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[New Magic Item] Shroom Gauntlets

Shroom Gauntlets Valance screamed as something grabbed his foot as he crept along the alley. “Shhhhh!” hissed Chalk. “What’s the point of sneaking if you are going to yell?” The priest of the Spider God raised one foot and spun … Continue reading

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[New Monster] Spy-Shroom

Spy-Shroom   “What is that?!” Chalk said in disgust as he looked at the weird dome of fungi. The thing looked back up at him and half-smiled. “No idea, and I doubt my spiders can get anything out of it,” … Continue reading

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[New Magic Item] Fungal Scout Pod

Fungal Scout Pod Valance pointed at a silhouette making its way down the thickly wooded hillside. A big mass with several spindly legs could be seen in the fading light. “Big deal. You called another spider,” Chalk said. “That’s no … Continue reading

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[New Magic Item] Shield Shroom

Shield Shroom Tiny darts and crossbow bolts whizzed through the air at the adventurers. The small kobold army meant business. “Why aren’t those things dropping?” snarled Chalk. Koram struggled to free his sword from a kobold champion’s mushroom cap shield. … Continue reading

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[New Magic Item] Spores of Mayhem

Spores of Mayhem   “Why is everyone staring at us like that?” Valance asked his companions. “I don’t have any obviously vicious spiders, do I?” “No, it’s not you, it’s us,” Chalk replied quietly. “These people are touched,” Koram said. … Continue reading

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[New Magic Item] Homing Mushroom

  Homing Mushroom   “You idiot!” Stork roared at the henchman, Rild. “What did he do now?” Vistis the Blue Mage asked from behind his heavily lacquered mask. Stork seemed to ignore his fellow sorcerer as he ran after their … Continue reading

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[New Spell] Overwhelming Fungal Nodes

Overwhelming Fungal Nodes “Are you coming?” Chalk asked the fighter. “Nah, I think I will just sit this one out,” Koram replied. “Suit yourself,” the wizard said. “Look at me! I am surrounded by mushrooms! I cannot go out like … Continue reading

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