[New Magic Item] Necromantic Banner

Necromantic Banner

Koram, Chalk, Valance, Knat and Nudge watched the battle below them from a small hill.

‘We need to take that banner down, don’t we?’ Koram asked.

‘It is the better thing to do,’ answered Chalk. ‘But we’d better be careful, this one looks touchy, that thing has been cranking out skeletons and ghouls, dropping anyone that gets too close.’

Koram raised his Crystal Sword and looked at the others. He was obviously ready to charge.

‘But, Koram, it’s dangerous….’ began Knat.

‘I heard of a paladin once that broke a dozen of those in a tale my grandfather told me, I’m sure I can break one!’

Created by a cabal of necromancers in the dead city of Bakal this horrific artifact of evil has been used openly in the battlefield and secretly in towns and villages, being placed at night to created quick undead for the up and coming necromancer.

The most famous use of this was in the garden of King Rusnell III, in which the Lord Paladin of the Keep, Sir Kakatel, reportedly faced off against the necromancer Nognoff and broke three of these magic items over his knee in succession in defiance of the necromancer before freeing his head from his shoulders.

Benefit: Any item so deadly that the one using it often has it activated by another, the Necromantic Banner, when placed in the ground, radiates death so strongly that few can withstand it. Once planted into the earth the banner causes all within 75′ to make a Save versus Death every round or lose 1d6 hit points. Those that die from the effects of this banner rise from death in one turn, as either a skeleton or a ghoul (50% chance of either) in thrall to the one that commanded the banner to be planted in the ground. If released from the earth this deadly emanation instantly ceases.

Usable by: Anyone, but usually necromancers and the dead.

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[New Spell] Feybinder



Knat returned with a mischievous grin.

‘That was a little cruel,’ Chalk said.

‘No crueler than making a brownie build a hut in an hour,’ she replied with a pout.

‘I’m not saying that was a brilliant move in itself, but still, creating quicksand then solidifying it when it got to that wizard’s knees? Mean.’

‘He’ll live, after a bit of struggling,’ she quipped.


Feybinder (Arcane)

Level 5

Range: 40′

Duration: 6 turns (one hour)

When cast this arcane spell calls forth one fey creature of up to 7HD. The caster may attempt to summon a specific fey for a specific task and the summoned fey creature has a 45% chance of summoning a like creature if the task requires more than one being to accomplish a particular task. The bound fey, when released, may attempt revenge at a later time if the caster made them doing something against their nature.

Druids dislike the use of this spell and sometimes complicate the lives of magic-users casting it.

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[New Magic Item (Cursed)] Drinking Horn of Neverhere

Drinking Horn of Neverhere

Valance urged Chalk to come over to him and peek into the common room of the Confused Catoblepas Inn. Reluctantly the wizard agreed.

‘You don’t want to miss this!’

‘Sure…is that Knat waving at us?!’

‘Yes,’ replied the priest of the Spider God. ‘And see that drinking horn that the innkeeper is taking over to that table?’

‘Aren’t those the “bounty hunters” that have been following us?’ Chalk asked in an astonished manner.

‘Absolutely. And while they cannot all drink from it at once, they will try and…’

There was a sudden commotion. Two of the young adventurers suddenly disappeared, leaving to more. As they crowd began to get loud each took a drinking from the horn and passed it to the other, who promptly disappeared.

‘Where did they go?’ Chalk asked.

‘I don’t know and I don’t care. The main thing is, now they are out of our hair,’ answered Valance.

‘Another brilliant move!’

The priest of the Spider God tipped his hat in a mock bow, sending several dozen small spiders scuttling into his robes.

Chalk shuddered.

Carved from the horn of a defeated demon lord and soaked for decades in the River Styx, this cursed drinking horn looks like an average (if large) drinking vessel that radiates no foul magic. Maybe because while the thing is cursed, it also has helped a few people escape worse punishments than an altered memory and a new home.

Benefit: This is a cursed item-once the imbiber takes a sip he or she is instantly teleported to the nearest friendly town/village/city/etc with no recollection of where they just where, no memory of who they saw there or any history whatsoever about that locale, hearing about it the next time will be as if for the first time, even if that person was born in the place in which they took a drink from the strange horn.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Exploder



Stork slipped into the dark window and eased back out a few minutes later.

‘And now?’ Vistis the Blue Mage asked.

‘I suggest we move away and wait,’ replied the sorcerer.

Before too long a trio of goblins entered the small stone hut that Stork had just been in.

