[New Magic Item] Beehive Bow

Beehive Bow

It took Bakra-do a few moments to hear the muffled sounds of Stonebones screaming for help. Spinning on his heels he saw the dwarf struggling with a beehive on his head. He helped the dwarf remove the thing and it seemed to fade into nothingness.

‘There is an elf with some cursed bow in the trees,’ Stonebones snarled, his face swollen from multiple bee stings.

Rushing into the pines with both short swords drawn Bakra-do took an arrow to one shoulder, another was deflected and hit a tree before the elf fled from the area, melting into the forest silently.

Returning to the clearing the human noticed that there was a golden sap running from the spot where the arrow hit the cedar tree. He paused a moment and tasted it, feeling refreshed.

Bakra-do, on a hunch, called the dwarf over to the tree.

‘There may be an uninttended benefit to the third arrow shot at us from that bow,’ he told Stonebones as the dwarf’s tasted the strange honey oozing from the cedar and noticed that the swelling from the bee stings immediately went away and he felt better.

A well crafted bow with intricately carved bees on its limbs. Useful on long overland journeys.

Benefit: In combat this bow causes all arrows to be +1 to Hit and Damage (1d6+1). In addition, on a natural to Hit roll of 16+ a beehive (bereft of honey) will appear on the head of the one struck, causing a swarm of angry bees to sting for an additional 1d4 points of damage per round until removed (which requires a successful Strength attribute check), when the beehive disappears. If an arrow strikes bare earth or a tree’s trunk it will cause a healing honey to emerge that heals 1d4 hit points per sip, roughly 1d12+2 sips worth of honey appear.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a bow.

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[New Magic Item] Sarjaph’s Blade

Sarjaph’s Blade

Murgi and the ogre mercenary were deep in talks when Olhmi the priestess caught up with the thief.

‘What are you doing?’ Olmhi asked, astonished that the two were not locked in battle.

‘Negotiating safe passage here, if you can purify some food and water for his tribe that is,’ the thief replied.

Olmhi gladly offered to aid the monstrous humanoids, there was no way the two humans could have withstood an onslaught even if they wanted to.

As Murgi and the ogre concluded their discussion and shook hands the thief beamed with pride.

‘I am not the only one who can negotiate,’ he said smiling widely.

‘Just don’t lose that sword you found, it might keep us out of more trouble in the future,’ advised the priestess.

‘Yeah, found,’ Murgi said as he looked over his shoulder with a weak laugh.

Olmhi pretended not to notice these last gestures of the thief.

Also known as ‘The Diplomat’s Blade‘ this ornate short sword is very handy in dangerous environments, as long as opponents speak a language. Use it to live to fight another day here and there.

Benefit: The wielder of this short sword deals 1d4+2 hit points of damage and in addition may, once per day, be able to understand and speak the language (if any) of all facing them for one turn (ten minutes). In addition, twice per day the sword may be used to read unknown, even magical, languages, as per the respective spells (Read Languages/Read Magic). While an understanding is conveyed spellcasting ability is NOT conferred to the bearer of the sword, although they understand the spell, what it is and what it does.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a short sword.

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[New Spell] Strange Hand of Sinta

Strange Hand of Sinta

‘Where is that bizarre construct?’ Jaundo asked as he regained his senses from the staggering blow the thing had dealt to him.

‘Not here for the moment,’ replied Uzeb the Wise after casting a powerful spell that moved the creature out of sight.

‘What is that heavy thud and pounding sound?’ the fighter asked.

‘Our cue to become scarce before that thing tears down a couple of walls and we have to face it aagain. We need backup,’ replied the wizard.

Without further prompting Jaundo began moving in the opposite direction of the loud banging sounds, deeper into the dungeon depths.

Strange Hand of Sinta (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: 30′ radius +5’/level.

Duration: Instantaneous.

