[New Magic Item] Amulet of Lightning

Amulet of Lightning

There was a flash of light from behind the tapestry of the Battle of Wyvern Valley and a short scream. As the man-at-arms alerted the guards there was another flash and yet another scream. Then silence. The guardsmen found a smoldering body still holding a venom covered knife. One of the guards knelt to inspect the knife.

‘Don’t touch that!’ shouted the man-at-arms just a little too late. Lighting struck the guard and he screamed and fell back.

‘I wish this amulet was a little more fine-tuned so that we did not need to see that poor guard get injured,’ sighed the king.

The court wizard cocked an eyebrow as he looked at the king.

‘Quite, mi’lord,’ he replied stoically.

Said to have originally been created for a paranoid king who feared being poisoned this magical amulet looks like a stylized lightning bolt set in a circle of silver. Handy to pick out the most tenacious in a crowd.

Benefit: Always ‘on’, this magical talisman creates a 40′ barrier around the wearer; any who cross into this barrier bearing poison on their persons of any sort are struck by a small lightning bolt (even indoors) that deals 1d4+2 points of damage. This will happen every other round until the person bearing poison, the amulet is removed or the person is no longer within the radius of the ring. Only affects intelligent creatures, those of animal intelligence or lower that are poisonous are immune to the effects of this amulet.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Calling The Witnesses

Calling The Witnesses

Navnen had just about pried the door open to the second floor of the small mansion when he heard a cough below, Jorgil, priest of the God of Law was clearing his throat as a few locals appeared.

‘Are you sure that you want to do this?’ the cleric asked.

Navnen grumbled and threw a few silver coins on the ground. The riffraff scrambled to pick them up, arguing amongst themselves as to who got which ones.

The thief smirked at the priest.

More people showed up. A gnome merchant appeared and instantly looked shocked.

‘Do we call the watch?’ the gnome asked the priest.

‘And now?’ Jorgil asked.

‘You know that this is the hideout of the cult of the Chaos god of Deceit, Xoxis-Loz?’ the thief asked the priest.

Jorgil looked surprised then pointed in the other direction and the crowd stared across the alley.

‘Carry on, for now,’ he snarled at Navnen.

Calling The Witnesses (Cleric)

Level 2

Range: One mile/level.

Duration: One turn per level of caster.

When this spell is cast a silent call goes out, and curious onlookers appear seemingly out of the woodwork. Farmers, yokels, guardsmen, anyone at random will appear and be attracted to the caster or anyone that they indicate within their Line Of Sight. These people are not apt to become involved in anything they see unless it is particularly atrocious or, in the case of guardsmen/city watch/constables/etc violates a law in which case they are more or less compelled to get involved. Usually up to 1d20 individuals appear.

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[New Magic Item] Lantern of Green Light

Lantern of Green Light

‘How did they find us so soon?’ the gnome illusionist asked.

‘The one with the lantern is barking orders at the others, he sees us,’ replied the elf ranger grimly.

‘So we should probably take that orc down first,’ Fellhorn the druid said.

The elf ranger nodded and drew his bow. The orc bearing the lantern that emitted the strange green light began squealing frantically to the orcs around him.

The arrow found its mark, the orc fell, dropping the lantern. Another orc scrambled quickly to retrieve the lantern.

The elf ranger sighed as he nocked another arrow and noticed the sun high overhead as the orcs and goblins scrambled to get in the light of the lantern.

Often found in the possession of creatures like orcs and goblins, this enchanted lantern is often overlooked by adventurers who could really use it too. Origins unknown, a product of the Mythic Underworld?

Benefit: The light of this lantern, which illuminates a 30′ radius when lit, reveals all living creatures to the bearer of the lantern only. Obvious beings will be seen in detail in the eerie green light while those that are hidden will appear as glowing green shapes without definition. A candle (magical or not) powers the lantern and the glass panes are clear. The effect lasts as long as a candle is burning in the lantern. This lantern works strangely in the light of day also, soothing the sight of any in its radius that are affected by the sun and canceling any penalties caused by sunlight.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Weapon with Your Name On It

Weapon with Your Name On It

The elder dwarf raised his enchanted war hammer and growled at the elf king. The latter looked astonished at the sight of the weapon that seemed to blaze with magic. One could even note a hint of fear in his eyes. He drew a longsword that made a strange sound as it left its sheath.

‘You have not lost that damned hammer yet, I see,’ the elf said cooly.

‘Not this one, not the one with your name on it,’ grumbled the dwarf.

‘Let’s do this,’ sighed the elf.

‘This is going to hurt. A lot,’ said the dwarf as he grabbed the war hammer in both hands.

‘I know,’ muttered the elf to himself.

As the hammer hit the elf’s off hand shoulder the elf groaned in pain as bones broke. Now the weapon was at its maximum curse against him. The elf had not choice but to accept his Fate for choices of the distant past as the hammer struck a knee and he dropped.

