[New Magic Item] Potion of Generosity

Potion of Generosity

Navnen slipped into the small cottage and looked over at Valance then gave a nod. He tossed a small glass vial at the priest of the Spider God who caught it and admired the liquid within.

‘How much?’ Valance asked.

‘I pinched that vial as a favor,’ the thief replied.

‘No, I mean how much of this do I use at a time?’ Valance inquired again.

‘Oh, sorry. Just a few drops and you will see generosity as you never have, any more and those around you will get suspicious, don’t overdo it,’ cautioned Navnen.

Valance nodded and headed for the door.

‘Gambling?’ Chalk asked.

‘Not this time, meeting of some priests. I am going to get a donation from the priestess of Locustus for the Spider God,’ Valance replied.

‘Won’t that start a conflict?’ the wizard asked.

‘Hopefully,’ Valance said with a grin.

This is a potion used not in combat but in secret ways, usually against miserly types but in a pinch any enemy will do.

Benefit: A few drops of this magical elixir introduced via food or drink and consumed will cause the target to become generous to any who ask, overtaken with an urge to give to others. A few drops and the target will be generous with food, drink, and coins. Any more and the subject will begin to give away prized possessions. The entire vial could see homes, titles, artifacts and other luxury items handed over (if possessed in the first place for one cannot give what they do not have). A Saving Throw versus Poison/Paralysis with a -1 modifier is allowed to resist this effect.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Drums of Dulling

Drums of Dulling

The quartet of dwarves had been hurrying through the strange forest for days. Eerie sounds and strange lights in the trees had kept them all on edge.

Then the drumming started. Low and rythmic the sound was getting louder now. They all heard the strange tune.

A half dozen orcs stepped into the clearing, maces and clubs at the ready.

The leader of the dwarfs shouted for the others to grab axes and blades, only to discover that the sharp edges were dull and useless for cutting. The orcs advanced, grinning and ensuring that the dwarves would never leave the forest.

Originally made to help wage peace between disputing tribes, these drums are now used in a variety of ways to dull blades and win battles or frustrate cutlery merchants.

Benefit: When the drum is played all sharp, bladed weapons become dull and only deal half damage. This applies to swords, daggers, knives, axes and metal arrowheads.Clubs, maces, hammers and other non-blade weapons are immune to this drumming and function normally. This effect lasts for 1d4 hours after which time the blades return to normal. Magical weapons are allowed a Saving Throw versus magic and if affected the dullness only lasts for one hour and any damage is halved with no modifier added to damage. Range is 50′ for the drum.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Awkward Introductions

Awkward Introductions

The Captain of the Watch eyed the adventurers with suspicion.

‘And you are?’ he asked the cleric.

‘He’s Valance, sir,’ Koram said.

‘I asked him, not you. Who are you, by the way?’ the Captain of the Watch inquired.

‘He is Koram, a warrior of some reknown,’ answered Chalk.

‘Why can’t any of you answer me directly?’ the Captain of the Watch asked. He then pointed to Navnen.

‘Your name?’

The thief hesitated a moment.

‘Navnen,’ he replied.

Raucous laughter could suddenly be heard all around in a most mocking tone.

‘Alright! All of you. Out! You are not welcome here!’ shouted the Captain of the Watch.

‘I’ll wring that illusionist’s neck when I find him,’ grumbled Valance as the adventurers skulked away from the town.

Awkward Introductions (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: One year and one day.

When cast upon a person Awkward Introductions causes hysterical laughter to be heard all around the subject whenever he or she introduces themselves to a stranger for the first time. This, in turn, causes those first meeting the subject to have a -2 Charisma reaction to this person for 1d4 days afterwards. If 10+ people are under this effect together in a small area there is a 65% chance that these people will create a crowd that tries to drive the target of the spell from the immediate area.

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[New Magic Item] Witch's Coin

Witch’s Coin

Bakra-do the mercenary squatted down by the small stagnant pond and dropped in a coin given to him by his employer, the wizard Valg-Nux. The water became clouded and then the image of Valg-Nux could be seen clearly.

‘I have defeated the champion of your rival, Broln, and I have the sword the champion used,’ the mercenary said and held a strange sword above the water. The wizard’s image seemed to get bigger as Valg-Nux leaned forward to get a better view of the sword.

‘Very well, very well indeed. Now for the head of the manticore in the Vault of Zon-Nev and those four thousand gold coins are yours!’ the wizard said, trying to sound encouraging. The water clouded again then became clear.

