[New Magic Item] Wizard’s Lizard Wand

Wizard’s Lizard Wand

The huge lizard lunged forward, biting at the mercenary. Bakra-do deftly avoided the poisonous bite of the thing while sinking two sharp blades into it just under the shoulders. The lizard gasped in pain and fell, its heart pierced.

With a sneer the sorcerer flicked the wand in his hand one more time and another giant lizard appeared, this one with hideously big claws.

The mercenary’s shoulders slumped.

‘How many more of these things does he have?’ he lamented.

‘Not more than I have spiders!’ Valance announced as he appeared suddenly, dozens of spiders in tow. The sorcerer let out a cry and vanished out a window of the ruined tower in a puff of black smoke at the sight of the priest of the Spider God’s allies.

A wand of green elm with strange runes etched in it. Very handy in warm climates.

Benefit: Normally carrying about six charges, this enchanted wand can call forth a giant lizard, the size being dependent upon the caster’s level; a 1st -3rd level magic-user can summon one 4HD lizard per charge, a 4th through 6th level wizard can call forth a 5 or 6 HD lizard and casters over 6th level can summon one 7HD plus lizard. The lizard will follow the caster’s commands and will serve the summoner for 1d6 turns after which time it wanders off if not encouraged to remain through magic or food. This wand is rechargeable.

Option: The referee may roll one d6 each time the wand is used. A result of ‘6’ means that instead of lizards that lizard folk are summoned instead, with the same HD equivalents. Dealing with these strange intelligent reptilians may be easier or harder for the summoner.

Usable by: Magic-users.

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[New Magic Item] Poison of Ghosts

Poison of Ghosts

Uzeb the Wise scowled over at Jaundo. Three wailing ghosts surrounded the fighter, causing a scene everywhere the adventurers went.

‘We need to find a cleric to sort this out,’ the wizard said.

‘It will go away in time,’ Jaundo said as he swatted at a ghost that was clawing and howling at him.

‘When? We cannot even buy anything, people are running off in fear,’ retorted Uzeb.

‘That last priest we met was covered in spiders, and that, to me, is much worse than a few ghosts hanging around until this poison wears off,’ Jaundo countered.

‘Not everyone ran away from those spiders like they do your ghosts,’ quipped Uzeb.

Some things are worse than death, like constantly having to deal with the undead. Be careful when handling.

Benefit: The volatile extraction, made from a plethora of disturbing ingredients, causes those who either imbibe this in food or a drink or suffer from a stab wound from a weapon coated in this strange poison to make a Save versus Poison with a -1 penalty. Those who fail take 1d4 points of damage (additional if contact was via weapon) that does not heal naturally. In addition, 1d4 ghosts will harangue and harass the victim, and while their only real attack is causing modified Fear via this poison (not ageing, yet those around may flee the area in Fear for 1d6 rounds up to three times, after this they are immune), the constant howling and wailing of the incorporeal undead makes it difficult for those in the vicinity to concentrate, the living in a 20′ radius all suffer -1 to hit and damage in combat. Effects of this poison last 1d4 days. Just handling this poison gives one a 10% chance of being affected by it.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Brownie’s Gems

Brownie’s Gems

Murgi pondered the agates, garnets and various crystals scattered about the tabletop.

‘What’s wrong?’ asked Olhmi.

‘It was very nice of the brownies to transform our things into gems to make them easy to carry, but now that we can unpack I don’t know which gem is what,’ the thief replied.

‘Does it matter? Just be grateful that they helped us,’ the priestess said.

‘I think they wanted us to leave the cottage in the forest and making the load lighter was a great incentive to find a way out of that dilapidated place,’ the thief commented.

‘Just use the word they gave us and unpack things, it will be fine,’ Olhmi said.

‘But I didn’t want to unpack everything in case we move again soon,’ Murgi said.

‘Why would we have to?’ Olhmi asked.

The thief smiled and shrugged.

