[New Magic Item] Amulet of Mocking Enemies

Amulet of Taunting Enemies

Navnen the thief dodged the swing of the ruffian. Laughing, he took the silver amulet from his neck and threw it to Chalk. The thug that was about to attack the thief suddenly stopped and shook his head as if to clear out the cobwebs and looked around dazed. But another patron of the inn snarled at Chalk and began a spell that the wizard was too slow to avoid. Shadowy tentacles grabbed Chalk and smashed him against a wall then knocked over several tables and chairs with the spellcaster before Koram and the others could free their companion. Wearily Chalk removed the amulet and handed it towards Valance.

‘With my gambling and scams, in this place?’ asked the priest of the Spider God. ‘No thank you! With my schemes we’d have the entire inn turned against us. Tuck that thing away until we really need it.’

Created ages ago by a wizard trying to help a would be Hero this odd magic item often seems to cause as much harm as it does good, but it certainly does one thing very well, this magic item quickly sorts out friend from foe. The amulet appears as a small silver stylized mocking face.

Benefit: This small, silvery amulet constantly works its subtle magic. Silent to all allies and friends, to enemies and adversaries this small amulet mocks and belittles those who would do harm to the wearer, goading enemies to attack. The high, thin voice enrages those affected who have a -2 ability to hit the charm’s bearer should they attack, although they are not forced to, this mockery has an 80% chance of driving anyone berserk enough to try to hit the wearer per turn (10 minutes). If removed the magic instantly renders the amulet inert and anyone who was enraged at the wearer suddenly is no longer in that state, yet is still free to attack or remain calm.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Call of Coin

Call of Coin


The mercenary Bakra-do felt a slight inward tug towards the northwest again. He wasn’t exactly sure why, he just felt that there was someone in need in that direction.

Against his better judgment the mercenary turned his shaggy ox steed towards the northwest. The ox didn’t balk, it merely trudged along, carrying the mercenary and a small covered wagon that Bakra-do used as a portable house, although he repainted the wooden box from garish reds and yellows to more earthen greens and browns. The ox plodded down the dirt road splashing in the occasional puddle from the previous night’s rain. Suddenly they came upon a clearing. There stood an obvious wizard and a half a dozen mercenary types, mostly human. Intrigued Bakra-do climbed down from his seat on the front of the small wagon, tied his ox to a stalwart tree and joined the others.

‘Ah, another has heard my call!’ the wizard exclaimed. ‘I am the mage Azada and I need a small warband. I can pay in coin and I have many pots of coins stashed about to ensure that I don’t get rushed on the spot-help me and share in a bigger pile of treasure.’

Intrigued, Bakra-do moved up closer, standing between a dispassionate hobgoblin warrior and a bedraggled human bandit.


Call of Coin (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: One half mile/level.

Duration: One hour/level of caster.

This strange arcane spell is not like most ‘calling’ spells in that Call of Coin allows the caster to ‘fine tune’ the spell towards a specific type of target (mercenary, skilled worker in some field, cleric, thief, etc) and all within radius of the spell will feel a mental tug in that direction but are probably more compelled by the promise of coin than compassion for the target. There is no saving throw necessary and those being called that are already at their limit of coins and treasure may ignore the plea entirely. The caster may be sending out a call for someone skilled at fixing a cart or creating an impromptu mercenary band to repel an attack so the response is random but at least has a 20% chance per hour of bringing in someone in the vicinity even if nobody else is normally in that area (i.e. a traveling wheelwright might be available to fix a broken wagon wheel). Not that nobody who appears has to work for the caster, any prices or services must be negotiated, this spell merely acts as a beacon for a specific trade or class.

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[New Spell] Banquet of Fairy

Banquet of Fairy


‘….and that,’ said Knat the druidess,’ is how I vanquished the Ogre King of Klogos on my own.’

Valance looked up sleepily from his meal.

‘But why have you done the same to us?’ asked the priest of the Spider God.

‘Just to make sure you scoundrels didn’t mock me or say it didn’t happen like you always do!’ she answered.

Chalk fell forward snoring then vanished, followed by Koram. Valance tried to fight it as Navnen disappeared.

‘Treachery!’ he slurred and was gone.

‘I’ll watch your things boys,’ Knat said with a smile.


Banquet of Fairy (Druid)

Level 5

Range: Touch

Duration: One week per level of druid.


A druid casts this spell on an amount of food before him or her. This enchanted banquet will make all of the food savory and delicious, and it will also force all mortals who eat of this meal to make a save versus Poison at -2 (-1 for elves and gnomes), those who fail drop blissfully to sleep and are instantly transported to a safe place in the Fairy Realm where those affected can sleep deeply and have wonderful dreams for the duration of the spell. When it is time to awaken those affected are transported to the spot they were on when they ate of this magical feast.

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[New Spell] Distasteful to the Dead

Distasteful to the Dead

‘This is another spell that would be handy if you knew,’ Chalk whispered as the snarling ghouls ambled passed, ignoring the wizard, priest of the Spider God and the thief.

‘I get things done,’ Valance hissed back.

‘With spiders,’ remarked Navnen.

