[New Magic Item] Ring of Sages

Ring of Sages

The mercenary Bakra-Do turned the ring over in his hands several times before putting it on. He was hesitant, because, as everyone knows, magical rings can be very dangerous things.

‘And what is your power, if any?’ he asked the ring, admiring the green stone within.

‘I am the Ring of Sages, containing a wealth of knowledge,’ squeaked the ring, much to Bakra-Do’s astonishment.

‘Are there ogres in yonder mountain pass?’ he asked.

‘Undoubtedly,’ replied the ring.

‘Can I get by them?’

‘With stealth and subtlety, yes.’

‘Are you always accurate?’

‘Mostly,’ chirped the ring as the mercenary wondered if he should find another route.

It is rumored that the knowledge of ten legendary sages is stored within this ring. If true one of these wise people was a bit of a scoundrel because the answers aren’t always right….

Benefit: A magical ring that has a wealth of lore stored within it. The GM/DM may decide if the ring has specific lore that the ring is attuned to or if these rings are only found in a certain area and only useful in that particular area and of a certain subject. The ring will be accurate 80% of the time, giving truthful information to the wearer in a thin, squeaky voice, but the other 20% of the time the ring doesn’t contain the answer and will make something up, and no matter how outlandish, with a mostly accurate track record its advice is often followed. The ring answers four questions per day.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Animal Messenger

Animal Messenger


Fellhorn whispered a few words to the sparrow and it flew off to the east.

‘What will that do?’ the gnome asked.

‘Convey a spoken message to the Archmage of Velsi about the gnoll presence in these woods,’ the druid replied.

‘Why not just tie a note to its leg?’ the elf ranger asked.

‘Because the sparrow will speak in my voice and know it is me and that there is urgency,’ Fellhorn said.

‘The elf and gnome both shrugged in agreement with the idea.


Animal Messenger (Druid)

Level 2

Range: Touch

Duration: See below

When cast the druid is allowed to convey a message via any animal he or she wishes in any language spoken by the caster and the creature will deliver the message in the caster’s voice. One sentence (of reasonable length) per level of caster. Duration is when the animal finds its target to repeat the message to, which must be on the same plane.

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[New Magic Item] Eye of Glorp

Eye of Glorp

‘You waste coins on the stupidest things,’ the elf said to the gnome.

Smirking the gnome held the huge blue eye aloft. It became semi-transparent and flew off silently.

‘We will see,’ chuckled the gnome, amused by his own joke. Suddenly his smile became a frown.

‘Time to break camp and head for the mountains,’ the gnome said with urgency in his voice.

‘What is happening?’ Fellhorn the druid asked.

‘An army of gnolls, lead by something big and strange, coming in this direction, they don’t seem to know about us yet,’ replied the small illusionist.

The elf doused the fire and packed gear away hastily.

‘Okay, most of the time you waste coins on stupid things.’

Nobody is exactly sure who or what Glorp was, how many eyes Glorp had or what made a wizard enchant its eyes, but there have been at least a half a dozen individual eyes verified so far out in the wild or in a mage’s lair.

Benefit: This strange magic item is an eyeball about the size of a cantaloup that is covered in viscous slime. If held aloft in one hand the eye can be used as a Wizard’s Eye/Arcane Eye spell, becoming invisible and wandering off up to 150′ per level of the character, and relaying visual information to that person. In motion the eye is not entirely invisible and cannot pass through solid objects, but can squeeze through holes and cracks at list three inches in diameter or under doors with at least a one inch gap. In addition the eye can serve as a ‘watchdog’, keep an eye out while the possessor is asleep or otherwise engaged, any disturbance or intrusion and the eye will fly to its owner and hover before them. The eye has 6HD but does not engage in combat, it escapes to its owner as soon as it can.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Astral Castle

Astral Castle


‘I thought this would be…..more grand,’ Valance said as he stood before the small stone building.

‘You could have donated more if you wanted an actual castle,’ Chalk said, ‘this will do for our purposes.’

Valance pointed at the sword at Koram’s side.

‘And are you bringing that Crystal Sword with you?’ asked the priest of the Spider God.

‘Yes, of course,’ the fighter answered.

‘So basically we will be drifting through the Astral plane in a rock hut and carrying a weapon that thousands of creatures would kill to reclaim because they hate losing one of these swords?’ Valance asked.

‘You worry too much. Navnen has rounded up a bunch of weapons and we will rendezvous on the edge of the Deep Astral with my mentor and be back in no time,’ Chalk said trying to reassure the priest.

Within a half an hour the small stone house was covered in a dozen wailing Astral Raiders trying to get at those within and get their magical sword back.

Valance looked over at Chalk and smirked just before the two began casting spells to rid themselves of the extra-planar menaces.


