[New Spell] Obscuring Ink

Obscuring Ink


A knock at the door caused everyone to jump. Not many friendly visitors knocked. Navnen peeked out the window.

‘Looks like a wizard of some kind, sort of hard to tell,’ he said.

Chalk cautiously opened the door, Koram behind him with a sword at the ready.

‘The Scholar of Wexos, it is good to see you! If you look a little bedraggled,’ Chalk said.

The illusionist shambled over to a chair and sat down.

‘Everything was going well until I cast that spell that stopped the ceremony, and then my rival, Vendos, opened up a bottle of inky slinkers and threw it at me, but I didn’t dispel my magic,’ he reported his tale, ending it with a grin.

‘What spell?’ Chalk asked.

‘It made the pages of the high priest’s book go dark with ink, I was paid to stop a wedding. Things went sideways when Vendos, working for the impoverished groom’s family, appeared,’ the illusionist answered.

‘You are safe now among friends,’ Koram said reassuringly.

‘This spell, sounds like we can make some coin with it,’ Valance pondered.


Obscuring Ink (Illusionist)

Level 1

Range: 25’+5’/level

Duration: One day per level of caster until dispelled.

A favorite starting spell for illusionists, it is also used by more adept enchanters who want to make extra coin through questionable means or to halt another spellcaster or even the reading of a document. When cast this spell causes inky blotches to cover a document or the pages of a book, affecting only one item at a time, yet allowing the caster to clearly read the written work. Only a Dispel Magic (or a Limited Wish or Wish) will affect this spell so that others can read the writing again.

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[New Magic Item] Talisman of Trailing

Talisman of Trailing

The mercenary Bakra-do paused for a moment and consulted the small talisman hanging from his neck. A faint glow made the man smile.

‘You bought good horses, thieves, but not fast horses, not faster than mine,’ he said into the wind.

Goading his steed a few feet forward caused the talisman to glow brighter and a thin trail of magical energy shot forward, pointing towards the stolen artifact that the mercenary had the presence of mind to attune to the talisman.

Bakra-do laughed and urged his mount along at a relaxed pace.

Created by a clever archmage, this magical talisman is both very handy and also quite frustrating if the tracked item goes outside the limits of the magic, although it is faultless within the radius of effect.

Benefit: A very handy magical item, the Talisman of Trailing must come into physical contact with any item that is not fixed to something else, the object must be freestanding and portable. A magic word is uttered at the time that the item is tapped and the item is ‘stored in the memory’ of the talisman. After this a thin trail of eldritch magic connects the magic item to the trailed object as long as the two items are within three miles of each other. If this distance is breached then the trail will disappear, although the two items are still connected and need to be brought within three miles again.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Spell] Curse: Everyone Except You

Curse: Everyone Except You


Valance returned to the basement that the adventurers shared and tossed his malformed hat at a peg on the wall. If fell to the ground.

‘There’s a surprise,’ he grumbled.

‘Another curse?’ Koram asked.

‘Everybody took a turn winning at dice, even when I used my loaded dice,’ lamented the priest if the Spider God as he threw himself on the dusty sofa.

‘Hey, I won!’ exclaimed Navnen as he tossed his cards on the table.

Valance growled.

‘Maybe we can turn this to our advantage before having the curse lifted, if the rest of us are having good luck and you aren’t,’ Chalk said.

Valance stared at the ceiling as if ignoring the comment.

‘Like with gambling?’ suggested Chalk.

‘I’ll give you three days to make the best of this, then we get it removed,’ Valance said with a sigh.


Everyone Except You (Magic-User/Cleric)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: Until dispelled or, subject gains an insanity, otherwise permanent.

One of the most unusual of curses, this curse doesn’t technically curse the subject, it just makes everyone around them lucky while leaving the cursed one in the dark. A +1 on all rolls, +2 to resist poisons and diseases and random lucky events are the norm for everyone within 30′ of the cursed, friend and foe alike. In time this grates on the nerves of the subject of the curse and and every month passed the third month that this is not dispelled there is a cumulative 10% chance of the cursed one gaining an insanity, usually Paranoia. As soon as the insanity is gained the curse ends. If a Remove Curse is cast those around the cursed one will lose the benefits of being near the target of the curse or the Paranoia will be cured if the curse has advanced to that state.

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[New Magic Item] Dragontooth Necklace

Dragontooth Necklace

The bandit bound the gnome’s hands securely with rope, then the hands of the elf and druid. He turned to tell the outlaw leader, shrugging off the soft snapping sound behind him as the struggling of captives.

Before the bandits knew it the three adventurers had recovered their weapons and escaped.
‘We should have considered working with them, they are slippery,’ grumbled the bandit leader as he surveyed the cut and frayed ropes.

Some time later the three adventurers stopped to rest, when they had gotten far enough to be confident the outlaws weren’t pursuing them.

‘That was amazing how you gnawed through your bindings like a rat,’ the elf said with a smirk.

‘You are free, aren’t you?’ the gnome asked the taller demi-human.

