[New Spell] Everyone on the roof!

Everyone on the roof!

‘This does not look promising,’ Vistis the Blue Mage said as he peered out the window to the courtyard down below.

‘What do you see?’ Stork asked casually as he read over a few pieces of parchment as he sat at the small dining table.

‘It appears to be a small covey of wizards all wearing the colors of the duke and they seem to be discussing something heatedly,’ responded the illusionist.

‘That doesn’st sound good at all,’ Stork said as he paused from his perusal.

‘Now a group of soldiers with crossbows have arrived and one of the wizards look like they are casting a spell in this direction,’ Vistis said, his voice suddenly a bit shrill from under his heavily lacquered mask.

Stork leaped up from his chair, as if to say something profound, and he was suddenly frozen in place, mouth opened, his body rigid and seemingly ethereal as it floated up to the ceiling and through the ceiling as Vistis looked on in horror. Vistis too had felt a something cold creeping along his flesh as the spell tried to overwhelm him too, yet he was lucky enough to shrug it off.

‘There’s one of them on the roof there, the thin one!’ came a shout from belowas several crossbows released their bolts. Vistis heard a screech from the roof and he started to panic. Stork was tough. And ruthless. He would figure something out, the illusionist told himself as he packed essentials and began a spell of his own.

Everyone on the roof! (Magic-user)

Level 3

Range: Special, see below.

Duration: Three rounds per level of caster or until dispelled.

By means of this spell a magic-user may cause everyone (except the caster if they are in the building too nd wish to remain inside) in a building three floors or less to immediately appear on the roof of that particular building. Creatures with 3HD or more may make a Save versus Spells with a -1 modifier to resist or they too will find themselves inconvenienced on the roof for a brief time.

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[New Magic Item] Ring of Ruinous Coins

Ring of Ruinous Coins

Bakra-do felt that odd feeling again of his pocket getting heavier as he was leaving town. The mercenary emptied his pocket onto a large stone slab. There were those coins again. They were gold, yet looked strange. He was suddenly distracted as screams could be heard in the distance. A plume of dark smoke rose in violent opposition to the clear blue sky. He thought he caught a glimpse of something human sized with bat-like wings swooping into the shadows of a rooftop. He separated the strange coins and looked for something to dig with so that he could bury them.

‘This is meant to be, you cannot stop it by burying a few coins,’ a dry voice said as the mercenary knelt and began digging with a flat rock.

‘It can end, I see what is happening and it has gone too far,’ replied the mercenary.

The wizard laughed and a small imp flew screeching from his robes at the mercenary. Bakra-do deftly drew two short swords that hummed with magic and the wizard’s familiar tried to stop its momentum mid air but the human was quicker and cut the imp down. The wizard cried out in pain.

Bakra-do advanced upon the evil mage without fear.

‘Now we discuss how you did this. What magic did you use?’ he said as he held a blade at the wizard’s throat.

Knowing that the mercenary could stab him before he uttered a complete spell he instead removed a ring and tossed it on the ground.

‘That magic,’ he confessed as Bakra-do retrieved the ring, cautious of the spellcaster.

‘We shall see. For now, get out of my sight while I go back and clean this up,’ growled the mercenary as the mage fell to one knee, still gasping from the loss of his imp.

Found in an ancient barrow by an overly curious halfling thief, this ring, as many magic rings found by halflings, often proves to be more trouble than its worth.

Benefit: Once per day this ring can be used to summon 1d12 gold coins into the pouch/coin purse/pocket/etc of everyone within 60′, including the bearer of the ring if they want these coins. The catch is that every one of these conjured coins is from an ancient and damned civilization and these coins, when circulated, begin to draw the attention of infernal and undead creatures which will begin trying to infiltrate and take over any cities or towns where these coins are in circulation. This usually begins with Chaotic spellcasters appearing more and more and becoming more bold and obvious.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Quig’s Contraband Container

Quig’s Contraband Container

Valance and the other’s sat at their table at the Four Winds Bar looking furtively around. The place was allegedly a crossroads of several different planes and dimensions and the clientele did lend credence to that rumor; there was a large assortment of patrons, human and otherwise, at the bar and at various tables.

‘That half-orc over there sure is sweating, he must be up to something,’ Koram observed, nodded at an individual a few tables away. The others nonchalantly peered over.

‘Oh yeah, he is guilty of something,’ agreed Valance.

Suddenly a band of heavily armed constables entered the in and everyone grew quiet. The half-orc looked as if he was about to break and run, yet somehow kept his cool.

‘We are looking for contraband, something forbidden on our world,’ the chief constable announced loudly.

The half-orc chewed his lip as the heavy boots of the chief constable thudded on the wooden planks of the floor. Suddenly he stopped by Chalk.

‘Search this man,’ he told the others.

Before Chalk could protest he was grabbed and searched.

‘Goat cheese. I see. Bringing goat cheese with you!’ snarled the lead constable.

“Is that illegal?’ the puzzled spellcaster asked.

‘I’ll find out, you can be sure about that!’ snapped the lead constable.

