[New Spell] Detect Gems and Precious Minerals

Detect Gems and Precious Minerals


Chalk and his companions walked into the inn to meet Knat the druidess. They found her talking to a trio of dwarfs. She suddenly mumbled to herself and then whispered to the dwarfs, pointing in turn at each. Nodding to each other they shook hands with her and excused themselves.

‘What was that all about?’ Chalk asked.

‘Oh, those dwarfs wanted some help with a new mining endeavor, I agreed to help them later this week,’ she replied.

‘Howso?’ Koram asked.

‘I gave them a list of the gems they were carrying on their persons, to prove I could,’ Knat said.

‘You can detect gems and you never told us’, exclaimed Valance.

‘You boys never asked,’ she said.


Detect Gems and Precious Minerals (Druid)

Level 2

Range: 75′

Duration: Two turns

When cast the druid can detect gems and precious minerals within the range of the spell and know the type and location, including how deep in the ground, or wall or even ceiling that the gem or precious mineral is located, although the spell locates these on persons and in treasure chests, etc. This spell makes druids highly sought after by dwarf miners and thieves.


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[New Monster] Hag, Gaunt

Hag, Gaunt

The worn and weary adventurers returned to the town, down three of their number. One of them stopped as they passed a sign and retrieved a dagger from his belt.

The sign now said: Never split your party.

                                      (they really mean it)

Hag, Gaunt

No. Enc.: 1 (1d4)

Alignment: Chaotic

Movement: 90′ (30′)

Armor Class: 5

Hit Dice: 5+2

Attacks: 1

Damage: 2d4 (strike)

Save: MU5

Morale: 8

Hoard Class: IX, XVII

X.P.: 375

Sometimes known as the Least or Riding Hag, these creatures resemble tall, thin elderly women bearing brooms. They haunt abandoned buildings on the edges of towns and villages, waiting for their prey. These creatures often hunt groups of adventurers or other travelers to take advantage of those who wander off. These creature may cast Charm and Suggestion twice per day, which they use to make a subject stand still, then they climb up on their victim’s shoulders and use their brooms like oars, casting their own version of the Fly spell. This spell can last for an hour or throughout the night, the hag and her victim traveling at a speed of up to 180′. The sight of this looks like the hag is sitting upon the shoulders of the victim as he or she runs through the air. Each hour of flight takes one point from the victim’s Constitution temporarily, regained at 2 points per day after that. In addition the gaunt hag may cast Shocking Hands, Arcane Lock and Gust of Wind at will as spell-like abilities.

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[New Magic Item] Torch of Truth

The Torch of truth

Constable Nettles stood sternly, awaiting newcomers to the gate, a torch held high in his hands.

‘Ah, Valance, priest of the Spider god,’ the constable said. ‘Getting ready to do some gambling?’

Valance eyed the torch suspiciously, the constable seemed too confident.

‘I might, at that,’ he replied. ‘Only in legal places of course.’

Nettles glared at the cleric.

‘This time, apparently,’ the constable growled. ‘Let’s keep it that way.’

An artifact from a lost age, the Torch of Truth was allegedly handed down by the gods to clerics of Law to assist in dealing out justice. Despite complaints from the Lords and Ladies of Chaos there has never been permission granted by the powers of the Balance to counter these rare magic items.

Benefit: Any Lawful cleric, paladin or cavalier that invests two hit points (that are reclaimed as if they were damage) into this torch causes it to burst forth into a bright flame that illuminates a 40′ radius. All creatures that are weakened by sunlight are now -2 to hit while within the light of the torch. Additionally, all lies told within the light of the Torch of Truth will materialize as words swirling around the head of the liar.

Usable by: Clerics, paladins, cavaliers of Lawful alignment.

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[New Monster] Cadaverous Grovot

Cadaverous Grovot

Hearing a muffled sound behind him, Stork turned. The sorcerer saw his illusionist traveling companion, Vistis the Blue Mage, suddenly struggling through a thick marsh, where just a few moments before he himself had stepped on dry land.

