat or mouse. Under a New of Full moon, any time these dice are thrown and the random ‘1’ is rolled on either or both the next roll summons that number x100 rats or mice to appear in a 100′ radius. For example a ‘1’ then a ‘4’ would result in 400 mice or rats appearing in a random location within 100′ of where the dice are thrown. Until dawn this cycle is repeated over and over any time a ‘1’ is rolled.

Usable by: Anyone, usually unwittingly.

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[New Spell] Begilled (Curse)

Begilled (Curse)


Valance swam around angrily in the lake as his companions approached the shore.

He swam towards the shore and surfaced.

‘Any news?’ he asked.

‘We have a wizard coming that can remove the curse, another day,’ Chalk replied.

‘I want out of here!’ exclaimed the priest of the Spider God.

‘It was your gambling debt that got you here,’ Navnen said. ‘We were just lucky to be so close to water when the curse was placed.’

‘They probably don’t want to lose their source of income,’ Koram said.

The three men on shore chuckled. Valance submerged himself.


Begilled (Magic-User/Cleric)

Level 4

Range: Touch.

Duration: One year and a day, or until removed.


This seemingly dreadful curse, when cast, causes gills to appear on the subject if they fail a Saving Throw versus spells. If this happens the cursed one has five minutes to reach enough fresh or salt water to submerge themselves in or they will suffocate and die. Those that do find sufficient water will need to stay underwater for at least a year and a day or have Remove Curse, Limited Wish or Wish cast upon them to return to normal. During this gilled state the cursed one cannot be out of water for more than five minutes or they will suffocate.

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[New Spell] Gone For Now

Gone For Now


Testing his spell, the gnome cast it upon himself and scurried ahead of his traveling companions to the cozy woodland inn that was down the road. As the elf and druid arrived a few hours later they regarded the handful of patrons with nods and sat at a table. Trying to stifle a grin the gnome illusionist approached the table.

‘Just you two traveling through these woods? It can be a bit dangerous. I myself could use some traveling companions if I am not intruding,’ he said.

The elf ranger and human druid looked at each other and shrugged.

‘I thought that there were three of us, but I must be mistaken,’ the elf said, pondering hard.

‘There was someone for a while, we must have lost them somewhere I suppose,’ the druid admitted.

The gnome snickered to himself. He would have fun with this until the spell elapsed.


Gone For Now (Illusionist)

Level 4

Range: Self or Touch.

Duration: 1d4 days.


An advanced illusionist spell, this spell causes the caster or a subject the spell is cast upon to be completely forgotten by everyone for 1d4 days. Everyone that the person meets for the duration of the spell takes the enchanted person for a stranger, whether a traveling companion, sibling or even parent. There is nothing that can convince the person that they know the person for the duration of the spell. If seen in a crowd the person the spell is cast upon is just another face in the crowd. Forgotten by the world, this makes the target of the spell in a way invisible to everyone, being unremarkable.

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