[New Magic Spell] Revealing Statues

Revealing Statues


The statue lurched forward and easily splintered the door.

‘That scroll has paid off,’ Stork said with delight.

‘Definitely worth the coins we stole back later,’ Vistis the Blue Mage commented.

‘Not only did the statue tell us where the thieves took the precious stones, but it also opened the door for us. Waiting for the thieves to leave is just less complication,’ Stork said.

‘They will have a surprise when they return, for sure,’ quipped Vistis.


Revealing Statues (Magic-User)

Level 34

Range: Touch.

Duration: One hour per level of caster.


This spell not only animates any statue touched by the caster,but also allows the caster to speak to the statue, and the statue will reveal any information that it may have witnessed (seen or heard in its presence). The statue has 17 Strength and is tireless, working for the spellcaster for one hour of experience the caster has. The statue will return to its original place and position when the spell is over,

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[New Magic Item] Astral Wand

Astral Wand

Chalk burst into the small cottage wearing a sheet and an angry face.

‘Where are your things?’ Koram asked.

‘I believe on the Astral Plane,’ he snorted.

‘Is that where we are headed?’ Valance asked.

‘Yes!’ answered Chalk.

‘That wizard’s duel must have gone really bad,’ Navnen commented.

Chalk merely glared up from his crouching position as he drew the chalk circle on the floor.

Created by a devious archmage, this wand is often used for mischievous means, or as a way of distracting and getting rid of a temporary problem. Although the targets of this wand usually seek revenge somehow.

Benefit: Once per day this wand may do each of the following: Send the belongings of another to the Astral Plane, cast Contact Astral Plane and Travel to the Astral Plane (may take up to one character per level and stay for one hour per level on the Astral Plane). Any belongings sent into or travel to the Astral Plane are set adrift in the corresponding area, being sent ‘sideways’ directly into the plane.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a wand.

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[New Spell] Curse of the Forgotten Tongue

Curse of the Forgotten Tongue


‘Why so glum?’ Navnen asked Valance.

‘Wungrah, draegni, vost,’ replied the priest of the Spider God.

‘What did he say?’ Koram asked.

‘Curse of the Insect God cult. In goblin, because he has forgotten Common and dwarf right now,’ the thief replied.

‘You need to stop gambling with that crowd, they are harsh,’ Chalk suggested.

Valance nodded then dropped his head in his hands on the table, frustrated. A trail of tiny spiders came from one sleeve and traveled across his forehead and into the other sleeve.

‘He still has his spiders at least,’ observed Navnen.


Curse of the Forgotten Tongue (Magic-User/Cleric)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: One week per level of caster or until dispelled.


This spell causes the target who fails at save at -2 to forget 1d4 languages, including the Common language for the duration of the spell unless dispelled early (in other words, starts with Common then demi-human then humanoid then monstrous languages like Dragonic, Infernal, etc). While communication in the remaining languages is still possible, any spellcasting is inhibited of the remaining languages are all humanoid or monstrous, giving all spells cast a 35% chance of misfiring and having different outcomes than planned. Spellcasters often retaliate in spectacular ways if this spell is cast upon them.

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[New Spell] To the Temple!

To the Temple!


‘Is that really a shrine?’ Chalk asked.

‘Obviously, doesn’t it look like a spider and have a bowl full of silver coins?’ Valance replied as he carefully picked out a handful of coins.

‘Why silver and not gold?’ Koram asked.

‘I figured that these peasants didn’t have much gold between them,’ the priest of the Spider God replied.

‘And just enough to cover your gambling debts and not irritate the Spider God?’ Navnen asked.

‘I hope,’ Valance replied, biting his lip.

Deep in the Web Between Worlds the Spider God smirked, hoping his priest would leave more to the faith.


To the Temple! (Cleric)

Level 4

Range: 60′ +5’/level.

Duration: Instantaneous.


