[New Spell] Fearless One

Fearless One


The mercenaries sent after Stork and Vistis the Blue Mage were relentless. The small warband went from town to town hellbent on finding the two spellcasters. Their leader even hired a wizard of no small ability to come with them. Upon finding their quarry the leader nodded and the wizard cast a spell upon him.

Stork exploded from the room of the small cottage, shadows twisting and curling around him, grasping at the warriors and their wizard. All scattered in fear except the mercenary leader.

‘I do not fear you, wizard!’ he said bravely.

Stork leaped at him and viciously bit at the man’s throat with his shark-like teeth while howling in rage. Surprised, the man dropped his sword and staggered backwards, clutching at his bleeding throat.

‘It would have been a better idea to run,’ Vistis commented as he appeared from the cottage.


Fearless One (Magic-user)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level of caster.

When Fearless One is cast upon a subject that person can walk into any situation with absolutely no fear and is immune to any physical or magical manifestations of fear and terror for the duration of the spell. While great for making speeches and facing crowds it may not be the best for facing undead and other fear inducing creatures. In fact most of the time those under this spell feel compelled to stand and fight.

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[New Magic Item] Wand of the Leech

Wand of the Leech

The young wizard, brimming with confidence, moved through the crowd, eyes on his target. He had practiced the word to control the wand in his hand many times. He took one more deep breath and then uttered that word while pointing the wand at his target.

Stork at once grimaced in pain, realizing that some detrimental magic had been cast upon him in the crowd. He glared from face to face, then he saw a look of abject fear. The wand snapped in his direction again. This time Stork’s eyes opened in pain and fear as he staggered.

‘I’ll eat your heart for this,’ the wizard snarled at the young magic-user.

The apprentice flicked the wand one more time and Stork howled in pain as he dropped to the cobblestones.

A flash of colors exploded in front of the young mage as Vistis appeared. Stork pointed a finger at his attacker.

‘You’d better be out of this town before I recover, or you won’t live to see another day,’ he hissed in agony.

Not wanting to have his heart or liver or anything else torn out and eaten by the sadistic magic-user the young wizard hastily packed and went on the run. The elation from the power he had stolen from Stork had at once ebbed and now flowed away, leaving him scared for his life.

Also known as the Wand of Weakening, this magical wand can drain a hardened warrior or rival spellcaster rather easily, rendering them weak and at the mercy of the magic item’s bearer.

Benefit: A Wand of the Leech of Leech Wand is a simple magical wand that allows the user to steal 1d4 hit points or Con points and apply to themselves. Any excessive hit points beyond the wand bearer’s maximum will expire within one turn (ten minutes). Usable three times per day, can be recharged: 1d3 recharges per spell of at least 2nd level. Range: 65′

Usable by: Anyone who can use a wand.

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[New Spell] Into the Labyrinth’s Centre

Into the Labyrinth’s Centre


The ogre mage’s warband was gaining ground, little by little. The adventurers were tiring.

‘What spells have you got left?’ Koram asked the spellcasters.

‘I can call some more spiders,’ Valance offered.

‘No, that thing doesn’t seem bothered by them, nor his minions, they have already gotten a half a dozen converted to their side,’ the fighter said.

Chalk drew a scroll from a satchel at his side.

‘Gather around me,’ he shouted.

Quickly the wizard read the spell off of the scroll and touched the others and then tapped his own chest.

There was a blinding flash and suddenly the darkness of a deep stony dungeon.

‘Where are we?’ Navnen asked.

‘The nearest labyrinth. It was all I had left,’ Chalk answered.

A deep guttural growl emanated from the darkness as a horned monstrosity lurched from the shadows.

Koram smirked in the torchlight.

‘You’ve got to be kidding me….’


Into the Labyrinth’s Centre (Magic-user)

Level 5

Range: Touch

Duration: Instantaneous.

This spell allows the caster to send all he or she can touch within five seconds into the center of the nearest labyrinth or maze, whether the location is known or not. Used to delay pursuers mainly, this spell has a few applications. Any subjects touched may make a save at -2 to try to resist this magic. There is a 25% chance that a minotaur or other guardian/stalker of the maze is in the center at the time.

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[New Magic Item] Ring of Nature Spirit Communication

Ring of Nature Spirit Communication

As Fellhorn the druid and the elf watched, the gnome illusionist held a ring on his finger aloft and seemed to concentrate for a moment. No time later a strange face of rock appeared, with a furrowed brow, long nose and thin lips.

‘Who disturbs the Mountain King?’ the face asked in a dry, dusty voice.

‘I would know the safest way across your immensity, O King of the Mountain!’ the gnome replied.

‘And what is it to me?’ the Mountain King asked.

The small illusionist pulled a few coins of silver and bronze from his pocket and looked at his companions who grudgingly did the same. The face moved slightly to ponder over the coins.

‘May we return to you what is yours,’ the gnome said solemnly.

‘Wait until dusk, fireflies shall light your way,’ the Mountain King said.

‘With many thanks we will await their guidance,’ the gnome said as the Mountain King’s visage faded into the rocky wall of the mountain.

‘He is handy to keep around after all,’ Fellhorn said.

‘As useful as a gnome can be, I suppose,’ the elf replied.

Relics of elder times, these magic rings allow travelers to try to negotiate with various powers, while not always successful, sometimes a small chance is better than none.

