[New Spell] Pouchgrab


‘That was a shifty person that just bumped into you,’ Chalk said to Valance.

‘Since word got out that we are couriers I have noticed that the thieves have gotten thicker around us,’ the priest of the Spider God replied.

‘Should I tail him?’ Navnen offered.

‘No need, the goods are safe,’ Valance said with a smile.

Koram held aloft the pouch at Valance’s side.

‘Empty!’ the fighter said looking for the thief.

A bloodcurdling scream could be heard down a nearby alley.

‘That was the pouch I keep my spiders in,’ Valance said with a grin.

Pouchgrab (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: Touch.

Duration: One hour per level of caster.

When cast upon a Small or Medium sized pouch when it is empty this causes the pouch to become enchanted so that when the container next touches a similar sized pouch the contents will transfer into the enchanted pouch. No save is available, yet there is a chance (determined by the situation and the LL/DM/GM, base 27%) that the one stolen from will notice the lightened load.

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[New Magic Item] Grasping Grass Seeds

Grasping Grass Seeds

Valance struggled to free himself from the table that had suddenly been covered in blue grass. To his horror he was stuck fast. His opponent was gathering the money from the table to beat a hasty retreat.

‘I will find you, and I will have spiders with me,’ the priest of the Spider God told the other gambler.

‘Yeah, and I will be long gone when you break free,’ quipped the gambler-thief as he nodded to the cleric and left.

Valance whistled. A strange green spider appeared that was about the size of a small dog.

‘Go get Chalk and the others,’ he said.

The arachnid scurried off as Valance kept struggling to break free.

Thought to be of alien origin and of extreme value, Grasping Grass Seeds are very useful for both dungeon delvers and those who would thwart them. Just a pinch goes a long ways.

Benefit: A pinch of these strange tiny blue seeds will react with the air and when landing on any horizontal surface waving blue grass about six inches high will suddenly appear. This alien flora will slow the speed by half of anyone walking through it, even charging through it will slow one’s charging speed down by one quarter and the length of the charge will be diminished by one half and requires a Dexterity check. Those who fail are prone and held fast by the sticky, pawing grass. If sprinkled on a table a Strength check is required to break free. Fire will also cause this strange grass to disappear, either by sacrificing a lantern (a torch is too slow burning) or a Fireball spell to cause it to wither and become blue dust This alien grass lasts for 1d4 hours before dissipating into a harmless blue dust. Affects an area roughly 40′ in radius or 65′ down a five foot wide corridor.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Shared Effect

Shared Effect

‘We’ve got this. Cast the spell on Koram when we get inside the courtyard,’ Valance suggested to Chalk. The wizard nodded. The fighter and cleric dashed into the courtyard. Koram suddenly grew in size as Valance mumbled a prayer to the Spider God. Then the priest also grew in size.

The bandits turned away from the two giants to see a herd of giant spiders advancing from the other side of the courtyard, summoned earlier by Valance. The leader of the bandits turned towards the two giants and shrugged. He tossed the bag of loot at the feet of the giants.

‘Win some, lose some,’ the bandit leader said.

‘Should I call off the spiders?’ Valance asked Koram.

‘I don’t know, these guys made us chase them over a lot of ground,’ the fighter replied.

‘Hey!’ the bandit king said as Valance waved his hand and dismissed the raging arachnids.

Shared Effect (Cleric)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: As per shared spell.

If cast within three rounds of another spell this divine spell allows the caster to share the effects of any spell of level 1-4 cast upon another. This could be a healing spell, a spell that affects another, such as Enlarge, or even a curse, which the Shared Effect caster uses to endure the same curse as another as penance or proof of endurance.

Option: An Advanced form of this spell can easily cover higher spell levels.

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[New Magic Item] Amulet of Voices

Amulet of Voices

Human druid, gnome illusionist and elf ranger snuck up to ambush the obvious goblin talking to itself in the underbrush.

The burly ogre stood up, placing an amulet around its neck that the gnome spied, recognizing it and instantly fixated on the small magic item.

Even after they ran from the lumbering humanoid the gnome tried to convince the others that they should go back and conquer the beast.

Created by a wily Grand Illusionist, this strange amulet is highly sought after by many tricksters, thieves and other questionable folk. Be careful when using this magic item lest one of these scoundrels tries wresting it away from you.

