[New Spell] From One Conflict to Another

From One Conflict to Another

Chalk read the spell from the scroll as the dozen bugbears bearing crossbows appeared. He nodded to the others. Valance blew a kiss to the enraged bugbear chieftain as the humans faded from the area.

Moments later Chalk, Navnen, Valance and Koram appeared, battle ready, into a heated argument between three halflings over a pie. Fists were about to fly.

‘Is this a conflict?’ Koram asked as he sheathed his Crystal Sword.

‘I wouldn’t get in between a trio of halflings fighting over food,’ Navnen answered as he slowly backed away.

The others followed the thief’s move and excited the area, thankful that their gamble paid off.

From One Conflict to Another (Arcane)

Level 5

Range: Special, see below.

Duration: Instantaneous.

A spell of desperation, this spell causes the caster and his or her party to teleport from the current conflict that they are in to the next nearest conflict. This is a gamble as the next situation may not be a better scenario to find oneself in. Due to the nature of the spell the party teleporting into the next fracas has the iniaitive for the first round as everyone in the next conflict will be surprised by the sudden appearance of an adventuring party.

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[New Magic Item] Arcane Candles

Arcane Candles

In the darkness Navnen suddenly lit a candle that he had been saving for quite some time. In the dim light of the candle he saw a dagger on the table before him faintly glowing blue. Then a book near it. These went into his satchel.

Turning on his heels the thief notice a faint blue glowing at the edge of the candle’s light. He stepped forward. Three rings seemed to hover before him in the air. Then he realized that in the faint light these rings were indeed on fingers.

The wily thief tossed the candle at the face of the wearer of those rings and ran for the window. A ball of green light exploded next to Navnen just as he leapt through the window, caught the rope and lowered himself to the ground.

This obviously wasn’t the end of this, but he had a head start.

Like many minor magic items these candles seem to favor thieves although any adventurer, sage or wizard may also find these candles to be of great value. While not conclusive these candles do help one sort out items when in a hurry.

Benefit: When lit these dim candles shine a light roughly 10′. Any magical items that one of these candles sheds light upon will glow a dull blue color for as long as the candlelight is upon it. Another light source nulls this effect. Each candle lasts for four hours.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Strand’s String

Strand’s String

As Navnen turned back to see if the ogres were still pursuing them he did not seen the string dangled from above by the goblin wizard. With a grunt and an muffled scream for help the thief fell to the ground with a thump.

Koram, who was just ahead of the thief just barely heard Navnen fall and spun around in time to see a trio of goblins attempting to drag the thief away. With a shout the fighter spun, Crystal Sword already in hand, and ran back towards the goblins. Chalk and Valance followed suit.

Seeing a standoff the goblin wizard threatened to kill the thief as the other three goblins scrambled for safety. It might have worked for the small wizard if not for the gigantic spider creeping up behind him, summoned by Valance.

‘The only one in a web tonight will be you!’ the priest of the Spider God quipped.

Sometime’s the most innocuous and seemingly harmless of magic items can be the most useful in a pinch. Keep this handy and only use when needed.

Benefit: This one meter long piece of enchanted string can be used once per day to entangle one human-sized or smaller creature with a Strength of 16 or less. The bearer of the string merely touches the target who receives a Save versus Paralysis with a -2 modifier. Those who fail are helplessly entangled in very strong string, almost like being wrapped up in the web of a giant spider. Without aid those so trapped that can get at a dagger or knife must make a Dexterity attribute check to be able to retrieve their weapon and free themselves, otherwise he or she must rely upon the help of another or find a sharp object somewhere to use.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Clinking and Clanking

Clinking and Clanking

An ominous clanking sound could be heard in the ancient ruins, waking all three adventurers.

‘What is that?’ the elf ranger asked as he drew an arrow across his bow.

‘Something that doesn’t want to be seen, but it tripped my trap,’ replied the gnome as he squinted in the area of the sound of something lurking in heavy armor.

Fellhorn the druid threw a spell in the direction of the sound. There was a baleful scream and for a moment a hideous ghostly figure was revealed trying to slink closer to the adventurers.

The elf ranger murmured over his arrow which glowed blue and raced towards the spectral figure. Upon hitting it the creature howled and curried off into the night, the sound of clanking armor slowly fading away.

