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[New Magic Item] Dagger of the Lizard King

Dagger of the Lizard King The mercenary Bakra-do searched desperately through the city of Tagor until he found the shrine to his gods and entered. Revealing a scaly green arm the mercenary detailed his encounter with the Bandit Prince of … Continue reading

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[New Monster] Wraith-Monk

Wraith-Monk With a hiss the bear-skulled undead severed the elf’s head as the other adventurers broke and ran. As they fled two more of the things crept forward, one with the skull of a ram, another a wolf. They dragged … Continue reading

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[New Monster] Brackleberry Bush

Brackleberry Bush ‘So we are investigating why your cousin hasn’t gotten mail from here?’ Valance asked. ‘Yes, it has been months and his family hasn’t replied,’ answered Chalk. Koram squinted into the distance. ‘Probably because they are all zombies here,’ … Continue reading

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