[New Magic Item] Wand of Inscribed Destruction

Wand of Inscribed Destruction

Stork rose from where he crouched by the fire, growling.

‘I was reading that!’ he snarled into the darkness.

An arrow flew from the shadows and struck a tree right next to the wizard. He threw a spell into the shadows that exploded into a ball of light that caused screaming and much dashing for cover.

Vistis the Blue Mage hobbled along and cast a spell that send snapping and biting shadows among the rest of the outlaws who ran off.

‘You are late, I could have used you before they destroyed the spellbook of Zanwor,’ Stork said.

‘I was trying to escape the minions of the river god, I tried,’ replied the illusionist.

A mysterious magical wand that has gotten more than one bearer killed for destroying prized written tomes and scrolls, this wand has also ended many spell duels before they even started with the evaporation of the opponents spellbook.

Benefit: This magical wand allows the wielder to destroy any paper, parchment or similar material that has been written on with ink. Magical scrolls and spellbooks are allowed a saving throw at -1. All non-magical papers and those magical items that fail their save are reduced to an inky smoke that slowly wafts away, dissipating forever in the air. Range of effectiveness is line of sight. Oddly, blanks scrolls, individual pieces of paper and books with no writing in them are immune to this wand, the items to be destroyed must have been written in.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a wand.

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[New Spell] Arcane Allergy

Arcane Allergy


Valance returned to the cottage, sneezing loudly.

‘Gambling with those druids again?’ Chalk asked.

‘Yes,’ the priest of the Spider God replied between sneezes.

‘When will you learn?’ Koram asked.

‘I almost had them. Now I am allergic to wool until this spell wears off,’ Valance managed to get out between sneezing fits.

The others laughed then began looking for wool to hide from Valance.


Arcane Allergy (Druid)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: One year or until dispelled.


This strange spell imparts an allergy onto a subject. This allergy causes the target of the spell to itch, sneeze and break out into a rash upon contact with the allergen. The allergy can be to anything: typical allergens, magic, dander of magical creatures, or even a specific person or being etc. The sneezing and itching gives the target a -2 on all rolls when within 10′ of that which they are allergic to.

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[New Magic Item] Pane of Luxen

Pane of Luxen

Navnen paced through the room of the cottage again, walking by the window. The thief glanced quickly at the window and then nodded at Valance. The priest of the Spider God disappeared from the room. He returned a few minutes later. Navnen pretended to retrieve something from across the room, passing the window again.

‘Still there,’ he whispered out of the corner of his mouth.

‘Break the glass already,’ Chalk said.

Navnen tapped the window pane with the pommel of his dagger and it broke effortlessly.

‘Face is gone,’ the thief said.

‘Cover the other windows, quickly, breaking them is too costly,’ Chalk suggested.

While nobody is entirely sure if Luxen is a person or place, anyone who has handled one of these magic items agrees that it is very handy.

Benefit: A Pane of Luxen is a 10”x10” window pane that may be used to look into any window that the magic item’s bearer has seen before and knows about, regardless of whether that window actually has glass or not. There is a 27% chance that those within the room will see a ghostly face looking back at them. In this case either breaking or covering the window being seen through or covering a glass-less window will break the connection of the magic.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Consecration of Cloaks and Capes

Consecration of Cloaks and Capes


Navnen swung his short sword at the human fighter who whirled in time so that the thief struck the man’s cloak first. The fighter laughed off the ineffective attack as Koram ran up bearing his Crystal Sword.

‘He has a magical cloak or some magic versus weapons,’ snarled Navnen.

Valance appeared and struck the man on the back of the head with his mace. Even with his hood on, the fighter dropped like a sack of potatoes. Navnen and Koram regarded the priest of the Spider God with raised eyebrows.

‘Just because I don’t cast every clerical spell doesn’t mean I don’t recognize a few,’ Valance said with a wink.


Consecration of Cloaks and Capes (Cleric)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: One turn (ten minutes).