The elf sighed heavily.

‘Yes, and for that I am grateful,’ he said.

The gnome smiled triumphantly for once.

A single enchanted dragon’s tooth worn as a necklace that can give an adventurer an edge in combat and other sticky situations. Highly valuable, these are rare and not given out freely. Dragons and their minions tend to attack anyone wearing one of these necklaces with extreme prejudice.

Benefit: In addition to granting a toothy bite attack that deals 1d4+2 damage (giving the character one extra attack regardless of class/level limits) this also gives the wearer of the necklace a breath weapon, that while limited in range (3′) deals 1d6 damage and can cut through most ropes and vines. This breath weapon various by type of dragon (fire, acid, cold, etc) and is usable only once per day.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Jar of Hiding

Jar of Hiding

Glancing out the window the wizard Kazok gasped and put away his papers, hiding them securely, he then set a jar on his desk among several on a shelf.

Minutes later there was a jangling of the lock and three thieves quietly entered and began looking about the room.

‘Take nothing! We are just here for the wizard,’ one of the outlaws hissed.

Grumbling at this command the other two thieves looked around and shrugged.

‘We will catch up to him next time,’ the lead thief said and the three disappeared as quickly as they arrived.

After they left Kazok appeared from the magical jar he was hiding in on the shelf.

‘I really need to get out of this town,’ he said to himself.

One of the most useful magic items for a frugal traveler and a great way to avoid those pesky prices to stay a night at an inn. A small family of gnomes once lived in one of these jars for almost a week and two dwarf brothers routinely have used one of these magic items to avoid paying entery fees in towns, taking turns riding in the jar.

Benefit: This easily usable magic item allows an individual to hide safely within indefinitely the confines of this magical jar. Upon saying the password the individual (up to the size of an ogre) can comfortably fit inside. The lid must be loose for those inside to be able to leave, if the lid is somehow sealed or secured to the person inside is trapped within, although safely as one does not need to eat or drink while within and will never run out of clean air. A Detect Magic spell will reveal this as a magical item. The magic item is not meant to store things in unless the one hiding things has enough room to get inside and grab the items, otherwise they are lost and the magic item is rendered useless.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Shadow Draggin’

Shadow Draggin’


Growling to intimidate, the lumbering ogre raised his oak club and advanced upon the trio of adventurers.

The gnome illusionist cast a spell before Fellhorn or the elf could react.

‘Raise a torch behind me!’ urged the small spellcaster.

The druid grabbed a limb from the fire and raised it above the gnome’s head.

Grumbling in anger the ogre stopped dead in its tracks, struggling to move forward.

‘What do we do now?’ asked the elf.

‘You can dispatch the ogre while we use his shadows to weigh him down,’ suggested the gnome.

The ogre tried to escape into the nearby pines, slowed by his own shadows that seemed to weigh him down as the campfire and the torch, from different angles, caused the ogre to cast two now burdensome shadows.


Shadow Draggin’ (Illusionist)

Level 4

Range: 10’+5”/level.

Duration: One turn/level.


Also known as ‘the Illusionist’s Curse’, this spell causes the target’s shadow to duplicate the weight of the target, thus adding instantly to their burden. A light source is required, and if two are available may be used to cast two shadows, thus tripling the total weight that the subject must bear. This obviously slows the target of the spell down and climbing is impossible. If the subject drops all carried weight each unencumbered shadow still counts as half of the total weight of the target.

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[New Magic Item] Amulet of the Green

Amulet of the Green

‘How long has Vishstrit been jailed?’ the king asked his head jailer.

‘Fourteen days, my lord,’ the jailer replied.

‘And still no confession?’

‘None, my lord, and he has not anything except water this entire time.’

‘I must have him tell me where the treasure map is,’ the king grumbled.

‘He must eat soon, my lord, he will break,’ said the jailer.

Vishstrit sat quietly in his cell below. He held an amulet close to his chest and mumbled an arcane word. An eerie transformation took place as the inmate slowly became plant-like, various shoots, stalks, bulbs and buds replacing his fleshy features.

With a green smile he reached up and touched the ray of sunlight coming in through the tiny window.

Possibly made by arch-druids, it is also thought to be created by a demigoddess of plants and nature to give to her faithful followers. Definitely a useful talisman in the right hands.

Benefit: An unusual amulet, usable twice per day, this magic item allows the bearer to become a plant version of themselves, with leaves, stalks, blooms and other floral pieces making up the body of the bearer. In this form the affected one need not eat, surviving on photosynthesis, although water at least every other day is a must. While movement is slowed by 10′, in plant form the subject does not need oxygen when submerged in water for up to one day, can blend into sufficient foliage with an 85% chance of not being detected (this drops to 70% when a druid or ranger are present) and being totally undetectable by nightvision or any similar means of vision that rely on heat. Each transformation lasts up to eight hours until the bearer of the amulet wills themselves back into flesh and blood form.

Note: Any magic affected plants will affect one under the magic of this amulet.

Usable by: Anyone.

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