[New Magic Spell] Imitate Familiar

Imitate Familiar

‘Is this necessary?’ Chalk asked.

‘Just hold the bag, boys, catch the imp,’ Knat replied tersely.

Moments later a small devilish creature flapped around the corner. Navnen the thief nimbly caught the thing as Knat finished mumbling her spell and reached into the bag. In an instant she took the form of a small imp. The imp-druidess glared at the wizard and thief.

‘Do NOT let that imp out of the bag,’ she said in the creature’s voice.

‘Is it worse than letting a cat out of a bag?’ Navnen asked.

‘Much,’ was the reply.

‘Grab a couple of scrolls for me while you are in there,’ Chalk whispered aloud as an afterthought.

Imitate Familiar(Druid)

Level 5

Range: Touch.

Duration: One day per level of caster.

An obscure druid spell, unknown to most and feared by many magic-users, Imitate Familiar allows the druid to transform themselves into the exact likeness of a familiar that the caster is able to touch, All physical abilities and resistances of the familiar the druid possesses as well as retaining the caster’s own mental attributes and druidic spellcasting abilities and magic based class abilities. If the familiar is placed in any magical container, such as a Bag of Holding, the casting druid intercepts all messages/commands mentally sent by the familiar’s master and can reply.

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[New Magic Item] Crow Amulet

Crow Amulet

Stork fumbled with the small amulet shaped like a crow’s skull with a ruby traped inside of it. Before too long a pair of crows flapped up to the sorcerer, landing on the limb of a nearby tree.

‘Your errand for us?’ one of them asked in a harsh, raspy tone.

Without hesitation Stork produced a small parchment and handed it towards the birds, one grasped it in its beak.

‘Take this to the nearest tavernkeeper, if he nods at you after seeing this report it back to me,’ the sorcerer replied.

The crows looked at each other and flew off.

‘Will it work?’ asked Vistis the Blue Mage.

‘After a few weeks of this it either will work or I will toss this amulet in the nearest river,’ Stork said.

A small, simple magic item that is handy when the thief is unlucky or indisposed. Not wise to use around similar items that deal with ravens.

Benefit: A command word activates this small silver amulet that is set with a shiny red ruby. Upon activation this enchanted bauble summons 1d4 2HD crows with an IQ of 10 and a DEX of 16 that will serve the caster faithfully for one hour. These birds will steal an item or relay or retrieve a message or do any similar small task with relative ease, but they will not attack, only defend themselves. At the completion of the errand the bird(s) will require 1d8 gold pieces in payment. If summoned and the crows eaten out of desperation the amulet will disappear. Usable once per week.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Taking The Heat

Taking The Heat

The Scholar of Wexos mumbled a spell and threw a thick candle in the air just as the skeletal figure raised the torch to the rope. The rope did not catch on fire, the candle melted in mid-air. Emotionlessly the skeleton still managed a quizzical look by cocking its skull at an angle.

‘Are we glad to see you!’ Chalk exclaimed from the cage above the tarry pit.

The skeleton drew a rusty dagger from its sheath.

‘Hold that thought,’ the illusionist replied as he focused on the skeleton and began another spell, one that caused dazzling lights to confuse the skeleton’s undead eyes as it lashed out with one arm, trying to cut the rope.

Taking The Heat (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 20’+5’/level, must be within line of sight.

Duration: One turn.

Using this spell an illusionist may ‘steal’ heat from one source, such as a torch, a burning fireplace or even a magical wall of fire or, if quick enough, even a spell such as Fireball. While denying the heat from one source it does need an object to absorb the heat. This must be a non-living object and if combustible this will immediately catch on fire itself and usually burn out within a round or two depending on size of fire and receiving object, which can cause this time to vary. To catch a fast moving source of heat, such as a Fireball spell the illusionist must make a Dexterity attribute check, failure causes the spell to continue unhindered. Any flames enduring beyond ten minutes naturally will regain their heat and continue burning.

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[New Magic Item] Antivenom Bottle

Antivenom Bottle

‘It is okay, we can pass over the bridge now,’ Valance said confidently as he twirled a strange glass bottle in his hand.

‘But the ogre…’ Koram began.

‘Had a poisoned brother that needed help,’ the priest of the Spider God replied with a grin as he nodded at the empty bottle.

‘So you are that kind of cleric after all!’ Chalk exclaimed with a wry smile.

‘Let’s not let that get out, I have a reputation to uphold,’ Valance saidwith a look of mock dignity.

When the cleric is away, overburdened, or like Valance, an Antivenom Bottle is a lifesaver or a way to make a bit of extra coin. So of course Valance usually has one on him.

