[New Monster] Chauku


Stork finished talking to the odd looking creature and strolled back to Vistis.

‘Will he seek the scrolls for us in the old temple?’ the illusionist asked.

‘Yes, not a problem, Vorlag there apparently wants to stock up for winter, so this will cost us,’ Stork replied.

‘How much?’ Vistis inquired, concerned as his supply of coins was growing low.

‘Half a cow or two pigs,’ the wizard replied with a grin.

‘That is very reasonable, actually,’ the illusionist said, breathing a sigh of relief from behind his heavily lacquered mask.

Chauku: AC 7 [+12], HD 3 (13hp), Att 1× claw or kick (1d4) or weapon, THAC0 18 [+1], MV 90′ (30′), SV D 12 W 12 P 13 B 14 S 15 (1), ML 7, AL Chaotic, XP 25, NA 1d4 (1d8), TT C,U,V ▶ Infravision– 90′, Magic Resistance: +4 on all Saving Throws versus Magic. Unnerving Howl: Save vs Spells or be Confused (as the Illusionist’s Spell) for 1d6 rounds, Detect Treasure: can locate small treasures (mostly hidden coins, a few gems, a pair of scrolls, etc) within 120′.

The chauku appear as dark blue bipedal goats twith the head of a wolf. These creatures are intelligent and stay in ruins and abandoned buildings outside of towns and villages until dusk when they can be seen creeping about in the distance, looking for prey. In some places these creatures use their ability to find treasures to hire themselves out to adventurers for a price, often preferring to be paid in quantities of meat. Speak their own language and a rough form of Common.

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[New Magic Item] Davradokar’s Awkward Arrows

Davradokar’s Awkward Arrows

The linkboy feel with a gasp, an arrow in his chest.

The next arrow pierced the gnome illusionist’s arm, causing the demi-human to squeal in pain.

‘Would you either hit that charging minotaur or stay out of the way, you are a menace!’ exclaimed Fellhorn the druid as he cast a spell at the minotaur through gritted teeth as the monster raised its axe.

As the spell hit the minotaur and caused it to roar in pain the next arrow that the elf range shot from his bow hit the minotaur in the throat and stopped the creature, wounded by the druid’s magic, dead in its tracks. With a mewl of bewilderment the creature dropped its axe and fell to the ground in a heap.

‘Is the minotaur down or what?’ asked the elf as he waved a hand at the dying beast.

‘So is the linkboy, the lantern bearer yesterday when you shot at the squirrel and you have wounded our illusionist,’ Fellhorn replied.

The elf ranger smirked, contemplating the arrows he had found in the old shrine.

It is said that under great pressure the enchanter Davaradokar was tasked with enchanting a large number of the tyrant Uldro the Vile’s arrows for his army. Being a rush job some mistakes were made in the process and the enchanter disappeared without a trace.

Benefit: These arrows are often found in plentiful groups, because they have been dumped by those who find out what they do. Each arrow will function on the result of a d6 roll as follows:

1-Hits archer in foot for 1d4+2 damage.

2-3-Hits person to left, friend of foe, for 1d6 damage.

4-5-Hits person to the right, friend or foe, for 1d6 damage.

6-Hits intended target for 1d8+1 damage.

Option: A Dexterity attribute check may be implemented after one of these arrows is fired to add 1d4 to the result afterwards, which still does not guarantee a hit, but does keep you from shooting yourself in the foot.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a bow.

Mix with Rorshachhamster’s Ammo Dice for extra fun!

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[New Magic Item] Turning On You Charm

Turning On You Charm

Bakra-do noticed that the sorcerer had some sort of charm that he manipulated and smiled at the mercenary.

‘Thank you for your work, but I am afraid that I cannot pay you, what if you die by your own sword instead?’ the spellcaster offered with a smile.

The mercenary turned his head quizzically just as the sword in his hand came to life and slashed at his other arm. Shocked, Bakra-do fought the sword’s wishes and grabbed the handle with both hands. Ton onlookers this must have seemed comical as the mercenary struggled against his own blade which was now intent on killing him. With a burst of energy Bakra-do threw the blade to the ground as the sorcerer advanced with a dagger, the blade of which seemed covered in some strange green liquid.

Bakra-do produced another short sword, the sorcerer hesitated and tried to think of a spell to cast as the mercenary threw the sword at the spellcaster, not fast enough, the blade sunk into the sorcerer’s torso.

As the magic-user screamed in pain and dropped his dagger the mercenary advanced and claimed the charm from his previous employer.

‘This will do ncely as payment,’ Bakra-do said with a smile.

An unassuming silver and gold charm that your enemies wish you had never seen. Fun in melee.

Benefit: Once per day the bearer of this charm may invoke its power to cause the weapon of another to turn on its owner, giving the weapon a sudden hostile intelligence if it did not have one already, in which case the weapon is immune to this magic and the charm’s bearer may try again that day on another weapon. This effect lasts for two turns (twenty minutes) and the owner of the weapon may elect to try to control the weapon which will require one Strength attribute check per turn. After the weapon gains intelligence there is a 10% chance after the charm is applied that the weapon will permanently gain a 12 Intelligence and the charm is useless against this particular weapon as it will then align with its owner.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] I See Your Bones

I See Your Bones

‘We are not alone here,’ Ohlmi the priestess whispered to Murgi the thief.

