[New Magic Item] Lantern of Dead Minds

Lantern of Dead Minds

Fellhorn and his gnome and elf companions followed the old wizard to the graveyard. The elder magic-user lit a lantern he was carrying and strained his eyes in the darkness of the old graveyard. Shapes stirred and fluttered just outside of the lantern’s light, then suddenly one figure flew into the light, at first menacing, then calm.

‘Where is the Archdruid?’ the wizard asked.

The ghost faded into the darkness and another took its place, thin, just incorporeal bones and tattered robes.

‘Ask your questions,’ it croaked.

The wizard turned to the druid who retrieved a note from his robes.

‘Quickly,’ rasped a voice in the shadows. ‘We are hungry.’

The elf and gnome exchanged worried glances.

A strange magic item of necromantic origin, the Lantern of Dead Minds allows its owner to communicate with the dead, sometimes verbally, sometimes mentally and sometimes with spoken words, answering questions about their days among the living. You get three questions to ask, and then the undead are no longer bound by the lantern’s magic, so use them wisely.

Benefit: When lit this lantern gives off light in a 20′ radius and it also reveals any sentient incorporeal undead in the area. Any undead, physical or incorporeal in the area of the lantern’s light regain memories of their time alive and gain the ability to communicate to the lantern’s owner and will not attack him or her. Even mindless zombies will halt an attack for one of their number to answer three questions about their time alive.

Usable by: Anyone, often coveted by witches and magic-users.

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[New Spell] Nullspell



Valance took a step back and smirked.

‘What?’ Chalk asked.

‘I cannot cast a simple spell, you try one,’ the priest of the Spider God said.

Chalk concentrated a moment.

‘I cannot cast a cantrip, something is wrong here,’ he whispered.

Everyone drew their weapons.


Nullspell (Divine)

Level 3

Range: 20′ radius +5’/level

Duration: Two hours per level of caster.


Also know as the ‘Witchfinder’s Friend’ spell, this spell creates a zone in a fixed area that prevents spellcasting from occurring during the duration of the spell by anyone other than the caster. Casters above 5th level receive a standard Saving Throw vs Magic to override this clerical magic and proceed with their spells as normal.

Optional: Only a type of magic is affected: Either Divine, Illusionist, Magic-user, etc or by school: Summoning, Evocation, Invocation, etc.

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[New Magic Item] Rod of the Gods

Rod of the Gods

The battle was about to commence with the bugbear and their hill giant ally. The priest of the Spider God retrieved a beautiful golden rod from within his robes.

‘What’s that?’ Chalk asked.

Valance tapped the magic-user with the rod and seemed to go over a list in his mind.

‘This one looks good,’ he said.

Chalk looked shaken.

I was going to use that spell,’ he said.

‘Better fin another, I am going to use that one,’ the priest of the Spider God quipped with a smile.

Chalk groaned and reached for his spellbook while scowling at Valance.

Every so often the gods make a device to cause a little mischief and to give their followers an edge, therefore this golden colored ornate rod, which emanates magic, is sometimes set in the path of a deserving cleric or druid to set things straight.

Benefit: With this rod a cleric or qualifying druid may commandeer one extra spell per day from another, as long as the spell is a level that the bearer of the rod can cast he or she can take the spell, from another divine caster or from a wizard, illusionist or any other type of spellcaster. This spell will automatically succeed, but may be saved against as normal. While the spell is lost to the caster instantly he or she can replace it with another spell (just not that particular one) instantly.

Usable by: A cleric or druid that gains spells from a nature deity or deities.

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[New Spell] Cold Soul

Cold Soul


There was a tap at the door. The wizard, Chalk, answered it. A grubby little man asked for Valance.

‘Ah yes, Vort,’ the priest of the Spider God said. ‘What brings you here?’

‘The cold is terrible, sir, you were right, it weighs on my soul. The gambling den is the cause of all my sorrows,’ the man confessed.

Valance grabbed his cloak and winked at his fellow adventurers.

‘Well, please lead me to this den of gambling and vice that I may see it myself! And I promise soon you will feel warm and happy again.’

The others groaned as the cleric lead the shivering man away.


Cold Soul (Divine)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: One day per level of caster or until dispelled.


