[New Magic Item] Helmet of Hindsight and Foresight

Helmet of Hindsight and Foresight

Koram slipped the weathered copper helmet onto his head. He made a few odd faces and then seemed to be looking into either another time or place. His face suddenly grew grim and he set his jaw.

‘No,’ he simply said.

‘What is it?’ Navnen asked.

‘Priests of Locustus. They are coming for Valance in three nights,’ the fighter replied.

The priest of the Spider God stood up and nodded solemnly.

‘This is my fight,’ he told his friends.

‘This is our fight, we are a team,’ Chalk replied.

‘Can’t we just run?’ Navnen suggested.

Valance looked at the thief.

‘How do you outrun priests that can see through the eyes of a bee, or ant, or moth? There is no running, but knowing that they are coming, we can be prepared’ he said.

‘Then we fight them, together,’ Navnen said.

The third night arrived.

Valance grinned. Spiders began appearing from everywhere, the first two priests of the Insect God never even got in through the windows before they were screaming from the wild hallucinations of the spider venom.

Some say the dent in this copper helmet was made by a demigod’s club while others speculate it was from a really, really long fall. Tricky to use, yet useful if you get it right.

Benefit: Granting the wearer a +1 to AC this enchanted helm also allows the wearer to see the world around them at different points in time. A successful Int attribute roll is required to control the time, a failed roll means that not only is the time wildly off (trying for ten years in the past may show one day in the future) there is also a 5% chance that the helm’s wearer will be transported to that point in time and must try to return, which takes a succesful Wisdom attribute roll adding 2 to the roll. A successful or unsuccessful use grants about one turn (ten minutes) of looking into the desired time.

Usable by: Anyone who can wear a magical helmet.

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[New Spell] Hint of Harmlessness

Hint of Harmlessness

‘I don’t think that this will be much of a challenge, that fumbling ogre doesn’t look like he can keep a hold of that club, much less hold the bridge,’ the elf ranger said.

The gnome illusionist cast a skeptical eye upon the lumbering monster. It appeared harmless enough.

‘Who would put this idiot in charge of guarding a bridge?’ the gnome asked.

‘The elf might be right. This looks simple enough,’ Fellhorn the druid said.

Before the druid could draw his scimitar the ogre shook off the spell and leaped at the adventurers, swinging its club at the human with a hideous roar. Club connected to skull and the druid dropped like a sack of potatoes with a groan.

‘I told you to be wary,’ the gnome illusionist said as he threw a handful of multi-colored magical fire into the ogre’s face, causing the monster to stagger back.

The elf ranger scowled as he loosed an arrow at the ogre’s chest.

Hint of Harmlessness (Illusionist)

Level 4

Range: Self or Touch.

Duration: One round per level of caster.

Many monstrous humanoid spellcaster are eager to add this spell to their portfolio as it often gives the outfit or warband that they are associated with an edge in combat for this enchantment raises the Constitution of the target by four points and in such a manner to make the target look whimsical or even harmless. A rabid goblin fanatic may look like a jovial half-witted goblin while a menacing ogre may look appear as a slow and stumbling buffoon. There is a 10% chance each time this spell is cast that the effect will become permanent.

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[New Magic Item] Boots of Hate

Boots of Hate

The fire giant marauder grimaced as the dwarfs advanced. He knew they always had some trick up their sleeves, and these would be no different. They were too confident.

Raising his flaming sword the giant roared and charged into battle.

It wasn’t their sleeves this time where the short demi-humans had their trick.

Boots. It was their boots. The fire giant fell after a vicious fight, howling in defeat before it fell.

Given to a dwarf mercenary that was famous for fighting ogres and giants these magical boots have turned the tide of many a fight when bitter rival or despised monsters have suddenly appeared to cause trouble.

Benefit: In combat these enchanted boots allow the wearer one extra kick attack. This kick deals 1d4 points of damage unless the wearer’s opponent is one that the wearer has a grudge against or bonus to attack because of species strife (e.g. dwarfs and giants) or an already established enemy from the wearer’s past, in which case the damage is 1d6+2. It is said that these boots momentarily point in the direction of a hated enemy if one comes within 60′.

Usable by: Anyone who can wear boots, halflings might be hesitant.

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[New Magic Item] Azmere’s Odd Necklace

Azmere’s Odd Necklace

‘What was that?’ the gnome illusionist asked with a hint of fear in his voice as he stared passed the crackling campfire.

‘I didn’t hear anything unusual,’ said Fellhorn the druid.

‘Nor I’ replied the elf ranger.

‘It is a low moaning sound. Grisly,’ the gnome said.

‘Probably that cursed necklace you found,’ the druid said as he took a sip of ale.

