[New Magic Item] Korlak’s Jeering Shield

Korlak’s Jeering Shield

Without relenting the strange human fighters kept advancing on the trio of adventurers. Fellhorn the druid had been holding back on his spells although he was about to change strategies if they did not turn away soon.

A six fighter suddenly appeared bearing a strange shield with a face upon it. The face began laughing and mocking the trio. The gnome suddenly seemed to panic and he ran.

‘Typical,’ smirked the elf ranger as he watched the tiny spellcaster run off.

Fellhorn threw a spell at the fighters that caused three of the fighters to drop to the ground, enveloped in glowing green tendrils. The elf ranger fired off a shot from his bow that missed the leader yet wounded the fighter behind him. Then the elf seemed to break and he ran too.

Fellhorn shrugged and his next spell caused him to vanish into the forest. This fight wasn’t over and that shield would get fortune in town.

Apparently made for a Hero named Korlak, this magical shield can be very annoying and debilatating if you are standing on the wrong side of it. The somewhat innocent looking clay or porcelain face on the front of the shield has been the downfall of many an adversary of the shield’s owner.

Benefit: In addition to granting a +2 to AC this shield is held and combat starts the clay face on this shield begins jeering the enemy incessantly. This causes the Morale of anyone under 3HD or 3rd Level to to drop to 4, anyone failing a Morale Check will immediately flee the area. Those above 3HD/3rd Level have their Morale dropped to 7 and will also flee the area if a Morale Check is failed. Deaf characters or a Silence spell are immune to the annoying jeering from the shield.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a shield.

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[New Spell] Awaken Entombed

Awaken Entombed

Fellhorn and the elf ranger dug frantically at the base of the headstone. The druid then remebered a spell and cleared all of the dirt away from the coffin beneath. The elf mumbled under his breathe about this being handy after they had worked hard digging for an hour. The druid ignored the elf.

Nails strained and popped as lid of the casket was pried open. A soft glow came from inside the coffin as the elf and druid removed the lid and found the gnome illusionist calmly reading a tome of some sort.

‘I was just getting comfortable, too!’ snorted the gnome.

‘We can rebury you,’ the elf said with a wry smile.

Without ceremony the gnome popped up and crawled out of the coffin.

‘No, that is fine, let’s go get that necromancer!’ suggested the small illusionist.

Awaken Entombed (Arcane)

Level 6

Range: Touch.

Duration: One hour per level of caster or until freed or victim asphyxiates.

This hideous spell causes any who fail a Saving Throw versus spells or find themselves buried alive in the nearest tomb. There is a 15% chance that the subject will be able to move around, the tomb belonging to a larger creature, otherwise the target can only shout and knock trying to get help. If no oxygen is available and the subject needs to breathe he or she will asphyxiate in 1d4 hours. If freed there is a 25% chance of the target having an overwhleming fear of being buried alive again.

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[New Magic Item] Barrshuble’s Hat

Barrshuble’s Hat

The elf ranger smirked at the gnome.

‘Would you stop wearing that ridiculous hat,’ he said to the gnome illusionist.

The gnome looked over at Fellhorn.

‘Don’t even think about it. The last time you cast a spell on the elf he was scared of his own shadow for two weeks,’ the druid replied.

‘A week and a elf,’ snorted the elf indignantly.

‘We almost were eaten by those forest trolls because you ran away, I won’t want that hat used against anyone in the party!’ bellowed Fellhorn.

The gnome sulked, but the eyes of the hat were eerily fixed on the elf.

A bit disturbing to look at, this cylindrical hat appears to be about a foot tall with large cat-like eyes set equally apart almost near the hat’s top. Rough, scaly skin makes up the body of the hat (although the lining is nice) and two tentacles serve to secure this odd hat under one’s chin. Oh, and there is a mouth above the forehead of the wearer.

Benefit: This bizarre magical hat is constantly vigilant, meaning that the wearer is never surprised, not even when asleep, this hat is always on duty. If any threat is sighted the hat will declare it, often loudly. In addition, the hat grants the following: once per day illusionists may cast two spells one level higher than normal while in possession of Barrshuble’s Hat, other types of spellcasters may cast three 1st level Illusionist spells once per day in addition to their own spellcasting abilities and even non-spellcasters may cast one 1st level Illusionist spell once per day of their their choice.

Usable by: Anyone, coveted by spellcasters.

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[New Magic Item] Potion of Reverse Tracing

Potion of Reverse Tracing

The elf ranger carefully fired his bow from the concealment of dense underbrush under a thick oak tree. There was a grunt from the bugbear the arrow had hit as the monstrous humanoid spun around.

With a grin the bugbear raised his crossbow and fired back with frightening accuracy. A yelp of pain could be heard as the elf fell to the ground. from the impact of the huge crossbow bolt. The bugbear howled and pointed towards the elf as a dozen goblins, armed with rusty swords, scurried in that direction.

Before the goblins found the elf a great green dragon appeared and the goblins scattered. Fellhorn the druid quickly retrieved the wounded elf while the gnome illusionist guided the image of a dragon he had created to pursue the goblins as the frustrated bugbear snarled in anger.