‘Just be low key at first with your profession,’ suggested the priestess.

Small, rough gems and crystals, often found in a little pile amongst tree roots. Just let them be!

Benefit: Usually found as small, rough, uncut gems, crystals, garnets, agates, etc, brownies and other fey creatures use these as currency, for gambling or just as a stash while moving house. These small semi-precious stones and crystals are really polymorphed items that are easily carried around and identified (usually by a coding system known to brownies and other fey creatures). The actual size of the object doesn’t matter and some brownies will polymorph human or even giant sized items for others to make them easy to carry. Dispel Magic or a fey command word (“Voxvexgliew”) will undo the polymorph spell and return the item to its original state.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Monster] Dryad: Fungal

Dryad: Fungal

It took the Scholar of Wexos three days to determine that he was being followed through the forest. At that point his journey was becoming a twisted game as he feverishly cast illusions to keep him one step ahead of the strange thing chasing him. It seemed to burrow through the ground and more than once the spellcaster had set off a screaming mushroom that twice had summoned denizens of the forest to harass him.

Leaving the forest the illusionist turned to look back and saw a pouting woman with a strange mushroom cap floating just above her head, seemingly moving counter to the gentle spring breeze.

‘Come back this way on your trip back,’ her voice seemed to carry on the wind.

The Scholar of Wexos considered the challenge for a moment then shook his head and carried on.

Dryad: Fungal: AC 6 [+13], HD 2+1 (10hp), Att 1 claw (1d4) or by Magic, THAC0 18 [+1], MV 60’ (20’)/ 120′ (40′) burrowing SV D8 W9 P10 B13 S12 (15), ML 10, AL Neutral, XP 55, NA 1(1d4), TT Dx2 ▶ Sporecery: Has access to all sporecery spells and can cast them as a 7th level caster. Meld: Can meld into any ground which has fungus within one mile and can burrow rapidly, appearing somewhere else. Can also meld into giant mushrooms and other fungi, healing 1d3 HP/turn in this manner. Summon Shrieker: A fungal dryad can summon 1d4 3HD shriekers once per day that have double normal movement (18/6) and there is a 50% chance that one of each can produce a sound that outsiders to the area cannot hear.

Eerily beautiful, the Fungal dryad is an elusive and careful creature, dutifully keeping an eye on intruders in their environment. Living in deep, wet forests or underground caves these fey-like creatures appear as beautiful females with pointed ears, grayish skin and a floating mushroom cap above their heads like a strange halo that seems to move on its own. Slow moving, the quick my just elude one of these monsters before it sends the shriekers afer their adventuring party.

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[New Magic Item] Enchanted Crystal Daggers

Enchanted Crystal Daggers

One crystal dagger was embedded in a a wooden pillar where it landed after being thrown. Another lay broken on the stone floor. Murgi pulled one from his bleeding leg as his assailant held another menacingly in one hand.

‘How many of those things have you got?’ the thief asked his would-be assassin.

‘Enough to kill you, interloper,’ snarled his opponent.

‘Interloper? I didn’t think anyone had been here in ages,’ Murgi said in his defense as he held his mace ready to strike.

Suddenly a bright light engulfed the assassin’s head. He howled in pain and rage, dropping his crystal dagger and staggering off, a beacon of light fading in the darkness of the distance that eventually engulfed him.

‘What took you so long?’ Murgi asked without looking at the stairs behind him.

‘A surly bugbear bandit needed a lesson in manners,’ Olhmi replied.

She picked the crystal dagger up from the floor.

‘These are highly sought after, I think I know how to operate them,’ the cleric said as she placed the dagger on the thief’s forearm and the weapon slowly and painlessly sank into his flesh leaving a small round protrusion.

‘Press that when you need a knife,’ the priestess advised the thief.

Magically hardened and sharpened crystal daggers. Most look a little simplistic, yet all are functional.