As the interrogation wound down Valance pointed out to the others that the half-orc had passed a small box to someone else in exchange for a small pouch and had fled immediately afterward.

A rather plain looking wooden box that is easily overlooked. Very easily overlooked.

Benefit: This small wooden box is 12” wide, 6” high and 6” deep and does not radiate magic to characters or beings under 4HD. Used to smuggle small objects this small chest is so nondescript that guards, constables and similar individuals (under 4HD, of course) do not even notice its presence. This container opens at the whim of its current owner as if they knew Lock/Unlock if they did not already. This ability can be cast countless times upon this enchanted item by the owner, even if they are not a spellcaster. The distraction magic is so strong that if the individual bearing the chest is being searched there is a 65% chance that someone else nearby (within 35′) will suddenly seem suspicious and catch the inspector’s attention instead. Those caught with one of these by authorities often have their lives shortened depending on what was being smuggled.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Bestow Nightvision

Bestow Nightvision

‘Three figures are approaching from the west. I mean east. East!’ reported Koram to the others.

‘Are they all human?’ Valance asked the fighter.

‘Yes, they are. No! There is an elf with them,’ the fighter replied.

‘Are they heavily armed?’ inquired Chalk.

‘No. Well, maybe. One looks like a wizard,’ came the reply.

‘The elf is the wizard?’ asked Chalk.

‘Yes, definitely,’ Koram said.

‘Are you sure?’ Chalk pressed.

‘Pretty much,’ replied Koram.

‘Why didn’t we have the scroll cast on one of us?’ Valance asked Chalk.

The wizard shrugged.

‘We did have the scroll cast on…oh, I see,’ Koram said.

‘I know, I just wish it was a little better,’ said Valance with a sigh.

Bestow Nightvision (Magic-user)

Level 3

Range: 25’+5’/level.

Duration: One hour per level of caster.

By casting this spell the magic-user is granting the ability to see in the dark to any or all creatures within range. For the duration of the spell those affected can see in the dark up to 60′, noticing movement and shapes, but not able to see minute objects or read average sized writing. Creatures affected by this spell that already have nightvision maybe double the range to 120′ and the duration to two hours per level of the caster, other limitations still apply.

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[New Magic Item] Starlight Blade

Starlight Blade

The mercenary Bakra-do heard an eerie hiss as he strode into the ancient tomb. Without hesitation he drew the ancient blade he had unearthed recently in a ruined elven outpost. The room filled with a comforting soft glow and revealed a skulking human in spellcaster’s robes crouching in a corner near a wooden chest.

‘I see you there, Knertel,’ Bakra-do said.

‘It isn’t Knertel,’ replied the illusionist, unaware that he had been revealed and trying to sound sinister.

‘It is you and you are wearing your tatty old robes as usual, you need newer attire,’ observed the mercenary.

The illusionist grumbled in despair.

‘We half the loot then?’ Knertel asked.

‘At the very least I will take half,’ replied Bakra-do.

Ancient elven relics thought lost in battle ages ago, very few of these rare blades surface from time to time. The foil of many a spellcaster’s spells and schemes.

Benefit: Once per day the wielder of this enchanted short sword can illuminate an area 20′ in diameter around the blade of captured starlight. This magical illumination reveals all invisible creatures, illusions and banishes magical and mundane darkness. Effect lasts for one turn (ten minutes) and moves as the blade moves once activated. In combat this short sword deals 1d6+2 points of damage and is +1 to hit.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Wand: Ask the Bee What the Druid Knows

Wand: Ask the Bee What the Druid Knows

Knat the druidess rushed into the common room of the small cottage that Chalk and the others shared, slamming the door behind her.

‘Ever heard of knocking?’ Koram asked.

‘There is a bee chasing me!’ the druidess exclaimed.

‘This sounds devastating, do you think that between us we can take it down?’ Chalk asked sarcastically.

Knat rolled her eyes.

‘This bee has been enchanted to steal from me,’ she told the others.

‘What can it carry? Not even a coin. Unless….how big is this bee?’ Valance asked.

Knat held her thumb and forefinger apart to the size of a honeybee.

‘Not even a bumblebee? No need to call the town guard then,’ quipped Koram.

Knat suddenly stood as stiff as a board, eyes wide open. A few moments later she slumped foreward, as if in defeat.

‘It is done,’ she said gravely.

The other three looked at each other, puzzled.

This ancient oak wand has a bee trapped in amber on one end, making it an eye-catching magical item,. Loved by magic-users and illusionists, this magic item is hated by druids. A lot.

Benefit: The wielder of this enchanted wand must have a live bee nearby to activate this wand. The spellcaster (or adept thief) then taps the bee gently and the small insect then flies to the nearest druid. The druid may Save versus Spells with a -2 modifier, failure means that the druid must surrender two spells of up to 3rd level or answer three questions truthfully about area knowledge. Either/or, not a combination of both. Success means that the druid loses one spell to the wielder of the wand and must only answer one question.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a wand

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[New Spell] Voices Don’t Vary

Voices Don’t Vary

A cold, strong breeze suddenly blew out the torches, leaving the three thieves in the dark.