‘I hear that bugbears like elf meat,’ the small illusionist whispered as the trio returned to their hidden shelter.

‘Not as much as goblins like gnome from what I have heard,’ returned the elf.

‘Do you two ever stop bickering?’ asked Fellhorn aloud. ‘We need to find out how that bugbear was so sure of where the ranger was hiding. That wasn’t natural.’

A rare coming together of the Order of Alchemists and the Illusionist’s Guild of Nalaj produce this strange potion that has thwarted many an assassin’s plans. Use at the right time and ranged attacks will go your way.

Benefit: For the next 1d4 days after being imbibed this potion causes tracers to appear from any missile weapon fired at the drinker of the potion back to the attacker. These tracers are colorful and obvious to all who have the same vantage point of the one attacked, but are not seen by the attacker or anyone on their side of the conflict. Missile attacks back at the attacker are +1 to hit. Each tracer lasts approximately 30 seconds before dissipating into thin air.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Ring of Bliddersdell

Ring of Bliddersdell

Koram and Navnen were fighting back to back in a dark alley against a pack of ghouls.

‘Didn’t you have a short sword that would come in handy right about now?’ the fighter asked.

Navnen paused for a moment before throwing a dagger that struck a ghoul in the forehead and sent it howling into the shadows.

‘You know, if I did I suddenly don’t remember it,’ the thief replied.

Koram rolled his eyes and then swept his Crystal Sword in an arc that wound three ghouls at once, causing them to whimper and pull back from their ambush.

Chalk and Valance appeared with a half dozen giant spider and the minor undead retreated, barking threats as they fled.

‘Didn’t Navnen have a short sword that caused undead to flee?’ Koram asked the wizard and priest.

‘I thought so, what happened to it?’ Chalk asked.

‘I have no idea, I do not remember it at all,’ the thief said.

Koram and Chalk exchanged glances.

‘He doesn’t remember a magic item that would help against undead right before undead attack? Koram speculated.

‘Stork must be around,’ Chalk said grimly, looking over his shoulder.

Gifted to a halfing warden to help protect the village that he guarded by a wandering troupe of elves, the Ring of Bliddersdell is an unusual magic item that is the bane of many an intrepid ne’er-do-well with bad intentions. It is thwarted a few heroes, too.

Benefit: The wearer of this magical ring can, once per day, cause another being to lose a magic item that the ring’s wearer knows about. To resist the target must roll over the ring wearer’s Charisma attribute score on 1d20. A natural 20 means that the wearer of the ring loses the Ring of Bliddersdell! If the resistance fails the target must discreetly as possible relieve themselves of the particular magic item and will immediately forget about it once it is off of their person.

Usable by: Anyone who can wear a magic ring.

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[New Spell] Shapeswitch

Shapeshift Switch

Lord Grimclaw stepped out onto the balcony and surveyed his loyal followers, fierce werewolves and devoted human minions among them. As the moon rose full and bright the Werewolf King cast his cape aside and stepped forward to howl his Welcoming of Autumn Rage howl. He paused only to change shape.

A scrawny wererat stepped forward to squeak in rage.

That wizard would pay for this thought the Werewolf King as those below him laughed and tittered. His next howl was another squeak of despair.

Shapeshift Switch (Arcane)

Level 6

Range: 100′ radius +10’/level of caster.

Duration: One year and a day or until reversed by Dispel Magic or Reverse Curse.

When cast any lycanthropes in the area switch to another type of random lycanthrope, including trading attributes, HD and other abilities as needed. A Save versus Spells with a +1 modifier is possible if the new form is of an opposite alignment. If the same alignment, near it or Neutral then there is no save. This often causes some problematic situations with established lycanthropes in an area and their revenge is often severe, yet this is a great way to possible root out were-creatures in the area.

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[New Magic Item] Eerie Wand of Dreld

Eerie Wand of Dreld

Stork awakened in the darkness. The candle had burned out some time ago apparently. He had a sudden creeping feeling that there were shadows moving and swirling in the darkness.

‘Vistis, have you returned yet?’ the wizard called out to the darkness. There was no reply.

Now fully awake the Stork stumbled around in the thied floor room of the inn. He had to get out! He knew that the windows were barred so he tried to navigate to the door. It would not open. Growling in anger he cast a simple spell to unlock the door. It did not open. Something was barring the door physically from the other side. Staggering, the wizard fell back onto his cot, his head swimming.

Hours later there was a heavy thud in the darkness and Vistis arrived with alantern in handy. Instantly the lantern went out.

‘Stork?’ the illusionist asked from the doorway.

The hideous cackle of a madman could be heard as Stork ran towards the sound of his friend’s voice and bolted passed him and down the stairs.

These sinister magical wands are luckily few in number and fewer in dungeons where they can cause a lot of havoc. Not often wielded by Lawful spellcasters.

