[New Spell] Betentacled


Valance ran to the tower, chased by the wizard Aldwo Boq. Before the priest of the Spider God realized it, the magic-user was upon him, aided by four tentacles that had erupted from Boq’s back moments ago.

Valance paused a moment, admiring the spell.

‘If only those could be spider legs!’ he lamented aloud.

‘You going to pay up?’ Aldwo asked.

Valance nodded and counted out the silvers he owed the spellcaster.

‘Maybe you can ask your deity for spider legs,’ smirked Boq.

‘Hey, maybe I will,’ retorted Valance.

Betentacled (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: Self

Duration: One turn per level of caster.

Cast upon oneself, four tentacles sprout writhing from the back, each tentacle does 1d4+1 damage (and has 1d4+2 hit points) and can grapple on a successful strike. In addition these tentacles aid in locomotion, making the affected caster 10′ faster than normal and able to climb vertical surfaces with 88% proficiency. The sight of one with such weird appendages causes Fear (as the spell) in creatures with 1HD or less).

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[The Spell] The Enchanted Troupe

The Enchanted Troupe

Chalk whistled, Koram and Valance showed up.

‘Let’s do this,’ said the wizard, the others nodded.

Without further ado Chalk began a spell, ended it with:

‘Jump,’ with a nod to Koram and…

‘Levitate,’ while pointing at Valance.

As the minotaur approached Koram charged it and cast his spell as the priest of the Spider God cast his, raising the creature off of the ground.

The fighter struck the thing as it bellowed in surprise, Chalk threw a hissing ball of fire at the beastman. Then it dropped to the ground, with a whimper. It raised its hands in surrender.

Valance laughed maniacally and stepped forward, but Chalk stayed him.

‘No, this might work for us, my friend,’ the wizard said.

The Enchanted Troupe (Arcane)

Level 6

Range: 15′

Duration: One turn.

When cast The Enchanted Troupe will enchant everyone standing within 15′ of the caster to be able to cast 1 spell of 1st or 2nd level (these come from spells known by the magic-user, who decides who casts which spell). It is not uncommon for more than one person enchanted by this spell to have the same spell. While losing this spell the caster gains an extra spell of up to 3rd level for him or herself. This does not count against the spells other casters have or their number of spells per day.

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[New Magic Item] Gong of Vasiv-Blor

Gong of Vasiv-Blor

Stork sounded the small gong and waited. Moments later four figures appeared. The first three were silent, but their leader looked the sorcerer in the eye and asked what he required.

‘Find the wizard Chalk in this town and report his location to me,’ replied Stork.

The quartet of thieves left, returning two days later.

‘By the docks in a small building, Chalk and his companions make their lair,’ reported the Master Thief.

Stork smiled and nodded as the Master Thief took the gong and the thieves left.

‘Vistis! We are going hunting!, Chalk is down by the river,’ announced Stork.

Grumbling, the masked illusionist prepared his things for a confrontation.

Originally a gift to the Duke of Thieves in the city of Nalaj, the Gong of Vasiv-Blor is a potent, if strange magic item that has changed hands many times over the centuries, never seeming to sit in a treasure hoard for too long.

Benefit: When the silver hammer for this small gong strikes the instrument it summons forth three thieves (level 2) and a Master Thief (level 4) that will do the bidding of the summoner; tasks such as stealing a minor item, scouting, cause a distraction, spying or even banditry. Once the task is complete the Master Thief will take the gong and its hammer and disappear.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Skyray


Valance peered off into the distance as dusk approached.

‘What’s the verdict?’ Chalk asked.

‘Looks like the king’s forces are win-wait, the light changed, maybe not, no, they are winning,’ replied the priest of the Spider God.

Chalk grumbled.

‘We had better pack then and get ready to leave, just in case.’

‘But this place is comfortable,’ Valance said.

‘For now, a new king might make this place worse,’ countered Chalk.

‘Hmmm, the light went out. I wonder what that means?’ Valance asked nobody in particular.

‘I think it means we had better get on the road,’ insisted Chalk.

Skyray (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: 20′

Duration: One hour per level of caster.