Bakra-do smirked. Wizards. He had hoped for a spell to re-energize him or to cause his next sword strike to be devastating, instead he wasted one of three of these precious coins on what amounted to a pep talk from the wizard.

The creation of these magical coins is taught by the creatures known as hags only and if any hag finds out that a mortal taught this to another that person is marked for death. It is also said that talking a hag into teaching one how to make these magic items is dangerous, yet worth the trouble.

Benefit: First a ritual is completed with coins specifically minted for the spellcaster and covered in his or her blood before the metal cools completely. These coins are then given to trusted companions or minions who can use them to contact the spellcaster from a distance. To do so the person must throw one of these coins into a pool of reflective liquid. The wizard or illusionist is notified and retrieves the coin from a pool of liquid on their side. A clear conversation may be held, with sight and sound, and the spellcaster can, if they make an Intellience Attribute check, cast a spell through the liquid that affects those on the other side if need be. Contact lasts for ten minutes per coin or until the spellcaster cuts it off. Coins can be used indefinitely.

Usable by: Any Magic-User or Illusionist.

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[New Magic Item] Talisman of Enemy Confusion

Talisman of Enemy Confusion

The fighter rushed into the room after securing the door.

‘Don’t forget to kill the wizzz…,’ he began before realizing the group were facing four different iterations of Chalk the sorcerer. Each one apparently casting a spell.

‘Tactical retreat!’ the fighter shouted as he kicked the door open he had just secured and urged his companions back into the gloom of the deeper dungeon.

‘That is handy,’ the Valance-iteration of Chalk said.

A simple, yet effective talisman that can cause enemies to lose their momentum in conflict at the drop of a jaw. Once given to an ogre adventuring companion to keep rivals intimidated.

Benefit: When the talisman’s owner says the activating word up to six others look like that person, in mannerism and appearance. This effect lasts for 4d4 combat rounds and is usable once per day. Creatures under 2HD must make a Saving Throw or flee the area if the enemy is particularly eerie or intimidating.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Spellfear


Stork secretly read the spell from the scroll. Vistis the Blue Mage noticed that nothing seemed to change. Then Stork cast a minor spell that filled the area with dazzling lights that beguiled a pair of nearby goblins and caused them to tremble and even the strange sorcerer’s adventuring companion crawled away looking for safety from Stork’s intimidating magic.

‘This will be how we amass a small army, we just need to wait here for the right candidates to come by,’ Stork said with his shark-toothed grin.

Hearing no reply he looked around.

‘Vistis? VISTIS!’ he asked then shouted.

Moments later the illusionist crawled back towards his friend, fearful of the next spell.

Spellfear (Magic-user)

Level 4

Range: 25′ radius’+5’/level.

Duration: Permanent unless a Saving Throw is made (see below).

When cast Spellfear affects a certain area and is attuned to the particular wizard that cast it. This area, which the caster can see the boundaries of, causes all subsequent spells cast by the wizard to cause awe and fear in all sentient living creatures in the area. These creatures will fear the caster, having a -2 modifier to all rolls when dealing with them if they have 4HD or less, a -1 modifier if 4HD+. If they try to challenge the caster a Saving Throw versus spells is made and if successful this dreadful aura is shed and there are no more negative modifiers when dealing with the wizard.

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[New Magic Item] Dogbell


‘Where did our guide go?’ Koram asked as he drew his Crystal Blade from its sheath.

‘I knew we should not have paid him all of his fee in advance,’ Valance said.

A small group of growling wardogs strolled into the thicket, seemingly following a large mastiff with a belled collar.

‘Didn’t our guide have a bell in his hand before he faded into the shadows?’ Chalk asked as he began a spell.

The wardogs growled and began to slowly move in.

‘Apparently our guide has changed his skin and wants the rest of our money,’ Navnen said as he drew his magical daggers.

A dozen very large and scary looking spiders suddenly appeared, at the summons of Valance.

‘Where did those gnome bards go? This one is going to be worth telling a tale about,’ said the priest of the Spider God before he began ordering the arachnids to attack.

This seemingly minor magic item has played a large part in the fate of many, including the famous gambler Zha-Krohl who used it to win many fights in the dog arenas of Grund-Lhomek up until his secret was revealed and he had to flee, using this magical bell of course.

Benefit: The owner of this magical bell may ring it and say the command word anytime then be transformed into a large wardog with 3HD a move of 150′ (50′), a dog’s keen sense of smell, an AC of 5 and a bite that deals 2d4+1 points of damage. At the transformation the wardog now wears a collar bearing this magical bell and leather armor. At any time the dog barks and rings the bell with a paw the person becomes themselves again.

Usable by: Anyone.

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