[New Magic Item] Helm of True Names

Helm of True Names

‘At least it gets us a seat up at the bar on wizard’s night,’ Vonolv Starsinger said to his companion weaing the outlandish helmet next to him.

The dwarf laughed heartily.

‘Aye, that it does,’ agreed Chorn Oxheart the dwarf.
‘Where did all of my business go?’ lamented the barman as he returned from the cellar.

Elf and dwarf shrugged.

‘We will have two pints to start with though,’ the dwarf said gruffly (as dwarves do) and tossed several pieces of silver on the top of the bar.

This helmet is of ancient dwarf make, high domed and intricate. Those who know of its powers sometimes just run.

Benefit: This helmet of leather, wood and metal grants the wearer +1 to their Armor Class and in addition, if concentrating for three rounds, the wearer can know the true name of any individual within their line of sight. This can not only unmask disguised characters but also make life rather tricky for some spellcasters and extra-planar entities.

Usable by: Anyone who can wear a metal helmet.

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[New Magic Item] Cape of Glass Weapons

Cape of Glass Weapons

Knat the druidess balked as the sorceress with the purple cape somehow turned her spear into glass then broke it, shattering her weapon into hundreds of pieces.
‘I liked that spear a lot!’ the druidess screamed as the sorceress shrugged indifferently.

Knat gritted her teeth and cast a spell that caused the vines near the sorceress try to entangle her. With a few short thrusts of her dagger the sorceress cut herself free as Knat closed in to incapacitate her and two of her brutish henchmen lurched about in the background.

Knat stopped short and decided to retreat, still controlling the vones which waved menacingly at the henchmen.

‘This isn’t over yet!’ Knat shouted at the sorceress who only laughed mockingly in return, further infuriating the druidess.

A vibrant purple cape that looks very stylish and makes one a target if the enchantment is discovered. Wear with caution as it tends to anger most enemies even more.

Benefit: When worn this cape gives its wearer the ability to turn the weapons of others into glass. If the wearer’s weapon touches the weapon of an enemy that enemy must make a Save versus Petrification or have their weapon turn to glass, even a magical weapon can be transformed in this manner, although Greater Magic Items and Artifacts gain a +2 to the roll to save. A Remove Curse spell will return any transformed weapon back to its original state if the weapon is not broken as 5hp or more of damage will shatter the weapon into hundreds of tiny shards of glass.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Weapon to Owner

Weapon to Owner

In the center of the room in the ancient temple a sword stood, its blade sunken partway into the dirt floor. The mercenary Bakra-do pondered this situation. Then, throwing caution to the wind he pulled the sword from the earth.

Suddenly the mercenary found himself in a crypt standing before a skeleton seated on a throne, sword in hand.

‘So this is what happened to the Fallen King of Wroj-Vess,’ Bakra-do said to himself as he looked around the dimly lit room and saw a fair amount of treasure. An unusually lucky day indeed.

Then a loud hiss was heard as the skeletal king grabbed the hilt of the sword that lay across his lap.

‘I knew it was too good to be true,’ the mercenary said as he dropped the roral sword for his own short swords and prepared to fight.

Weapon to Owner (Magic-user)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: Until activated.

The spellcaster enchants an item designated as a ‘weapon’ which means a physical device created to be used primarily as a weapon. Then this item is left alone. The next person to wield this weapon is transported to stand before the owner. This spell can be used to help an ally to the owner of the weapon’s side or to send an assassin right to the weapon owner’s feet. Sometimes the intention does not match the outcome of this spell.

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[New Magic Item] Duck Boots

Duck Boots

‘How are those annoying halflings always getting ahead of us? I cannot see another boat on this river,’ asked a puzzled Murgi, a thief of no small reputation.

‘I do not know, my friend, but if they keep this up I will turn one of them into a goat and see if he will talk after I turn him back,’ replied the wizard Govno.

In the nearby reeds the two halfling thieves snickered to themselves and submerged back into the lazy river.

A worn pair of yellowish leather boots often overlooked in a treasure hoard. Those who use them find them handy, most of the time. Among folk who live along rivers these boots are very sought after and always in demand.

Benefit: Any living creature putting their feet into these boots will have their feet transform into those of a duck. This allows the individual to swim at double their normal speed in the water and they can hold their breathe for up to ten minutes underwater while their gear stays completely dry and they remain warm. Upon leaving the water the individual retains the webbed feet of a duck for 1d4 hours afterwards, going back into the water begins this process again, adding the previous time if it had not elapsed. These webbed feet on land reduce movement by 10′.

Usable by: Anyone with a pair of feet.

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[New Magic Item] Ziv’s Steady Stilts

Ziv’s Steady Stilts

‘Almost there….,’ Vistis the Blue Mage said to encourage Stork. The latter was walking through a rather deep and treacherous part of the Mistmire Bog.

