[New Spell] Partialmorph (Animal)

Partialmorph (Animal)

‘How do we get out of here, the guards are everywhere?’ Valance asked, a little panicky.

‘You know, if you didn’t threaten the wrong people this wouldn’t be an issue,’ replied Chalk.

‘Boys, boys!’ interrupted Knat the druidess. ‘We go through the palace during the masked ball tonight and leave through the East Gate.’

Eyebrows raised all around.

‘Just gather your things and try not to get caught before twilight.’

Some time later, just as dusk arrived Knat returned to the adventurer’s hideout.

‘I’ve got six tickets to the ball and…’

With a flourish the druidess cast a spell, not prepared, her companions all had random animal heads.

‘Is this going to work?’ grumbled Valance who had the head of a wren.

‘If not, it is going to be one hell of a tale to tell,by whoever makes it out,’ replied a badger-headed Chalk.

Partialmorph (Animal) (Druid)

Level 2

Range: 10′ radius (+1’/level)

Duration: One hour per level of caster.

Created to give druids a bit of help when in more civilized areas, Partialmorph was devised to alter the head of all within the radius of the cast spell to whatever animal that person is concentrating on, or it is random if the person doesn’t realize what is happening. This spell is amazing at masked balls and similar events where a disguise is part of entertainment, including plays and the telling of sagas, The change is mostly cosmetic, although those affected do receive a 1d4 bite/peck/gore attack, depending on what head he or she has. As more people learned of this spell it has also been beneficial to both assassins and would-be targets of said assassins in a pinch, obfuscating the exact identity of killer or mark.

Optional: While this spell only allows for polymorphing heads into non magical animals, a 5th level version of this spell allows for changing the heads into those of magical creatures that have a 1d6 +2 bite/peck/gore/breath attack, but similar range and duration.

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[New Spell] Summon Proper Specialist

Summon Proper Specialist

‘I cannot read this script, not even magically,’ Vistus the Blue Mage said finally. ‘We are doomed.’

‘Not so fast, I have a scroll that I believe is…ah, here it is,’ said Stork.

The sorcerer read the scroll aloud.

A painfully thin man in robes suddenly appeared, his hands stained with ink.

‘You require a scribe?’ the newcomer asked.

Stork grinned, revealing his shark-like teeth.

‘Indeed we do, my friend, and we have gold to pay you with…’

Summon Proper Specialist (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: Ten miles per level of caster.

Duration: Instantaneous.

When cast this spell summons a specialist for a certain task (navigator, scribe, mercenary captain, etc) who will dutifully complete one task for the summoner that lasts no more than three days. The specialist is not immune from danger, is quite competent and will require a full week’s wage at the completion of their task. Most of these specialists are rather shocked at being suddenly summoned, but the promise of gold often allays any concerns or suspicions.

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[New Spell] Grave Grab

Grave Grab

‘That’s a rather interesting looking ring you have there,’ Chalk commented to Valance.

‘Oh, it’s nothing really,’ the priest of the Spider God replied quickly.

‘I’ve never seen it before, where did you get it?’ the sorcerer asked.

‘Probably found it when he was lurking around graves last night,’ offered Nudge the gnome thief.

Without hesitation Valance thumped the gnome with his fingers.

‘You should have shared the loot then!’ moped the small thief.

Grave Grab (Divine)

Level 4

Range: 20′ radius (+5’/level)

Duration: Instantaneous.

Originally intended to aid a cleric or priest in regaining important artifacts and items, like the bones of saints, somehow this spell morphed into a way to bring valuables from the departed to the hands of the caster. When cast, this spell spreads out to any grave within a 20′ (+5′ per level of priest or cleric) up to twelve feet underground and brings any valuables contained within to the feet of the caster. Does not protect against any vengeful undead.

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[New Magic Item] Mastodon Helm

Mastodon Helm

The dwarf raged into the fray, atop his head was a strange furry helm, with two long curving tusks, a pair of furry ears, and a long trunk that seemed to writhe about at its wearer’s command.

‘Get some spiders on that dwarf!’ Chalk yelled as he sent a spell blazing green fire at the dwarf’s elven companion.

‘On it,’ replied Valance as he finished his prayer to the Spider God.

Within moments rather largish spiders were swarming the dwarf, who in turn laughed as he gored the main spider and wrestled another with the hairy trunk of the magical helm.

‘This is going to take more violence,’ Valance said, shaky his head.

Just then Koram and Nudge ran into the fray, weapons swirling around.

‘About time you guys,’ barked Chalk.

‘There were more dwarfs creeping up behind us,’ Koram snarled. ‘One horde of villains at a time!’

A long forgotten barbarian relic, the Mastodon Helm will alter its size to fit smaller races (it normally fits giants and ogres) which still makes it a deadly, if somewhat humorous magic item to be seen on a halfling or gnome in the fury of battle.

