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[New Spell] Blizzard for Four

Blizzard for Four   Three strangers entered the tavern. Seeing them Valance instantly cringed. Recognizing the priest of the Spider God the trio immediately moved over to the table. ‘Venkos has missed you at the gambling table,’ one of the … Continue reading

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[New Monster] Spider-folk

Spider-folk “I will handle this,” Valance said, rolling up a sleeve. Tiny spiders scuttled for the warm folds of the cleric’s robes as soon as they were exposed to the open air. Chalk and the others shivered a bit. The … Continue reading

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[New Magic Item] Phase Armor

Phase Armor   “What is that?” Koram asked as the creature in strange armor ran towards them, wielding a sword and blinking in and out of reality. “I have no idea,” Chalk replied, wondering what spell would halt something like … Continue reading

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