[New Magic Item] Key to the Dungeon

Key to the Dungeon

Navnen gripped the key and held it before his companions.

‘Is this a good idea?’ Koram asked wincing a little as he recalled the last time the thief invoked the magic item.

‘Those dreadful hounds are after us, what do we have to lose?’ replied the thief.

The others reluctantly nodded. There was a sudden flash.

The group found themselves in a vast underground cavern, it was dark save for their torches, water could be heard dripping in the nearby darkness.

‘Is this better or worse?’ chalk asked.

A low growl seemed to answer the magic-user.

‘Great,’ sighed Valance.

Made by a crazed archmage and offered to a band of adventurers that barely returned to tell the tale, this magic item is random in a way that can be helpful or hazardous and ‘usually’ can at least buy some time or suddenly end narrow chase through a dungeon.

Benefit: While an artifact of great power, this magic item is also quirky in nature. When used above a dungeon locale the key will deliver the key’s bearer and up to four others designated by the bearer to a random dungeon level, arriving directly in the middle of the level. 20% (65% chance if in the hands of an intelligent native of the particular dungeon at hand) of the time the this can be controlled by stating which level (or ‘entrance’), otherwise the effect is totally random and can be advantageous or dangerous to those using the key. Usable twice er day.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Shieldbite



Bakra-do faced the goblin champion on a grassy hill a little before noon. Knowing of the goblin’s general dislike of the sun he was surprised to see his opponent appearing so confident on this clear and bright day.

The dread champion clanked forward in armor and shield, sword drawn. The human mercenary tried to read the green humanoid’s moves but it was impossible, the creature was too chaotic to figure out. With an impulsive shout it leapt forward, Bakra-do swung his sword as the creature raised its shield, a shield with a moving goblin face on it that clamped its wooden fangs down on the sword, holding it tight as the goblin slashed with a rusty blade as the human stood shocked.

Only pulling out his own short sword and blocking the goblin’s blade had save him, but the goblin pulled back and Bakra-do’s long sword slipped from his hand and was thrown clear.

The wily mercenary pulled a handful of throwing daggers from his belt. Surely the thing could not catch all of these with its shield. In answer to his mental question the goblin issued a whimper at the sight of the throwing daggers.

‘Parlay?’ it offered.


Shieldbite (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: Touch

Duration: One hour per level of caster.

An odd spell seemingly inspired by tales of old magical shields, temporarily enchants a shield, giving it a ghostly or goblin-esque malicious faces that gnashes and bites at an opponent every other round while the shield is still enchanted causing 1d4+4 points of damage, or, with a 45% chance of ‘biting and holding’ the weapon for an instant, giving the bearer of the enchanted shield a free attack on their aggressor. A typical magic user can enchant up to 6 shields (if available) in this manner.

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[New Spell] Of Bad Taste

Of Bad Taste


Chalk cast a spell that froze three of the heads of the hydra at once as Valance grimaced from a bite and Koram and Navnen were busy dodging the other heads of the beast. The wizard then cast another spell that made another two heads fall into a dazed condition and drop sleepily to the ground.

‘Why is it not biting you?’ Valance shouted over the din of battle to the wizard.

‘That scroll I cast just before we encountered the thing, it thinks I taste bad,’ Chalk answered.

‘You could have shared that with us,’ Navnen quipped between stabs at the thing with his short sword.

‘Hey, I offered, you guys laughed at me, this is what happens,’ Chalk said as he cast another spell that caused the beast to rear up then collapse completely in a heap, suddenly exhausted and easily finished off by the others.

‘Next time I offer a spell don’t complain if you don’t take me up on the offer,’ snapped the wizard.


Of Bad Taste (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: Self or Touch

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level of caster.

When cast this spell causes those affected to emanate an odor that tells any creature that bites that this person(s), other animal, etc will taste horrible and biting them is to be avoided. This causes the affected to only attacked in defense, and with claws or hooves, biting only as a last resort, and no longer being the aggressor(s) if of Semi-Low Intelligence, higher intelligence creatures will more than likely wander off or leave the area. Carnivorous plants are not fooled by this magic.

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[New Monster] Pozzon


Chalk fell to the dungeon floor when the creature rolled up and struck him from behind.

‘Would somebody do something about these things?’ he shouted to the others.

Koram growled as a crossbow bolt bounced off of the armor of one of the rolling things. Navnen deftly leapt over one and barely dodged another.

Valance directed a trio of giant spiders that proceeded to spin webs that caught the tiny miscreants.

‘Not so tough now, are you?’ Chalk yelled at one of the bipedal insects as it struggled in the web.

‘He’s a foot tall, did he ever think he was tough?’ Koram commented.


