[New Monster] Riddling Wyrm of Valdarok

Riddling Wyrm of Valdarok

Navnen grunted as he staggered into the cottage and dropped the large rock onto the floorboards, it landed with a loud thud.

‘New pet?’ Valance asked sarcastically.

‘You know, if you were a nice cleric you could dispel this curse,’ the thief answered.

‘I’m not a nice cleric,’ quipped the priest of the Spider God as he went back to reading a few scrolls he had found.

‘What happened?’ Koram asked.

‘Those stairs in the middle of town that lead to the old city ruins. I went there with a couple of associates and we found a bit of coin and a strange talking reptile, really talkative thing,’ Navnen replied.

‘Yes? Go on,’ Chalk urged.

‘The damned thing asked us a riddle and I gave the rong answer, now I need to dispel this curse or carry this for who knows how long,’ the thief said.

‘Aren’t most curses like a year and a day or so many months according to the caster, that sort of thing?’ Valance asked nonchalantly.

Navnen grumbled and sulked next to his rock.

Riddling Wyrm of Valdarok
These strange creatures resemble an alligator or caiman with no back legs and a deep blue hide with a pale blue underbelly. Often found wrapped around a statue or a rock formation, this twelve foot long creatures are quite intelligent and even talkative, often putting themselves in charge of a passageway or route, often underground, to see how adventurers deal with their riddles. While these creatures look vicious they often try to avoid combat and will often just levitate away from danger when they can.

Riddling Wyrm of Valdarok: HD 6; AC 5[14]; Atk: Bite or claw,(1d4/1d6+2); Move 9 ; Save 14; AL:N (Chaotic tendencies);CL/XP 5/1200; Special: Immune to Sleep and Charm spells, Levitate (as per the spell at will), Riddling Wrath– can ask a riddle that is unanswered, becomes a curse of the creature’s choice. If answered the Riddling Wyrm will warn the party of one potential danger (living, dead, a trap, or guardian, etc) ahead, how to deal with it and cannot lie about it.

Optional: This blog has a LOT of curses for reference.

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[New Spell] Hallucinatory Trail

Hallucinatory Trail

‘Those ogres have something with them, war hounds, I think,’ Koram said.

Valance squinted back.

‘They are releasing them,’ the priest of the Spider God observed.

‘I’ve got this,’ Knat the druidess said with determination and began a spell. The trailing hounds soon began to whine and ran in the opposite direction of the adventurers, one of the ogres sniffed the air and seemed to see something terrifying and ran off after the war dogs. Shrugging the other ogres followed suit, nervously retreating.

‘Handy to have around, your cousin,’ Chalk told the Scholar of Wexos.

‘Yes, but don’t ever tell her that, it will go to her head,’ the illusionist replied.

‘I heard that,’ Knat said.

Hallucinatory Trail (Druid)

Level 2

Range: Special.

Duration: One hour per level of caster.

A seemingly innocuous spell, Hallucinatory Trail causes any creature tracking the druid by scent to have vivid and threatening hallucinations of twisting malevolent trees and vines, nipping mushrooms and pouncing shadows that distract the tracker and cause Fear as per the Magic-User spell and will run off for safety. Tracking animals receive no Saving Throw while creatures of Low Intelligence+ receive a standard save to resist the fearful effects of this spell.

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[New Magic Item] Saddle of the Morphing Mount

Saddle of the Morphing Mount

It took almost a decade for the constables to realize that it was a magical saddle that aided the daring thief Veladil in her raids. She had always seemed to favor bogs and marshes to enter and leave the small towns and villages she preyed upon. Not from any vendetta, just because she had a saddle that allowed her various mounts to travel unhindered through the fens and swamps.

Made many centuries ago for a Hero, the Saddle of the Morphing Mount has a kind of magic that has made many a druid green with jealousy. Only a trio of these magic iems are known to be in existence.

Benefit: This magical saddle must be strapped onto an animal that is used as a mount, which means that the creature must begin with Animal level Intelligence of 1. Once one of these saddles is secured the creature immediately gains Semi-Low intelligence (4-6) and can comminucate non-verbally as the creature still cannot speak. The Saddle of Morphing Mounts also allows the mount to adapt to any environment of the Material Plane, gaining characteristics that vary from amphibious to reptilian to marine to wooly, with a full ability to naturally survive and thrive in these conditions with the rider gaining the same attributes as long as he or she remains within 50′ of the saddled creature at all times, going beyond this breaks that protection for the rider who must be within 50′ for one hour to gain the mount’s abilties again. The mount can move at maximum speed throughout these conditions like an ‘all terrain’ vehicle. The only ability that the saddle doesn’t grant is the ability to fly.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Encounter] Ziggurat Navigator

Ziggurat Navigator

‘Five thousand gold?’ the mercenary captain repeated.

‘Five thousand gold. You are looking to get far away fast, are you not?’ the oddly dressed man asked.

The mercenary captain looked over his shoulder.

‘Voln! Bring the small trunk! Now!’ he growled.

A hunched man dragged a trunk over, straining and grunting.

The mercenary captain kicked the wooden trunk open as the sounds of battle drew closer.