This horrific spell freezes the spirit of the subject of the spell that fails a Save versus Spells at -2. Those afflicted feel cold within that no fire can warm up and if cast in winter this can (35% chance) lead to an insanity about cold places. This spell is excellent for convincing guilty people to talk.

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[New Spell] Incontinuous Improvement

Incontinuous Improvement


The four adventurers stood by the wagon they were planning on traveling in. The wheels were warped out of shape so bad that they were of no use.

‘This is why they hang wizards in some places,’ Valance said.

Chalk rolled his eyes.

‘Let’s just find someone to fix this,’ the magic-user said.

‘It wasn’t you, because last night you said…’ Navnen began.

‘No! I didn’t!’ retorted Chalk.

Koram kicked at one of the wheels and the wagon collapsed.

‘At least we have some kindling.’


Incontinuous Improvement (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: Touch.

Duration: Permanent.


Progress in the scientific and mechanical universe is considered anathema to the wonders and workings of magic. To this end this spell was created, to warp and slow progress by altering and breaking mechanical devices, whether current or futuristic in design. This spell works on any inanimate object and causes reality to warp and bend the device, with an 80% chance of rendering the thing inoperable until parts are fixed and or replaced. This spell will work on a wagon, windwheel or something as complex as a spaceship or ray gun. Very frustrating for space travelers on worlds with suspicious shamans.

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[New Monster] Jakani


Bakra-do slipped into the rain forest on his way north. This particular route unknown to the mercenary he was surprised when he awoke surrounded by a half dozen creatures that seemed a mix of lizard and ape standing and watching him.

One of the creatures pointed at the wooden armor the human wore.

‘You teach?’ it asked.

‘I’ve got to get to…’ Bakra-do began then he saw the sad faces.

‘Okay, I will teach you, but you’d better be quick learners,’ he grumbled.

The jakani cheered and led the mercenary to their camp.

The jakani are a race of strange and simple creatures that seem almost a mix between saurian and mammalian in nature, living in jungles and sometimes even temperate rain forests and swamps. These creatures are communal and while they will trade with outsiders they are wary and protective of their young. These creatures appear to be thickly built and tough skinned, equipped with a tail that has a club-like end that deals damage in combat. Jakani mostly use primitive weapons and tools but are learning metalworking and about to enter their Bronze Age, this is making them more eager to trade with outsiders and to learn more.

Jakani: HD 2+2 AC 7[12]; Atk Weapon (1d6), Tail (1d6) or Punch (1d4) ; Move 9 ; Save 12; CL/XP 3/60; Special: Tail-club:Jakani gain one extra attack with their tails swinging to hit and deal 1d6 crushing damage, Tracking: Jakani are excellent trackers and have a base 65% chance of tracking quarry (this may raise or lower depending on conditions). Exceptional individuals will be able to cast spells, usually magic-user or illusionist.

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[New Magic Item] Jug for One

Jug for One

‘Is this going to work?’ Valance asked.

‘I hope so, we have to get you out of here before those thugs find you,’ answered Chalk.

Chalk said a word and urged Valance and then Koram towards the clay jug, they both became smoke-like and were swallowed by the receptacle. Chalk handed the jug to Navnen.

‘My turn, just get us out of here, okay?’

The thief nodded as Chalk uttered the command word again. A loud pounding was heard at the door.

Navnen smirked then climbed to the hidden trapdoor to the roof and crept out of the building and onto another roof, then another. He thought he heard yelling behind him and kept going, not looking back.

‘We really need to do something about Valance’s gambling,’ he muttered to himself.

Accredited to a gnome wizard, this magic item has proliferated and is a smuggler’s best friend. Except for those nosy wizards and clerics that cast Detect Magic and realize that the clay jug is more than it seems.

Benefit: Appearing as a simple clay jug roughly one foot in height, the Jug for One operates on a command word that allows one human sized occupant to enter the bottle and live comfortably, although up to four can survive in these cramped conditions provided that the inhabitants receive food and water. Within the magical jug there is a comfortable room roughly in a 10′ cube. A command word also releases any inhabitants that wish to leave. Animals or those that cannot speak must rely on the jug’s owner to enter or leave this magic item.

Usable by: Anyone.

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