Benefit: These magical daggers deal 1d4+2 points of damage in combat, which makes them valuable to most anyone. However the most imortant aspect of these enchanted weapons is that holding one for two rounds against one’s body causes the knife to ‘sink’ harmlessly into living flesh, leaving a raised round mark, similar to a button. The dagger can be held indefinitely in this state and once the ‘button’ is pressed the dagger is released from the owner’s body. Every three combat rounds roll 1d6. A result of ‘1’ means that the dagger has broken and the magic is lost.

Usable by: Anyone alive.

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[New Magic Item] Tin Dragon Statue

Tin Dragon Statue

‘First kobolds, then those strange dragon people, this must really be potent magic,’ the cleric said as he held the statue of the dragon aloft.

‘Oh, it is very potent magic indeed,’ rumbled a deep voice in the shadows.

Fighter, thief and magic-user prepared for battle alongside the cleric.

The dragon, which they had been told was deep in slumber was, in fact, wide awake, and seemingly prepared for this intrusion.

‘Maybe we can parley?’ the magic-user asked aloud to nobody in particular. Maybe the dragon.

An overwhelming river of flames engulfed the party, only the thief was able to roll away, unscathed.

‘Take your gold. And take that statue to another town after you have had your rest and caroused,’ the dragon grumbled as it move forward to make a meal of its roasted victims.

The thief bowed and retrieved a small chest and the statue.

‘And tell the kobolds to be a little more aggressive next time, I heard that this group wasn’t as convinced of the potency of this enchanted item as I would like,’ added the dragon as it slowly returned to normal.

‘As you wish,’ quipped the thief as he exited the dragon’s lair.

A well crafted dragon statue that is quite small and can be held in one hand. Rumored to be great at putting dragons to sleep so they can be subdued more easily.

Benefit: Perhaps one of the worst tricks that can be played upon an adventuring party; this magic item does not put dragons to sleep, it awakens, rejuvenates and empowers them. All sorts of dragon related creatures will harass the bearers of this magic item and pretend that they are trying to steal it when really they are only making the tin dragon seem like a bane to dragons when it is a boon. In the presence of a true dragon the creature suddenly awakens fully and attacks for one turn (ten minutes) as a dragon one age increment older than it currently is, complete with added hit dice. If at the oldest stage in life the creature’s attacks deal double damage if it hits.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Fishfolk’s Spear

Fishfolk’s Spear

‘You need to get rid of that spear,’ Uzeb the Wise suggested sternly.

Jaudo stabbed another of the oddly waddling fishfolk and it fell to the ground, dropping its club and making an eerie sound as it died.

‘It does the job,’ countered the fighter.

‘When you can stay on your feet. You are like a toddler on the high seas yet on dry land,’ lamented the spellcaster.

Jaudo struggled to stay upright as three more of the fishfolk attacked. He finally gave in, dropped the spear and drew his sword.

The aquatic attackers scrambled for the spear as Jaudo swung his blade at them deftly, felling two and wounded a third badly that tried escaping with the spear.

‘That works also,’ Uzeb said as he witnessed the mad scramble to reclaim the magical spear.

These well crafted spears are mostly given to warriors who have proven themselves in the various underwater communities. If seen in the hands of a land-dweller a frenzy to retrieve the weapon often occurs.

Benefit: While this spear deals 1d6+2 damage in combat it can also be a lifesaver as it can attract small fish to for meals once per day (attracts 2d10 small fish with the tip underwater where fish live) there is also a downside: any non-aquatic or non-amphibious being holding this spear has no sea legs, even if born on a ship, this reduces movement by one fourth and all Dexterity rolls by -2 while possessing the spear.

Option: An additional effect is to make any land-dwelling bearers of one of these spears make a Dexterity roll every three rounds in combat with a -2 modifier. Failing the roll means falling prone onto the ground.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a spear.

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[New Spell] False Curse

False Curse

‘You do not need to carry that bucket of water for a week,’ Olhmi told Murgi the thief.

‘I must, the wizard, Bodal the Phantasmic, said so,’ the thief said as he worried over his pail of water.

