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[New Monster] Wraith-Monk

Wraith-Monk With a hiss the bear-skulled undead severed the elf’s head as the other adventurers broke and ran. As they fled two more of the things crept forward, one with the skull of a ram, another a wolf. They dragged … Continue reading

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[New Monster] Brackleberry Bush

Brackleberry Bush ‘So we are investigating why your cousin hasn’t gotten mail from here?’ Valance asked. ‘Yes, it has been months and his family hasn’t replied,’ answered Chalk. Koram squinted into the distance. ‘Probably because they are all zombies here,’ … Continue reading

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[New Spell] Murky Origins

Murky Origins   The wizard Chalk screwed up his face in disbelief. ‘What’s wrong?’ asked Navnen. ‘Probably nothing,’ replied Chalk. ‘It’s just that I could swear I know that fellow over there in the deep green robes, he was a … Continue reading

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[New Spell] Struck Dumb

Struck Dumb   Chalk took the dagger to the ribs with a cry of pain. The sorcerer reeled then the spell he cast fizzled. For several days he had trouble with his magic, on the fourth day it cleared up … Continue reading

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[New Magic Item] Jerkin of Mispells

Jerkin of Mispells ‘Navnen, that is a pretty sharp looking jerkin you’ve got there,’ Chalk commented. Before the thief could reply the wizard cast a spell at him. Suddenly Valance began to slowly rise to the ceiling, struggling and complaining … Continue reading

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[New Magic Item] Floating Yurt

Floating Yurt ‘How much did you pay for this thing?’ Valance asked. ‘I didn’t,’ Navnen said proudly. ‘How fast does it move?’ Chalk inquired, looking at the canvas tent that float a yard off the ground. ‘Not really very, but … Continue reading

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[New Spell] Snowblinded

Snowblinded   Valance struggled to put spiders into pockets and bags as the snowstorm seemed to get stronger. A howling wind accompanied the strangely heavy snowfall. ‘We’ve got to hurry and find shelter,’ Chalk urged. ‘Don’t you think I know … Continue reading

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