Benefit: This magical ring allows the wearer, once per day, to speak to a nature spirit in the area for up to one turn (ten minutes). This causes the spirit to pause whatever action it is doing and speak with the ring’s wearer. For this period of time the wearer of the ring and the spirit will speak the same tongue and can take no violent action towards the other. This time can be used to clarify a problem, negotiate a bargain or even scheme a hasty retreat. Typical spirits are River Gods, Mountain Kings, Sylph Queens of the Air, Princesses of Fire and other spirits of an elemental nature.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Grant Mutation

Grant Mutation


Navnen stood in the thief’s guild’s darkest chambers. A half a dozen others were in the room, including a strange looking wizard.

‘Dalmus!’ called the guildmaster.

Feet shuffled as one of the spindly thieves stepped forward. The guildmaster nodded to the wizard. A spell began, Dalmus fell to his knees, one shoulder contorting as the thief cried out. His right arm grew huge and clawed, like that of an ogre. Navnen’s eyes bulged. Dalmus collapsed completely to the floor as the guildmaster handed a bag to the wizard who nodded and then stepped back into the shadows.

‘This is not the price of failure, this is the reward for betrayal, for holding out on the guild, am I understood?’ the guildmaster asked the others as Dalmus whimpered on the floorboards.

Everyone nodded in fear.

‘Anyone can fail, betrayal begs for retribution,’ the guildmaster said gravely. ‘Begone!’

Without another word the others left as quietly as they could.


Grant Mutation (Magic-user)

Level 5

Range: Touch

Duration: Permanent unless dispelled.

With this powerful spell a wizard can give a mundane individual (no creatures that are Fey, Elemental, or Extra-Planar or of other magical origin) size Small to Large a mutation of the wizard’s desire. This can be beneficial (such as a pair of wings) or detrimental (an oversized arm). Any good mutation should grant an ability, such as flight, or a boost to an attribute, detrimental will often slow a creature or make them hideous and deformed. Any creature that gains five or more mutations becomes a mindless creature that lashes out at all around them as a body is not meant to handle too many augmentations, even beneficial ones. No attributes may be boosted beyond +/-2. Remember that even seemingly beneficial mutations still alter that basic creature and may cause trouble among some and some hideous mutations may increase strength or dexterity. And then, some mutations may be merely cosmetic, only making the subject look different or strange to others. Any physical weapons, such as horns, claws, tusks, spikes, etc are handled as follows: Small creatures deal 1d4 points of damage, Medium deal 1d6 points of damage and Large creatures deal 1d6+2 points of damage with any modifiers for Strength added or subtracted from this.

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[New Monster] Velnorv


Chalk swatted at the strange furry dog-like thing.

‘Valance, get that thing out of here!’ the wizard yelled.

Nodding the priest of the Spider God began a chant, moments later a trio of large, scary spiders chased the thing away, it howled in frustration and threw a spell at the arachnids as it left.

‘What was that thing?’ Koram asked.

‘I don’t know, but it stole a couple of my spells, I hope I never see one of those again,’ Chalk replied.

Unbeknownst to the group a half a dozen velonorv lay in ambush ahead.

The opposite of the Spell-derv is the Velnorv, a strange, dog-like bipedal creature with the face of a mastiff. Of fiendish origin these creatures reportedly can smell magic being cast and trail spellcasters to steal their magic. Left on the Material Plane to forage for themselves after being abandoned by a greater infernal, these creatures sometimes work with bandits and outlaws to render opponents weaker for their allies to dispose of. A tell-tale sign of their presence is the mark of little hoofprints on the ground, for these canine bipeds have the feet of tiny goats and leave strange small hoofprints everywhere. Waking up to hundreds of tiny goat-like prints reveals either one very busy velnorv or a pack of the creatures.

Velnorv: HD 3 AC 5[14]; AL:Chaotic;Atk Weapon (dagger)(1d4), Bite (1d4) or Claw (1d4) ; Move 15 ; Save 11; CL/XP 4/80; Special: Spell Leech the velnorv can steal one or two spells from an illusionist or magic-user once per day (as a touch attack) and use these spells as their own, using a keen sense of smell to detect spellcasting within 150′. In addition these creatures known 1d4 1st-5th level spells from the Illusionist or Magic-user list.

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[New Spell] Shadowleaper



Navnen appeared behind Chalk suddenly, giving the wizard a fright.

‘How did you do that?’ Chalk asked.

‘Time travel?’ Valance suggested in the nearby cover of shadows.

‘No, a spell that cost me fifty gold coins, watch this,’ the thief replied and he ran forward in the shadow of the building and was suddenly across the courtyard and waving back at the other adventurers.

‘Why are we even here?’ Koram asked the others.

‘Do you think he’s not coming back with a bunch of screaming guards chasing him?’ the priest of the Spider God asked.

Chalk nodded sagely as he prepared a spell.


Shadowleaper (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: Self or Touch.

Duration: One hour per level of caster or until used.

A handy illusionist spell, Shadowleaper allows the caster or another he or she touches to be able to leap from one shadow to another, if the shadow being jumped into is within line of sight and can conceal the ‘leaper’. The numbers of leaps equals the caster’s level. This spell conveys movement from shadow to shadow only, it does not conceal or dampen sounds.

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