[New Spell] Extra-Planar Favor

Extra-planar Favor

The celestial hovered above the cold stone of the dungeon floor and frowned.

‘You again?!’ he exclaimed.

‘Aren’t there more of you to answer these calls?’ Olhmi asked despite herself.

‘There are many wars out in the planes and apparently I am not privvy to them, I am making sure you clerics are safe. What do you need now?’ the celestial replied.

Olhmi nodded at the trio of mencacing vulture-headed demons that were lurking nearby.

The celestial turned and spied the demons. Suddenly the angelic figure of the upper planes seemed to be burning with a rage of holy fire. The creatures squawked and clawed at each other trying to escape the presence of the holy being.

As they fled Olhmi nodded to thank the celestial.

‘And keep that thief friend of yours more in line, we know he is mostly the cause of the debacles you find yourself in,’ he said sternly and was gone in a flash of light.

Murgi appeared from the shadows.

‘Well that was a little harsh,’ the thief observed.

Extra-planar Favor (Cleric)

Level 3

Range: Self or Touch.

Duration: Instantaneous.

A prayer that summons a celestial being to help a cleric in a pinch; can heal anyone the cleric wishes with 10 hit points, can frighten off an enemy with Fear as a 12HD creature, may reveal a secret door or other hidden location or any similar, minor miracle making his a handy utility spell for the divine. Using this spell too often means the cleric’s deity may Geas them.

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[New Monster] Keyhole Daemon

Keyhole Daemon

‘What do we do? That thing is after us,’ asked Vistis the Blue Mage with a tinge of fear in his voice.

‘We wait for it, I am tired of running, have your spell ready,’ Stork replied as he reduced the light in the room to a trio of candles. Both spellcasters caught a faint high pitched insane sounded laughter and the sound of claws on wood.

Vistis began murmuring his enchantment as an oily smoke began creeping in through the keyhole of the locked door.

‘Now!’ shouted Stork before the creature could become solid again on their side of the door.

Multiple colors flew at the daemon as it shrieked and writhed in pain, Stork thrust a magical dagger at it several times as its wickedly clawed hands flailed. The creature gave out a howl and tried to retreat yet seemed stuck somewhere between solid and oily smoke, it tried reaching the window as both wizard and illusionist stabbed at it with arcane weapons. With a groan it expired with one hand on the windowsill and melted into a puddle of noxious oil on the wooden floor.

‘And that is why we are never coming back to this town,’ Stork growled as he began packing his things which prompted Vistis to do the same.

Keyhole Daemon: AC 2 [+17], HD 7 (31hp), Att 1 claw (1d6+2) or bite (1d6), THAC0 13 [+6], MV 120’ (40’), SV D12 W13 P14 B15 S16 (2), ML 10, AL Chaotic, XP 675, NA 1 (1d4), TT B ▶ Lockleap: Twice per day this creature may attempt to ‘leap’ through any keyhole; the referee rolls 1d20 and on a result of 4 or more the ‘leap’ was successful and the keyhole daemon is on the other side of the door, chest or any type of lock where the creature will fit on the other side. If it will not fit the attempt automatically fails.▶ Light sensitivity: these creatures are -1 to Hit in bright light and take 1 point of damage every other round when exposed to anything stronger than torchlight or a Light spell.

Hideous dark grey bipedal creatures with long arms that end in clawed hands and large yellowish staring eyes these earthbound daemons are consummate assassins. Often told to children to frighten them at night the stories are true, yet thankfully these creatures are very rare. An eerie tittering sound often can be heard as the creature can barely contain its enthusiasm before the next kill.

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[New Magic Item] Displaced Cloak

Displaced Cloak

Bakra-do stood a moment looking even more puzzled than he had just a few missed sword thrusts before as the bandit he was fighting seemed to now be struggling with his own cloak, now gasping for air. The mercenary sheathed his sowrds and threw his hands in the air.

‘Even I can’t stand this!’ he said as he tried to help the dying thief.

Except that he still was having a difficult time locating the bandit’s exact location. The bandit crumpled to the ground just as Bakrado finally located him and helped him unclasp and remove the cloak.

‘Normally in this abnormal situation I would take your magic item from you. In this particular situation, you may keep it,’ the mercenary said as he gathered his things and left the bandit on the ground still struggling to breathe.

This magic item appears as a strange, vibrant blue-black cloak of exquisite design and great skill went into fashioning it. Where those two spots on it where tentacles were?

Benefit: Twice per day the wearer of this cloak can activate it, causing light to warp and make the wearer appear to be near where they are actually standing for three combat rounds, which makes all attempts to hit at -2 (including magical “+x to Hit” weapons strike as ordinary weapons with a -2 penalty). Each time this power is used there referee should roll 1d20, if the result is a ‘1’ then the cloak appears to have two tentacles that try to choke the wearer with no penalty to hit. The cloak must be unclasped and discarded within three rounds with a Strength attribute check that bears a -1 modifier or else the wearer starts taking 1d4+2 points of damage per round due to lack of oxygen. Still, it looks pretty sharp when worn.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Shouldn’t Come By Anymore

Shouldn’t Come By Anymore

Murgi sat sulking on an oak barrel set on its side.

