[New Spell] Big Bog

Big Bog


Valance groaned as he slogged through the thick mud.

‘This is miserable,’ he said.

‘And it is the quickest path unless we want to climb those steep rocks on either side of the path,’ lamented Chalk.

Koram looked into the distance.

‘We are almost to the edge. Almost.’

‘You should have shanked that gnoll druid in Havenge, Navnen,’ the priest of the Spider God said.

‘I tried,’ the thief said as he winced at his leaking boot,’that furry devil was too wily.’


Big Bog (Druid)

Level 6

Range: Affects a 300’x300′ per level area.

Duration: One day per level of caster.

When cast the druid raises the ground water from deep underground to create a swampy bog that will sink a human sized person ankle deep in sludge, slowing all movement to one quarter normal movement rate. This spell is reversible, sinking water to deep underground and creating a dry, arid patch of land with normal movement. After the spell’s duration elapses the area reverts to normal.

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[New Spell] Summon Lycanthrope

Summon Lycanthrope


‘And why should I pay a ransom to a beggar,’ scoffed the merchant. ‘What threat can you offer that would make me turn over good coin?’

The wizened old man smiled the sort of villainous smile that makes a shiver crawl up your spine.

The beggar took his walking stick and mumbled while scrawling in the dust, his writing barely visible in the approaching dusk.

Moments later a shuffling could be heard in the nearby trees, a trio of short, hunched ruffians appeared.

At first the merchant snorted, then he saw them slowly gaining rat-like features as they sneered and tittered among themselves.

The fat merchant’s mouth dropped open woodenly.

‘Th-th-that would get you my coins,’ he whined helplessly.


Summon Lycanthrope (Arcane)

Level 5

Range: Special.

Duration: Instantaneous.

This spell summons 1d3 lycanthropes of similar alignment to the caster’s side. These creatures will assist in any task that isn’t a suicide mission and will sometimes stay on as bodyguards for a time if the situation is mutually beneficial.

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[New Magic Item] Eye Pen

Eye Pen

Navnen slipped out for the evening.

‘Since our thief got his new surveillance pen thing his hauls have gotten better,’ Chalk casually observed.

‘Less chance of getting caught when he sees his victims leaving, I reckon,’ added Valance. ‘Just one thing…’

‘The bounty on the mysteriously successful thief?’ asked Chalk.

‘Yeah, it is tempting,’ replied the priest of the Spider God.

Not an uncommon magic item in some places, the Eye Pen is a handy way of keeping a lookout on a place from some distance away. Origins unknown, thought to be the product of an intrepid wizard.

Benefit: Each of these large waxy pencils has about thirty uses when new, which obviously varies if used ones are found. To use one simply draws an eye on a surface and from any other point on that plane he or she can concentrate while holding the magic item and the drawn eye will open, showing the viewer all that transpires under the gaze of the eye. If the eye is noticed while active and attacked it has 1d4 hit points before being destroyed.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Alter Light Source

Alter Light Source


‘The peasants will never see us coming with these torches,’ the dwarf mumbled to the elf.

‘Quite true, yet we can already see them sniveling in their hovels,’ replied the elf in a quiet tone. “For a few extra coins we could make some strange noises and shake them down, there seems to be a good three dozen of them here.’

‘And their coin spends like any other. I’ll find some chains to rattle,’ said the dwarf.


Alter Light Source (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: Permanent, but reversible.

Favored among goblins, orcs, kobolds and even elves and dwarves, this spell allows a magical darkness to emanate from candles, torches, lanterns, etc and enhance darkvision, increasing darkvision another 20′ by candlelight, 60′ by torchlight and 100′ by lantern in addition to what the creature naturally has. The light source must be enchanted before being used and until reversed only gives off a magical darkness.

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[New Magic Item] Pearls of Permanence

Pearls of Permanence

The trio of goblins worried over the odd treasure from their dead wizard master.

‘You eat one,’ the wizard told the warrior.

Reluctantly the fighter ate one of the strange pearls.

‘It’s sweet!’ he complained.

‘Enlarge!’ the wizard shrieked as he cast a spell at the fighter.

Before their eyes the goblin doubled in height and bulk.

‘Now we wait. If spell sticks I cast two more and we become scarier,’ replied the wizard.

This magic item is made by a deity- Shanduril, the goddess of the Ebb and Flow of Tides. It is said that her servants gather pearls and enchant them in groups of three under the light of a full moon. These magical pearls become edible and are thought to be sweet, the magic is rare and highly coveted, used overtly in some cases and slyly in others.

Benefit: When eaten the next affect spell (Enlarge, Curse, Charm, etc, magical effect spells like Fireball will not be permanent) cast upon a person within three hours will become permanent, dispelled only by a wish or by eating another of these pearls and having a counter spell cast upon the one who ate the enchanted pearl. Commonly found in numbers of 1-3.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Asleep in the Boughs

Asleep in the Boughs


The thief looked dubious.

‘It’s fine,’ Chalk told Navnen. ‘Knat can be trusted.’

The druidess had a mischievous look in her eye.

‘That isn’t bolstering his confidence.’

‘Sorry,’ she said.

The adventurers were all cocooned gently into the neighboring pine trees by Knat’s magic.

‘I hope those wargs are all gone,’ she said to herself as she crafted her own sleeping pod.

‘Not funny,’ was Chalk’s muffled comment.


Asleep in the Boughs (Druid)

Level 3

Range: Self/Touch

Duration: One rest interval.

This spell provides a dry, warm ‘cocoon’ high off of the ground in the intertwined limbs of trees. Obviously in the autumn and winter these pods will be obvious if in trees that are deciduous, shedding their leaves (and therefore vulnerable to attack), therefore evergreens like pines and firs are preferred for undisturbed rest. Six hours of restful sleep in these magical cocoons will provide the same as 8-10 hours of conventional rest.

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[New Magic Item] Dagger of the Djinn

Dagger of the Djinn

Chalk caught up with Navnen as the thief raced down the street.

‘What’s the hurry?’ the sorcerer asked.

‘I’ve been robbed. I won a dagger in a gambling match and was accused of cheating and it was stolen from me,’ replied the thief.

The two raced along until they came to a familiar dead end.

Cautiously the duo advanced. They saw a shadowy opening cut into the wall, one of the thugs waved just before the strange portal closed.

‘Weren’t you holding our rent money too?’ Chalk asked.

‘Yeah, about that…’

An artifact from time out of mind, the Dagger of the Djinn is a major magic item that once belonged to a great prince of the djinn who was defeated in an attack by a rival efreeti warband, the dagger itself falling into the hands of the mercenaries helping the diabolical efreeti. Over the centuries this magical dagger has passed from one hand to another, not staying in any one place for long. Any djinn or efreet that sees this magical dagger will try to reclaim it.

Benefit: Once per day the Dagger of the Djinn may be used to cut a portal into solid material, this portal will extend ten feet in the desired direction and the wielder of the blade an up to six others can follow through this portal to the other end. If the surface cut into is deeper than 10′ the dagger will create a tube-like cave in the material that will last for one hour and can be used as a temporary shelter.

Usable by: Anyone.

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