Clinking and Clanking (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: One portal per level of caster.

Duration: One day.

At the time of casting the illusionist may designate as many portals within sight as he or she has levels to be affected. Any being, live, undead or construct that passes through one of these enchanted portals receives a standard Saving Throw (thieves receive a +2 modifier) to resist this spell. Those that fail their save make a sound as if wearing clanking full plate armor. This affects the portal for one day and any who fail their Saving Throw for one day, meaning that the clanking sound follows them for one day and all subsequent Move Silently attempts have a -3 modifier.

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[New Magic Item] Wand of Dust

Wand of Dust

Oklu the wizard looked around the smoky tavern and smirked at the peasants as they slumped over their mugs of ale and stale beer.

Reaching into a pocket in his robes the magic-user retrieved a glass vial nearly full of dust.

‘Perhaps an ogre would liven this place up,’ the old conjurer chuckled to himself as he stooped to pour the dust onto the wooden floor.

Heaving his old bones up the wizard paid the barmaid and whispered an arcane word into the air as he found the door.

The ogre appeared in the middle of the room suddenly, confused and angry.

A boon to the smuggling wizard and a thorn in the side to those who would thwart these smugglers, this magic item is confiscated and usually destroyed and the owner banished if caught bearing one of these.

Benefit: Twice per day the owner of this magic wand may cause any item, living, inanimate or even undead up to the size and/or weight of an ogre within 30′ to turn to dust, There is a Saving Throw versus Wands to resist this trandformation available to those that can or wish to resist. The resulting dust may be gathered up and put in a container or scattered to the winds. In the case of the former this state lasts for one hour and every turn afterwards there is a 25% chance of the dust reverting back to its original form unscathed or upon the utterance of a command word by the magic-user. In the case of the latter the person or thing turned to dust is destroyed. The wand also carries three 1st to 3rd level spells and is rechargeable.

Usable by: Magic-users.

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[New Magic Item] Mug of Disarming

Mug of Disarming

Koram drew his Crystal Sword as the bard retreated with the fighter’s pouch of coins. Before the fighter could get near the minstrel tapped a wooden mug on a nearby tabletop. The Crystal Sword was gone! And his other weapons too. The same for his adventuring companions.

The bard drew his sword and laughed.

Valance gestured behind the bard.

‘Do you think I’m falling for that?’ the bard asked just before the large spider bit him on the back of the neck. He dropped to the floor, sound asleep.

‘You did give fair warning,’ commented Chalk.

‘Hogtie him and leave him in the town square?; Valance asked.

‘Great idea!’ Koram answered as he retrieved his coins from the snoring bard.

A common magic item among bards, minstrels, and others that like a good drink and a quick getaway if needed. Many dwarves find this magic item dishonorable and refuse to use it even to drink from.

Benefit: Once per day this wooden mug can be used to disarm all opponents within a 20′ radius if tapped upon another wooden surface, table, floor, barrel, door, etc, as long as it is made of wood. All weapons are neatly stashed 100′ away in a pile. This doesn’t keep the bearer from being punched, have spells cast upon them, or to have improvised weapons used on them. No Saving Throw is allowed.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Shapeshifter's Edge

Shapeshifter’s Edge

The sorcerer Stork cast his spell on the brazen thief ending the magic with a flourish of his hands. The thief nodded and then became a songbird before the wizard and flew off towards the south. A bird of prey dove from the high above and attacked the songbird in mid-air, killing it instantly and following it to earth for a feast.

Vistis the Blue Mage chuckled behind Stork as he watch the scenario unfold.

‘I told him not to do that, and I rarely warn people,’ Stork said as he patted the fat pouch of coins at his side.

‘At least his money was good,’ Vistis replied.

Shapeshifter’s Edge (Magic-user)

Level 6

Range: Self or Touch.

Duration: One week and a day.

When cast upon oneself or another this magic allows the target of the spell to Polymorph Self twice per day for the duration of the spell. In addition the target of this spells receives a +3 modifier to resist Polymorph Others and other spells that would alter the target’s shape against their will. If cast upon one’s self or another more than three times in one year there is a 65% chance of being ‘locked into’ each alternative shape taken permanently. If this happens only a Wish or Limited Wish spell can reverse this situation.

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