Astral Castle (Druid)

Level 7

Range: Touch

Duration: See below

This spell allows a druid to send a finished building into the Astral plane. While ‘castle’ is usually a stretch as most buildings would qualify as a ‘hut’, as long as the building has four walls, a ceiling and a floor attached it qualifies for this spell. As the building is being sent into the Astral the caster may decide if he or she wants to physically or astrally enter the Astral as well. The ‘castle’ is gently steered either by the caster or by anyone who has assumed ownership of the building. Note that while usually an extremely safe way to travel the Astral plane and keep a party together, creatures like the Astral Raiders (q.v.) look for any materials like wood and stone brought into their domain to build their titanic temples and monuments. Unless brought back by some force or issue those within stay indefinitely if they choose and sometimes magic-users pay druids to send a building for them into the Astral for research (or to hide).

Optional, suggested by a kind reader: The inside of this building is doubled in space from what it appears to be on the outside due to the transfer of material to the Astral plane.

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[New Magic Item] Comforting Cloak of St Ferris

Comforting Cloak of St. Ferris

‘A rare find, indeed, and in time, we may borrow this for a day,’ Chalk told Valance as he handed the colorful and well made cloak to the priest of the Spider God.

‘This is the one that removes curses?’ Valance asked as he took the cloak.

‘Yes, it is, we are very fortunate to be able to use this, especially the way you collect curses,’ the wizard replied.

Valance wrapped the cloak around himself and seemed to instantly improve.

‘Are you crying?’ Chalk asked the normally aloof and jaded cleric.

‘This cloak is the result of the sacrifice of someone very good, it is an honor to be able to free myself of the curse, that’s all,’ lied Valance as he tried to wipe a tear away. He recalled the tales of St Ferris and how he was lost too young in life.

St Wyatt Ferris was a courageous and kind adventurer, known for many good and noble deeds. Sadly this brave warrior passed on early in life, yet his cloak remains as an enduring and gentle reminder of his presence and the kindness he had for others in his heart.

Benefit: This magical cloak serves many purposes; the wearer will stay warm and dry in rainy or snowing conditions continually, in addition, once per day this cloak will heal the wearer or one other of 1d4 points of damage and once per day this cloak can Remove Curse on the wearer.

Usable by: Anyone.

Written in memory of Wyatt Ferris, a young man who has left this world too soon.

 #Play4Wyatt #WyattNPC

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[New Monster] Agorimos


The lumbering creature came from the woods talking to the elf ranger, much to the shock of Fellhorn and the gnome illusionist.

‘Ah, that one,’ the elf said pointing at the gnome.

The tall, hawk-headed thing eyed the small demi-human for a moment and then clacked its beak, as if uttering the words of a spell.

A huge shadow loomed over the clearing. The gnome screamed and ran towards the treeline, but not before a great eagle swooped down from the sky and collected the gnome and flew off above the pines.

‘Don’t kill our illusionist!’ exclaimed Fellhorn.

‘He’ll live, he’s just being dropped off on that dreadfully high crag over yonder,’ the elf said, pointing into the distance.

‘The feud you two idiots have is going to kill one of us one of these days,’ Fellhorn commented, shaking his head.


No. Enc.: 1 (1d4)

Alignment: Neutral

Movement: 180′ (60′)

Armor Class: 6

Hit Dice: 7+4

Attacks: 1

Damage: 1d6+2 (bite or strike) or by weapon

Save: F8

Morale: 10

Hoard Class: XIx2

X.P.: 1800

These tall, hawk-headed humanoids have bodies that are scaled with feathered ridges along the creature’s arms and legs. First created as gatherers of tribute for an avian deity the fall of this god to madness and chaos freed the agorimos from their duties, but their strange looks left them as wanderers that rarely come near civilization, living in the woods and coming together with others of their kind from time to time to perform rituals to appeal to their lost god and try to bring him around. All attempts so far have failed. Taking work as mercenaries when accepted, the agorimos are faithful companions and use their magic to help their allies and pester their foes. Five times per day the agorimos can Summon Animal (always avian, calling birds of their will, from a sparrow to a roc), while three times per day these creatures can cast Charm Person or Mammal. These creatures do get along well with elves, probably based on a pact or event from ancient times.

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[New Spell] Knowing Where They Are Planted

Knowing Where They Are Planted


Chalk and the others caught up to Knat the Druidess as she was helping a small town ravaged by the local necromancer.

‘This doesn’t look like fun,’ the wizard said.

‘Especially when people ask about loved ones and I find out they are now undead,’ Knat replied.

‘What do you tell them?’

‘Whatever I think they can handle, but it gives me a good tally on the undead,’ she answered.


Knowing Where They Are Planted (Druid)

Level 2

Range: To target.

Duration: One day per level of caster.

This spell allows the druid to know the exact location of a particular burial site by means of an arcane line that leads to the grave. If the being in question was cremated or their body otherwise destroyed the druid will also know, just as if a map is before the caster he or she will see a point on the map sparkle to reveal where the grave(s) are located. This spell can be very useful to determine the final resting place of bodies or to reveal if the deceased is in fact dead or has been raised from the dead (all options can be determined with this spell).

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