‘Want to wake up with some in your blanket with you?’ Valance offered.

The thief shook his head vigorously.

‘Let’s get back to the tavern and tell Koram what we have found,’ Chalk suggested trying to defuse the conversation.

Distasteful to the Dead (Cleric)

Level 3

Range: Touch or Self.

Duration: One hour/level of caster.

This clerical spell renders those affected (up to the caster’s level is the number of individuals that may be affected) are ignored by the types of undead that eat flesh or drink blood (zombies, ghouls, vampires, etc). These undead are appalled by those under the spell and avoid them. Note that undead that attack either by will or command (most incorporeal undead, skeletons, mummies, etc) are immune to this spell.

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[New Encounter] The Altar of the Egg

Altar of the Egg

‘We have one shot at this, presumably,’ Stork said.

The two spellcasters approached the strange stone altar in the forest. A dark purple egg appeared, an egg that was huge.

Vistis the Blue Mage hobbled forward and grabbed the egg, which must have weighed about forty pounds.

‘Let us hasten away before anyone else approaches,’ Stork said.

From behind his lacquered mask Vistis glared at Stork.

Many hours later the sorcerer and the illusionist sat excitedly before the egg. With a small rock Stork broke the shell. The egg broke, revealing a slender blue reptilian creature.

‘Blue dragon! We will make good money selling this,’ Stork exclaimed.

Vistis titled his head in a puzzled manner.

‘If only we could remember where we got it we could go back and get more,’ the illusionist lamented.

A strange altar tucked away in a grove of oaks and beeches at the base of a mountain has drawn people for untold ages. It is hard to pin the exact location down because everyone in the nearby vicinity tends to forget that exactly where this strange altar is.

In the game: An ancient stone altar in the middle of a strange grove of trees will produce one very large egg every full moon that materializes on the altar and remains until daybreak if not claimed at which time it dematerializes. If claimed consult the list below. All sentient beings within one mile must make a Save versus Spells at -3 or totally forget the events of the evening or where they were the entire night within three hours. If claimed an egg will produce:

Roll 1d6:

1.A baby griffon that can be tamed and used as a mount.

2.From the egg a baby pegasus appears that can also be tamed and used as a mount.

3. A baby hippogriff appears, also tameable and usable as a mount.

4. A baby dragon (random color) emerges from the egg.

5. A fully grown Rust Monster emerges, hungry for metal.

6. A Type 1 demon (Vrock) emerges in a cloud of smoke, it will fight unless outnumbered and then may be convinced to serve for one week.

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[New Magic Item] Apples of the Fey Forest

Apples of the Fey Forest

The hounds were baying in the distance, their raspy barks and howls getting closer.

‘You fool, Navnen, the duke had dogs!’ Chalk said. ‘We will all get hunted down.’

The thief shook his head and smiled. From a pouch at his side he retrieved an apple.

‘Now you are going to eat!’ Koram exclaimed as the thief held the apple aloft.

Valance looked down the road.

‘I see them,’ said the priest of the Spider God.

Navnen calmly tapped himself with the apple. It suddenly turned blue. He then casually threw the enchanted fruit into a nearby well.

‘Now what do we do?’ Chalk asked.

‘Now we run while the duke’s men try to figure out how to get me out of the well,’ the thief replied.

The other three looked puzzled.

‘I’m going, you can stand here and explain yourselves to them if you please,’ Navnen said as he hastened off into the brush.

Enchanted apples are always a tricky thing, trust the Fey and their goods and services as far as you can toss a spriggan in giant form.

Benefit: The apples that grow in the strange and beguiling Fey Forest are enchanted to absorb the scent of an individual or thing and emit that scent themselves. Also known ‘Tapples’, one must firmly hold one of these apples in one hand and tap the individual (or yourself) and the apples will take on a bluish hue so that you know the magic is in effect. For one hour after the ‘tap’ the apple will exude a strong scent of the affected individual as the affected person has no scent at all. Any creatures that can track by scent will be fooled by these enchanted apples 98% of the time.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Fey Slow

Fey Slow


Fellhorn gritted his teeth as the wizard cast a spell. Miraculously, he seemed unaffected. Then looked over at his companions, the gnome thief and elf ranger, who struggled to walk against an unseen current, everything they did was slowed.

The druid cast a spell that flung uncoiled barbed vines at the wizard as the latter’s minions scurried into battle. A half dozen leering goblins with sharp spears who suddenly growled and sniveled in slow motion as they realized that the wizard’s spell affected them as well.

The elf slowly drew his blade as the gnome fought to get out of the fray in slow motion. It was painful to watch as Fellhorn contemplated his next spell.


Fey Slow (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: 30’+5’/level.

Duration: One turn.


When cast all Fey creatures within range of the spell (which can include demi-humans and goblins if these are considered Fey or part Fey in your world) must make a save against Spells at -1 or be reduced to one-half their normal movement rate and attack at -2 to hit. Because of their magical nature everything is slowed with the affected Fey, including speech and even falling will be in slow motion. After one turn these creatures return to normal. Surviving fey creatures tend to be quite vengeful as an f.y.i.

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