[New Magic Item] Devil In A Bottle

Devil In A Bottle

Valance, Navnen and Chalk nursed their hands from recently grabbing the bottle that contained the raucous imp. The small infernal creature laughed and laughed at the adventurers. Koram held the bottle aloft, his hand unharmed.

‘Good fighter, four times you may call upon me, and by my magic I must serve thee,’ the creature said, bowing mockingly at the warrior.

‘This won’t end well,’ Chalk said glancing at Koram and his new little ally.

Valance shook his head in agreement.

‘Of course not,’ the priest of the Spider God said.

‘We are just jealous, that thing would be awesome to command,’ Navnen said and the other two nodded with the thief.

When the evil archmage Disortis attacking the tower of the good mage Vold with dozens of imps the benevolent spellcaster had no choice but to bottle those imps and spread them around the world, cursed to serve good people.

Benefit: Any Good character seizing this bottled imp may command the tiny devil four times, each time the creature can perform a minor form of Limited Wish, granting a weapon or shield the ability to rebound spells to the caster three times per day, enchanting a mundane item into a +2 weapon for a combat, moving a very heavy stone, teleporting to a location within sight, etc. Once the four instances have happened the bottle’s current owner can elect to break the bottle and free the imp (the creature cannot attack the one who freed it, but can defend itself) or elect to leave the bottle anywhere within 30′ for someone else to find, thus keeping the creature in service to others. The imp will put up a strong case for the former outcome over the latter of course.

Usable by: Anyone of Good alignment. A Neutral character holding this bottle takes 1d4+2 points of damage, an Evil character takes 1d6+2.

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[New Magic Item] Stone of the Crone

Stone of the Crone

Stork noticed the youthful witch following Vistis the Blue Mage and himself for the last three hours and he was puzzled about her motives. She seemed determined to catch up to them, yet reluctant to encounter them directly, finally, he had enough and the two spellcasters sat and waited. The woman approached.

‘What is your business with us?’ Stork asked.

‘I am selling an artifact,’ she responded.

Stork and Vistis looked at each other.

‘No, really, I used it many times and I can use it no more,’ she said.

‘And who are you?’ Vistis asked from behind his thick mask.

‘The Witch of the Skorlas Mountains,’ she answered.

Stork cocked an eyebrow as Vistis dropped his jaw, though nobody could see that.

‘Impossible!’ exclaimed Vistis.

‘Why do you think I need to lose this artifact to another?’ the witch asked.

‘To keep the magic that keeps you young,’ Stork said.

Then Stork and Vistis began to argue over whether they should buy the artifact or make the witch return to her elder age in these ruins far from others.

Created by the Arch-Witch, Vedomas, this artifact is very useful, especially to those that fear aging and the ever-growing weakness and pain that comes with old age, as well as those that age prematurely due to their exposure to the dark arts and dealing with demonic creatures.

Benefit: Once per day this magical stone renders its bear 1d20+1d10 years younger than their actual age, retaining all mental faculties and knowledge. Charisma is also boosted by 1d4 points. This effect lasts 1d4 hours and then the person either returns to their actual age or roles 4% or less on percentile dice to make the change permanent. Any who are permanently changed must surrender the stone within one day to another living sentient being or return to their actual age.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Where Enemies Tread

Where Enemies Tread


Navnen climbed in through a window, trying to look nonchalant.

‘Cross another wizard?’ Chalk asked casually.

‘Druid,’ muttered the thief.

‘That plant in the footprint spell? That one got me good once,’ Valance recalled fondly.

Navnen nodded and gently set a foot down on the wooden floor, immediately small green plants grew where his toes touched down.

‘Still too close,’ Valance chimed in, shaking his head.


Where Enemies Tread (Druid)

Level 2

Range: 60′ radius around caster +5’/level

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level of caster.

This spell allows a druid to determine who might do harm to them by causing small plants to spring from the ground that any enemies those with ill intent for the caster are treading on. On stone these plants only last at most for five minutes, while on earth, sand or shallow water the plants can thrive and grow, some lasting as gardens that survive for decades under the right conditions. The spell only marks the steps made for the duration of the spell.

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[New Magic Item] Barrow Candle

Barrow Candle

‘There are skeletons everywhere,’ lamented Chalk. ‘We are never getting out of here.’

‘Don’t panic,’ Navnen said as he retrieved a large candle from under his cloak.

‘You’ve been packing that the entire time?’ Koram asked as he regarded the arm sized candle.

‘I knew there were undead around and paid a lot for this,’ the thief replied. ‘The problem is its radius will extend farther than I like.’

‘What will that do?’ Valance asked as he helped the thief light the candle.

‘Draw in any more undead out there in the dark,’ Navnen replied.

The eerie candle glowed brighter than a normal candle and moments later an ominous scraping could be heard.

Koram drew a sword.

Navnen put up his hand.

‘No, don’t attack them! They will defend themselves, but not attack,’ he said.

In no time a handful of skeletons appeared.

‘Loot away, gentlemen!’ Navnen said. ‘We are safe from them until dawn.’

Just then something fluttered in front of the thief, a smoky black cape.

A vampire was drawn to the candle and stood dazed among the other undead.

‘By next sundown you’d better be far away,’ the vampire warned them with an evil glare in its eye.

‘Great, just great,’ moped Chalk.

Created by a vile necromancer many ages ago, this magical candle now is used by thieves to draw undead guardians from treasure vaults or to lure undead from any area by adventurers for a variety of reasons, although necromancers do use these candles to draw in undead to command.