‘Which tunnel do we take, left or right?’ asked one of the thieves.

‘I think it is right,’ said one that sounded strangely familiar.

‘I thought it was left,’ said another, sounding the same.

‘Definitely right,’ said another voice that sounded like the others.

‘Wait, are there just three of us here?’ inquired a duplicate voice.

‘Or more, who knows?’ asked another voice that sounded like the others.

Voices Don’t Vary (Illusionist)

Level 1

Range: 30’+5’/level.

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level of caster.

To all speaking creatures within range of this spell when it is cast all voices sound just like their own, This makes differentiating people that cannot see each other completely impossible which can be frustrating and even fatal in the wrong situation. When the duration of the spell is over all voices return to normal.

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[New Magic Item] Brazier of Blue Smoke

Brazier of Blue Smoke

The hobgoblin warband stood in awe for a few moments, gazing at the blue smoke that swirled around their weapons and banded armor.

‘Will this give us great power in battle?’ one of the hobgoblins asked the chief.

The leader of the warband looked around and spied a trio of humans at the edge of the clearing. One raised his arms and dark clouds appeared over the warband. There was a buzz in the air and the faint scent of ozone.

‘I don’t think so. I believe that was a trap,’ the hobgoblin leader replied the moment the thunder nd lightning began, striking random hobgoblins and scattering them as they ran for cover, some falling dead after being struck.

An odd bit of magic created for an arch druidess by a grateful enchanter. Potentially devastating under the right circumstances.

Benefit: When filled with fuel such as wood chips or pine cones and lit this brazier emits a pleasant blue smoke that seems to cling to metal weapons and armor in a strange manner. The smoke will stick to the armor and weapons for up to one hour afterwards, and any lightning in the atmosphere or magically conjured will deal double damage to those engulfed in the blue smoke from the brazier, in fact, the lighting has a 75% chance to ‘chain’ after each strike, hitting another target and so on until the ‘chain’ fails and the effect stops for that particular bolt of lightning. Under a storm cloud there is an 80% chance of lightning generating spontaneously and striking, and also having a chain lightning effect on any that where exposed to the smoke of this brazier.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item[ Buzzing Dagger

Buzzing Dagger

A loud droning sound suddenly filled the air out of nowhere.

‘Bees!’ screamed the gnome and ran off into the shrubs.

‘Wait, no…’ began the elf ranger who threw his arms up in the air.

‘He’s gone,’ fellhorn the druid said. ‘Until he comes back.’

‘We shouldn’t split the group out here, even losing that runt is crucial,’ sighed the elf.

‘I don’t see any bees,’ Fellhorn noted.

Before the elf could reply he was suddenly hit by a dagger that seemed to have come from around a tree, if that were possible.

The ranger groaned in pain and pulled out the dagger, throwing it to the ground. The the amazement of druid and ranger the dagger flew off into the trees.

‘The gnome was right, let’s go!’ Fellhorn urged as he handed the elf an enchanted berry for the wound.

The elf shrugged despite the pain and followed the druid.

Thought to be no more than a minor gift to devotees of Locustus, deity of insects, these strange daggers with a stylized bee on the pommel are highly prized by some with more dubious careers.

Benefit: When drawn this dagger suddenly emits a loud buzzing sound, as if the air is filled with thousands and thousands of bees. Living creatures must make a Save versus Paralysis or immediately flee the area for 1d4 hours. The bearer of the dagger may throw this weapon at a specific target up to 30′ away, even if that target is obscured by others; in this case the one throwing the weapon must make a Wisdom attribute check to hit the intended subject. This weapon deals 1d4+2 points of damage. If thrown a successful Dexterity attribute check by the dagger’s owner will return it to their hand.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Sparrowsong


There was a gently tapping at the shutter. It continued for a short time.

Koram sighed heavily and finally got up and opened the window.

‘Is it a raven?’ Valance asked as he read a book.

‘No, it is….a sparrow,’ the fighter answered.

The small bird hopped onto the windowsill, looked about the room, spied Chalk and flew towards him. The bird then hopped upon the wizard’s shoulder and chirped into his ear. He then whispered to the bird which flew out the window immediately.

‘We have got to go, now,’ Chalk said as he grabbed his magical accoutrements.

‘What is happening?’ asked Koram as he reached for his armor.

‘Knat, she is being held in the Crooked Tower near the Dread Forest,’ Chalk replied.

‘I’ll have some spiders ready,’ Valance said as the trio hurried to go save their friend.

Sparrowsong (Druid)

Level 1

Range: One mile per level of caster.

Duration: Until message is delivered and replied to.

This druid magic summons a small common sparrow for the area. If there are no sparrows a similar small bird is summoned. This bird then receives a message from the caster to rely on behalf of themselves or another person to a subject within the range of the spell. The messages is ‘encrypted’ in that only the caster and recipient can understand the message the bird is conveying. Once sent the message is delivered and the recipient can reply if they can speak and the caster will receive a reply as soon as the sparrow returns.

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