‘Didn’t this necklace help us when the bugbear raiders tried to rob us? I negotiated with them instead of us being turned into paste,’ retorted the illusionist.

‘At what price, you being more paranoid?’ the ranger asked.

The druid chuckled as the illusionist scowled.

A beautifully wrought necklace purportedly enchanted by the archmage Azmere. If so the wizard was either a bit off that day or feeling mischievous for the necklace has an interesting side effect.

Benefit: While worn the wearer gains 1d4+1 extra languages which they may freely use, yet are chosen at random. If taken off this ‘resets’ to another 1d4+1 languages, which may or may not be the same as before. There is a quirk to the magic necklace; each night a d4 is rolled, on a result of 1 the wearer of the necklace hears ghostly voices that are unnerving and cause the subject to experience a -1 on all rolls and to want to flee the immediate area for three turns (30 minutes).

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Opposites Distract

Opposites Distract

‘Valance, I need some advice,’ Navnen said to the priest of the Spider God.

‘Sure thing,’ he replied.

‘I seem to suddenly be plagued by spiders and spider-like things, why is that?’ the thief asked.

‘It isn’t from me!’ retorted Valance.

‘Yeah, I know, it started when we raided that weird temple in the swamp, that odd frog cleric hit me on the jaw,’ Navnen answered.

Valance sat back and pondered the problem.

‘What advice do you have?’ the thief asked the priest.

‘I would avoid places where spiders live.’

‘Spiders are everywhere! Can you maybe put in a word with your patron for me?’

‘Oh, yeah! I can try that too.’

Opposites Distract (Cleric)

Level 4

Range: Touch.

Duration: One year and one day.

The target of this spell finds themselves on the wrong end of a deity of the opposite alignment. Even Neutral individuals can be on the wrong end of a Lawful or Chaotic deity’s ire. While the god or goddess will not feel compelled to kill the subject of the spell outright, they will make life challenging. The target may appeal to their own deity, if they have one, to intervene on their behalf, or they my tough it out. At the end of the spell if the subject toughed it out they are granted 2000 XP.

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[New Magic Item] Dalg’s Horrible Horseshoe

Dalg’s Horrible Horseshoe

Bakra-do watched the thief Vilge as he climbed out of a window to escape from the mercenary turned bounty hunter. Vilge looked over his shoulder at his pursuer and seemed to laugh as he nudged his horse on. Bakra-do tried the same, yet his horse veered sharply to the left, then the right. Vilge was soon a dot on the horizon as the puzzled bounty hunter finally realized that he was not going to be following his quarry this way. He turned his horse back into town and headed for the stablemaster.

‘Something wrong with your horse?’ the stablemaster asked.

‘I am not sure, but I need another,’ Bakra-do replied.

‘I haven’t got much left, business has been good.’

The mercenary eyed the three horses that remained.

‘I will trade for that one,’ he said, indicating an old gray horse.

The stablemaster scratched his head.

‘I will give you fifty silver pieces, your horse is much better,’ he offered.

‘Yours is not bewitched, keep your silver, it just makes me more determined to catch my prey,’ replied Bakra-do as he switched horses and tried trailing Vilge again.

Dalg was certainly a wily character, one who was often hunted for his antics. A wizard owing the scoundrel a favor enchanted a horseshoe for Dalg that, rumor has it, he was found holding after death with a smile frozen on his wizened, old face. Perhaps he was pondering all of his narrow misses as he died.

Benefit: When held against a mount for at least three rounds (30 seconds) the creature is confused as to which direction it should go and will try its best to go in the opposite direction of the bearer of this enchanted horseshoe. All trails lead away from this person for one day. A determined rider may roll to overwhelm this magic item, a roll of 6 on a d6 means that the rider can still pursue their target without hindrance while a result of 1 means that the mount will not follow the trail of the horseshoe’s owner for three days.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Dagger of Want

Dagger of Want

‘Let me see that wand a minute, please,’ the elf ranger asked the gnome illusionist.

‘You have your own magical things,’ the gnome said.

‘I just want to see it,’ the ranger said petulantly.

The gnome flashed the wand before the elf and hid it in his robes just before the ranger could snatch it.

‘Are you two fighting over that wand?’ Fellhorn asked.

‘Yes,’ the gnome answered.

‘Do you mind if I see the wand?’ the druid asked.

‘No, I asked first!’ retorted the elf.

Colorful sparks flew in the faces of the ranger and druid that mesmerized the two for a few moments while the gnome slipped away quietly to ponder this situation.

‘That gnoll blade!’ he whispered to himself then looked around to see if he was heard.

Possibly a minor study in the making of cursed weapons by an infernal bladesmith, this dagger causes its targets to question the true value of such things as they see others go mad over their most prized possession.