‘Who is with us?’ the thief asked as he looked around nervously.

‘An old rival creeps up on us, a priestess of Chaos,’ Ohlmi replied.

‘Aren’t you a priestess of Chaos?’ Murgi asked as he stumbled through his recollections in his mind.

‘Different deities entirely. And that isn’t the point. We are here to grab the artifact and get out. She is about twenty feet to your left,’ the priestess whispered.

Murgi looked to his left in a panic.

‘I don’t see her,’ he replied.

‘Of course not, she stole my magic ring years ago,’ Olhmi said and then she threw a small bag passed the thief and it struck something and fell open, spreading powder and revealing a previously unseen person.’Better now? Do you see her too’

Murgi lunged forward, daggers ready to cut.

I See Your Bones (Cleric)

Level 3

Range: Line of sight.

Duration: One turn per level of cleric.

This divine spell allows clerics to see the bones of one that they are seeking. The caster must at least know the name of the being or have seen them before. For this spell an exoskeleton does count as bones for a named entity with an exoskeleton, however incorporeal undead do not have physical bones. The effect is often a bright glow of bones which will betray even those who are invisible. Targets of this spell with more than 6HD receive a Save versus Spells to resist this divine magic.

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[New Magic Item] Follower’s Whistle

Follower’s Whistle

The shrill, high-pitched sound was impossible for the quartet in the tavern to ignore as each covered their ears, something which did not go unnoticed by the other patrons.

‘Anymore of that and you can go, you are bothering my other patrons,’ the tavern keeper said as he brought another round to the table.

‘Last one and we had better be going,’ one of the people at the table said.

‘Absolutely! Any more and I am sure that an irate wizard will be here to collect us before too long,’ said another.

‘Make sure of it then, I don’t need any angry wizards tearing this place up,’ the tavern keep said with a menacing scowl.

This finely made silver whistle looks unassuming and innocuous. When the boss calls, they know that you are listening.

Benefit: When sounded this whistle alerts all followers of the whistle’s bearer that they are being summoned by the one they follow. There is no compulsion to answer the call, but if you are a follower within two miles when this whistle is blown then you know that they know that you have been summoned although the magic item does not tell you where the whistle’s owner is.

Usable by: Anyone with followers.

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[New Magic Item] Coin Keyed Boots

Coin Keyed Boots

An elaborate set of circumstances lead to Bakra-do purchasing the cursed boots and putting them on himself. However, it only took a few moments for the mercenary to notice his nemesis fiddling with a coin even as Bakra-do was forced to walk in circles due to the boots.

Taking advantage of a momentary break in his torment the mercenary deftly threw a knife which caused his foe to drop the coin and thus ended that attempt to get revenge on the mercenary.

A comfortable and snug pair of boots, clean and polished leather. Just slip them on, everything will be fine!

Benefit: These cursed boots have a coin secreted into one of the heels. Another coin, enchanted to be in tune with this coin allows the bearer of the second coin, if within line of sight of the one currently wearing the boots, to control their actions, making them speed up or slow down or even walk off in a random direction, yet cannot be used to put the wearer in a situation that would lead to immediate death, such as walking into a fire or deep pool for example. To remove this footwear takes a Remove Curse or Wish magic, although if one finds the coin in the heel (Wisdom attribute check with a -1 modifier) then they summon the other coin to their hand and can easily take off the boots. Wearing the boots while possessing both coins does nothing special due to the mischievous nature of this magical footwear.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Magic Item] Xhol-Ghan’s Summoning Circle

Xhol-Ghan’s Summoning Circle

The succubus stood within the circle, a look of mischief on her face.

‘Aren’t you going to invite me out of this circle?’ she asked the merchant with a harmless tone in her voice.

The merchant stammered, his mind racing as he stared into those alluring eyes.

‘Yes, please, step out of that circle,’ he said as his heart raced.

Without hesitation the succubus stepped out of the summoning circle and grabbed the merchant by the throat.

‘Idiot. There is a reason that only spellcasters should use such magical items,’ she said as she turned her wrist and snapped his neck, the body falling to the wooden floor.

‘Now to take over this town of yours,’ the demon said with a wry smile.

A twelve foot (outer) diameter ring of smallish stones magically fused together. Weighs just over four hundred pounds and can be moved by rolling it on its side like a large wheel. You might need to roll it fast because there is probably an unruly mob somewhere looking to thrash its owner.

Benefit: When laid down upon any flat surface this portable summoning circle can be used in conjunction with a scroll or spellbook with a spell of summoning on it by anyone with an Intelligence of 9 or higher to summon whatever the spell they have handy will summon. The summoner will need to make a Charisma attribute roll to control what they summoned (with a -2 modifier for creatures of 6HD and up). Summoned creatures are restricted to remain within the summoning circle unless invited out by the one who called them. Spellcasters using this magic item suffer no penalties and their summonings are always controlled by the caster flawlessly.