Benefit: In combat the wearer of the Mastodon Helm can make a gore attack twice per turn (ten minutes) in addition to their normal attack. The trunk of the helm may be used to grapple (Str 15 reach-5′) once per turn or to hold onto an item (or pin an appendage of an opponent, for example) in or out of combat. Also the ears can pick up faint sounds up to 60′ away.

Usable by: Anyone who can wear leather armor.

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[New Magic Item] Ring of Platitudes

Ring of Platitudes

Nudge stuck his tongue out at Chalk from behind the elf noble. Then he stood upon the throne and carefully removed the prince’s necklace while nobody else was looking except Chalk and Valance.

‘What is he doing?’ Chalk hissed. ‘He’s going to get us all killed!’

‘Let’s just hope Koram has that cart and horses ready to go and the stable blocked so we get out of here without being pincushions for their arrows,’ added the priest of the Spider God.

Chalk motioned for Nudge to get back over to where he stood with Valance. The gnome thief moved in an exaggerated way, tiptoeing like a fool. Chalk began sweating profusely.

The sorcerer grabbed one of the gnome’s pointed ears.

‘You idiot!’

‘Relax, the prince doesn’t notice me, he thinks I am one of his puppets.’

‘Because you were fawning over him like an imbecile?’

Nudge thought about revealing his secret. Instead he hid his hand with the ring from the others, just in case he needed to use it on one of them sometime.

Many scholars who have come across this magic item speculate on its exact origin, is this a creation of the gods of mischief, or of some reclusive deity of thieves? We may never know, but it causes a lot of trouble for such a small item.

Benefit: Once per day this magical ring allows it’s wearer to utter a string of inane, trite and dull statements, usually redundant praise heaped upon a subject. This causes that subject to ignore that person for one day, not noticing anything that this person does, no matter what, on a roll of 3-6 on 1d6. The target of the magic ring will not believe that this person, who heaped all of the praise, is capable of working against them to the point that the wearer of the ring is virtually invisible to the target.

Usable by: Anyone, favored by thieves.

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[New Magic Item] Bookscramble Scroll

Bookscramble Scroll

‘Find anything?’ Valance asked Chalk and Nudge.

The sorcerer and the thief both silently shook their heads.

‘Why don’t we ever have spell around to unscramble this stuff,’ the priest of the Spider God asked.

‘I’m not sure,’ replied Chalk as he read,’but instead of asking questions you could help us.’

‘Oh yeah, right.’

It is thought that this scroll was created as insurance to save the lives of a guild of scholars many centuries ago, and whether or not it was, this magic item certainly comes in handy for protecting wizards, scribes and scholars and obfuscating information from those who would take it.

Benefit: This simple scroll scrambles the contents of two or more books in a 15×15 space when the scroll is activated-at least one person must be named that will be able to read the books normally, to all others the words are so scrambled and chaotic that it is impossible to make sense of the writing. A Dispel Magic spell will undo this scroll. Without magical aid it takes 1d4 days per book to sort out. Books removed from the area will not be affected by dispelling magic.

Usable by: Anyone who can use scrolls.

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[New Magic Item] Work Order of True Giants

Work Order of True Giants

Nudge ran into the small house the adventurers were sharing, his face a mixture of fear and anger.

‘Did you see that out in the town center?! A giant! A fire giant! With the blacksmith, a dwarf!’

‘Yeah, leave them alone. One of those papers we got off of that odd stranger that was hurrying through town turned out to be a magical pact of some kind that works on giants. Don’t screw it up and the giant will just walk away when he is done,’ Chalk told the gnome.

‘Walk away? A giant?! I cannot let that happen!’

‘You can and you will, or it will come down hard on all of us, get it?’

Nudge scowled and crossed his arms.

‘I get it,’ he mumbled.

A Work Order of True Giants hails back to ancient days when the relationship between giants and the smaller races wasn’t quite so strained as it is today. As giants and smaller folk began having differences (especially dwarves and humans) a grove of druids allegedly created these magical writs to try to keep the races working together. Although this failed there are still a few of these floating about that, if nothing else, will get a giant to do something good and leave an area.

Benefit: When presented to any true giant (Fire, Frost, Hill, Cloud, Storm,, Stone, etc not creatures like trolls or ogres) the presenter must make a roll against his or her Charisma attribute to convince the giant to construct or fix a structure (bridge, dam, tower, building, etc). A successful roll means that the giant will agree to this, provided a proper amount of gold and materials are provided. During this time the one presenting the magical work order and their allies may not attack the giant(s) involved in this work, if so any who betrayed the giant take double damage from any strikes from the contracted giant(s), however, during this time contracted giant(s) will also not attack and after the work is complete will leave peacefully.

Reward: 5000xp upon completion of the project.

Usable by: Anyone.

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