Benefit: Each strike on a living sentient creature deals 1d4+1 damage and in addition causes the target to make a Save versus Spells. Those who make their Save are fine while those who fail have their most prized possession coveted by those who know about it. And these individuals will go to great lengths to get it. This effect lasts for 1d4 days or until the possession is lost or stolen from the target.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Magpie’s Secret

Magpie’s Secret

‘They say the old goblin king’s treasure is buried near the Crooked Oak, but they’ve been saying that for years, for longer than I can remember,’ the old halfling farmer told the trio of dwarves.

The dwarves regarded each other.

‘We are just seeking a necklace stolen from our forefathers, anything else we find we will turn over to your community,’ one ofthe dwarves said as he handed the halfling a few pieces of silver for his information.

The halfling seemed to perk up at the thought of free gold and agreed to lead these strangers to the Crooked Oak and he left them to their work.

‘When we find the treasure do we hand over the gold to the farmer?’ one of the dwarves asked quietly.

The others laughed.

The wise old farmer heard it all. And he knew that the elf had renewed his spell in the area so that the dwarves would be searching and searching until they gave up, like so many before them.

Magpie’s Secret (Druid)

Level 2

Range: 30′ diameter.

Duration: One year and one day.

When cast a druid may keep a small area safe from detection. This may protect a small cache of treasure, a sacred relic or artifact or any other valuable item(s). Those not seeking the subject of the spell will never even think it is there while those actively seeking this particular target will receive vague hints and even believe they hear or see events connected to the hidden target. While Dispel Magic will defeat this spell those who know that they are close to the area may make a Wisdom Saving Throw. A result of 1 or 2 on this test reveals the hidden cache.

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[New Magic Item] Two, Three, Four Slash Button

Two, Three, Four Slash Button

‘We had better lay low after that escapade!’ Koram told the others.

‘That goes without saying. There is going to be a mob after us now,’ added Valance.

‘Probably nothing to do with all of those spiders you summoned,’ quipped Navnen.

Valance pouted and looked hurt. He was actually proud of himself.

Chalk fumbled with something in the pocket of his robes. He revealed a brass button.

‘That will get us out of this?’ Koram asked.

The wizard held the button up and made a mark on the earth with his right foot and encouraged the others to do the same. Then he buried the button on the spot.

‘It won’t save us, but if we scatter now just think of this button in two weeks and you will be lead back here. Two weeks should be enough time for this to blow over?’ he told the others.

The sounds of an angry mob forming could be heard in the not so distant village.

‘Scatter! We meet here in two weeks!’ Chalk urged the others to go in different directions before disappearing into the thick foliage himself.

Because a useful halfling thief kept losing the brass buttons off of his vest as well as losing himself a kindly old wizard enchanted the buttons into magic items to recall those who search for something.

Benefit: Technically a ‘Five Slash Button’, one of these enchanted buttons requires at least two and up to five to activate. Each contributor makes a short mark on the ground with a foot, each mark crossing another while at least one of them holds one of these buttons. Then the button is buried on the spot and for a year and a day all participants can recall themselves to the area where the button was left underground. This recall is knowing the location with concentration, not teleporting to the spot. If the button is unearthed by anyone not involved in the particular burial of the button the magic is dispelled for that time.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Knakki’s Sea Spear and Gauntlet

Knakki’s Sea Spear and Gauntlet

Koram reeled in another catch that he speared with his new magical weapon. He showed the wriggling thing to Chalk.

‘Can we eat it?’ the fighter asked the wizard.

Chalk jumped, rocking the small boat violently.

‘Who would want to? Look at that thing’s eyes!’ replied the magic-user.

‘Okay, fine, but we are going to get hungry before too long,’ Koram said as he pulled the creature off of the end of the spear and threw it back into the water.

‘Was that a fin?’ asked a terrified Valance.

‘You are fine, I do not think that there are any sharks in this sea,’ Navnen said to reasure the priest of the Spider God.

Koram looked down in the water again and saw an enormous shadowy shark-like creature swimming below, it turned to look up at him.

‘Yeah, no sharks in these waters,’ Koram said as he lowered the spear and sat down quietly and looking rather pale.

Created by sorcerers of a vindictive clan of coastal warriors this spear and gauntlet has discouraged more than a few raids from underwater species. The trick is to take down the leader first and the others often swim away in horror.

Benefit: This enchanted spear can be used from above water to hit anything that the bearer can see with a +2 to Hit bonus. While wearing the gauntlet the chain that connects the two will magically extend to the target and can be pulled to reel in any target. The spear deals 1d8+2 points of damage (above or below water) and there is a 45% chance that any intelligent water-breathing targets will be Stunned for 1d4 rounds.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a spear.

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