‘It is really not that bad, I can go in and get anything we need,’ Olhmi told the thief.

‘It was only some lamp oil. And a few biscuits. Oh, and a small knife, a very small knife,’ Murgi said in reply.

‘Can’t you even see the door at all?’ the priestess asked.

‘Nope. Just a blank wall,’ the thief admitted.

‘You need to improve your skills,’ she said and then seemed to disappear into the wall.

Shouldn’t Come By Anymore (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: 10’+5’/level.

Duration: One day per level of caster or until dispelled.

This illusionist spell makes a building that the targt has entered at least once before appear to no longer have an entrance for the duration of the spell. Only blank walls are visible and even if others enter and exit freely to the individual affected by the spell there is no way in unless they try to break through a wall or roof. Mainly meant to repel known theieves, especially before a heist, this spell can be used to confuse or even mark a particular individual and deny them from entry. A Save vs Spells with a -2 modifier to reject this spell may be attempted.

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[New Encounter] Nozak’s Grave

Nozak’s Grave

‘We have the artifact!’ Stork exclaimed as the wizard dispersed shadows that crawled around his feet. Vistis the Blue Mage was busy holding off a ghoul warband with a spell that cast burning and gnawing colours upon the growling undead.

‘Let’s go then,’ urged the illusionist.

A week and four cemeteries later the spellcasters were still trying to find their way back to the Material Plane; a small army of undead casually building up in their path.

‘That artifact seems like a magnet for our foes,’ Vistis observed looking back.

‘We are almost to the next graveyard, keep up hope, old chum,’ Stork said despite his own failing spirits, the Realm of Shadows tended to leach the life and colour out of everything.

It is said that Nozak was a wizard of no small skill who managed to travel the planes with a certain amount of confidence although he met his fate among the undead in the Realm of Shadows in a rather unfair fight with a notorious liche. Now Nozak’s grave wanders the various cemeteries and necropoli of the world, open and inviting any to leap in. And some line up to, for Nozak’s Grave was his planned resting place and now is a conduit to the Realm of Shadows, where his spirit wails over his bones, hoping to be returned to the Material Plane one day.

In the game: An open grave with an odd, rune-carved headstone, this burial spot has been dug and the bottom always looks murky and shadowy, even at noon on a sunny day. This is because the grave of Nozak is a rather easy path to the Realm of Shadows, a dark and dreary duplicate of the Material Plane with all of the color leached out of it where shadows, undead and other gruesome creatures lurk. Nozak’s Grave tends to wander a lot; the cemetery where you entered the Realm of Shadows may ot be the same way back to a sunnier and happier realm.

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[New Magic Item] Kindest Cut Amulet

Kindest Cut Amulet

‘I have heard of this thing,’ Uzeb the Wise said as he nodded at the strange amulet on the tavern table.

‘Is it cursed?’ Jaundo asked.

‘Not the first time you use it, if all I have heard is correct,’ the wizard replied.

Jaundo picked the strange charm up and examined it. The fighter looked oddly nervous to Uzeb.

‘Have you used this before?’ the sorcerer inquired.

‘And found it again when we were in the Tombs of the Dread Liche,’ Jaundo replied.

‘If I were you I wouldn’t use it then, now it is a curse to you,’ Uzeb said gravely.

Jaundo fidgeted for a moment then looked around for other adventurers in the tavern.

‘What are you doing?’ Uzeb asked.

‘Looking for someone to sell it to that might get hit by a magic weapon, it will pay for our drink for quite some time,’ the fighter said.

Uzeb was a little perturbed that he was overlooked as a potential recipient of the charm, yet the fighter was right, it certainly would buy a lot of drinks.

A strange looking amagamation of gold, silver and strangely cut emeralds, this amulet can only ever be used once, so make sure you use it at the right time.

Benefit: When the bearer of this amulet is next cut by a magical weapon of any kind they immediately gain one level of ability with all of the benefits that the next level would grant them. Although then they cannot seem to locate the amulet because it has disappeared to a random treasure horde. If found again trying to use this twice (or more) in one lifetime causes the greedy person to suffer an immediate 1d4 level drain each time.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Stained by Their Blood

Stained by Their Blood

Akul the Elusive whispered his newfound spell as he sat in the tavern mulling over his ale. It was a rough night and several demi-humans were carousing and enjoying some recent victory of some time.

‘Human,’ the illusionist said at the terminus of his incantation.

The room seemed to glow red to the spellcaster suddenly as nearly every being in the room looked at their hands and then glared around the room. Akul noticed several eyes focusing on him and narrowing menacingly. With a blinding flash the illusionist was gone and much wiser about how he would test new spells in the future.

Stained by Their Blood (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 10’+5’/level.

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level of caster or until dispelled.

