[New Spell] Infernal Reversion

Infernal Reversion

The infernal creature towered over Valance. Dead spiders of a variety of sizes lay scattered about the floor of the crypt as the priest of the Spider God stood dazed.

‘Now you die!’ growled the fiend, bat-like wings unfurled as it raised a flaming sword to dispatch the human.

‘NO!’ Chalk shouted as he began another spell.

‘You are next!’ the demon snarled at the wizard.

Suddenly a cool, refreshing breeze swept through the ancient tomb.

‘Not this day,’ a calm voice said.

A humble looking figure, not unlike Valance, stood in the doorway and said a prayer out loud in a melodious voice.

The fiend tried to shrug off the prayer as a blue light engulfed it. Howling in rage the greater demon began to shrink, stopping at the size of an imp.

‘Shall we?’ Valance asked Chalk as he drew his maces.

‘Is that your…’ Chalk began.

‘Brother, yes, it is a long story,’ the priest of the Spider God said as he nodded his appreciation to the priest of the Golden Dove and turned to face the mewling imp as it scurried for cover.

Infernal Reversion (Cleric)

Level 8

Range: 10′ +5’/level.

Duration: One turn/level of caster.

Scholars speculate that infernal creatures advance from larva in the Lower Planes (near mindless creatures traded by Night Hags) into least, minor, lesser, greater and sometimes even beyond that fiends that are devils, demons, etc. When this spell is cast upon an infernal creature that creature receives a Saving Throw versus spells with a -2 modifier. Failure means that the evil creatures is forced to revert to a previous form for the duration of the spell. To determine how far back roll percentile dice. A low number means that the creature has reverted very far back (a 01-03% all the way back to a Larva) while a 90%+ result indicates that the creature has only reverted to the previous incarnation. The GM/referee/LL will need to to sort out the grades in between depending upon how advanced the creature is. After the spell elapses the creature reverts back to normal. Those that survive are usually especially vengeful after this.

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[New Magic Item] Clay Arrow

Clay Arrow

The elf ranger let the strange arrow he found in the crypt fly at the growling bugbear. The humanoid stopped in its tracks and had a confused look on its face. Then in an instant it looked like a clay statue, complete with sculpted fur. A strange jewel gleamed in the creature’s forehead.

‘What have you done?’ asked Fellhorn the druid.

‘I’m not sure, however I think we should leave…’ he began as the clay bugbear swung at the elf, barely missing.

Shadows crept from hiding and pulled at the bugbear-golem, restraining the creature as it struggled to free itself.

‘Let’s go before you two get us killed from standing here arguing what to do,’ squeaked the gnome illusionist, satisfied with the results of his spell.

Extremely rare magical arrows with a blunt clay tip. It is said that some warriors volunteered to be struck by one of these enchanted arrows, which is madness unless a way to reverse the process at will was assured.

Benefit: Anyone struck by one of these arrows must make a Saving Throw versus Wands with a -1 modifier, those who fail this save are transformed into stylized clay golem versions of themselves. This new form is permanent until dispelled with a Remove Curse, Limited Wish or Wish spells. In this form the individual’s has the following qualities: HD8 (36 hit points), Move; 120′ (40′), Pummel attack, 1d6+2 (or by weapon), Damage immunity: Can only be harmed by magical attacks, fire and cold attacks. Immunity: Unharmed by gas; unaffected by Charm, Hold, and Sleep spells. Soul is transferred into a gem set in the golem’s forehead, 20 hit points of damage will destroy the gem and destroy the golem, freeing the spirit. All mental attributes are retained, speech is not possible. Successfully saving means the character takes 1d6+2 points of damage and is Slowed for 1d4 rounds.

Usable by: Anyone who can fire a bow.

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[New Spell] Pick Not My Pocket!

Pick Not My Pocket!

Navnen returned hastily to the cottage, his right hand swathed in a heavy woolen blanket.

‘I’m not here if anyone inquires,’ the thief said mysteriously.

‘What did you do, stick your hand into something that you should not have?’ Valance asked with a raised eyebrow.

Shuttering the windows Navnen reluctantly freed his hand from the blanket. A bright blue glow illuminated the room.

‘Hey, I can read by that! Saves us in candles! How long is this going to last?’ Chalk asked.

‘I have no idea, the sooner this is over the better!’ exclaimed the thief nervously.

Pick Not My Pocket! (Illusionist)

Level 1

Range: Touch (see below).

Duration: One day per level of caster.

An illusionist casts this spell upon any pocket, whether it belongs to them or not. The next time any unauthorized access is attempted on that pocket the pickpocket must roll a Save Versus Spells with a -1 modifier in addition to an initial roll to pick the actual pocket. A failed save means that the thief’s hand will glow a bright, electric blue color that can be seen from quite a distance and will illuminate a 25′ radius in the dark for twenty-four hours, after which time the hand returns to normal.

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[New Magic Item] Druid’s Rod of Habitat

Druid’s Rod of Habitat

Valance took the Y-shaped stick from Navnen and slowly spun around.