When cast this spell creates a titanic ethereal hand that only the caster can see. This hand can move one creature up to the size of an ogre anywhere within the radius of the spell, even out of the line of sight of the caster, OR this spell can be used to sweep up to six individuals up to Medium size either closer to or further away from the caster up to 10′ OR may be used to Trip one creature of any Size. In all cases a Save versus Spells with a -2 modifier is required to resist this spell. Even incorporeal undead are affected by this magic.

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[New Magic Item-Cursed] Klodi’s Cursed Boots

Klodi’s Cursed Boots

As the dwarf fighter returned to the small cottage he noticed an odd sight; a pair of boots on the floor next to a table and chair full of coins. There was no sign of Bakra-do, although the boots looked liked the pair they had found while adventuring some time ago. Unable to help himself, the dwarf naturally poured the coins onto the table and counted them as he waited for his adventuring companion to return. Just as he placed the last coin on its stack Bakra-do appeared, shoeless, next to the table.

‘Were you counting those coins for me, or for you?’ the mercenary asked.

‘I was just counting them. Where did they go?’ asked the astonished dwarf who was confused by the recent events. Bakra-do jerked a thumb towards himself and smirked.

‘The coins became me,’ he said.

Even more confused the dwarf threw his arms in the air.

‘We’ve been in this blasted town for too long, it is time for adventure!’ the dwarf blurted out.

‘That I heartily agree too. Let’s gift these boots to a rich merchant first and keep an eye on him,’ suggested Bakra-do.

Well made leather boots with magical inscriptions up the sides. Radiate magic that seems vague and powerful.

Benefit: As the second boot is placed upon the receiving foot the wearer is immediately transformed into a pile of silver and gold coins equal to the value of what they were carrying at the time. These coins fill the shoes first and then spill over. This curse may be reversed in one of two ways; either through the spell Dispel Curse or if an individual counts the coins into neat stacks, the instant all coins are counted the cursed individual returns to their natural form. If the coins are dispersed for more than one day the person dies.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Monster] Quallit


Jaundo stumbled forward as something thumped against his helmeted head. As he turned to look up another struck him in the face, his helmet sent flying. Uzeb the Wise looked up too. Against the afternoon sun small dark shapes buzzed and flew about.

‘Another one!’ Jaundo shouted as two of the creatures struck him, this time knocking him prone.

Uzeb cast a spell that caused the shadows to engulf the two adventurers and hopefully obscure the vision of their diminutive attackers.

‘Now scurry for cover,’ Uzeb urged as the area around them was pelted by the creatures heavily. One more struck Jaundo before the two found a rock outcropping to hide under.

‘Why are they attacking so violently?’ the mercenary asked as he slipped his helmet back on.

‘I am not sure, maybe they are hungry, it seems most creatures would move away if they had to deal with that all the time,’ the wizard replied.

Jaundo shivered as the odd little things ran for cover after hitting the ground.

‘What else will we need to contend with in this creepy land?’ the fighter asked aloud hoping not to get a reply.

Quallit: AC 6 [+13], HD 1* (5 hp), Att 1 claw (1d4) or bite (1d4) or drop 1d8 (see below), THAC0 19 [0], MV 10′ (3′)/ Flying 120′ (40′), SV D12 W13 P14 B15 S15 (Elf 1), ML 7, AL Chaotic, XP 25, NA 1d4 (2d12), TT Ax2 ▶ Drop: When a quallit is 15′-20′ above an opponent it can tuck itself into a ball and fall earthward, dealing 1d8 points of damage due to its spikes, yet taking no damage itself. Swarm: Alarge group of up to twenty-five quallits can rain down on up to five opponents using their ‘drop’ ability with each opponent taking 4d6 hit points of damage, leaving the creatures themselves unharmed. Curse/Dispel Curse: Once per day a quallit may Curse and individual or Remove Curse. Being Chaotic getting one to remove a curse is more challenging normally.

