[New Magic Item] Potion of True Form

Potion of True Form

The thief Zixin had infiltrated the gathering easily enough, though he was still careful to mark all nearby exits in case a hasty retreat was called for.

Zixin accepted the offer of hot tea from the hunchback as others had and sipped with abandon.

Then the screams began. Zixin caught his reflection in a mirror and realized that his role in this caper was over momentarily, yet the changeling would be back with a vengeance, and of course a more elaborate plan.

For many days the others at the gathering would talk with a shudder of the creepy blue face and red sad eyes worn by the creature that had narrowly escaped through a window.

This potion has many uses; from keeping from changing forms to keeping others from knowing that you change forms. Very expensive and very difficult to find.

Benefit: When a portion of this potion is imbibed it causes the subject to have a much higher resistance to anything that would polymorph, shapechange or mutate them. The Saving Throw to avoid any type of change becomes 3+ on a d20 for three turns (thirty minutes), after which time the subject’s save returns to normal. This does include any natural shifting abilities that the subject has and can, for example, keep a wererat in human form instead of allowing the person to change, although creatures that can assume many forms must make a Saving Throw, (with a result of 11+ on 1d20) or revert back to their natural form for three turns. Note that this magic only keeps one from changing forms, it does not prevent magical means of determining if the subject can change shape.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Switch Vulnerability

Switch Vulnerability

Vhortal the High Priest of the Golden Ruins patted Merrid the ranger on the back as the vampire rose from his resting place. A surprised look crossed the face of the undead as he glared at the cleric.

‘You!’ the vampire screamed.

‘Traded your strengths? Only for a few minutes. The wizard behind you has a bottle ready if you wish to turn to smoke,’ Vhortal replied.

The vampire twirled on his heel to confront the magic-user as Meerid attacked with two swords. The vampire screamed in agony and fell to one knee.

‘Such pain! Such pain I have not felt in centuries!’ howled the undead.

‘Don’t worry, it won’t last long,’ Vhortal said as he swung his radiant and heavy mace at the vampire’s skull.

Switch Vulnerability (Cleric)

Level 4

Range: Self or Touch for one party, the other must be within 40′.

Duration: One turn (ten minutes).

This clerical spell causes two parties to trade vulnerabilities for the duration of the spell. Thus means that if cast upon a normal human and a werewolf the normal human could now only be harmed by silver or magical weapons while the werewolf could be hurt by any type of damage. This spell is little known and greatly feared, powerful supernatural enemies will often go to great lengths to avoid being caught by this spell.

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[New Magic Item] Cursed-Pendant of Cold Blood

Cursed-Pendant of Cold Blood

Bakra-do cursed at himself for trying on the beautiful necklace. Now the sharp metal spines dug deep into his flesh and steered him towards the nearby caverns, to what doom? What foul necromancer or dreadful underground entity drew the mercenary in with this foul magic?

Days turned into weeks and the mercenary felt himself slowly dying. He found an underground pool of water and sat near it to reflect upon his life.

Suddenly ripples erupted on the surface of the cold water and a small, frog-like thing walked towards the mercenary. Suddenly the metal tines of the pendant eased a bit, retracting slightly. Bakra-do noticed that the thing looked quizzical, yet not aggressive. The tines eased more, Bakra-do breathed a sigh of relief.

The mercenary noticed several sets of eyes watching from the water as a half dozen pairs of frog-like eyes broke the still surface of the water. The metal tines retracted completely. The mercenary quickly took off the cursed necklace and offered it to the lead frog person who took it with a half smile and held it aloft.

Bakra-do never could forget the haunting sounds of the joyous croaking of those things deep in that cavern underground.

Beautiful pendant that radiates magic and has elaborate tines on the chain. A glowing green stone makes this a temptation to thieves.

Benefit: When worn by a warm-blooded being or creature the tines on the chain of the pendant dig into the flesh of the cursed one, draining them of 1d3 hit point per day unless the wearer starts moving towards the nearest intelligent cold-blooded creature; pain from the tines digging in on either side of the neck helps to ‘steer’ the cursed one in the right direction. Upon encountering cold-blooded intelligent creatures they will not attack the wearer of the necklace or their companions for three turns unless attacked themselves. If offered to any reptilian, serpentine or amphibious intelligent creature the tines will retract and the pendant may be safely removed. To any cold-blooded creature the necklace helps them to endure heat and cold conditions like an average human. A Remove Curse, Limited Wish or Wish spell or granted wishes will also remove this cured pendant.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Face in the Forest

Face in the Forest

Knat whispered a spell into the forest as she spied the hobgoblin chief leading his warband into the quiet pines.

