[New Spell] Feast of Hounds

Feast of Hounds


Chalk and the others awoke in the straw on the floor of the barn.

‘She got us again!’ the wizard shouted in despair.

Valance massaged his aching arms and legs.

‘Did she have us run all night?’ asked the priest of the Spider God.

‘No matter how I try, I cannot recall last night after the meal,’ Navnen the thief said.

‘But the meal….ah, that was a great meal, I am still full,’ added Koram.

‘Yes, although I am sure Knat had us running about like fools or something,’ Chalk said dourly.


Feast of Hounds (Druid)

Level 4

Range: Special, see below.

Duration: One hour/level of caster.


This spell allows a druid to enchant an amount of foodstuffs to provide delicious food for one large meal. All who eat of the meal must make a save versus Spells at -2 or become transformed into a large hound (2HD war hound for all intents and purposes) for the duration of the spell. The transformed are loyal to the druid and will track (87% accuracy), hunt, fetch, guard and follow any other commands of the caster for the duration of the spell. When the spell elapses each person is returned to their original form with a full stomach.

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[New Magic Item] Deep Underground Amulet

Deep Underground Amulet

‘Mark that spot on the ground,’ Chalk said to no one in particular. Navnen made a hasty mark with a few stones and twigs.

‘I’ll get some spiders on the trail,’ Valance said and began conjuring.

Koram stood there, staring blankly.

‘We will get your Crystal Sword back,’ Chalk said.

‘How?’ the warrior asked.

‘We get that magic item used to put it in the ground and try to bring it back,’ the wizard answered.

‘Or we could dig,’ the thief suggested.

‘Maybe we should try both?’ Koram suggested.

‘You need that sword, especially against whatever we are supposed to face that is frightening enough that someone felt compelled to rob you of that sword,’ said Chalk.

Nobody is sure where this magic item came from, some assume it was made for a master thief, others for a great Hero to disarm a vile Wizard in ages past. Nobody knows anymore, but the item is very handy.

Benefit: Once per day this amulet can conjure elemental hands and arms from the earthy ground to take an item(s) from an unsuspecting person and deposit these things deep underground. With the element of surprise this amulet can take one item per level of the amulet’s owner with a Saving Throw for the victim versus magic at -1. A failed saved means that these earthen hands have taken these purloined things roughly 25′ underground in a small pocket of air roughly 10’x10’x10′, although a referee may allow a Str test versus a Str of 16 to wrestle the item back. These things remain there unless dug up from the earth or called up using the amulet (this magical talisman will return anything it has buried if the bearer of the amulet is within 100′ of the underground location of previously buried items).

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Bestow Literacy

Bestow Literacy


‘What language is this?’ Chalk asked.

Valance muttered a faint prayer.

Koram pretended to faint.

‘A spell that helps us?’ the fighter inquired mockingly.

‘I’ll ignore that,’ the priest of the Spider God whispered.

‘It is an incantation to a bugbear deity,’ Navnen said.

‘Not really necessary, I suppose,’ Chalk said.

‘Not unless any of us worship bugbear deities all of a sudden,’ Koram said.

‘Unless we decide to alter it ourselves and add to it,’ Valance suggested wryly.


Bestow Literacy (Divine)

Level 3

Range: 5′ radius/level

Duration: Permanent.


A seemingly innocent spell, this clerical ability allows a priest or priestess to bestow literacy in one language (with 90% accuracy) upon all within range of the spell that have an Int of at least 7. Many members of clergy use this to advance their own particular faith, providing relevant writings to sway outsiders to their religion. This can also be used to insidiously reveal some for of writing to those who otherwise would not understand it to convey grave portents. Of course, if one already knows this written language the spell has no effect. If the caster does not know the language they may gain it themselves via this spell.

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[New Magic Item] Horn of the Eye

Horn of the Eye

The gnome illusionist stood still a moment, holding a long strange horn in one hand.

‘Yes?’ the elf ranger asked impatiently.

‘The corridor turns to the left and there is a sudden decline in the elevation, and the darkness gets almost….solid,’ the gnome then gasped.

‘What is it?’ Fellhorn the druid asked.

‘The connection to the eye was lost, I’m not sure what that means,’ the gnome confessed.

Suddenly a low growl came from where the direction the party had come from.

‘It means we are trapped,’ the elf said frankly. ‘Weapons at the ready!’

A seemingly simple magical item created for a Hero in ages long, long ago, this magical horn can help a party of dungeon adventurers get through tricky parts of the underground realm, and if their connection to the magical eye is suddenly lost they know to be on their guard.