‘This can’t be good,’ he muttered to himself as he looked around.

A quartet of short figures shambled towards Vistis, each mummified figure had five green eyes that shown brightly.

‘Not today,’ Stork said with a snarl that revealed his shark-like teeth.

Cadaverous Grovot

No. Enc.: 1d4 (1d10)

Alignment: Neutral

Movement: 60′ (20′)

Armor Class: 7

Hit Dice: 3+4

Attacks: 1

Damage: 1d4 (claws or bite)

Save: F4

Morale: 12

Hoard Class: VII, IX

X.P.: 375

The cadaverous grovot is a strange form of undead, short, with the size and appearance of a mummified dwarf, except that the creature has a huge maw full of teeth and five eyes peering eerily through its wrappings. These monsters are apparently the remnants of some unknown race that was rendered undead for whatever reasons. Once per day three of these creatures may cast Big Bog (q.v,) as a 6th level magic-user. In this manner the creatures try to either trap adventurers or slow them down, depending on the circumstance. Clerics may turn these creatures as ghouls.

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[New Spell] Metal Eating Mist

Metal Eating Mist


Koram growled as he found himself walking into a strange green mist that destroyed his shoulder armor.

The mage who cast the spell laughed as he faced the adventurers.

‘That was a bad idea,’ Chalk said.

‘And why is that?’ asked the antagonistic magic-user.

Koram drew his sword from it’s leather sheath.

‘Because my sword is made of crystal!’


Metal Eating Mist (Arcane)

Level 5

Range: 2′ high x 2′ wide x 2′ deep

Duration: One round per level.

This dreadful spell creates a slow moving mist that the caster controls and sets upon any metal that he or she wishes destroyed. While magical metal items receive a saving throw, non-magical metal instantly rusts and disintegrates, leaving all non metallic items intact and unaffected. One of the reasons some say it is wisest to kill the wizard first.

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[New Magic Item] Spell Gems

Spell Gems

Chalk pulled a small red gem from his pocket as the other wizards were gathering, he spied a long time friend in the crowd, he showed the other mage the gem.

‘Got anything good?’ he asked his friend.

‘See for yourself, Chalk,’ the mage said as he tossed a green gem of similar size. Chalk did the same with his gem.

‘I see two I like, trade?’ asked Chalk.

‘Sure thing, my friend,’ came the reply.

Very rare and coveted, these magical gems are useful for wizard guilds, cabals and traveling bands of spellcasters. Often found in the hoards of dragons and other monsters known to keep magical treasures.

Benefit: A magic-user can store up to three spells in each gem of up to 6th level. These spells can be used (no more frequently than one per hour) or, if two or more wizards meet with these gems, exchange the spells as long as the spellcaster could use that spell (from 1st-6th level) whether he or she actually knows the spell. Once cast from the gem the wizard does not automatically know any previously unknown spells.

Usable by: Spellcasters.

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[New Magic Item] Sword of Heroes

Sword of Heroes

The goblins laughed at the young man before them, dressed in simple tunic and breeches with an old copper short sword in his hand.

With conviction the human stepped forward and shouted as he swung his blade. The heads of four goblins rolled off of their shoulder at once.

“Retreat!” called a goblin from the rear and the half a dozen goblins troubled the farm of the boy’s grandfather no more.

In ancient times the goddess of a small city blessed this simple looking copper short sword for a hapless hero who turned the tide of battle and saved the day. Only to fall into decadence over his triumph and later cause worse damage in time. Such things often happen in old tales. With the powers of the sword many would be heroes (and villains) are willing to take the risk of becoming debauched to wield the blade.

Benefit: This ancient magical sword grants the bearer +2 to armor class while it is being held. The sword itself deals 1d6+2 points of damage in combat and twice per day will strike all within a 45 degree arc in front of the bearer with a single hit.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a sword.

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