When cast this spell calls all gold, silver, electrum, platinum, etc (only one kind at a time) coins within the radius of the casting cleric to the nearest temple, altar, church or wayside shrine of the cleric’s deity(ies). While the deity(ies) in question appreciate the donation and don’t mind the cleric taking a share for reasonable expenses, overdoing it will garner that deity’s wrath. Cast too often and made too obvious will also get the village, town, city, etc suspicious and possibly in an uproar.

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[New Magic Item] Befriending Hat of…..

Befriending Hat of….

Raging into the small glen the ogre suddenly stopped when he caught sight of the gnome.

‘What brings you here in such company, near my lair?’ the ogre asked.

‘We were just passing through, we meant no harm, we didn’t mean to disturb you,’ the gnome illusionist replied nervously. The others lowered their weapons at the illusionist’s signal.

‘Perhaps I can help show you the way out of these woods, and carry part of the load?’ offered the ogre.

‘I really hope he doesn’t lose that hat or take it off,’ the elf ranger whispered to Fellhorn the druid.

‘We could nail it to his head,’ the druid suggested.

‘What was that?’ asked the gnome illusionist.

‘Nothing,’ the pair said in unison.

Originally created and distributed by a well meaning cabal of wizards, the intent of these magic items has been abused severely by despots and adventurers and even those desperate and just trying to escape from being in the wrong place at the wrong time. (the latter a position that the author can sympathize with)

Benefit: In addition to granting +1 to AC this weird magical hat automatically causes a certain species to befriend the wearer (species determined by DM/LL or randomly, typically humanoids are the subject of this ‘befriending’, but giants, dragons, elementals or outsiders may also be the target species). This particular species will need to pass a Save versus Magic with a -3 modifier or act friendly to the hat’s wearer, which means not initiating any sort of attack. If the wearer of the hat attacks or in any way causes harm to come to the creature(s) befriended then this modifier drops to -2 and the save may be attempted per turn. Rumor has it that such a hat has even been created to befriend humans….

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] I’ll Turn Blue

I’ll Turn Blue!


The gnome illusionist folded his arms and grumbled. He was blue, hair, body, robes, boots and all.

The elf ranger laughed.

‘Hey, wait, that means he must have cast a spell at some point,’ Fellhorn the druid exclaimed.

Panic set in as the two tried to figure out what around them wasn’t real.


I’ll Turn Blue! (Magic-User/Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: One day per level of caster or until dispelled.


This rather annoying spell is cast on another spellcaster who must make a Save versus Spells at -2 or turn a bright blue, clothing, skin, hair, everything turns a uniform blue color. This effect lasts each time for 1d4 hours after casting a spell and the spell itself lasts for one day per level of the initial caster. Sometimes used in wizard duels or to foil illusionists after they have cast their spells.

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[New Magic Item] Dagger that MUST Hit

Dagger that MUST Hit

The gnome illusionist grimaced as the shiny dagger suddenly disappeared from his hands, his orc opponent was at first surprised then grinned evilly as the dagger appeared in his spare hand. The humanoid then slashed out recklessly with the magical dagger in its offhand.

It missed, the gnome illusionist held his dagger once again.

‘This is getting tedious,’ commented the elf ranger. ‘Just finish it off already.’

A strange minor magical item that helps as much as it hinders, based on the luck of the wielder. Thought to be distributed into the world by a wily trickster deity, these magical daggers have won and lost more than one decisive battle.

Benefit: In combat this magical dagger is +1 to hot and deals 1d4+2 damage. On a natural 19 or 20 to hit the dagger will deal 1d8+2 damage. However, on a natural roll of 1,2 or 3 the dagger will disappear suddenly, reappearing in the possession of another. Roll a d6, a result of 1-3 means the dagger is in the possession of an ally (if any, if not the dagger is scattered 2d10′ in a random direction) and a result of 4,5 or 6 means that the dagger has changed hands into those of an enemy.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a dagger.

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