Weapon with Your Name On It (Arcane)

Level 5

Range: Touch.

Duration: Permanent.

When cast upon a weapon of any kind (actual, not improvised) this spell permanently enchants that weapon so that upon first successful strike that weapon is now +1 to hit AND damage that particular being from now on. The target can be living, undead or a construct. Each year afterwards an additional +1 to hit and damage may be added for the first successful hit until a maximum of +4 is accrued. If that being is not encountered the next year it can easily skip a year year, a dozen, or a thousand years and pick up where the enchantment left off.

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[New Magic Item] Mug of False Mugs

Mug of False Mugs

Wizard, warrior and dwarf entered the inn.

‘This must be the place, we need to find the halfling in need,’ the wizard said looking around the crowded common room.

Everyone in the room turned to regard the newcomers then returned to their business. The trio sat, moments later a barmaid came by and they ordered drinks.

When the drinks arrived the dwarf hurriedly poured his ale into a mug of his own that he had in his backpack and began drinking. A few moments later the dwarf slowly turned as he gazed through the bottom of his mug which seemed to have a piece of glass for a bottom, like a short spyglass with a lens on one end.

The dwarf put the mug down slowly, mouth agape.

‘What is it?’ the wizard asked?

‘I don’t think this is the place,’ the dwarf whispered nervously.

‘Why do you say that?’ his warrior companion asked as he drank from his own mug of ale.

‘Because nobody but us in this room is what they appear to be. We need to go. Soon,’ the dwarf replied.

‘Not even the innkeeper or barmaid?’ the wizard asked.

‘Not even the cat laying on the bar,’ replied the shaking dwarf.

Gifted to a dodgy dwarf mercenary that had bad luck on adventures. This magic item did not improve his bad luck, but sometimes explained it.

Benefit: This magical mug needs to be filled to activate it. When the liquid is drank down to about one quarter left (or less) it is possible to look through the enchanted glass bottom of the mug and view any altered beings as a representation of their true form. Further, a Wisdom Attribute check informs the drinker of just what exactly an individual creature is (i.e. a werewolf will be seen in its hybrid form, a changeling in its original form, same as a doppelganger or a serpentperson, with a successful Wisdom check the one using the mug can tell a changeling from a serpentperson, etc).

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Crow Brooch

Crow Brooch

Knat the druidess suddenly appeared amongst the adventurers in a whirl of black feathers and swirling shadows.

‘Hey! A little warning next time!’ Chalk snapped.

‘Now boys! None of that. There is a bandit king following me and I might need some help,’ Knat responded.

‘What did you do now?’ asked Valance.

‘Well, I stole this brooch of the bandit king’s for a start. And this magical knife of his. And this pouch of coins he had,’ the druidess replied.

Navnen looked at the haul.

‘You druids are as sneaky as us thieves,’ he said, shaking his head at the impressive haul.

Highly coveted by bandit kings, scouts, spies and even rangers and druids, this magical brooch has been stained with the blood of its owner more than once. A wise owner does not flash this about until it is needed.

Benefit: Once per 72 hours this magical brooch, as long as it is used as a clasp for a cape (hooded or not), will transport the wearer and his or her gear up to three miles per level of character (one mile for 0 level characters) as long as the wearer has a map (an actual map, not a rough scrawl) in one hand and can touch the destination point within their limitations that they can go.

Usable by: Anyone.

Note; Not to be mistaken for the Crow Amulet (q.v.) which can be used to steal this magic item with the Crows-View Ring (also q.v.).

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[New Magic Item] Violet Stones

Violet Stones

‘The quartet of goblins cautiously approached the glowing purplish mushroom. Ever so quietly one would creep forward and grab a purple stone at its base, if one of the dark branches came swinging at the scavenger the others would warn it. After a few tries they had a dozen small rocks. And then began throwing them at each other a safe distance away.

Upon impact the rocks would explode into a small cloud of purple dust, this dust being thousands of tiny spores. The goblins breathed them in and their eyes grew big as they tittered amongst themselves, seeing things no casual observer could see.

One of the goblins threw one of the last stones at another and hit him square in the chest. The rock exploded and the goblin seemed to suddenly be ablaze in an eerie purple fire that consumed it, sending the small screaming thing off to who knows where?

The remaining trio of goblins realized that their game had gone too far and scampered off for their lair as best as they could being haunted by hallucinations every step of the way.

At the base of ancient violet fungi it is said that the stones themselves become tainted with time. There is often little other reason to go poking about under an eight foot tall mushroom that can swing a branch at you that will rot your flesh,

Benefit: These purple stones make excellent ammunition for slings or as thrown items. While, upon impact each stone only has a 25% chance of doing two points of damage, each stone also erupts if thrown and explodes upon hitting a solid surface (much like a thrown puffball mushroom), releasing a cloud of hallucinogenic spores one and a half feet in diameter. Any living creature breathing these spores in that fails a Save versus Poison is subjected to very vivid and wild hallucinations that last for 1d6+2 hours. Once struck and showered with these spores there is a 25% chance that subsequent strikes while the subject is hallucinating will transport them to the Fey Realm in a random location.

