[New Magic Item] Druid Tree Staff

Druid Tree Staff

‘Well that made getting over the city wall easier!’ Chalk exclaimed to the others as they sorted themselves out, adjusting gear and preparing to find refuge for the night.

‘Normally I wouldn’t pay to leave a city, but I suppose we had to,’ Valance chimed in.

‘Wasn’t it your dice game that caused us to have to leave in a hurry?’ asked Koram.

The priest of the Spider God only mumbled in return about a misunderstanding.

‘Shameful,’ moped Nudge.’I should have found us a better way out.’

Chalk cocked an eyebrow at the gnome.

‘Hey, we are just lucky we found a way out before we were thrown in jail over Valance’s questionable dice tactics. That druid was sympathetic, if a bit steep in charging.’

One of those rare and amazing druid magic items, this one also attracts thieves for obvious reasons, some of which strike deals with druids to be able to use the powers of the staff under the druid’s command.

Benefit: A very handy magic item, the Druid Tree Staff, when one end is set into the ground, will grow sturdy roots and the owner can command the tree to grow up to 30 feet high, looking like a fully grown tree. This effect lasts for up to one hour per day and the tree will always be of the same type that the staff was created from, usually oak, ash or maple, yet other types are possible. During the time the staff is activated the druid may make the ‘tree’ grow taller or shorter on command, using it as an ‘elevator’ in some instances. If activated on stone or rock, or another surface that roots will not take the staff will still grow, but will not stick in the ground, but can be used as a bridge. The druid may allow others to climb or ‘ride’ on this staff, but must remain within 10′ of the magic item while it is activated or it will return to it’s original shape and size.

Usable by: Druids.

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[New Spell] Spinner


The wizard finally stopped spinning and it took a few moments to gain his bearings.

Suddenly he was surrounded by thugs brandishing daggers and broken bottles with no time to snap off a spell, whoever had cast on him had timed it just right.

A right hook caught his jaw, sent him reeling.

Two daggers flew passed him as he fell suddenly, each hitting a thug. The others broke and ran.

‘Good thing we watch out for you!’ Koram exclaimed.

‘Those were my daggers that hit their targets,’ added Nudge.

‘I think Stork is back,’ Chalk said, gingerly rubbing his bruising jaw.

Spinner (Arcane/Divine)

Level 2

Range: 10′ (+5’/level)

Duration: 1d4+1 rounds.

A dastardly simple spell, Spinner causes the subject who fails a Save versus Spells to begin twirling and whirling, spinning in a random direction like a rampant top. Casting spells and aiming ranged weapons while under the influence of this spell is very difficult-spells have a 78% chance of failing while ranged weapons are -3 to hit in combat. However, melee weapons are +2 to hit and damage if the target is close enough due to the increased force behind the whirling target of the spell.

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[New Magic Item] Drum of Solidarity and Unraveling

The Drum of Solidarity and Unraveling

Chalk looked over and noticed Valance involuntarily tapping his finger, then he noticed a subtle deep beat, as of a huge drum being played far below ground, barely felt, barely audible.

‘Oh no, not that damned drummer again!’ the wizard said. Everyone jumped up and looked around.

Koram went back to sharpening his swords.

‘How are the people outside?’ he asked offhandedly.

Nudge sneaked over to a window, rather unnecessarily, and peeked outside.

‘I don’t see anyone.’

‘Right! We’d better get on this before it gets out of hand!’ Chalk told the others, gathering his magical gear.

This strange magical drum has been used to rouse the spirits of peasants into a fighting mob or to cower them just before some great foe arrives. The slickest drummers know when to play each tune for maximum effect.

Benefit: When this drum is played among a group one of two things can happen; either the group comes together and is unified in purpose or there is discord and strife among the those affected. This magic drum can be heard some distance, but in the most subtle manner which makes pinpointing its exact location difficult. The radius covers most small towns and villages and a section of larger cities. Those affected are either +1 to hit in combat (and all 0 level characters fight and save as 1st level Fighters with 5hp each) or, on the other hand, are affected as if by a Fear spell cast by a 5th level wizard and mostly cower and avoid contact with others, staying inside and not wanting any trouble. Searchers for the drummer have a 50% (plus 5%/day) chance of finding the source with an active search. To resist the effects of the drum one must pass a simple Save vs Rods, Staffs and Wands.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Watchdog Wand

Watchdog Wand

‘I really need to get that Crystal Sword out more,’ Koram lamented as he nursed a vicious looking dog bite.

‘Or,’ replied Valance,’or we need a better scout that doesn’t pounce on every lone wizard out there!’

Nudge shrugged.

‘Blame the gnome! Go ahead!’

‘What made you think a lone mage wandering through the woods was an easy mark?’ Chalk asked.

The gnome thief grumbled and nursed his own wounds.

A very rare and helpful magic wand, thought to have been created by a paranoid mage for use when adventuring, jealously guarded by those who acquire it for its obvious benefits.

Benefit: This wand conjures forth a ghostly hound that watches over the one who conjured it for up to three days or until destroyed. Only weapons of silver or +1 or more do damage to this ever alert magical canine. Wand holds five charges and is rechargeable with a level 4+ spell. The summoned hound will patrol up to 40′ from the owner of the wand.

