[New magic Item] Coins of Villainy

Coins of Villainy

‘How many days do I need to hold this coin?’ Koram asked.

‘Just one more,’ Chalk replied.

‘I can hold it,’ Valance offered with a grin.

‘That won’t help us find out who is releasing them into the town,’ Chalk said.

The priest of the Spider God pouted.

‘I liked the luck though,’ he said wistfully.

Enchanted by Evil High Priests, these coins serve the mean and chaotic while being detrimental to those of a more Lawful disposition. Therefore, of course, the Lawful seek these out to break the enchantment.

Benefit: Looking like normal gold coins with a slightly dark blue marbled look to them, these coins grant Chaotic creatures a +2 to any one roll once per day while those of a more Neutral disposition are given a +1 to any one roll per day. In contrast, a Lawful or Good person will get a -2 to every roll while this coin is in their possession. After three days of enduring this, a Lawful character breaks the enchantment on their coin and the one who dispersed this coin, if still in possession of one, has that enchantment broken. This sometimes travels up the chain and information reaches the EHP who goes on a rampage.

Usable by: Anyone usually not good..

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[New Spell] Serpent In Armor

Serpent In Armor

The heavily armored fighter raised his double-handed mace to crush the elf ranger’s skull. The gnome illusionist cast a spell that the fell warrior ignored, which caused the elf to frown in despair. Suddenly the fighter groaned and straightened up, hands grasping at the air as the mace fell to the ground.

‘Move!’ groaned Fellhorn as the fighter was apparently having a fit of some sort.

The elf and gnome wasted no time in escaping as they watched in horror as the fighter contorted and strained as if he had gone mad. A small serpent slithered from one leg of his armor, yet he continued to writhe.

‘Is it gone?’ he asked no one in particular as the adventurers slipped by his post and into the dark woods.

Serpent In Armor (Druid)

Level 2

Range: 20′ radius+ 5’/level.

Duration: Instantaneous.

A dreadful trick to play on anyone in armor, Serpent In Armor calls the nearest ordinary snake and inserts it randomly into a chosen already occupied suit of armor. There is a 25% chance the serpent is poisonous and 100% chance that the wearer of the armor is going to be distracted to the point that he or she will be -2 to hit and damage in combat and have a -2 Dexterity modifier until the serpent is removed from the armor. Usually the snake escapes unharmed while the druid who conjured it there is usually not so lucky if found out.

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[New Magic Item] Disenchanting Blade

Disenchanting Blade

Fellhorn the druid felt the enchantment leave his shield as soon as the strange sword struck it.

‘Beware the blade!’ he urged the others.

The elf ranger drew his bow and loosed an arrow a the odd dwarf with the sword. The arrow glanced off the dwarf’s own shield as he swung his sword at the gnome illusionist who had no choice but to block with his staff. He felt a stunning shock as the magic seemed to evaporate from the staff.

‘Villain!’ squeaked the gnome as the dwarf grinned.

‘Now do you give up?’ grumbled the dwarf.

‘We’d better before we get further behind,’ the elf grudgingly admitted as he lowered his bow.

‘Now can I pass over the bridge without trouble?’ asked the dwarf as the adventurers moved out of his way.

Nobody who uses this short sword is very popular in combat, especially against others with magic weapons or staves. Those in the know will make the wielder scarce at the first chance.

Benefit: A rather insidious weapon, the Disenchanting Blade not only deals 1d4+2 points of damage in combat is +1 to hit, this magical blade also has a 75% chance of causing any other magical item, weapon or otherwise, to malfunction for one day afterward (24 hours). What many do not know is that the wielder of this blade may be turned by a cleric as a 4HD creature, being forced to flee the area as if an undead being.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a short sword.

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[New Spell] A Confusion of Digits

A Confusion of Digits

One of the guards screamed as he looked at his hand; fingers bent and twisted, some replaced with toes as he suddenly dragged behind. Then another guard, and another until all four were struggling to keep up with their captive.

‘His sorcery!’ one of the guards snarled as he drew his short sword. The weapon fell to the cobblestones with a loud clang.

‘How long does this last?’ another guard growled at the illusionist.

‘Forever if you kill me now or until I am released from my manacles and you four lose me in the city,’ replied the Scholar of Wexos.

The guards exchanged glances grimly.

‘But the captain….’ one of them said as another shoved a hideously malformed hand in his face.