A strange face appeared above the lead hobgoblin and jeered at him. He swatted with his morningstar and the face only disappeared to reappear a few feet away and spit an acorn at him which bounced from his helmet. One of the hobgoblins nocked an arrow only to have the leader wave him aside.

‘We will go around these trees, this forest is enchanted and the last thing we need is more trouble,’ grumbled the hobgoblin chief.

Even in retreat the laughing and screeching followed them and then it eventually died down and gave the humanoid warband peace.

Knat grinned as she watched them go, listening intently as the marauders left her forest in tranquility.

Face in the Forest (Druid)

Level 2

Range: 30′.

Duration: Lasts until target is three or miles away from caster.

This spell causes foliage and random twigs, nuts, fruit, etc to form the face of a mischievous brownie or goblin and monitor a target, often screeching loudly or spitting an acorn, small stone or peach stone at the focus of the spell. The target is -1 on all rolls due to this distraction and it is easy for anyone to follow their course through forests, deep brush and the like, especially with the screeching and cackling face following from tree (or bush) to tree. Effect lasts until the target is just over three miles away from the caster and then they are free of this minor torment.

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[New Magic Item] Sword of Flinging Arrows

Sword of Flinging Arrows

Koram grunted in pain as the arrows struck him. The fighter was able to shrug off most of the damage, yet he seemed to be pinned to the ground by two of the arrows.

‘Chalk! Can you blast those goblins with something? Anything!’ he shouted at the sorcerer while pointing at a small group of giggling goblins, one of which held the sword that threw arrows at Koram.

The wizard nodded and stepped back from the bugbear as its eyes rolled up in its head and a wisp of smoke escaped the thing’s mouth as it fell to the ground.

Chalk summoned a wall of fire behind the chittering goblins which forced them to move forward slowly as the flaming wall moved crept forward.

Valance smiled his evil smile.

‘Allow me to help,’ said the priest of the Spider God as he set a dozen housecat-sized spiders to meet the goblins.

‘Who stole my sword?’ bellowed a voice as a nearby door splintered and revealed a heavily armored fighter wielding a shield that seemed as if it was about to scream.

‘Well, this just got interesting,’ Valance quipped as he diverted a few creeping arachnids towards the latest inconvenience.

Truly a sword with a nasty surprise, the question is to use the surprise in the beginning of conflict or right before fleeing?

Benefit: This thick, heavy longsword deals 1d8+1 points of damage in combat, 1d10+1 if used two-handed. In addition, once per day the sword’s wielder can bring down a volley of 4d12 arrows within 150′ in a 30′ radius. Each arrow deals 1d4+1 points of damage and will ‘pin’ a victim to the spot on a result of 5-6 on 1d6 for 1d4 rounds. To determine who in the area of effect is hit roll a Dex Attribute check, those who fail roll 1d6 to for how many arrows have struck them.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a longsword.

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[New Magic Item] Whistle of Wizard’s Repose

Whistle of Wizard’s Repose

‘TWENTY gold pieces!’ exclaimed the enraged elf ranger.

‘Each,’ the apprentice wizard replied.

‘EACH!’ now Fellhorn the druid was starting to get mad.

‘Yes, we are leaving soon, please make up your minds,’ replied the apprentice.

Grumbling the druid and ranger each handed over twenty gold pieces to the wizard’s aprpentice.

‘A straw mat!’ the elf complained next.

From high above the tittering of a tiny gnome illusionist could be heard.

Very useful for the displaced wizard or sorceress. Not always so useful for their fellow adventurers.

Benefit: The user of one of these rare whistles must be out in the open and not inside a building or under a thick canopy of trees, etc. The enchanted item may be used to summon The Wizard’s Repose, an ancient battered floating stone tower that offers shelter to stranded magic-users and illusionists. For ten gold pieces the tower offers a bed to rest in, one healing potion (1d6 hit points), and hot meals and fresh water for up to three days with one week of iron rations to send them off with (usually a destination within 100 miles). Henchmen, hirelings and adventuring companions of other classes can share a common room and receive a straw mat, fresh water and iron rations for twenty gold pieces a head. Note that a magic-user or illusionist must blow the whistle themselves to summon the tower and must possess the whistle.

Usable by: Magic-users and illusionists.

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[New Spell] Bouncing Earth

Bouncing Earth

‘One of us needs to get over this wall and open the gate,’ Chalk said.

‘We have tried, we are no good and climbing such a sheer surface,’ Koram replied.

Knat the druidess sighed heavily.

‘You boys really do need to replace your thief,’ she said and then began chanting a spell as she pointed to the ground.

The earth before them glowed for a moment then Knat invited one of the adventurers to stand on it. Reluctantly Chalk stepped forward and found that the ground gave below his feet and pushed back slightly. He jumped on the ground and bounced up a couple of feet.