Benefit: This magical wand is used to temporarily ‘curse’ a 60′ x 60′ area when a charge is used. All fires burning or brought into this area for one day will be doused and no fire can be started here for the duration of the wand’s charge. In addition all who must remain in the affected area for more than one hour must make a Save vs. Wands or become terrified and try to flee the area, those who cannot flee and are trapped for more than three hours develop a permanent terror of the dark. Can be recharged using 3rd level spells.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a magical wand.

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[New Spell] Too Many of You

Too Many of You

Valance dropped down from the loft in the cottage.

‘What is new?’ asked the priest of the Spider God.

Koram stopped dead in his tracks.

‘Didn’t I just see you slip out the back door?’ the fighter asked.

Chalk was studing a book of spells, he looked up momentarily.

‘Just ignore it, he won a bet,’ the wizard commented.

‘I win!’ shouted an excited Valance from the other room as Navnen stormed into the one with Koram and Chalk and….Valance.

‘He cheats!’ grumbled the thief.

‘Who does?’ Koram asked.

Navnen pointed to Valance.

‘What is going on?’ lamented the fighter again.

‘Just ignore it, in a few days this will all go away, I hope,’ replied Chalk.

A Valance frowned, maybe the original, maybe a duplicate.

Too Many of You (Arcane)

Level 7

Range: Touch.

Duration: One day per level of caster.

This spell creates 2d4 duplicates of the target. These replicas are not clones and have half of the Hit Dice/Points of the original subject (round down) and only possess mundane replicas of magic items carried by their ‘parent’. These duplicates are totally independent and may have contradictory personalities to the original. They may run amok, they may run off, or they may help their ‘parent’. After the spell has elapsed each receives a Save vs Death. Those that make their save do not fade away and remain as independent entities.

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[New Magic Item] Candle of Locking

Candle of Locking

‘What’s wrong, can’t you open it?’ Chalk asked Navnen.

The thief looked at the large box in the prince’s treasure room.

‘I think I can, however there is one problem,’ the thief replied.

‘What is that?’ the wizard asked.

‘I cannot re-lock this box without a special candle, it will be open after I pick the lock,’ Navnen said.

‘So much for being subtle,’ Koram commented.

Valance pulled a candle out of his pouch.

‘Just use this to seal it, maybe they won’t notice right away,’ the priest of the Spider God suggested.

Chalk and Navnen exchanged glances.

‘Not like we will be back this way any time soon,’ Chalk said.

Navnen shrugged and began working on the lock.

A simple magic item that can cause a lot of frustration for thieves and adventurers. Also often kept by thieves and adventurers to use in a pinch when in a hurry.

Benefit: When lit, in addition to burning brightly in a 15′ radius, this candle can be used to lock any container that does not have a lock by pouring wax on the container so that it connects the lid and the body of the object. This locks the box, chest, etc tight. To open the container requires the use of thief’s tools to be embedded in the wax which creates a “shadow lock” that must be picked with a -5% modifier for the one opening the lock. Once opened the container cannot be locked again without another application of the magical wax.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Rot Arrows

Rot Arrows

Navnen watched in horror as the arrow wobbled, almost as if in slow motion during the fracas directly at him. Even with his nimbleness the thief could not evade the arrow shot with such rage and anger by the armored Champion of Chaos. The arrow struck Navnen’s thigh and he dropped his short sword and screamed in pain and terror as the filthy green arrow struck him.

Chalk looked at Valance as Koram struck down the Chaos Champion with his Crystal Sword. As the antihero fell he laughed brutally, even as he coughed up blood and then expired.

The thief writhed on the floor, suddenly in the grip of fever.

‘I’m not that sort of cleric…’ Valance said yet again.

Chalk poured a healing potion on Navnen’s leg that seemed to hiss and smoke.

‘Go get a priest that heals, fast! Take this!’ Chalk urged as he drew the barbed arrowhead from Navnen’s thigh , being careful to hold the arrow with a piece of torn cloth.

Koram grabbed Valance by the shoulder.

‘We’ll be back, keep him going,’ the fighter said.

Definitely a ‘gift’ from the Champions of Plague, Rot Arrows are among the few magic items that can be as dangerous for the intended victim as for the attacker. Those with more chaotic tendencies may be more apt to use these weapons than the more lawful among the populace.

Benefit: Without using gloves just to handle these magical arrows one must make a Saving Throw versus Poison or contact Fiend’s Rot, which causes the victim to lose 1d4 hit points per day if Cure Disease or Cure Major Wounds is not administered to the sufferer. If shot by one of these arrows one suffers 1d6+1 points of damage and must make a Saving Throw versus Poison with a +1 modifier (add one to the result of the Save) or contact Fiend’s Rot as above. Priest of champions of Chaotic powers receive a -2 to damage and a -2 on their Saving Throw modifier. Those aligned to Chaos powers of pestilence and/or plague only take 1d4 points of damage and are immune to Fiend’s Rot.

Option: Victims who die of Fiend’s Rot may return as hideous greenish ghoul-like creatures who’s physical attack also causes a Save versus Poison to avoid Fiend’s Rot. These creatures are otherwise like normal ghouls, but may gather in small groups to surprise adventurers.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a bow.

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