Benefit: When lit this massive candle (often as big as a halfing’s leg) will draw undead beings to it. Skeletons, zombies and other mindless undead that are already animated in the area will be drawn without save, other undead receive a save at -2, feeling the draw of this candle. Range is a 20′ diameter radius that doubles every other round for ten rounds (640′ ultimately) and lasts for four hours or until daybreak, when the undead return to wear they were originally. Undead that are other the power of the candle may defend but will not initiate attacks. Note that this spell affects undead that are already mobile, it does not animate dead bodies.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Pixies in Crystal

Pixies in Crystal

‘Seems a shame that someone put these little folks in these crystal balls,’ Fellhorn the druid said as he lifted a clear crystal globe up and stared at the pixie trapped within.

‘If you feel so bad about it you could be freeing them faster,’ the elf ranger said nonchalantly.

‘We have gotten threw this dismal bog because I have used these things sparingly,’ the druid replied.’We only found five of these globes hidden in that stash.’

‘These are our distant relatives,’ the gnome illusionist grumbled.

‘For once, I agree with the runt,’ the elf quipped.

The gnome begrudgingly shot the elf a half smile.

‘Oh very well, but I don’t want to hear any complaining if bog trolls ambush us and we don’t have any extra magic to combat them!’ shouted Fellhorn as he tossed the last of the crystal globes at his companions. Each caught one, eyed the other and broke one on the ground.

‘We’d like to be invisible,’ the elf said to the two pixies that emerged from the magical fog of the broken crystal balls.

With a squeak the elf and gnome disappeared and left Fellhorn wailing for justice.

Until the bog trolls appeared.

Entombed alive by an evil wizard, a small village of pixies seemingly disappeared overnight. Their gnome neighbors raised the alarm, but no trace of these small fey creatures was found until odd crystal balls appeared here and there in treasure hoards, each containing a pixie, trapped alive yet motionless with a round globe of crystal.

Benefit: Breaking one of these clear crystal globes free the pixie within and this freedom compels the fey creature to use one of its natural abilities to aid his or her benefactor. Once freed the pixie will do one of the following for an evil character, up to three for a neutral character and two for a good character.:

  • Turn a single person invisible for 10 turns or until they attack another.

  • Polymorph another as a Polymorph Other spell as the other wishes, duration is permanent until dispelled.

  • Will create detailed illusions with audio and visual components that last for one day.

  • Cast Know Alignment for their benefactor.

  • Dispel Magic as the spell as an 8th level caster on behalf of the one who freed them.

  • Cast Dancing Lights for their liberator.

  • Remove Curse for their benefactor or another indicated by the benefactor.

After the pixie has performed this magic for the one who liberated them the fey is free to go and they usually flee evil creatures but have been known to continue following Lawful or Neutral characters or parties for up to one week, after which these small fey often get bored and venture off on their own adventures.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] I Was Drawn Here

I Was Drawn Here


Bakra-do reluctantly paid the sorcerer for his magic. The two made a deal and the wizard drew a hasty, if somewhat accurate, portrayal of the mercenary. The two parted ways and the wizard summoned a crow and tied the small scroll to the bird’s leg and sent it flying to its destination.

Three days later the crow circled around the town of Zorn and landed on the open windowsill of a tavern. Without hesitation the bird strolled in and hopped on a table just inside the window,

‘How odd,’ Koram said.

‘That bird has something on his leg, a message perhaps,’ Navnen said between sips of stew.

Cautiously Chalk removed the small bit of parchment and unfolded it. The mercenary appeared next to the table.

‘Great timing, I’m famished,’ exclaimed Bakra-do. ‘Where’s Valance?’

Almost in answer a scream was heard from outside the tavern.

‘On his way, scaring the locals with giant spiders from the sounds of it,’ Chalk answered.


I Was Drawn Here (Magic-user)

Level 5

Range: Self or touch.

Duration: See below

The cheapest and most unreliable form of teleportation, I Was Drawn Here takes a drawing of either the caster or someone that the mage drew onto a scroll and sends the image to a specific recipient. When this particular person unrolls the scroll the person teleports before him or her (within 10′). While it does work, a lot of bad timing situations can happen, not to mention the courier being slain or detained in the process, the scroll being lost, burned or confiscated, etc. If none of these situations arise then the spell works as planned (77% chance, give or take a few percent based upon any situational modifiers). While the scroll is in transit the person rendered upon it may go about their daily life and they will get a ‘two minute warning’ before the message is delivered to the recipient.

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[New Spell] Bestial Henchman

Bestial Henchman


‘We are getting strange looks,’ Valance whispered to Chalk as they walked through the market with a curious ogre in tow.

‘The scroll was cheap enough,’ the wizard replied.

‘I see why,’ Navnen added with a smirk.

A thundering crash behind them and many gasps caused the adventurers to turn around.

‘Vodge! Why?’ Chalk yelled at the ogre.

‘Sorry, you made me smart, but no extra dexterity,’ the ogre said as he shrugged. ‘Everything is made for humans, not ogres.’

‘We’d better go before this gets out of hand,’ Valance suggested.

Chalk sighed heavily, his wordless way of conceding.

‘Don’t worry, I’ll pay for the apples he stole,’ Koram added.

‘Didn’t make me good, either,’ the ogre said with a smile as he tossed an apple into his maw.


Bestial Henchman (Magic-user)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: See below

This strange spell allows the caster to grant higher intelligence to creatures of the humanoid classification (creatures such as beastmen, goblins, orcs, ogres and up to trolls qualify for purposes of this spell, but not giants). The wizard must touch the creature and if the creature fails a save versus Spells then it suddenly has average human intelligence (9) and can use tools, weapons and armor proficiently. The downside for the creature is that this spell also acts as a Charm spell and the monster will not harm the caster and will in fact act as a hireling or henchman for the caster of the spell. A magic-user may not have more than a trio of such creatures at a time, and the spell lasts as long as the enchanted creature wishes it to. While it is often beneficial to serve a wizard, some creatures would rather be free.

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