Benefit: Holding one pint of potable water will transform this water into a powerful enchanted antivenom that works as a general cure for those who have been poisoned (85% chance of success). Note that the water must be potable for the magic to kick in and it takes three hours for the enchantment to complete, so plan ahead. Each of these clear glass bottles holds approximately four doses for a medium sized creature, six for small sized creatures and two for large creatures.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Trumpet of Souls

Trumpet of Souls

Stork the sorcerer put the magical trumpet to his lips within the ruins and blew, creating a haunting melody without really trying. Moments later a trio of spirits appeared before him.

‘What is it you….it’s you!’ one of the ghosts exclaimed.

Stork grinned, revealing shark-like teeth.

‘We must answer him,’ another spirit said, that of a haggard old man.

‘He killed me here!’ said the first in spiritual exasperation.

‘I only want to know who has passed by here recently, if a small group of adventurers has come this way,’ Stork said.

‘Don’t answer him,’ the first ghost said firmly.

‘But we must, we are compelled by that cursed trumpet!’ said the second.

‘A group did come by not four days ago. Fighter, thief, wizard, priest,’ said the third.

‘Is that all?’ inquired the first ghost.

‘For today,’ Stork replied in a sinister tone.

This silvery trumpet was made for a dashing young necromancer many ages ago to win his loyalty, yet his devotion to the dead caused the sinister wizard to eschew this item almost immediately, believing his own abilities to be far superior. Which they were, until he thought he had best Sarga, the Vampire Lord, who taught the young human a lesson he will not forget until he is finally laid to rest, at some time in the future.

Benefit: When winded this magical trumpet has a 76% chance of summoning the spirits of the dead within earshot. These ghosts will not attack and will answer questions about when they were alive and what their deaths were like and any other relevant information they may know. This enchantment lasts for one hour and is usable once per day. There is no guarantee that a specific spirit is in the area due to a number of possible situations, but often at least a helpful spirit is nearby.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Chosen Mount

Chosen Mount

The blue dragon landed near Fellhorn the druid and his companions.

‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ the dragon asked.

‘I believe I won the contest between us,’ the druid replied.

‘That I understand,’ the dragon replied. ‘And although you did win, I thought you had enough wisdom to realize that while I will agree to be a mount for you and your little friends, I may not be so nice the next time our paths cross.’

Fellhorn swallowed nervously.

‘Is this worth it?’ the elf ranger asked.

The sound of the approaching angry bugbear warband answered his question.

The dragon laughed a cruel laugh.

‘Climb aboard, just as well take advantage while you can,’ the dragon said in a sinister tone.

Chosen Mount (Druid)

Level 4

Range: Line of sight.

Duration: One hour per level of caster.

A druid spell which allows the caster to pick a mount of their choosing. The creature must be large enough to carry the druid unhindered and may, if large enough, carry several others as well. If the creature is intelligent and of another alignment an opposed Wisdom test is required to ‘subdue’ the beast, which, if the druid wins, will comply as a mount, if the creature wins it may or may not assist the druid, depending on its whims, what it may gain, etc. An intelligent creature used as a mount cannot retaliate against the druid for the rest of that day thanks to the nature of this spell.

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[New Magic Item] Mountain Jarl’s Armring

Mountain Jarl’s Armring

The elf ranger assessed the carnage with nodding approval.

‘You didn’t do too bad this time, a lot of biting and gnawing, but not a bad job, I am impressed,’ the elf told the gnome as Fellhorn the druid collected the belongings of the dead bandits.

‘I must admit that the jewelry I received from that dwarf rune-something-or-other helped,’ the gnome illusionist said, revealing a silver armring.

‘Why are you wearing it around your thigh?’ asked the ranger.

‘I’m a gnome, it wouldn’t fit around my arm,’ squeaked the illusionist.

Crafted by dwarven runecrafters for centuries and used either among themselves or given to allied leaders these magical armrings can be worn from wrist to bicep and are considered a great honor to have one of these bestowed upon oneself. Never found in treasure troves, it is rumored that if the one wearing this magic item falls then the armring reverts back to an ingot of silver without enchantment. The armring is shaped as a silver band with two bears heads meeting.

Benefit: If bestowed by a leader that was given one of these by a dwarven runecrafter then the wearer gains +1 to AC, has a +1 to strike in combat, may make a bite attack for 1d4+1 points of damage as a free attack and has a -20% chance of contracting lycanthropy if bitten by any lycanthrope other than a werebear. In the case of a werebear biting the wearer he or she has a +40% chance of contracting the disease yet (demi-humans included), while wearing this magic item will maintain full control of when they change shapes and for how long if they do become a lycanthrope. If the owner of this armring dies the magic item becomes an ordinary ingot of silver that a dwarf can remake into another of these enchanted armrings.

Usable by: Anyone.

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