‘A-ha! I think I found something,’ the priest of the Spider God exclaimed.

‘My horse?’ inquired Koram.

‘I hope so, because I don’t want to run into a mountain troll out here in these woods,’ Chalk chipped in.

A neigh of terror revealed the possibility that both results could be true.

This Y-shaped enchanted yew limb looks like a dowsing rod and in a way, is one of magical origin. Given to novice druids going into dangerous territory, many have made good use of this in strange lands.

Benefit: Usable at will, this enchanted dowsing rod is magically attuned to seek out creatures not natural in the current habitat. This means that when used the druid’s rod will ferret out all unnatural creatures within 60′. Any creatures outside of this radius will ‘nudge’ its user in the direction of the nearest creature that doesn’t belong. A great way to find lost horses, spellcasters polymorphed into animals and lycanthropes in animal form among others that don’t belong in the natural setting, although a creature like a unicorn in a forest would not register to this magic item. It takes concentration to maintain use of this magic item for at least two rounds to get an idea of which direction. Type of creature is not revealed, just that something not right is near. Only a druid will receive a notion of danger level to themselves, others using this magic item will not.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a magical rod.

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[New Magic Item] Gem of Avarice

Gem of Avarice

Fellhorn the druid nervously fumbled with the small vial, almost dropping it.

‘Okay, you two scamper to the edge of town, I will get these people riled up,’ he told the elf and gnome.

‘I want to see the madness!’ squeaked the gnome.

‘You are especially susceptible to it, I believe,’ Fellhorn replied sternly.

The elf ranger laughed.

‘Are you far behind?’ asked the druid.

‘Just get them excited and retrieve our stolen gear, please,’ answered the elf.

Fellhorn nodded towards the door, the two demi-humans left the druid in the dark and musty tavern.

Without hesitation the druid poured three small drops from the vial onto the rough looking gem in his hands. It immediately transformed to become a radiant ruby that lit up the room as he took a deep breath and tried resisting the gem himself. Heads turned instantly. Fellhorn got up and pretended to ignore the glowing gemstone as the questionable tavern patrons and staff rushed towards the gem like lemmings, some brandishing weapons.

Fellhorn hastily retrieved their belongings from behind the bar and exited, the others all too busy arguing and tussling over the radiant gem.

Looks like a dull, shoddily cut reddish gem most of the time, hardly a much sought after treasure, until it is activated….

Benefit: While getting minor attention for being about the size of a human fist, this gem stone is eye-catching, if roughly hewn. Dropping a few basilisk’s tears onto the gemstone transforms it instantly into a well cut radiant ruby that seems to glow from within. This glow causes all within 30′ who fail a Wisdom attribute check to covet it, some making outrageous offers, some ready to kill to possess the thing. Those from 30’+ to 60′ hear whispers about this magnificent ruby being near and will seek it everywhere, even getting into brawls unless they too pass a Wisdom check. This madness continues for 1d6 days unless more basilisk’s tears are added, in which case the gem will become uninteresting again.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Tightrope Conundrum

Tightrope Conundrum

The elf ranger deftly crossed the area, followed by Fellhorn the druid.

Unfortunately the gnome illusionist was not so lucky and seemed to make an exaggerated fall in which he appeared to trip, scream and merely hit the ground.

‘That was very dramatic,’ the elf ranger observed as the gnome stood and dusted himself off.

‘I thought I was falling into a pit,’ squeaked the gnome.

The elf laughed.

‘You did too, we all did,’ the druid said to the elf ranger who shrugged.

‘It was still funny watching the runt ‘fall’ and it was probably a spell of his own vocation,’ said the ranger with a snicker.

Tightrope Conundrum (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 10’+5’/level area.

Duration: One turn (ten minutes).

This ridiculous Illusionist spell causes one target to fully believe that he or she is walking on a tightrope across an area, and they believe that they are 50′ off of the ground, all others in the area must be on similar ropes, levitating or flying to them. Creatures of Low Intelligence or lower move very slowly (Movement is 3′ for Small and Medium creatures, 5′ for Large) as they fear falling and do not believe that they can walk across ‘the rope’. Creatures of Average and higher Intelligence may make an Intelligence attribute check to try to move at normal speed, yet they will still believe that they are on a rope high above the ground for the duration of the spell and will walk in a straight line. Any who ‘fall’ find that they basically trip and take 1d4 points of damage. While creatures of animal Intelligence, winged creatures and constructs are immune to this spell, even simple undead like Skeletons try to preserve their ‘unlife’ and are affected.

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[New Magic Item] Feather of the Night Writers

Feather of the Night Writers

Navnen got up late and came downstairs to see the others looking at the piece of paper that had been nailed to their door the previous day.

‘A not-so thinly veiled threat, eh?’ the thief commented as Chalk turned the paper over several times and squinted at it then handed it to Valance who did the same.

‘ A what? Can you read this thing?’ asked the priest of the Spider God.