This enchantment reveals where a particular subject has slain a specific species named by the caster when the spell is cast, this manifests as reddish, bloodlike stains on the target’s hands, paws, mouth, etc. The caster also decides whether just they see the results of this spell or all within close range can see, although the target of the spell will see their hands turn red as well regardless. Creatures of Animal Intelligence receive no Saving Throw while those more intelligent may Save versus Spells to resist this magic.

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[New Magic Item] Book of Boons and Banes

Book of Boons and Banes

The mob encircled the old cleric, pitchforks and torches at the ready.

‘ You people are mad! The book was evil in nature!’ the priest shouted.

‘My boy used it to get money to go off on adventures,’ said one of the peasants.

‘And my girl got married when she was made prettier,’ claimed another of the yokels.

‘It wasn’t doing no harm, being a magic book and all, maybe some wizard lost it and we found it,’ said another of the rabble.

‘Can you not hear yourselves? You put too much faith into that cursed thing, now it is gone, gone forever!’ snarled the priest.

‘I believe there is one thing tht we can do that the book could not,’ said one of the villagers, a clever woodsman.

The crowd turned and looked at the speaker.

‘Tar and feather him,’ the woodsman said with a smile.

The crowd cheered as the cleric wailed a prayer to his deities, who, luckily for him, were on his side that day.

This book is huge, with sturdy wooden covers covered in strange runes and cyphers. It appears at random, mostly in civilized places, a “gift” from the Gods of Mischief that causes chaos wherever it lands. And just when others want to use it, it is gone!

Benefit: Anyone can read and understand the pages of this book as long as their Intelligence is 6 or higher. This book is chock full of minor curses, afflictions and benefits that anyone can avail themselves of once per day. No boon or bane may exceed a +/-1 modifier to attributes or combat abilities while benefits or losses/damage may not exceed 75 gold pieces in value. The book weighs about 50 lbs and any attempts to move it results in 1d4 points of electrical damage. Any attempts to destroy the book or remove pages and it will simply fade from existence only to appear somewhere else. It is said that this is truly how the book moves, not of its own whim or that of its creators, but when someone tries to get rid of it or steal pages from it.

Usable by: Anyone .

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[New Magic Item] Fey No See Amulet

Fey No See Amulet

‘Someone uninvited has joined us,’ whispered the halfing.

‘I saw the door open and close too,’ muttered the gnome quietly.

‘A spy of some kind that we cannot see? What do we do?’ the dwarf said aloud.

‘Secure the door so we can…and too late,’ hissed the elf as the door open a little and was left open.

‘If the humans catch on to these meetings how will we still be invited into their societies?’ inquired the halfling as he gently ran a finger down the edge of his short sword.

‘They won’t, we have to find this one,’ the elf replied gathering his weapons.

‘A hunt!’ eclaimed the gnome gleefully and grabbed his war hammer.

Gruffly the dwarf picked up his axe, perturbed at himself for scaring off the invader.

A rugged looking brass charm that has peridots and aquamarines set in it. Elves seem to take a dislike to it and won’t touch it, gnomes and halflings are leery of this thing, dwarves don’t care, but will smash it if given half a chance.

Benefit: When activated this charm will make the wearer invisible to all with Fey blood or origins up to their second attack, giving them a free first attack without revealing themselves, after which they are then visible. The magic is so strong upon this strange amulet that even if the Fey creature thinks they are certain where the bearer of the amulet is they are -3 to Hit in combat until that individual is revealed.

Usable by: Anyone not connected to the Fey.

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[New Spell] Lightning Magnet

Lightning Magnet

Arnelo the elf took a deep drink, finishing his ale and steeled himself to go outside. He straightened his tunic and strolled out of the tavern door with as much dignity as he could muster.

‘How far do you think he will make it this time? I saw dark clouds looming just before we came in here,’ said Uzeb the Wise.

‘That’s a bit morbid, poor Arnelo has never been the same since that odd wizard cast that spell on him. Can’t someone dispel it for him?’ replied Jaundo the fighter.

‘I have five gold pieces he is back in no time,’ the wizard offered.

Jaundo winced at the cruelty. Still, five gold pieces was a lot of ale.

Yet before Jaundo could place his bet there was a terribly loud peal of thunder. Arnelo staggered back into the old stone tavern, looking haggard, smoke rising from his burned hair and tunic.

‘I will have another ale and wait out the storm,’ Arnelo told the innkeeper as he sat back down.

‘Have one all ready for you, thought you might be back,’ the innkeeper said as he slid a mug of ale towards the elf.

Lightning Magnet (Arcane/Druid)

Level 3

Range: 10’+5’/level.

Duration: One day per level of caster or until dispelled.

This enchantment, shared by druids and magic-users, causes any living target to have all electrical damage drawn to them for double damage. Any type of electrical attack, by lightning, magic item or spell causes the referee to roll 1d6. On a result of two to six the subject of this spell takes double the damage instead of an intended target. In the case of a thunderstorm the target has a 75%-90% chance of being struck by a thunderbolt, based on the severity of the storm unless in a sturdy shelter such aas a stone house, cave, etc.

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