Usable by: Anyone. Some willingly.

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[New Spell] Curse: Subtle Enlargement

Curse: Subtle Enlargement

‘Have you grown, runt?’ the elf ranger asked the gnome illusionist.

The gnome instinctively put his hand on his belly.

‘I meant your height, you seem taller,but yeah, you are getting a gut too,’ the elf said.

‘Ever since he gambled with those other gnome spellcasters at that inn near Oakbridge he has been getting taller I think,’ Fellhorn the druid commented.

‘But that was months ago!’ squeaked the gnome, his face red.

‘Is that hat a little tight on your noggin?’ the elf asked.

The druid and ranger both chuckled at the aggravated gnome.

‘I think you need to see someone about some bad magic on you,’ the elf suggested.

The gnome just grumbled and stomped off, his feet pounding on the floorboards of the cottage like they never had before.

Curse: Subtle Enlargement (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: One year and a day or until dispelled.

The target of this curse may not at first realize that he or she has even had a spell cast upon them. Each week the victim gains two inches in height and roughly five pounds of weight, the latter despite an activity such as adventuring or exercise. In two months clothing will not fit right, in four months even the tallest of a species will start to stand out in a crowd. A size Small creature, like a gnome has the potential to grow as large as a Hill Giant while an average human might become the size of a Frost Giant in time. As the size increase become more apparent the Charisma of the victim will tend to decrease one point per month after three months unless around other giants. Special size clothing and gear will be necessary as well. Remove Curse, Limited Wish or Wish magic will restore the cursed one immediately to normal.

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[New Magic Item] Necklace of Near Invulnerability

Necklace of Near Invulnerability

Vistis the Blue Mage approached Stork as the latter poured over a few newly acquired scrolls.

‘Why did you entrust the porter with that enchanted necklace?’ Vistis asked.

Stork paused a moment over his reading.

‘To see what would happen, it didn’t seem right, something about that thing is off. Why do you ask?’ he replied.

‘Well, I witness a couple of thugs trying to rob him and before I could react one of them stabbed him with a knife in the guts. Our porter then laughed at the robber and in turn stabbed him back, the other thug ran off, the porter turned into some type of ratman, twitched his whiskers nervously while looking around and scurried off into the shadows,’ the illusionist replied.

‘I knew that there was something strange about that necklace, it seemed weird!’ the sorcerer exclaimed.

‘Yes, but before that the porter took a knife to the stomach,’ Vistis said.

‘Not enough benefit for me to become some sort of upright vermin,’ insisted Stork.

This ancient bronze necklace is made of many heavy links and a large, rune-covered rectangular pendant. Said to have been made by a mad sorcerer, the advantages some say outweigh the disadvantages.

Benefit: When worn this enchanted necklace prevents the wearer from being harmed by any weapons except those of magic or silver. However, there is a 05% chance per day/each time that the necklace is worn that the wearer will become either a wererat or wereboar (50% chance of either and can only happen once and is permanent short of a Remove Curse or Wish magic). As a lycanthrope the wearer is in control of the changes to hybrid and animal forms and is not affected by the phases of the moon.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Talisman of Mimicry

Talisman of Mimicry

Each time the prince heard his sister’s voice it was calling out just a little further down the treacherous alley until he was certain he heard her calling for help from within the ramshackle old house before him. So intent was he to save her that he did not notice the trio of shadows following him to the house, nor that his own bodyguard was distracted in the market and did not notice him slip away from them. He tried the door, it was strangely unlocked. Arming himself with a dagger the prince steeled himself for a moment and then burst into the dilapidated house.

Looking around, the prince saw only an unsavory looking fellow cleaning his fingernails with a knife.

The villain said nothing as he kicked a chair out from under the table. His three associates silently entered the room and shut the door.

‘My sister!’ exclaimed the prince. ‘Where is she? I would save her from being held for ransom.

The man at the table cleared his throat and laughed coarsely.

‘It is the princess who will be paying YOUR ransom, it seems,’ the man said and then cackled. His companions joined one.

‘When do we send word?’ one of the other kidnapers asked in the voice of the princess.

The prince sat and sulked in the chair, realizing that he had been had.

This highly polished stone with a strange, thin, silvery webbing decorating it looks harmless enough. When used properly it can almost induce madness in the listener.

Benefit: The bearer of this strange talisman can, once per day, use it to duplicate a certain voice that he or she has heard in not only themselves up to four other living individuals within a 60′ radius. If the target audience cannot see a particular speaker there is a 97% chance that he or she will believe that it is the person in question. The duration is one hour or as soon as any of those affected coughs to clear their throat, which “resets” their own voice only.

Usable by: Anyone.

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