‘A threat, written by one of those feathers that makes the ink so you can only read it at night,’ the thief replied matter-o-factly.

The others looked at each other in dismay.

‘What do we do about it?’ Koram asked.

‘Oh nothing, it was probably just a prank,’ said Navnen.

This did not stop the other three from planning on an impending assault upon on their cottage.

A strange magical feather of unknown origin, this magic item is a favorite of thieves, smugglers, vampires and others who do business by night that they would rather not be seen during the day.

Benefit: When this enchanted feather is dipped in ink anything written by it cannot be seen during the day, yet is revealed at night as the ink is rendered invisible by day as soon as it is applied to a writing surface. Nothing short of a Wish or Limited Wish spell will reveal the writing (not even lemon juice) during the daylight hours.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Find Me Fast

Find Me Fast

‘Ah, there you are!’ the official said to Stork. ‘I had been looking for you.’

‘I cast a spell on you so that you could find me easily, was there something wrong with that scroll?’ Stork replied.

‘Bureaucrats,’ whispered Vistis the Blue Mage to Stork.

Stork shrugged.

‘Have you any news on Chalk and his cohorts?’ he asked the official.

‘Why yes! They just passed through this town not long ago, three days ago, in fact, according to my sources,’ the official replied.

‘That is all I need to know, you are dismissed,’ Stork said, dispelling the enchantment with a wave of his hand.

‘Dismissing me!’ the minor clerk retorted in outrage.

Shark smiled, revealing his shark-like teeth.

‘I have other magics….’ he began as the official’s eyes widened and he decided it was best to disappear into the crowd.

Find Me Fast (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: Special (see below).

Duration: One day.

Usually the opposite of what most spellcasters desire, this spell allows the subject to easily find the caster up to 1d3 times per day. If more than a mile separates the subject from caster the target gets the general direction, if within a mile the target can easily locate the caster. Useful in busy cities or tricky dungeons with lackluster henchmen. An opposite of the spell is also possible, in which the wizard can lose the subject up to 1d3 times per day, however, in this case he or she must be out of the line of sight of the target.

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[New Magic Item] Saddle of the Wind

Saddle of the Wind

‘What good is a saddle without a horse out here in the middle of nowhere?’ Fellhorn the druid asked the elf ranger.

The elf was still amazed that they had found an arcane artifact of this magnitude, but he was hesitant to tell the others.

‘I am sure we will find a horse and it is not that heavy,’ replied the ranger.

‘It is awkward looking, why are the reins on that loop out from?’ inquired the gnome illusionist.

‘You are awkward looking and you ask too many questions,’ answered the elf.

‘We could vote to leave it,’ suggested the druid. ‘There are plenty of useful things here.’

The elf realized he would have to tell the others what the saddle really was. So he did.

‘Do we take turns riding it?’ squeaked the gnome upon hearing about it.

‘Did I say you could even touch it?’ replied the elf ranger to the diminutive spellcaster.

Extremely rare artifacts from a bygone Golden Age. It is said that at one time an elven king had a cavalry that sported hundreds of these enchanted saddles. Now finding one is enough to send all sorts of official and unofficial agents to the area to try to seize this amazing magic item.

Benefit: Activating a rune on the horn of the saddle cause a small opening to the Elemental Plane of Air to occur under the saddle and it will hover three to four feet off over the ground or water. Reins are attached to a loop that extends forward about two and a half feet forward from the saddle’s horn and two ample saddlebags are attached to the rear of the saddle. Three Small figures, two Medium characters or one Large being may ride this, the latter dropping the height the saddle can hover to three feet maximum. Tireless, this enchanted saddle can travel up to 40 miles in one day up to 55 miles per hour, although a Dex Attribute check may be needed to steer through convoluted terrain, especially at higher speeds. Can carry up to 900 lbs. Can cause as many problems as it solves, especially if only one is unearthed among many.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Dragoncloak


‘Those ogres were really discouraged quickly,’ Fellhorn the druid said.

‘It could have been my clever illusions,’ the gnome illusionist said.

‘Or my….’ the elf ranger began and then suddenly punched the air slowly.

‘I’ll be back soon,’ the elf said cryptically and gathered his things and disappeared into the forest.

‘That is a really flashy cloak, but he really needs to steer clear of dragons always calling upon him,’ commented the druid.

‘True, however he is getting good at the lightning and poison gas cloud trick that the cloak grants him,’ added the gnome.

An interesting looking hooded cloak, dark blue with a dragon motif in white stitched into the cloak. Radiates magic. Be careful.

Benefit: Twice per day the wearer of this magical cloak may make an attack from one or both hands as a cloud, cone or line (depending on breath weapon and dragon type) for 4d4 points of damage. In addition, any dragons within one mile may successfully summon and command the wearer of this magical cloak 75% of the time. Those summoned must do the bidding of the dragon for one favor per day and then are released. Dragons, even good ones, are wise and tricky creatures.

Usable by: Anyone.

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