‘Is this the best way through?’ complained the wizard as he slogged through the muck, himself dry thanks to the long legs of the enchanted stilts.

‘This is the most dangerous way through and the slowest without these stilts,’ the illusionist replied.’We are making great time with them.’

Stork turned and lowered himself to the ground then raised the stilts again with a magical command and, with a rope, lowered the high end towards Vistis. The illusionist recovered the stilts, lowered them, climbed on and raised them again to follow Stork’s path. They did this another half dozen times through the roughest patches until they left the deadly bog behind them and were, to their estimation, ahead of their quarry.

‘These stilts were useful, I will admit, but what do we do with them now?’ Stork asked.

‘We can stash them here for our journey back or we can carry them onward,’ Vistis replied.

‘Journey back through that?’ Stork asked as he pointed to the bog.

‘I will carry them then,’ the illusionist said as Stork smiled, revealing his sharklike teeth.

An unusual magic item, this set of stilts is quite useful in a pinch, although who gets to pack them around all of the time, a hireling? Enchanted oak and very sturdy.

Benefit: These magical stilts can be used to cross rivers and allow one to walk through dangerous or messy areas unscathed. One can also use them to cross narrow chasms by ‘falling forward’ as long as the gap is not too wide. These stilts will magically “telescope” the legs up to 30′ (which general projects a Medium sized character four meters above the ground) high upon using a command word and one cannot lose their balance or have the legs cut down by mundane means, although a being with Strength greater than 13 can attempt to push over the stilts with an Attribute check and bladed weapons of more than +2 magical enchantment can be used to cut these stilts. If ten points of damage or more is dealt to this magic item with such a weapon the enchantment is instantly broken and the stilts are mundane and rendered useless.

Usable by: Anyone with at least two arms and legs.

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[New Spell] Awaken Heartless

Awaken Heartless

Bakra-do pierced the heart of Dalvis Klov with one of his short swords. The bandit king laughed in response. Frustrated the mercenary plunged another short sword into his quarry. More laughter.

‘So much for dead,’ Bakro-do said as he slapped a pair of manacles on Dalvis Klov before the bandit could react.

‘How about alive? They do say that the duke enjoys torture, you go back alive then,’ the mercenary said with an indifferent shrug.

As the horror of possibilities set in Klov began begging for mercy, even offering to tell his captor where is heart really was.

Awaken Heartless (Magic-user)

Level 5

Range: Self or Touch.

Duration: Permanent unless reversed by Wish or similar magic.

This spell causes the target to go into a deep slumber for 1d4 hours. When they awake, the target realizes that their heart no longer beats within their chest, it is, in fact, gone, teleported away and still beating sealed in a silver urn hidden somewhere within two miles. Considered a curse by some others seek out this spell because until the heart itself stops beating the subject will not die, even if reduced to negative hit points, only being completely burned to ashes or dissolved in corrosive acid will kill the target of this spell. Being dismembered while under the effects of this spell can be very painful and awkward even though the average stabbing or cut causes no pain. If the heart is discovered and destroyed the person will die and cannot be resurrected. This spell, even if reversed can only be cast upon a being once.

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[New Magic Item] Flosor’s Charm Hammer

Flosor’s Charm Hammer

The mercenary Bakra-do clenched his teeth as he saw his new companion, Argyd the Agile take a blow from the strange hammer held by the smug dwarf. Argyd first grimaced in pain then looked dumbly at the dwarf who immediately pointed to Bakra-do.

‘Attack!’ the dwarf roared as he raised the war hammer in his own hands and charged the mercenary alongside the charmed thief.

‘I knew taking on a partner was a bad idea,’ Bakra-do said to himself as he drew another short sword and squared off against dwarf and former ally.

Many say the Flosor was a great warrior who was loved by many, others swear he was a ruthless demigod, either way, this famous fighter left a very interesting magical weapon behind.

Benefit: Once per day this magical war hammer can Charm (Person or Monster) one living individual as per the magic-user spell. The hammer must deal damage for this magic to work (1d6+1) and the target is allowed a Saving Throw with a minus one modifier. If the Save is failed the target is Charmed. Only one subject may be Charmed at a time. Affects creatures up to 6HD. Further attacks upon those enchanted by the wielder of this weapon instantly breaks the magic.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a war hammer.

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[New Magic Item] Spellbook of Probable Rumors

Spellbook of Probable Rumors

‘Why do you keep fiddling with your new spellbook, what is so amusing about it?’ Stork asked his traveling companion Vistis the Blue Mage.

The illusionist smirked behind his heavily lacquered mask.

‘Just going over some notes regarding a spell,’ Vistis replied.

Stork smirked himself, not convinced.