Ethereal Watchdog: HD 4+4; AC 5; Atk (bite) 1d6+3; Save F4; Move 120 (40); XP 500; Special: Only silver or at least +1 magical weapons do damage

Usable by: Magic-users and illusionists.

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[New Magic Item] Concussor Hammer

Concussor Hammer

Chalk stopped, open-jawed, as he saw Koram apparently beat himself in the head with a club.

‘What in the eleven hells are you doing?’ he shouted as the evil dwarfs cackled. Their leader stood laughing heartily as Koram struggled to stay upright then dropped to the ground.

‘I told him to bring the Crystal Sword!’ said Valance as he maneuvered several conjured giant spiders towards the now not laughing dwarfs.

Nudge stood upon the fighter’s chest, swinging his daggers furiously at any of the vile dwarfs that tried to harm the fighter further, the gnome sneering defiantly at their foes.

Allegedly created by a goddess of peace for her champions to use in combat against redeemable foes, a Hammer of the Concussor has been used a time or ten by less than noble fighters and clerics to distract and rob (and sometimes assassinate!) their enemies.

Benefit: This rather mundane and heavy looking battle hammer is surprisingly light, being held in one hand by those of Str 8 or higher. In combat a strike against a foe that is also bearing a blunt weapon (mace, hammer, club, etc) causes that for to make a save versus spells at -1 or turn the blunt weapon upon themselves, doing subdual damage by causing that individual to strike themselves in the head repeatedly for 1d4 rounds or until they reach 0HP and are unconscious (whichever is lesser). Upon gaining consciousness one will not hit themselves again with a blunt weapon unless meeting someone wielding this weapon again in combat.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a hammer in combat.

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[New Monster] Nov


With a deep, guttural moan another of the muscular brutes fell. The mercenary Bakra-do whirled slowly, his blades seeking more flesh. The creatures stood backwards, dumbfounded by the swiftness of the man.

‘We give in,’ one finally said in a barely recognizable form of the Common tongue.

The mercenary sat on a nearby log and wiped his blades clean, eyeing the creatures cautiously. One by one the shambling tusked creatures wandered off into the woods, seemingly dejected to have lost to such an opponent. The mercenary ate quietly, drank some stale ale and watched his surroundings closely.

‘I still see your beady eyes in the forest!’ he called out.

With several grunts of alarm the creatures switched tactics and moved further back. Bakra-do slipped quietly into the trees in a different direction to try to avoid these things as best he could.


No. Enc.: 1-8 (3d12)

Alignment: Neutral (with Chaotic tendencies)

Movement: 120’ (40’)

Armor Class: 5

Hit Dice: 4+4

Attacks: 1

Damage: 1d6 (stomp or gore) 1d10 Charge

Save: F5

Morale: 8

Hoard Class: VIIIx2
XP: 275

The Nov (short for Novalendicus) are a race of brutish thugs of the wilds that waylay those caught out in deep woods and boggy marshes. Physically these creatures stand about five feet tall and are stout, almost appearing as ovoid masses of muscle with short, bandy legs and long, apish arms and two long tusks jut upward from the lower jaw. The Nov are covered in short fur which is almost always matted or caked with mud and filth. While these creatures do not use weapons there is rumored to be a thinner offshoot of the Nov that uses crude weapons, mainly because they lack the tusks and are smaller than these brutes.

Some merchants and adventurers have offered these creatures shiny objects and were barely able to communicate with the Nov, who will act as guards or bodyguards for short periods of time until their wilder natures prevail and they run amok in the trees once more. When in combat these monsters will either stomp with their short, powerful legs or gore with their tusks, once per turn (ten minutes) these creatures can build up a running charge that deals 1d10 points of damage and has a 65% chance of knocking over anyone of human size or smaller.

While not supernaturally able to navigate through wild areas, these creatures are as swift as deer and very quiet when they want to be.

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[New Magic Item-Cursed] Ring of Bleegross

Cursed: Provoking Ring of Bleegross

‘Take that ring off before I cut off your hand!’ Chalk yelled as he and Valance ran through the narrow and winding backstreets of Bottle.

‘I tried, several times! It won’t come off!’ replied the priest of the Spider God.

‘Do something fast then, the city guard are catching up, and the duke’s guard are right behind them!’

Valance began an incantation to the Spider God. Moments later a gigantic spider leaped from a nearby building and attacked several of the pursuing guards.

Chalk stopped a moment to catch his breath.

‘That’s a start, but we still need to get rid of that ring, or at least your finger….’

Nobody is quite sure who or what Bleegross is exactly, this sorcerer, demon, trickster deity, or place is lost to the ages, more than likely part of the curse. One thing is for certain, nobody ever forgets the ring, a gold band with intricate carving and a blood red ruby set in it.

Benefit: Anyone wearing the ring will notice that it is a little snug, but not painfully so. Whenever an opponent is encountered the ring goes to work, hurling insults at the opponent that the wearer of the ring cannot hear, but everyone else (friend and foe alike) can hear that sound like they are made with the wearer’s voice. After the initial provocation, the ring gets a little tighter, becoming impossible to remove without magical assistance (Remove Curse, a drop of Oil of Slipperiness, etc). Sometimes given by kings to the subjects they question to root out the truth.

Usable by: Anyone.

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