Moments later a loud explosion shook the ground, smoke and dust erupted from the windows, door, and cracks and crevices in the hut.

Stork howled with laughter.

‘I LOVE doing that!’


Exploder (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: Touch (50′ blast radius)

Duration: Instantaneous.

This arcane spell, when cast upon a dagger, will cause that dagger to explode violently when it is next picked up, shaken or handled, causing 4d6 damage to all within a ’50 foot radius. This fiery explosion is strong enough to break all crockery and other fragile items within the blast zone. Thought to be a an ancient spell of war wizards, this spell is highly sought after by saboteurs.

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[New Spell] Recall Object

Recall Object


‘A little too rich for my blood!’ Stork said as he set the scroll back down,looked at Vistis and nodded towards the door. ‘Perhaps another time.’

With that Vistis and Stork left the lair of the magical fence.

‘Are you crazy? We need that scroll!’ Vistis hissed.

‘Do you think we could have taken down those thugs? I would swear that one of them had ogre blood in his veins,’ replied Stork. ‘Just hold on a moment…’

The wily sorcerer muttered a spell and closed his eyes to concentrate. Seconds later a rolled parchment was in his hand.

‘How did you?’

‘It doesn’t matter, we have to get out of here now!’


Recall Object (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: 10′ per level of caster

Duration: Instantaneous.

This simple spell allows a spellcaster to summon any small object back to him or herself that the caster has previously touched and may be animate or inanimate. Target object must be small enough to be held in one hand. If the object is within radius but beyond the caster’s line of site for some reason then the magic-user must make an attribute roll against their INT to bring the thing to them.

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[New Spell] Through the Wall!

Through the Wall!


Chalk looked at the others.

‘It’s cute and all to have these bounty hunters after us, especially since they are fairly incompetent and inexperienced, but one of these days somebody is actually going to get hurt and I don’t want it to be one of us,’ the wizard said.

‘I agree,’ said Valance. ‘Plus, my spiders don’t like the taste of their archer apparently.’

Just then a scream interrupted the conversation as a spear wielding mercenary ran into the room, aiming his weapon at Chalk, who, nonchalantly grabbed the shaft of the spear while turning spinning slowly and speaking a brief incantation. As the mercenary’s shoulder touched the wall it became ethereal for a moment as he started to yell. In a flash he was gone, only one end of the spear sticking from the wall.

‘That will discourage them, but not hinder them, he’ll figure his way out of there in time,’ the wizard said with a little smile.


Through the Wall! (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: Permanent (see below)

When the Through the Wall! Spell is cast the magic-user must physically push or shove their target against a wall (or ceiling or floor, if possible) and if the wall, floor, ceiling is not thicker than 3′ the target gets one save versus spells at -1 or he or she is pushed through the barrier to arrive on the other side. For a brief moment the target of the spell becomes incorporeal and is pushed through the barrier to pop out materialized on the other side. This spell can be used to get hinder a foe or save an ally, depending on the situation.

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[New Magic Item] Brazier of Magic Gone Awry

Brazier of Magic Gone Awry

After being chased by the trio of wizards for nearly a week Bakra-do had enough of this game. Slipping away before they knew he was gone, but knowing they would pick up the trail eventually, the mercenary was off to find out if the rumor of a nearby magic item was true or not. A few hours of investigation and a bit of gold spent in a land where silver was the standard and gold quite rare and the mercenary had a brazier in his possession of questionable origin and use.

Two days later Bakra-do noticed movement over his shoulder and grinned. Circling back just after dusk he found the three magi in their makeshift camp. Without hesitation the mercenary lit something and tossed it into the brazier, as th sweet smelling smoke wafted gently on the night breeze Bakra-do made his presence known.

The next morning Bakra-do woke up in a strange place and with his head pounding, but he was never troubled by those wizards again.

Reportedly from the plane of Limbo, this strange magic item has caused enough chaos that nobody doubts this origin story. Many a great sorcerer or wizard has been reduced to tears when a spell has gone wrong, the only hint the slight whiff of sandalwood in the air.

Benefit: When lit with a few pieces of burning sandalwood, the Brazier of Magic Gone Awry radiates a sinewy trail of sweet smelling smoke that causes all magic it meets (smoke radiates in a 30′ radius for one hour, wind conditions can alter the path dramatically) to twist and mutate, lengthening durations of spells, amount of subjects affected or produced or even change the spell altogether into something entirely different. Making an exact chart is impossible to cover all of the possible side effects of this magic item, so a GM is encouraged to be creative and add something weird to their game with this strange brazier.

Usable by: Anyone.

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