[New Magic Item] Torch of the Yaw-bo tree

Torches of the Yaw-bo tree

‘Is that a will-o-whisp over there?’ the gnome illusionist whispered as he pointed towards a floating light coming near the edge of the trees. The light halted suddenly and seemd to slowly swivel then started off again along its path.

Fellhorn the druid scrutinized the seen and shook his head.

‘No. Maybe worse, maybe not, I believe it to be the light of the torch of the Yaw-bo tree which makes the one holding it invisible,’ the druid said in a hushed tone.

‘So, a challenge then?’ the elf ranger asked as he nocked an arrow to his bow.

Fellhorn waved both hands to discover the elf who was already trying to determine where the target was with an arrow drawn.

The Yaw-bo is a strange, arcane hardwood tree with a sticky pitch that produces a strong torch that burns for a long time, and has other properties as well…..

Benefit: Seemingly mundane, torches made from the Yaw-bo tree render the bearer of the torch invisible, like the Ring or spell of Invisibility with the exception that the torch bearer, if they can maintain the torch while fighting, will remain invisible for the first three rounds of combat before they can fully be seen by all present. The torch must be held in either a hand or teeth (or toes if particularly dextrous), as long as the torch is making contact with skin. The light of the torch can be seen, but neither torch nor bearer, making all attacks upon the person holding a Yaw-bo torch at -2 to hit and damage. Each of these torches burns for about one hour.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Ignore Glass

Ignore Glass

Stork snarled as he through the heavy globe of glass onto the ground.

‘It id too dense to break! How will we retrieve the key to this door now?’ the wizard hissed.

With a shrug Vistis the Blue Mage held the globe for a moment and then set it down as he murmured a spell. He then thrust his hand into the dense ball of glass as if it were water and retrieved the key. He then tossed it at Stork who caught it with one hand.

‘For one wearing a mask you have quite a flair for sarcasm,’ Stork said with a grin.

Vistis rolled his eyes behind his heavily lacquered mask.

‘Just open the door,’ he replied.

Ignore Glass (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: Touch.

Duration: One round/level of caster.

This spell allows the illusionist to ignore any and all forms of glass for the duration of the spell. Most often used to pass or reach through a window or barrier of glass, yet can also be used to be rendered immune to damage from broken or jagged glass as all forms of glass will be as air to the caster for the duration of the spell. After the amount of rounds equal to the level of the caster has passed the glass effects the illusionist as it did before the spell was cast.

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[New Magic Item] Reincarnating Ring of Rondo

Reincarnating Ring of Rondo

Chalk blinked in disbelief as the bloody carnage before him shifted and transformed. The dozen dead orcs laying before him moved and struggled to rise. One became a hyenae headed humanoid, another a goblin, a handful became orcs again, another a human, another an elf. They each knelt to pick up weapons and shields that they had dropped in battle. Behind them the Crimson Sorcerer laughed maniacally.

‘Nope!’ Koram shouted as he leaped out a nearby window.

Chalk shrugged and followed him.

One of the most powerful and flawed magic items in the world, the results vary and are usually unexpected, but that is the price you pay to live another day.

Benefit: Once per week this magical ring may be used to reincarnate up to 10HD of creatures back into their same type (animal/aberration, humanoid, giant, etc and Dire, Plane-touched/Infernal and other variations are possible) although there is no guarantee that the being will reincarnate back into the same species, although it is 60% likely. The other 40% of the time this process will cause random species to appear, some may help or hinder the bearer of the the ring and or those around them. Of course this ring does not affect the undead or constructs.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Horned Service Animal

Horned Service Animal

Jorn the druid knew that a wilderness cache of gear was nearby. Many druids and rangers contributed to this cache so that others could take what they need when they needed to. Upon nearing the cache Jorn saw three others, two young druids and an older ranger, also approaching the cache. He hailed them and found that the small group was hoping to find enough to sell to get a fallen companion brought back from the dead.

Upon breaking the seal and entering the underground chamber the quartet saw that this cache was indeed very full of items, yet there was no way to carry it all. Jorn patted his companion, a gray and white housecat.

‘Well, Bar’nol, it looks like we can be of some assistance here,’ Jorn told the cat while the others looked at each other skeptically.

‘Bring what you need and no more, I will carry it to the nearest town for you,’ Jorn told the others.

‘What do you need from the cache,’? the ranger asked.

Jorn muttered a spell and Bar’nol the cat transformed into a hulking deep blue rhinocerous.

‘Nothing. I was going to drop off a few things, those I will bring with us now on our journey,’ Jorn replied, patting the huge beast of burden lovingly.

Horned Service Animal (Druid)

Level 5

Range: Touch.

Duration: One day per level of caster.