No. Enc.: 1d4(2d12)

Alignment: Neutral

Movement: 120′ (40′)

Armor Class: 4

Hit Dice: 3

Attacks: 1

Damage: 1d4 or by weapon or 1d8+2 (rolling charge)

Save: F3

Morale: 7

Hoard Class: XIx2

X.P.: 75

Originally created by a desperate wizard without much material to work with, the pozzon are a strange race of one foot tall intelligent armadillidiidae, more commonly known as a ‘pillbug’. These creatures are curious and loyal and range in intelligence from low to high, unlike many magically created creatures. The pozzon have the ability to roll up into a ball and charge towards an opponent, bowling over an opponent on a successful hit of 15+ and dealing 1d8+2 damage. The pozzon are an ambitious race and those with an exceptional intelligence may cast spells like a magic-user up to the 3rd level of experience.

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[New Spell] Louder than Necessary

Louder than Necessary


The thief Navnen never noticed the wizard bumping into him in the crowd. But he did noticed that suddenly his footsteps were louder, his boots seemed to thump along annoyingly.

‘What’s the plan?’ he whispered to the other thief, one Vodno the Deft, a halfling of some reputation.

‘Shhhhh!’ the halfing urged.

‘What?’ asked Navnen.

‘Will you stop shouting?’ the short thief asked.

‘I’m not trying to,’ Navnen said in a hushed tone.

Minutes later the duo crept up to the Vault of Dimbrig-Miw. In that time the halfling scowled over his shoulder and pointed at the human’s feet more than once. Indeed, every sound that Navnen made seemed to echo and thump. Before too long a pair of bugbears came investigating the noise.

After the scuffle Vodno disappeared quietly without a word and for a long time no other thieves would work with Navnen.


Louder than Necessary (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Self(?) or Touch

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level of caster.

Anyone affected by this odd curse that fails a Save vs Magic at -1 will not be able to sneak up behind a deaf dwarf in the dark. All sounds, including voice, are amplified to ten times normal and cannot be muffled. Any thief trying to Move Silently has a 5% chance under the effects of this spell and other abilities, like Climb Walls may be so noisy that others are easily notified to the thief’s presence. Good for marking targets, and for making permanent enemies.

Option: All sounds made by those affected by this spell the cursed one doesn’t notice are any louder than usual.

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[New Magic Item] Plaguestone


Kragas the UnFallen breached the hill with his followers in tow. The champion of the Plague Lord Vonitox looked upon his dozen or so dedicated followers. All seemed to be oozing some sort of pus or bile from one overgrown sore or pustule.

‘Nevamirus!’ Kragas shouted. A sniveling man crept forward as the champion removed a pouch of coins from his belt and tossed it at the ground before the wretch.

‘Yes, my liege?’ inquired Nevamirus.

‘Wine for us all, good wine, too,’ demanded the great fighter on his cadaverous looking mount. ‘I’d go in myself but this magic stone tends to scare off everyone in the immediate area. Take a couple of other fellows with you, tonight we celebrate our victory over the champion of the Ruins of Zan-zoh.’

The sickly looking warband cheered.

With a scrape and a bow Nevamirus and a couple of others scampered off towards the lights of the nearby town.

A gift from a greater deity of diseases and plagues, this magic item is sometimes gifted to the greatest champions of such deities, and can be found upon their persons or in their burial vaults. Such magic is so powerful that often the followers of such champions are too frightened to pick up such a thing for themselves.

Benefit: A plaguestone gives its possessor immunity to any one disease, ailment or plague, usually one associated with a particular deity. The bearer of this magic item and any within 20′ are immune to the particular disease although they commonly show illusory symptoms which can cause Fear as the spell (60% chance of fleeing the area as fast as any affected can). Anyone not protected by the bearer of the magical stone coming within 20′ has a 75% chance of catching the disease in question during melee or other close contact. The exact ailment is up to the GM/LL/DM and can vary from stone to stone, from an annoying rash that affects attributes by one or two points to a deadly plague that is nearly impossible to survive short of a Geas or Wish spell or the like.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Coin of the Wolf

Coin of the Wolf

‘Are you going to lose that thing?’ Chalk asked Valance as the two adventurers strolled down the uneven cobblestones of Ird.

‘I intended to lose this coin and a few others if indeed Jarks is going into the deep woods in a few days,’ the priest of the Spider God said with a smile.

‘It isn’t like you to willingly lose, can’t you just drop it on his person?’ the wizard asked.

‘Too risky with all of his goons around, besides, spiders will lead us to the bodies to fetch the coins,’ Valance replied.

Chalk nodded as he saw a trio of chickens skitter nervously out of their path.

Forged by a dwarven forge-master at the request of a mischievous druid the Coin of the Wolf has lead to some interesting and sometimes unfortunate situations, almost all of which have been totally unexpected, except for that one strange fellow that defiantly carried one of these everywhere….

Benefit: This magical coin causes the one bearing it to give off the scent of an alpha wolf to all animals around. Domestic animals will panic when within 30′ of the bearer of the strange coin, attempting to flee whenever possible. Creatures of Animal to Semi- Intelligence (1-4) with 4HD or more that have aggressive natures will attack the one with the cursed coin 80% of the time. Even after getting rid of this dread item the effects last for one hour afterward.

Usable by: Anyone.

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