Among the smallest of the UnSeelie Court, the quallit appear like small hedgehogs with malicious faces and wings like a beetle which can be folded and tucked under the sharp spikes of the creature’s body in the same way a beetle protects its wings with a thick carapace. Malicious and devious, these little monsters enjoy dropping on opponents to pummel them to death and feast upon their corpses. It is not unheard for a swarm of these creatures to waylay a small group of peasants and leave their bones to bleach in the sun the next day. Often make their nests in the upper rafters of barns, in belfrys, etc.

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[New Monster] Jhandour


A trio of figures appeared behind Bakra-do. While he did not hear them, the mercenary knew that something was behind him that could scare off a quartet of bugbear raiders.He slowly turned as the monstrous creatures fled as fast as they could.

‘Should I run also?’ the human asked. It only seemed fair.

The jhandour exchanged glances, one at least seemed amused.

‘You are from the land of Zhobai?’ one of the tall, leonine humanoids asked.

‘Yes, I am from Krogul in Zhobai, why do you ask?’ replied Bakra-do.

‘We are interested in your land. In exchange for information we can take you to your destination safely in our land and teach you of this place,’ another of the jhandour said.

Bakra-do nodded and offered a hand in friendship and was met with six in return.

Jhandour: AC 3 [+16], HD 6 (27 hp), Att 4 claw (4d4) or weapon (4d6) bite (1d4+2) (see below), THAC0 17 [+2], MV 150′ (50′), SV D10 W11 P12 B13 S14 (5), ML 12, AL Lawful, XP 850, NA 1 (1d4), TT C, Ex2 ▶ Bear Hug: If the jhandour hits with two or more strikes it may grab one opponent in a ‘bear hug’ that deals an additional 2d4 damage and it may use ither attacks as well if possible. Roar: The roar of one of these creatures causes Fear in any Chaotic creature within 100′ with 2 HD or less. Three or more of these creatures can have the same effect on up to 10 HD of Chaotic beings. All must make their resistance rolls with a -2 modifier. Failure means fleeing the area.

Swift and strong, the jhandour can almost seem Chaotic in appearance and demeanor, though these seven foot tall, four armed humanoids with lion heads are very dedicated to Law, these creatures just act impulsively when in the presence of Chaos, they do not allow a villain a long, rambling speech, they dive into the fight with confidence. Jhandour are wise in the lore of their chosen area, yet will never reveal their knowledge before any followers of Chaos, not even when threatened with death.

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[New Magic Item] Pegasus Saddle

Pegasus Saddle

The shadow sped over the land again, causing Uzeb the Wise and Jaundo to seek shelter from the aerial creature as the sun obscured its shape only a distorted shadow could be seen circling over them.

‘A giant condor?’ the mercenary asked.

‘Or maybe a small dragon?’ the wizard suggested.

The shadow grew bigger as the thing descended.

‘Uzeb the Wise!’ a voice called out from the sky that caused the sorcerer to pause a moment.

Moments later a flying horse landed with an elf warrior on its back.

‘I have been seeking you for days, wise one. My leader tells me that you know something about the Fate of Zixin and that person has been found to be near,’ the elf said as his mount’s wings disappeared and the pegasus seemed a normal horse again.

Uzeb scanned the countryside and focused on a faraway mountain range.

‘We must hasten to those mountains to try to stop him!’ Uzeb said.

The elf nodded.

‘I will catch up to you with reinforcements tomorrow, start your journey there now,’ the elf said and was off, this time galloping at full speed towards a nearby stand of trees.

This well made saddle of leather and steel has gold and silver designs that shine brightly in the light of the sun. Never sold a saddle such as this may be loaned out to a worthy champion or even more rarely gifted to a Mighty Hero or Heroine to help them overcome a formidable obstacle.

Benefit: Twice per day a saddled horse may be transformed into a robust pegasus for up to three hours each use of the ability. The pegasus has the following attributes: Movement: 180′ (60′) Fly: 360′ (120′), Armor Class: 6, Hit Dice: 4, Attacks: 2, Damage: 1d6+1/1d6+1 (hooves) or 1d4+1 (bite), Save: F3 and will only allow a Lawful or Neutral rider, any Chaotic individual that wants to use this saddle will be attacked. Rumor does have it that there is a Chaotic version of the saddle that allows one to transform their mount into a Pegasus Vulgaris (q.v).