This druid spell transforms any Small to Medium sized creature of Animal level Intelligence into a Large sized lumbering rhinocerous. This resulting creature gains Low Intelligence and has 6HD, deals either 2d6 hit points per stomp attack or 3d4+2 points of damage with an impaling attacking of the horn, this creature is an invaluable asset that can bear as much weight as a Hill Giant can, acting as either a mount for up to four human sized individuals or as a beast of burden, with the ability to move up to 180′ (60′). There is a 15% chance per casting that the transformation is permanent, which can be a boon or a hindrance for the casting druid.

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[New Magic Item] Ring of the Mushroom Ring

Ring of the Mushroom Ring

Fellhorn the druid held his ring aloft as the trolls closed in. Suddenly he, the elf ranger and the gnome illusionist were gone, leaving the hungry trolls behind, gnashing their teeth and howling in rage.

‘That is a handy ring, I must admit,’ the elf said.

‘Yes, sadly it is just temporary as we return it to the head of my grove,’ the druid said.

‘Or we could keep it and use it to get out of scrapes like that,’ the gnome suggested.

‘And have an angry order of druids hunting us down? No thank you,’ Fellhorn replied.

‘It was an idea,’ squeaked the gnome.

‘Not a great one,’ the elf said wryly.

Fellhorn concentrated again and a tiny winged sprite appeared. The druid and fey creature spoke a moment, seemed to strike a deal and the druid turned to the others.

‘A safe place to rest our heads for the night! Come along!’ the druid urged the others.

The gnome illusionist grumbled, seeing nothing wrong with his idea.

Often given to a druid of high standing that is about to take on a daunting task, this magical ring may also be given to a starting druid that shows a lot of promise. Very rare, these magic rings are prized by druids and to a lesser extent, other spellcasters.

Benefit: With this ring any spellcaster can locate and teleport themselves and up to three others to the nearest mushroom ring once per day, appearing safely in the ring’s center. Druids may do this twice per day and once per day are able to call upon a brownie, a pixie, a sprite or a sylph which will perform one task for the druid if treated well/with respect. If coursely commanded or treated with disrespect the sylvn creature will get revenge against the druid and notify the leader of their order.

Usable by: Any spellcaster can use the ring to find the nearest mushroom ring and ‘leap’ to it, druids can use all available options.

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[New Spell] Call of Chaos

Call of Chaos

With a thump of his crooked staff upon the ground the wizard Stork finished his spell. He stood and eyed the dark hollow. Soon shapes lurked and loomed in the shadows as a motley group of goblins, hobgoblins and orcs appeared, ready to serve the wizard in the name of Chaos.

‘Shall we break the human village of Ghorst?’ the wizard asked those assembled. The creatures cheered and shouted as Stork smiled.

‘In time we shall have an army and seek Chalk and the others, there will be nowhere for them to run,’ Stork said to his companion, Vistis the Blue Mage.

‘Can you keep this warband of yours together?’ the illusionist asked.

‘By my will I shall,’ Stork said as he smiled at the humanoids, revealing his shark-like teeth.

Call of Chaos (Magic-User)

Level 7

Range: Immediate area.

Duration: One day per level of caster (see below).

This powerful spell allows the caster to bring beings dedicated to the whims of Chaos to him or her. A specific type may be called (Undead, humans, humanoids, etc) or even a specific creature (ghouls, gnolls, orcs, etc) and the caster may initially summon 1 HD of beings per level of Charisma. A Charisma attribute check will allow those summoned to dedicated themselves to the cause of the caster and remain beyond the allotted time, otherwise these beings wander back off into the dark woods, ruins, dungeons or wherever else they came from. Beings must be from the same plane and those creatures/humans of some intelligence can decide to remain without an attribute check from the caster, but they may at times be obstreperous.


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[New Magic Item] Wand of Ghouls

Wand of Ghouls

Arklin the wizard was proud of his new magic item. Surrounded by a ghoul bodyguard made the magic-user feel invincible and these lesser undead didn’t ask for much. One even stayed around to help after its time to serve the wizard had elapsed. His only problem was the cost, not being experienced enough, Arklin had to rely on more powerful wizards to recharge the wand for him.

Then the fateful day came when Arklin used his wand and was whisked away with his entourage (minus the volunteer of course) of undead to a sarcophagus deep under the city in ancient ruins. By the time the voluntary ghoul found the sarcophagus and opened the door there wasn’t much left of Arklin, but the five ghouls that were with him did have a superb meal as their bloody muzzles proved.

This is the type of magic item that many clerics despise and will go to great lengths to destroy if they hear one is in the area, starting a crusade if need be to destroy a wand.

Benefit: This magical wand allows the wielder to summon and command 1d4 ghouls per charge and typically holds six charges. Each use has a 25% chance of also summoning an additional creature, either a ghast or a ghoul-mage (q.v.). These undead will obey their summoner and will remain near him for one hour per level of the summoner after which time they will wander off harmlessly. This wand may be recharged with any 5th level spell. Each use does carry a risk- there is a 9% chance that the wand’s user will sudenly teleport to the nearest sarcophagus. If ghouls are in tow this is dangerous for while they will try not to harm their summoner, if they get too hungry….

Usable by: Anyone can wield a wand.

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