The guard with the keys began clumsily fumbling to unlock the grinning illusionist.

‘Five minutes head start and your hands and feet will return to normal,’ the Scholar of Wexos said.

A few minutes later the quartet of guards all sighed in relief as fingers and toes returned to their correct locations and positions.

A Confusion of Digits (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: 10′ radius+ 5’/level.

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level.

This horrific illusionist spell jumbles the fingers and toes (including the direction that the digits bend in) of all within the radius of the spell except for the caster and up to three others designated by them. This dreadful sudden transformation reduces Dexterity by 4, Strength by 3 (where hands and toes are needed for such checks) and in addition halves movement and -2 to hit in combat with a -2 damage modifier. A saving throw with a -1 modifier is allowed. A Remove Curse, Limited Wish or Wish spell will restore the fingers and toes to proper worker position if cast before the spell duration ends.

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[New Spell] Hit Me With Your Best Spell

Hit Me With Your Best Spell

The lightning bolt tore from the sky, homing in on Valance. Yet before it struck the priest of the Sun God intervened and took the full strike from above.

‘That’s one you owe me, priest of the Spider God,’ the cleric of the Sun God winced as he limped back a couple of steps. ‘Get those peasants to safety!’

Valance rolled his eyes.

‘Peasants? Who is he talking about?’ asked Navnen the thief.

‘I have a feeling I should have taken that lightning bolt,’ groaned Valance as he ushered everyone to safety.

Hit Me With Your Best Spell (Cleric)

Level 4

Range: 15′ radius+ 5’/level.

Duration: Instantaneous.

If a devastating spell has hit another (or even a beneficial spell) and the casting cleric has not taken their turn yet he or she can cast this quick prayer and effectively become a lightning rod, taking the magical effects (Arcane or Divine) upon themselves. The cleric receives a +1 Save versus Magic to shrug off the effects entirely, otherwise they take the full brunt of the other’s spell.

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[New Magic Item] Hibernation Wand

Hibernation Wand

Fellhorn fumbled around through the brush, mumbling to himself and looking about furiously.

‘We can get by without him,’ the elf ranger said.

‘It is the principle of the thing, I want to make sure this thing works,’ replied the druid.

‘That little runt was nothing but trouble,’ sighed the elf.

‘Aha!’ exclaimed the druid as the ranger groaned.

Fellhorn moved a small stone and a tiny hand shot up from the earth.

‘I heard that!’ the gnome sleepily said as he poked his head up from the ground.

‘Put him under again, will you?’ pleaded the elf.

Created by a great druidess of ancient times to protect other druids during an invasion, ten of these mysterious wands are believed to exist and are sought after by druids to help and hinder others.

Benefit: A hibernation wand allows the druid to cause another (or themselves) to hibernate for a time. Often used only as a last resort or for desperate measures, this magic wand can be used to create a small pocket in a safe place nearby at random (usually within 50′ and known to the bearer of the wand) that will hold the individual in question for a time allotted by the druid or cleric, from three days to three months. Those resisting will get a Save vs Petrification with a -1 modifier. Wand holds three charges and can be recharged with 4th level cleric or druid spells. When those in hibernation for more than a few days awaken they have full hit points and are refreshed and alert, if famished and thirsty.

Usable by: A druid or cleric.

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[New Spell] Cacophony of an Evil Choir

Cacophony of an Evil Choir

Fellhorn, the elf ranger and gnome illusionist first heard a strange cackling, then a groaning and a few shrieks. Moments later another trio of adventurers ran up to then passed them.

‘Run, undead!’ one of them shouted as they raced by.

The human, elf and gnome exchanged glances and heard a faint rattling and clanging as the undead grew closer. Then they all chased after the group that warned them.

The spot where they were instantly filled with armed skeletons and ghouls.

Cacophony of an Evil Choir (Cleric)

Level 1

Range: 20′ radius+ 5’/level.

Duration: Instantaneous. Effect lasts for one turn (10 minutes).

When cast this spell, using the cleric as the center point of the radius, compels all undead creatures within range to ‘sing’, which usually is heard as a bunch of disoriented wailing, rasping and groaning, which pinpoints the location of these creatures. Those with 6HD+ gain a standard Saving Throw, those under 6HD do not. After 5th level this spell also affects Infernal (Lower Planar) creatures who receive the same saving ability.

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