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Enchant Boundary Stone

Enchant Boundary Stone

Bakra-do and Stonebones the dwarf sat on their mounts on a small hillock and beheld a curious sight; a short, chubby man with a meat cleaver seemingly fighting off a small pack of bandits almost effortlessly. When the skirmish was over the mercenary urged his horse forward and the dwarf followed on his stout war boar.

‘Do you have a problem too?’ the innkeeper asked the two adventurers.

‘Just looking for a couple of rooms for two or three nights,’ Bakra-do replied as he admired the carnage.

‘As long as you have good coin and don’t cause any trouble I believe the Battling Bulette Inn can serve you,’ the man said as he regained his composure and seemed to dwindle into a harmless innkeeper.

Dwarf and human exchanged glances dubiously yet steered their mounts to the stables as the innkeeper called for a stableboy to clean up the mess and see to the mounts. As the two rode by he asked them:

‘You haven’t seen a wizard in purple robes and an absurd hat nearby, have you? He comes around about this time each year to help me with something.’

‘Not that we have seen,’ Bakra-do told the innkeeper who looked a little worried at the reply.

Enchant Boundary Stone(Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: One year and one day and see below.

This spell enchants a stone that has specific runes engraved upon it to protect the owner of a particular piece of land, whether it is a hut, hovel, tavern, in or mansion. For the duration of the spell any adversaries are -2 to hit and damage the actual owner of a particular piece of land while that person is +2 to hit and damage any that would harm them. These modifiers only apply when both landowner and any adversaries are all on the protected land. Taking the boundary stone off of the land will dispel the magic, although anyone handling this stone other than the one who cast the spell or the landowner will suffer 1d4 points of damage per round while carrying the stone.

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Zine #1 goes into print, here’s the ‘proof’.


Table of contents!
Sample page!
Back cover!

Once again I would like to thank my Patrons and the second zine is being written and will include miniatures from Andy “ATOM” Taylor, a talented sculptor of miniatures. These zines will all contain material NOT previously on the blog.

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[New Monster] Raznafir, Shadow Djinn

Raznafir-Shadow Djinn

‘I do not like this place,’ the torchbearer said with fear in his voice.

‘You are safe with me,’ replied the illusionist known as the Poisoner of Minds from within his own mysterious robes.

‘Something moved out there in the darkness!’ screeched another henchman as he pointed at the shadows.

‘Maybe it is just the flickering of our torches,’ suggested a hired sword.

‘Oh, I very much doubt that. Certainly there are things moving in the shadows,’ the illusionist said.

From beyond the light of the torches an ancient, raspy voice was heard.

‘And who disturbs me in my shrouds of darkness.’

The illusionist stepped forward amd motioned for the other henchmen to grab torches to surround the voice in the depths.

Raznafir-Shadow Djinn: AC 4 [+15], HD 7 (31hp), Att 1 claw (1d6+2) or bite (2d4), magic, THAC0 11 [+8], MV 150′ (50′), SV D 8 W 9 P10 B11 S12 (8), ML 12, AL Chaotic, XP 1150, NA 1 (1d4), TT E+ 2500 gold pieces ▶Hide in Shadows: Surprises on a 1-5 (d6) if attacking from shadows. Summon Shadows: Can summon 1d4 Shadows once per day for three hours. Teacher of Illusions: Knows all Illusion magic as a 10th level Illusionist. May grant one individual an Illusionist spell as a spell ability useable once per day.

Creepy, shadowy figures that move very fast and despise being captured, these lesser djinn are still quite formidable opponents. If cornered and held at bay by magic or the best option; natural sources of light, the creature can be compelled to grant one an illusionist’s magic. Once the shadow djinn escapes it can be a relentless opponent, often acting from afar at first as it eerily closes in on its foes.

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