When this prayer is invoked the priest of priestess can cause any cloaks and/or capes held or touched to repel the attacks of daggers, spears, swords and other sharp weapons, including improvised weapons such as a broken bottle. Any such attacks have a 25% chance of doing any damage at all and only 1d4 maximum damage if successful.

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[New Monster] Flum


Navnen breathed a sigh of relief as the trap’s mechanism gave way and the trap was overcome. Suddenly a trapdoor opened from above and a dozen or more strange gecko-like creatures dropped down onto the adventurers.

‘My dagger!’ shouted Valance.

‘My wand!’ screeched Chalk.

‘Taste the blade!’ Koram shouted as he swung his Crystal Sword at the creatures, most of which dodged the fighter’s sword and ran off into the depths of the dungeon.

‘I need that wand back,’ Chalk stated.

Navnen groaned in despair. He knew Chalk was determined and there was no way of knowing which of the small reptilian creatures had it.


The flum are short, hunched reptilian bipeds that resemble humanoid geckos with a kangaroo-like pouch that is used to hold stolen objects. These creatures have Low to Medium intelligence and delight in being pests to adventuring groups for some unknown reason. The flum can climb vertical surfaces as a gecko (at normal speed) but cannot hang from ceilings. These creatures have a tongue that can shoot 2′ that is used to stick to small objects. In addition the flum can hold their breath underwater for up to thirty minutes.
Flum: HD 1+4; AC 7[12]; Atk Bite (1d4) or Claw (1d4); Move 12; Save 15; CL/XP 3/60, Special: Climb vertical surfaces at normal speed, hold breath underwater for thirty minutes, launch sticky tongue two feet to retrieve small objects, regenerates lost limbs and hit points, 1d4/day hit points, one week for a limb to regenerate.

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[New Spell] Curse-Toucher

Curse: Toucher


Koram walked up to a seated Valance and clapped him on the back.

‘No!’ the priest of the Spider God shouted as he groaned in pain.

‘Now what?’ the fighter asked.

‘He lost another big bet,’ Navnen the thief replied.

‘And nobody can touch him?’ Koram asked.

‘Not for another….five days, apparently. Each time he touches or is touched he is wounded,’ Chalk explained. ‘Or so we have deduced.’

‘If only he was a healing cleric,’ Koram said.

‘I know! I know!’ snapped Valance.


Curse: Toucher (Magic-User-Cleric)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: One week, until subject is dead or the curse is dispelled.


This dreadful curse begins after the caster touches their target and bestows the spell. After this, each time that the subject is touched they lose 1d4 hit points. Magical healing is possible, but natural healing does not return hit points for the week. Being touched by weapons does not count for hit point loss, nor does the touch of a creature of Animal intelligence and lower. Only a touch by a sentient being will initiate the hit point loss. This curse lasts for one week or until dispelled or the target dies.

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[New Magic Spell] Animal Mimicry

Animal Mimicry


Fellhorn the druid seemed to be straining to hear something. A distant chirping could be heard in the trees. The druid answered with a bird call of his own, almost immediately followed by a repeat of the chirping.

‘This way,’ mumbled the druid as he started off in the direction of the chirping sound.

‘How do you know it wasn’t just a bird?’ the gnome illusionist asked.

‘Because it is the wrong season for that bird to be here, that is a druid’s signal,’ Fellhorn answered.

‘I don’t know which of you is stranger sometimes,’ quipped the elf ranger.

‘He is,’ each said as they pointed at the other.


Animal Mimicry (Druid)

Level 1

Range: Dependent on conditions, roughly 200′ maximum.

Duration: Instantaneous.


When cast this druid spell allows the caster to perfectly mimic any animal sound previously heard. Per day the druid may make one call per caster level. While this is meant to be used to signal other sentient creatures, this spell may be used to try to summon animal predators or to act as a warning to other animals. This spell is 95% effective in fooling animals and people.

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