Under Development-In the works!

COMING SOON: A special project not previously on the blog. This includes new species, new player class, new monsters, new spells and a small adventure, all based on a theme. Working to also get exclusive miniatures to tie in with the theme. Finishing art and writing then straight to the greatest editor there is! If the response is positive I will make more of these.

COMING AFTER THAT: This blog, in the form of several booklets, all edited and illustrated. Editing is done, layout follows with illustrations. Could not have happened without the best editor ever. Yes, finally.

DOWN THE LINE: A campaign setting for B/X-LL-OSE type games that is a little gonzo and a little whimsical tied into one really weird forest. In very early stages.

Update the first: The miniature sculptor/caster is on board for all three of the above. So there will be exclusive miniatures in the future.