Usable by: Anyone. And therein lies the problem.

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[New Magic Item] Blade of the Plague Daemon

Blade of the Plague Daemon

‘That’s a nasty looking cut you’ve got there,’ Bakra-do said to his potential employer, the wizard Dalrakeen as he regarded the hideous bleeding wound on the man’s forearm.

‘I got it from the blade of the man I need you to kill,’ the magic-user replied.

‘And risk getting a cut like that? I know that you have tried to have it healed,’ the mercenary said.

Dalrakeen produced three bags of coins and threw them onto the table, the thud so loud that most everyone in the tavern turned to look.

‘Now will you consider it? And bring that blade back to me?’ the wizard asked.

Bakra-do looked around.

‘Why did you do that? Now I am going to have to carve my way out of here before I go and get this sword for you,’ the mercenary said as he quickly took the coins to hide on his person.

‘The wound hurts day and night. I will pay you that amount again when the man is dead and the blade retrieved. His name is Erkor the Glib and he has a bandit camp just north of here. Consider your exit from here a warm up to taking Erkor down,’ Dalrakeen replied with a smile.

Bakra-do stood slowly, placed a hand on each of his short swords and sauntered out of the tavern as a half dozen cutthroats plotted in his wake.

Something is not right about this blade. The strange green metal, the way the handle sticks to one’s hand. Use at your own peril.

Benefit: This sword deals 1d6+1 points of damage in combat and adheres to the owner’s hand at will, and thus cannot be disarmed from its owner. 1D4 of those points will not heal for one year and a day by any magic short of Limited Wish or Wish magic or if the victim completes a Geas. While any wounds go unhealed they are obvious and will bleed and exude pus. The victim of this blade has a 25% chance per week of catching a disease or the infection of the wound getting worse. The 1d4 points that do not heal are temporaily granted to the sword’s owner and stack onto their normal hit points as a buffer that will fade away in one week of not lost through combat or other means (falls, traps, etc). Temporary hit points are not healed and once lost are gone.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a short sword.

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[New Magic Item] Bloodthirsty Axe

Bloodthirsty Axe

The red haze before his eyes drifted away and Murgi looked down to see three dead city guards. The thief held a bloody axe in one hand that seemed to be absorbing the blood to Murgi’s disbelief. Two more guardsmen appeared, apparently they had heard the fracas.

‘It is not what you think,’ the thief said to the newcomers who balked at the carnage.

‘Oh, it is exactly what it looks like,’ said a strange metallic voice that seemed to come from the weapon in the thief’s hand.

These guards tried to turn and run, the thief seemingly drawn to chase them down against his will by the foul axe he bore as the red mist slowly drifted back into view.

A very stylish looking weapon, with filigrees and runes carved into the blade and handle. Yet something is not quite right about this weapon.

Benefit: This enchanted weapon deals 1d6+2 points of damage in combat. And the axe is sentient and craves combat, leading its owner to shed blood. The bearer of this axe will not fail a morale check and is immune to fear of any kind, the axe protects from that. It will also taunt nearby foes in a metallic voice, any adversaries within 30′ will be tempted to fight the owner of the axe.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield an axe.

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[New Magic Item] Cunning One’s Amulet

Cunning One’s Amulet

The mercenary Bakra-do found the peddler in the small town of Ursk-kri, selling a number of small items from a makeshift stall. Slowly he approached his target, steeling his mind as his employer’s had told him to do.

‘Enchanted finger of Zarlig the Cagey?’ the peddler asked.

‘Give me the amulet,’ Bakra-do said coldly.

The man feigned surveying his wares while studying the mercenary.

‘No amulets, a ring to make yoy see the invisible? That is a biit of a twist from those rings out there, eh?’ offered the peddler.

‘The amulet on your person that is allowing you to sell this junk,’ the mercenary replied waving his hand over the assortment of odd items for sale.

‘Never!’ the peddler shouted as he pushed the stall over onto Bakra-do and ran.

Not expecting this the mercenary was pinned under the stall for a few moments until he could free himself and he saw that his quarry had run off.

‘It is a small town, Ursk-kri, I will find you,’ he shouted out loud.

Such an insidious magic item that it is said that the arch-illusionist known as the Poisoner of Minds once razed a town looking for this magic item to destroy it and kill those using it.

Benefit: This small charm allows its owner to exercise a form of the Illusionist spell Glamour that affects inanimate objects, making the most mundane seem wondrous and magical. This effect lasts for 1d4 hours (plus one hour per level of the bearer has any class levels) after which time the object returns to its previous appearance. The chance to disbelieve without magical aid is 25% for creatures with an Intelligence of 6-12 and 10% for those with an Intelligence of 13+ as the more Intelligent one is the more convincing the illusion is.

Option: Those unsure must roll over the bearer of the charm’s Charisma to avoid being fooled by this magic.

Usable by: Anyone with an Intelligence higher than 5.

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