‘This is how we are getting out of here?’ he asked.

‘Any better ideas?’ Knat replied.

A few wobbly bounces later and Chalk was on top of the wall.

‘How do I get down?’ he asked nervously from atop the wall. The sound of clanging armor approaching gave the wizard courage.

‘I’ll figure it out,’ he said as he disappeared over the side then unlocked the door a moment later.

Bouncing Earth (Druid)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: Three rounds per level of caster.

This druid spell enchants a 10′ round patch of earth, allowing beings to bounce as if on a trampoline, human and halfling sized creatures can bounce up to 15′ high, ogre-sized creatures up to 10′ high, larger creatures cannot take advantage of this spell. As soon as the spell elapses or is dispelled the earth returns to normal.

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[New Magic Item] Norfer’s Stones of Fire

Norfer’s Stones of Fire

The gnome illusionist turned quickly, thinking that he had heard something in the underbrush. Moments later he cried out in pain as a clump of grass behind him caught on fire.

The gnome definitely heard giggling that time. Tinking quickly he sent the illusion of a strange multi-eyed monster into the brush, grumbling as it went forward.

Screams could be heard and the gnome saw three scrawny goblins go scampering off into the deep trees. Taking a few steps after them the illusionist spotted two small round red stones apparently dropped by the goblins.

An hour later the gnome had the magic figured out and tucked the magical stones away for later use.

Was Norfer a mischievous hobgoblin? A malignant gnome? Nobody knows for sure, but these magical stones named after them certainly can be of great use or cause great harm if used irresponsibly.

Benefit: This is very simple magic; the wielder of the two stones simply strikes them together and any (or all, if so desired) foliage within a 30′ radius will instantly catch on fire, whether the flora is dead or alive, this magical fire thriving on the fibres of the plant life rather than the dryness of these fibres. Can be used to start a fire or a conflagaration.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Druid’s Cloak

Druid’s Cloak

The druidess Knat appeared suddenly by the campfire, as she often did out in the woods.

‘Where did you come from?’ asked an astonished Valance.

‘The Circle granted me this nifty cloak, I have been buzzing in and out of Yordle for days now,’ she told the priest of the Spider God.

‘Yordle! We have been trying to get in their for days! It is locked up tight after the spriggans got in and tore things up,’ Chalk said.

Knat looked around the campsite, the only other adventurer besides Valance and Chalk was Koram.

‘Still no thief replacement? You boys do go through a lot of thieves. I know a secret way in to Yordle and my cloak helps me stay anonymous there, why, do you boys need something?’ Knat asked.

‘Supplies would be nice, we can pay,’ Chalk answered.

‘Let me accompany the group through the woods and it is a deal,’ offered the druidess.

The three adventurers looked around at each other and nodded.

‘Deal,’ they said in unison.

‘Get a list and some money together and I will go in and fetch things for you,’ she said cheerfully.

A long forest green hooded cloak that covers the wearer from head down to their ankles. Coveted by druids and some clerics, feared by others.

Benefit: When worn by a druid or Lawful or Neutral Cleric this enchanted cloak grants a +1 to AC and one can ignore the harsh extremes of weather, yet will be uncomfortable in a blizzard or sweltering heat, yet will not take detrimental effects of these conditions for one week. In addition, the wearer exudes a magical scent from the cloak that makes them seem nondescript in urban areas; anyone trying to recall this person that does not already know them will have a -3 on any rolls to recall any details of note.

Usable by: Usually just druids, some good clerics find this cloak useful too.

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[New Spell] Control Gate

Control Gate

‘Big, endless battles?’ the bugbear chieftain questioned Javoral.

‘Why of course, all of the fighting that you can handle. Your warband will earn great reknown and loot there,’ replied the illusionist.

A toothy grin erupted on the hairy humanoid’s face.

‘Deal, we let you live, you open gate for us,’ the chieftain said, dropping a bag full of gold coins at the human’s feet.

Javoral revealed the gate. It was encircled with weapons and armor of all kinds.

The bugbear chieftain bellowed, his musician blared on the dented metal horn and the warband charged into….the plane of Golden Wings, where a small army of vigilant angels greeted, and promptly defeated, the invaders.

And that is how Javoral escaped the bugbear warband with their gold.

Control Gate (Illusionist)

Level 5

Range: Touch.

Duration: One week per level of caster.

When cast upon any gate to another plane the illusionist may alter the gate to appear as if it is to another place and allow free movement to that plane through the gate. A shiny, gold and silver lined gate may look like it goes to an upper plane yet actually leads to Limbo or a place even worse. A Wisdom Attribute check with a -2 modifier may be attempted to see through this magic if the gate is known to go somewhere else, otherwise it will believed to go to the destination it presents itself as.

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