‘You are an idiot, and Bodal is not a wizard, he is an illusionist,’ the priestess said.

Murgi clutched the bucket of water, nervous about spilling one drop.

Olhmi got up and looked out the window and sighed.

‘No adventures for a week,’ she said wistfully.

‘And a day,’ added Murgi.

Olhmi turned away from the window and walked across the floor, then ran at the thief and kicked over the pail of water, Murgi screamed as the water cascaded out of the bucket and splashed onto the floor.

The thief screamed in terror and ran to hide in his room, slamming the door behind him.

The priestess waited. Murgi came out and strolled into the common room of the cottage.

‘Let’s go get that scoundrel!’ the thief said angrily.

False Curse (Illusionist)

Level 1

Range: 10’+5’/level.

Duration: One week and one day or until reversed.

A potentially dangerous spell for the caster, this simple incantation requires the subject who fails a Wisdom attribute check with a -1 penalty to have to perform some simple, if annoying, task to avoid some particular ‘calamity’ for the duration of the spell. If the task is failed due to accident or outside intervention the subject will panic and be under the effect of a Fear spell for 1d4 rounds, then usually wants revenge. Those who do not see through this spell fall for it over and over again.

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[New Magic Item] Hammer of the Night

Hammer of the Night

Throk the dwarf made a warning sign with one hand.

‘What is it?’ Uzeb the Wise whispered to the demihuman.

‘An orc warband. Maybe twelve. We should find a way around them,’ the dwarf suggested.

Jaudo the mercenary shook his head, the fighter was hungry for battle.

The dwarf looked irritated.

‘Twelve is too many for three, we need to go around them,’ Throk whispered.

Jaudo stood his ground knowing Uzeb had magic to match their numbers.

Suddenly one of the orcs saw a small creature flying over them and they all began squealing in concern, grabbing their weapons.

‘Yeah, we go around, now-ish,’ Jaudo agreed as he caught a glimpse of the cruel weapons of the orcs.

A thick hammer head on a short handle. Stylized eyes are engraved into the flat of the hammer’s head, otherwise it is an almost unimpressive looking weapon.

Benefit: This enchanted hammer deals 1d6+1 damage in combat and is +1 to Hit. In addition, this magical weapon creates a small magical version of a creature of the night; rat, bat, mouse, owl, etc and the hammer’s owner can see through the eyes of this nocturnal creature for one turn per level that they possess (or this ability may be used in one turn increments per 24 hours up to the weapon owner’s current level). Those hiding in non-magical darkness are easily seen.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a war hammer.

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[New Magic Item] Beetle Shell Shield

Beetle Shell Shield

The blazing spell just barely missed Uzeb the Wise. In fact he heard the magic sizzle through the air as it passed by to strike a stone wall like the punch of a raging fire giant.

‘Be careful with that shield! Don’t kill me with it,’ the wizard shouted at Jaudo the fighter.

The fighter blushed as his blade cut into a squealing kobold.

‘Sorry, it wasn’t intentional,’ Jaudo replied.

For a moment the wounded kobold looked puzzled.

‘I meant the shield bouncing the spell at my friend, striking you with the sword was intentional,’ the mercenary grumbled.

The kobold smirked, swung its club which immediately bounced back and hit the tiny monster on the head and knocked it down.

A very glossy shield fashioned from an enchanted giant beetle’s shell. Many fighters and clerics seek such a shield and are at a loss if it stolen, sometimes causing wars.

Benefit: As many magical shields, the Beetle Shell Shield grants its bearer a +1 to AC. In addition any blunt weapons striking the shield have a 75% chance of bouncing back to hit the weapon’s wielder for half damage and a subsequent 25% chance for them to drop their blunt weapon if struck by it.They shield also has a 20% chance to cause any offensive magical spells shot at it to bounce off in a random direction, full potent until the magic hits something.

Usable by: Anyone who can bear a shield.

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