A very simple spell, Skyray creates a ray of light, 10′ in diameter, that will rise from the ground up to 200′ in the air. The caster determines what color the light is and can change the color anytime during the spell’s duration. This spell can be used to mark an area, convey a message, distract a target or any other use the caster has in mind. If the caster dies while this spell is in effect it immediately is dispelled.

Note: Any light sensitive creatures are -3 to strike if within 30′ of this spell due to the light’s intensity.

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[New Monster] Felistrian


Xoff threw a rock at the bipedal cat as it ran for a window.

‘Curse you, you flea-bitten alley cat!’ the man roared.

With a snicker the felistrian gave the human a salute and leapt out the window.

‘That’s the last time I partner with you,’ snarled Xoff.

Hours later the felistrian was telling his tale to other cat-people in an abandoned magic shop.

‘And you stole the milk!’ one of his fellows laughed aloud and slapped his knee.


No. Enc.: 1d3 (2d6)

Alignment: Neutral

Movement: 120′ (40’) (50 in AS&SH)

Armor Class: 8

Hit Dice: 1+4

Attacks: 1

Damage: 1d4 or by weapon

Save: F2 (Saving Throw 13 in AS&SH)

Size: S (2 ½ ‘-3’ feet tall on average)

Morale: 8

Hoard Class: VII (Treasure Type C in AS&SH)

XP: 30

Felistrians are intelligent housecats that can walk on two legs or four and have opposable thumbs. These odd little creatures are curious and like getting into things, like their less clever cousins, the common housecat. Loving adventure and travel, felistrians often take up with traveling adventurers, who often find them somewhat annoying and selfish, although these creatures make great scouts and trackers. Felistrians wear minimal clothing and armor, more of a gesture or statement than functional apparel. These feline creatures speak their own tongue as well as Common. Felistrians have a pantheon of cat-like gods.

As Player Characters in Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea: Need something weird? Felistrians can be a player option with the following modifications:
Clever: +1 to Intelligence, Quick: +2 to Dexterity. Heightened senses of smell and sight- can track with 76% accuracy and infared vision to 60′.

Class: Unlimited advancement as Thief or any thief subclass, Level 8 in Fighter or Any appropriate Fighter subclass, Level 6 in any other class or subclass.

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[New Spell] Unnatural Selection

Unnatural Selection

‘Why do the ogres keep following us,’ lamented Koram.

Chalk looked over his shoulder and kept running down the wooded trail.

‘I believe it is because Stork has some spell that keeps them from following him,’ replied the sorcerer.

Unnatural Selection (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: 20’+5’/level

Duration: Instantaneous.

While simple, this spell is handy as it can override the senses of a dull-witted creature. When cast upon a creature of Semi-Intelligence or lower (4-) that creature will, at any fork in the road or other situation with multiple choices for a direction to go in at a given point, will take the path chosen by the caster, thus blundering off in the wrong direction. Creatures of Low Intelligence (5-7) have a 65% chance of falling for this spell, while those with 8+ intelligence are immune. If cast upon a mounted figure the Int of the rider is considered for the spell’s effects, not the mount itself.

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[New Spell] Rekey


Vistis the Blue Mage was fiddling with the key and lock for too long.

‘What is the hold up?’ asked Stork.

‘I’m not sure. The key doesn’t want to work, someone has been tampering with this lock,’ the illusionist replied.

Snarling Stork stepped forward, muttered a few words and knocked on the door. A faint blue magical light momentarily encompassed the door then vanished. The door remained locked. The sorcerer scowled angrily.

‘How in the eleven hells?’ he swore.

Vistis raised a hand.

‘Someone is still inside the room,’ he hissed.

‘Let’s go outside to the window,’ urged Stork.

From a nearby building Chalk, Valance and Koram laughed as they watched the two spellcasters trying to enter their room at the inn as they assumed that the goat the trio left inside to cause damage was really a group of pilferers.

Rekey (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: Touch

Duration: Permanent unless dispelled.

The Rekey spell allows a magic-user with a key in hand to touch a lock while casting the spell to create a new key and lock combination that will only work with this key and this lock. Unless dispelled this change is permanent. Any attempt to cast Knock (or equivalent opening spell) on this lock will result in the caster needing to roll 1d4 and consulting the following table:

1-2 The Knock spell fails.

3 The lock will open once.

4 The previous spell is dismissed and the lock and key take their previous shapes.

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