This page will spotlight the AV&ES zine, the Addendum, and to a lesser extent, the mini-zine: Behind and Beyond the blog, which is a Patreon reward.

Pre-orders: As the zine will go to the printers very soon (this week!) and the second is almost done with the third and fourth in the design stage. In addition the Patreon mini-zine is almost complete and will be distributed this week. To pre-order Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets: Addendum the First please PayPal or request an invoice via the PayPal link below.

And a reminder that all zine content is material not on this blog.

Prices are as follows:

Domestic (US): $6.75 includes shipping. Each additional copy in the same order is $5.25.

International (Outside of the US): The price is US$8 shipped for the first copy and any additional copies are US$6.25.

ALL proceeds go to printing costs for the blog books and zines.

Please put ‘Zines’ in the Subject line of your email to help speed up the process and avoid confusion.


Thank you all for your support!