‘We should check out the water mill, it is rumored that an old wizard stashed a few magical items there,’ the wizard suggested.

Vistis thumbed through his spellbook quickly.

‘I heard instead that he stashed some things under the old blacksmith’s shop,’ the illusionist countered.

‘We just got here, where did you hear that?’ asked a skeptical Stork.

Vistis remained silent simply staring from behind his mask.

‘Okay, you search one place and I will search the other if that makes you happy. We meet at the tavern,’ the wizard said.

The illusionist nodded and grinned behind his mask, shuffling off to find the blacksmith’s while Stork stood a moment, baffled by this exchange, then he took off towards the sounds of running water.

Often kept hidden as a secret spellbook by wizard-spies these enchanted tomes are usually not as fretted over as they were in darker times.

Benefit: Appearing as an ordinary spellbook containing about sixty pages for spells and random notes, the last page is always left blank. Whenever a new village, hamlet, town or city is entered by the bearer of one of these enchanted tomes the last page will, within 1d4 hours, suddenly contain 2d6 rumors about the area (inhabited and vicinity). While these rumors are not all true often fifty percent are true and this information can be used to compare with any rumors gathered off of the local populace.

Usable by: Anyone who can read Common can read the last page of this spellbook, usually in the possession of a magic-user or an illusionist.

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[New Spell] Conspiratorial Flora

Conspiratorial Flora

‘Get a hold of yourself,’ Chalk told Valance as the latter slammed the shutters closed of the nearest window.

‘I am fine, I just thought that those marigolds on the window sill were mocking me,’ replied the priest of the Spider God as he sat at the table and sulked.

‘Marigolds? What are you talking about?’ inquired the wizard.

‘Oh, they all laughed at me on the way back here. Marigolds, daisies, daphodils, even the roses! Even the shrubbery!,’ Valance answered.

‘You really need to not gamble with those druids anymore, they are getting to you,’ Chalk said.

‘It couldn’t be them, could it?’ Valance asked aloud.

‘Why else would you think plants are plotting against you? I have never heard of such a thing before,’ Chalk said. ‘We had better ask Knat about this the next time we see her.’

‘Good idea,’ Valance said as he looked over his shoulder at the far window. The quartet of pansies seemed to gently sway and the priest of the Spider God thought he heard faint laughter as he got up and slammed the shutters shut for the window too.

Conspiratorial Flora (Druid)

Level 3

Range: 10’+5’/level.

Duration: One turn per level of caster.

Individuals under the effect of this spell believe that nearby plant life is not only sentient, but also out to get them. Small, harmless plants seem to whisper rumors while trees and shrubs plot the downfall of those affected by this spell. This spell causes most of those affected to try to be away from plants altogether and encountering an actual flora type of monster, such as a Shambling Mound will cause the individual to flee the area in Fear as per the spell for one day. There is no Saving Throw for this spell.

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[New Magic Item] Sword of Ghostbinding

Sword of Ghostbinding

Bakra-do first heard the sword before he saw it. Rumors he had heard in town had told of an amateur adventurer somehow finding or inheriting this magical blade and going off to slay monsters with it. The seasoned mercenary heard the ghostly cackling and knew it must be the ghostbinding blade. Then he saw its owner as the two squared off in a forest clearing.

‘Ahoy, bandit! Fear my blade lest you join this cacophony of souls!’ the young man shouted.

‘Relax. I am not a bandit,’ said Bakra-do.

‘Just what a bandit would say!’ exclaimed the excited young man as the strange cackling surrounded him.

‘Don’t get yourself hurt, kid,’ the mercenary said as a clear warning.

Taking this as a threat the adventurer lunged. Bakra-do frowned and parried the longsword deftly. The mercenary seized the blade from the fighter’s hand and threatened him with his own blade.

‘Do you want to join these ghosts?’ he asked the young man who stood frozen for a moment then ran off.

The ghosts revealed themselves to Bakra-do and laughed insanely.

A unique enchanted blade that is as much as burden as a boon. The reputation of the blade sometimes causes a commotion in civilized areas when it is in the vicinity.

Benefit: In combat this longsword deals 1d8+2 damage, but even as a magical blade it does not harm incorporeal undead. Instead this blade creates ghosts of those that it kills, keeping the souls of sentient creatures on the material plane, bound to the sword. Up to six earthbound souls will flutter around the sword, being visible at will. These ghosts are often a bit unhinged by their predicament and are of little help other than causing Fear (as per the spell) three times per day, which affects living creatures of up to 5HD yet they do not attack in any other way. This can manifest as spectral apparitions suddenly appearing or ghostly cackling from an unknown source. A Remove Curse or Exorcise spell cast upon the sword will free the souls currently bound to it so that they may travel on to the afterlife.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a sword.

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