The odd man looked away from his maps for a moment and looked over the gold. Screaming and the clash of steel could be heard down the hall.

‘Close enough, let’s go!’ the Ziggurat Navigator said.

With a crackle of arcane energy the mercenary and his accomplice disappeared moments before the door was broken down, leaving Voln the Unlucky to face the music.

These specialists are trained in travel among the various pyramids and ziggurats that are built on various Prime Material worlds and even out in the Planes.It takes many years of intense training and a deep understanding of the complicated tools and maps necessarry to travel to the secret rooms very few know exist within each of these structures and allow these buildings, with the esoteric and arcane imagery within these rooms, to be interconnected.

In the game: Very rare, expensive and often no-nonsense, Ziggurat Navigators are individuals dedicated to world and plane hopping in search of adventure, or as a lucrative means of transporting others or even material, legal and contraband, to other places and even realities. When a deal is struck these hardy individuals activate their maps and adjust strange tools. In a few moments the Ziggurat Navigator and any individuals or up to 1000 lbs of non-living material are transported to the desired location with a 90% chance of suceess. A result of 91-100 on percentile die means that there has been a calculating error or perhaps an interference from an interdimensional entity and the Navigator and his or her cargo are sent instead to a random secret room within another pyramid or ziggurat.

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[New Spell] All Dressed Up

All Dressed Up

Koram swung his Crystal Sword at the orc chieftain as the wizard in the background cast a spell. Suddenly the fighter found his armor was missing and instead he had garish silks on, this sudden change even surprised the orc.

Koram screamed in rage and surprise, which caused the orc himself to take pause.

Chalk targeted the wizard with a spell of his own that cause the ground under the rival spellcaster to become like quicksand.

‘Spiders!’ the wizard shouted.

‘Incoming!’ replied Valance as dozens of terrier sized arachnids ran passed the adeventurers and into the orc warband.

‘Save me you fools!’ the evil wizard shouted to the orcs as they tried to avoid the poisonous bites and stings of the summoned spiders.

‘Where is my armor?’ roared the fighter.

‘I need that spell, save the wizard!’ Chalk said as he hurried towards the enemy spellcaster.

All Dressed Up (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: 20’+5’/level radius.

Duration: Instantaneous (see below).

This spell targets up to one subject per level of the caster within the radius of the spell. Those who fail a Saving Throw versus Spells with a -1 modifier find themselves dressed in fine silk clothing. All pouches, belts and packs remain in place, all other worn armor and clothing is teleported randomly and safely up to 100′ away. The silk is non-magical and conveys no bonus to armor class, yet the affected individuals do enjoy a +2 to their Charisma score for six turns (one hour).

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[New Magic Item] The Illusionist’s Handbook

The Illusionist’s Handbook

There was a strange pop that sounded and a book materialized on top of a pile near the old wizard running the magic shoppe, stirring small wisps of dust and startling a customer perusing scrolls nearby.

‘What was that?’ asked the customer.

The ancient wizard hobbled over to the pile and cast an eye onto the book on top of the pile and nodded to himself with a wry smile.

‘Oh nothing, just weeding out the ones not as clever as they thought they were,’ he replied with a wry smile.

Nobody is sure who penned the very first copy of this book, yet one thing is for sure, the original author/illustrator did NOT like illusionists.

Benefit: This book is fiction. Illustrated and written with lies meant to decieve an illusionist and encourage their illusions to be disblieved. Some of these are subtle, a black dragon is illustrated as a red dragon, or a troll might be depicted with three arms. Maybe a Fireball spell is described differently. This is meant to trip up a new or isolated illusionist to the point that an illusion is disblieved with a +1 modifier, +3 if the viewer has already seen the creature or spell before because even if the viewer has not seen the object/creature/spell/etc before something looks off, just not right about the illusion. If the caster, upon their illusion being disbelieved, realizes that this cursed book is responsible or if they die due to an illusion failing because of this book there is a 65% chance that the book will return to the source that the caster got it from.

Usable by: Usually unlucky illusionists.

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[New Spell] Fair All Around

Fair All Around

‘It is not always about violence against such creatures,’ the priest of the Sun God told the young princeling. ‘Now we have an ally, albeit a brutish one, from a simple spell that solved a problem for a trio of ogres.’

The princeling nodded as the three large humanoids lumbered off down the path towards the small bridge that lead to the Forest Daunting.

‘And if the ogre who swore his loyalty to me betrays us?’ the princeling asked.

The cleric regarded the wicked looking mace hanging at his side.

‘Then we beat the tar out of him, yet I think that solving such a simple problem as those three had will prove to our advantage, they will undoubtedly run into more treasure in the future and suffer the same issue,’ the priest of the Sun God replied.

Fair All Around (Cleric)

Level 3

Range: 20’+5’/level.

Duration: Instantaneous.

When cast this spell will divvy up any and all treasure indicated by the caster fairly and evenly among as many shares as the cleric wills. This is always even and fair, with any extra coins, gems or other treasure or even small items like buttons, nails, etc beyond absolute fairness being teleported to the nearest church/temple/shrine/etc of the caster for their faith, not going to the caster unless he or she indicates that they require or have earned a share,

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