Benefit: Once per day this magical horn, when winded, can produce a large, baleful ghostly eye that the bearer of the horn can direct down halls and corridors and around corners, tied to the horn by a strange, silvery cord. This arcane eye cannot move through solid objects, but it may be ordered to stay in position so that the horn’s owner can ‘catch up’ to the eye. If the cord is somehow severed, as in cut by a magical weapon or attacked by an extra-planar creature and takes more than four points of damage the connection is lost and the eye cannot be produced for another day.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Monster] Gravig Forest Devil

Gravig Forest Devil


The elf ranger shot another arrow as the creature pounced on the the gnome illusionist. The thing hissed and scrambled off into the darkness.

‘Where’s the gnome?’ Fellhorn asked.

‘Apparently that weird thing swallowed the little pest and ran off,’ sighed the elf.

‘We need to go and rescue him,’ the druid said.

‘Why?’ argued the elf.

‘Because he is handy at getting into small places we can’t,’ replied Fellhorn.

‘I am going to need more than that,’ the elf said.

‘Come on!’ urged the human druid.

The elf smirked and reluctantly followed the druid.


Gravig Forest Devil
These deadly creatures resemble little more than ovals with spindly arms and legs and a tail covered in thick dense hair with a mouthful of huge teeth. These creatures roam forests and swamps, constantly hunting for prey. Thought to be lesser earthbound daemons, the gravig hunt without being able to see with their eyes just as well as a keen eyed cat, their sense of sight possibly being otherworldly. As large as a pony, these creatures can swallow Small sized creatures and often do, running off with the thing in their belly.
: HD 6+4; AC 5[15]; Atk: Claw (1d4+2), Bite (1d6); Move 14; Save 13; AL:C; CL/XP 4/250; Special: Blindsight, can hunt by sound without any light source, Swallow Whole bite attack has 55% chance to small Gnome and Halfling sized creatures (or smaller) whole.

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[New Magic Item] Familiar Bracer

Familiar Bracer

With a whistle Navnen summoned a strange looking lizard with bright red and deep black markings.

‘What is that?’ Chalk asked.

‘I found this small bracer and when I put it on the lizard it suddenly bonded to me,’ the thief said.

‘Where did you “find” this wondrous item?’ Koram asked.

‘In the mage’s guild a couple of towns back,’ Navnen said.

‘Is this something we will be hunted for?’ Valance asked.

‘Are you jealous because my lizard is just as useful as your spiders, if not more?’ Navnen answered.

‘Nothing good will come of this!’ quipped the priest of the Spider God as the bizarre lizard hissed at the cleric and curled up to sleep in the thief’s lap.

This small, strange leather bracer will fit most animals that are Medium or Small in size with no discomfort to the creature. A great boon to many an adventurer.

Benefit: When this small bracer is put on the leg of any small or medium creature this forms a bond between the creature and the one putting the bracer on. The creature gains the following benefits while wearing the bracer: +2 to AC, Int raises to 8 (if not already there) and the creature gains 2HD. In addition, the creature and the one bonded to it may communicate via telepathy for a range of up to two miles while the creature responds to simple commands when within earshot of the one it is bonded to. The downside: if the creature dies while wearing the bracer the one bonded to it suffers 1d10+4 damage.

Usable by: Anyone. A spellcaster can use this magical item to have more than one familiar.

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[New Spell] Greenleap



‘I’m not good at being confined,’ the elf said.

‘Then maybe you shouldn’t have stolen that ham,’ said the gnome illusionist.

‘If you weren’t so short you could have stolen it yourself,’ sneered the elf.

‘Okay you two, knock it off. I think I can figure a way out of here for us,’ Fellhorn the druid snapped.

The druid concentrated a moment.

‘I see a way out. For me. I will come back for you two,’ the druid said.

Suddenly the druid was gone.

‘He will come back for us,’ the elf said hopefully.

‘I wouldn’t come back for you two,’ the gnome said.

‘That’s why I am glad he knows that spell and not you, runt,’ said the elf.


Greenleap (Druid)

Level 3

Range: 150’/level

Duration: One round/level.


This simple form of druidic teleportation is most often used in urban areas where the caster finds themselves trapped in a jail or dungeon near a forest or park. Greenleap allows the caster to ‘leap’ to the nearest patch of green space, be that a lawn, park or bit of wilderness itself. The caster travels alone and may make this leap for one round each time that there is suitable green space per level of druid. Note that this spell only delivers the druid safely to this location, which itself can be harmful as well.

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