Benefit: Once per day this amulet can be used to mimic any species’ voice type (living or undead, no constructs or animated objects) with 85% accuracy. A squeaky goblin, a deep voiced troll, a maniacal gnoll, the voice is convincing, especially so if one knows the language of the creature as well. Can be used to mimic voices of those the same species as the bearer of the amulet (for example a dwarf could mimic another dwarf’s voice) with 95% accuracy.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Monster] Onarv

Onarv (Donkey-headed Beastmen)

Navnen returned to his adventuring companions.

‘He wants to go with us as far as the city of Droosk,’ the thief told the others.

The donkey-headed creature regarded the others with a hopeful face.

‘He knows the myths and folktales of the land?’ Chalk asked.

‘I do, with great precision,’ the onarv said in a deep voice.

‘He’s in,’ Chalk said. ‘What’s one more oddball in the bunch?’

The group welcomed their new spellcaster and scholar.

The Onarv, known as the Donkey-headed Ones (a bit of a misnomer as female mule beastmen also exist) are a very mysterious race of beastmen that seem to eschew the natural beastly tendencies of most beastmen types and often hire themselves out as mercenary spellcasters, although they must ‘borrow’ the spells from those around them. Their ability to absorb knowledge of myths and legends makes these creatures invaluable loremasters in wild and untamed areas. Despite being neutral these creatures are usually quite loyal if treated well.

Onarv: HD 2+4; AC 5[12]; Atk: By weapon, Kick (1d8); Move12 ; Save 13; AL:N ;CL/XP 3/250; Special: Spell-thief: Can duplicate any spell cast within 40′ up to 4th level, magic-user, illusionist, or druid. Spells are retained for three days and may be cast two times each per day with a maximum of six spells total per day. Area knowledge: Onarv instinctively know myths and legends in the immediate vicinity with 75% accuracy.

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[New Spell] Shimmering Shower of Silver

Shimmering Shower of Silver

Koram returned with a frown.

‘I don’t see any water and we were so close to catching that wily illusionist for the bounty,’ the fighter said.

Valance laughed as he regarded his baggage.

‘What is it?’ Chalk asked.

The priest of the Spider God held a coin pouch aloft then drank from it.

The rest of the party did the same.

‘So in escape he has provided us with hopefully enough water to catch up to him,’ Navnen the thief commented.

‘I’m sure that wasn’t his goal, but we can run with it,’ Chalk replied.

Shimmering Shower of Silver (Illusionist)

Level 5

Range: Self.

Duration: Instantaneous and see below.

When cast this illusionist spell allows the illusionist to teleport safely to any known area within 200′ of the current location, at which time the spot where the caster was standing suddenly is filled with golden light and a shower of silver coins, equal to 200 silver coins per caster level, which clink and clank and scatter, often dazzling and distracting a crowd. After 1d4 days these coins become water and this usually ticks off some folks.

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[New Monster] Ice Skeleton

Ice Skeleton

Two dozen more of the frozen skeletons appeared, their frozen feet clacking on the dungeon tiles.

‘How many more of these things are there?’ Koram exclaimed, swinging his sword like an automaton, chopping mindlessly at these skeletons with ice for bones.

‘I don’t know, but this is getting old really fast,’ Valance said as he conjured more spiders which the ice-boned skeletons seemed to tear through.

Chalk began a spell to try to boil water in the area as Navnen cursed and threw a lit torch at a concentration of the ice skeletons, which caused them to scatter as their jaws clacked disturbingly.

Ice Skeleton
A necromantic spell that took on a life of its own centuries ago to create these monsters, Ice Skeletons are the spirits of those who died either of freezing or died violently in winter. While basically mindless and neutral these creatures appear to possess a strange malevolent cunning that allows them to work together as a mob and work together. These creatures eventually melt in warmer conditions, therefore they strive to remain in freezing or near freezing temperatures.

Ice Skeleton: HD 1+4; AC 6[13]; Atk: By weapon, Claw (1d4); Move 9 ; Save 14; AL:N ;CL/XP 1/35; Special: Undead Immunities (no need to breathe, immune to Charm, Sleep, poisons, etc). Chill Touch: a successful Critical Hit (natural 19 or 20) deals an additional 1d4 in Cold damage; Fire deals triple damage; Mob in numbers up to 3d12 easily; Shatter, these creatures will shatter if they fall more than 15′; Limited regeneration: immersion in water/snow or freezing winds with snow will regrow limbs at a rate of 1 hp/round.

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