[New Magic Item] Returning Ring

Returning Ring

Pyj the Wily strolled confidently into the courtyard. Two guards stopped him.

‘Just a quiver of arrows?’ one guard said.

‘It’s all he got,’ said the other. ‘Not even a dagger.’

‘He is no threat without a bow, let him pass,’ was the decision of the first guard.

The thief melted into the crowd and then found a shadowy place to lurk in the shadows just before the foul duke appeared.

Pyj murmured to his ring and a shortbow appeared in his hands. He knocked a poisoned arrow and aimed at the duke.

‘I hope the archpriest’s gold is good,’ he said to himself just before he let the arrow fly.

This ring was made by a forgetful wizard that went on many rambling walks in the forests and ruins outside of his tower and he used it constantly the older he grew. Then one day he forgot to wear it and a wily thief found it.

Benefit: Once per day this enchanted ring can recall one object into the possession of the wearer. The object must be on the same plane of existence and within 1000 miles of the ring’s wearer. In addition, the item recalled must already be owned by the subject calling it to them, it cannot be owned by another, yet it can be an object that is owned by multiple parties as long as the one recalling it is one of them. It is possible to recall stolen items with this ring. It takes 72 hours for the ring to recharge naturally although a 4th level spell will immediately recharge the ring. The item recalled is limited to 10x Strength attribute of the owner in weight. For example a Str of 8 would only transport an item up to 80 lbs in weight.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Have an Animal Attribute

Have an Animal Attribute

There was a loud clunking sound in the upper level of the cottage. Moments later Navnen the thief came downstairs sporting a long pair of mule ears.

‘Now what?’ Koram asked.

‘Had a job at the druid’s grove, one of their smart animals caught me and a druid gave me these ears to think twice about messing with them next time, I guess,’ the thief replied.

‘Can you hear better with those ears?’ Valance asked.

‘Yes, I heard the city guard chasing me around until I lost them and crept back here,’ Navnen answered.

‘Are we going to need another Remove Curse spell?’ Chalk asked.

‘No, I think these go away in a few days,’ Valance replied, sounding as if he knew more about it than he was letting on.

Have an Animal Attribute (Druid)

Level 1

Range: 10′.

Duration: Onde day per level of caster.

A druid spell which inflicts one animal attribute per casting upon a subject. While these can be beneficial, such as the ears of a jackass, granting a +1 to listening rolls or the cloven hooves of a mule, granting a +1 to damage the subject still has an obvious animal part that is often jarring and contradictory to the subject’s original form which can bring about many complications and accusations and can cause a lot of problems for the human or dwarf that suddenly has rabbit ears, although this person can hear the mob coming for them. Abilities do not stack, yet different animal bits can be attached without problem.

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[New Magic Item] Writ of Ruination

Writ of Ruination

‘That’s the third building down this week, it is,’ one city guardsman told the other as they contemplated the fresh ruins before them.

‘How do these buildings fall I wonder?’ the other asked.

‘I don’t know, but it sure seems like that wizard now has a nice view of the sky, just like he always wanted,’ replied the first guardsman.

‘It can’t be him, he’s harmless, and he hasn’t even conjured anything in a long time, not since that last time,’ interjected the second guardsman, although both men suddenly cast wary eyes upon the wizard’s tower.

In the underbrush the old conjurer snickered as his impish familiar returned a rolled up scroll to his that it had found in the debris of the latest building to fall.

Scattered about after the breakdown of two warring empires had used dozens of these magical scrolls, these strange writs are unheard of in some areas and have entire squads of those who seek them in others. What seems like a joke to some becomes horrifyingly real in time of one of these is not remove from a premises.

Benefit: When affixed to a build securely with wax, nails, string or some similar materials this magical scroll will begin weakening and loosening the building’s structure little by little so that a small building of simple materials will take 1d4 days to collapse, a medium building with more complex structure will take 1d4 weeks to collapse and a huge structure such as a castle will take 1d4 months to become ruins. This process is noticable and if detected and the writ removed or destroyed the process will reverse and the structure will go back to the same condition it was in before the writ was attached, otherwise the building is doomed. A Writ of Ruination may be applied inside or outside of a building, yet must be on a wall to take effect, only one of these magical scrolls is necessary, the writs do not stack. The writ is not destroyed with the building and can be salvaged and reused if it can be found in the rubble and desecration that it caused.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Ants in the Breeches

Ants in the Breeches

The prince twitched and squirmed as he stood before the crowd, a few in the crowd laughed despite themselves. He leaned in to his court wizard who pointed at a nearby tower. A face that was watching the crowd disappeared into the shadows within the tower’s window.

A few moments later the prince regained his composure and started his speech again before those assembled.

When he was done he turned to his wizard again.

‘Send a warning to that old trickster, if he does that again I’ll have him flayed,’ the prince said.

The wizard nodded, a little jealous at how brazen the old illusionist was.

Ants in the Breeches (Illusionist)

Level 1

Range: 15′.

Duration: Three rounds.

This simple illusionist spell causes a target or targets in range to feel as if ants or similar insects were crawling on their skin under clothing. This sensation distracts those affected and causes them to be -1 on all rolls for the duration of the spell as the sensation is too much to bear. This spell affects only living creatures that have clothing or thick fur of Low+ Intelligence. The caster may choose up to four targets if they choose to be affected by this spell by rolling 1d4. When the spell’s duration is over those affected revert back to normal and no longer feel the creeping insect sensation. There is no Saving Throw for this spell.

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[New Encounter] Perambulating Pond

Perambulating Pond

The druid, elf and gnome sat among some gloomy pine trees on the edge of a clearing lamenting their lack of food. Not long after a small body of water floated by before them, lazily flowing through the air at about the height of the gnome.

‘Did you see that? Even I have no idea what that is,’ exclaimed the druid.

‘If you saw it then we saw it,’ commented the elf.

‘And I saw three small trout swimming within those odd waters,’ added the gnome.

The trio leaped up and raced after the slow moving water. Then tried to figure out exactly how to extract the fish.

As Lokrivag, the God of Minor Waters was bested and overthrown the small god cast a great curse that caused a mighty lake nearby to rise up from the ground and fragment into thousands of small ponds each around five hundred gallons. These meandering small bodies of water float about three to four feet off of the ground, settling now and then on the ground for unknown reasons before rising again with only a bare scrap of intelligence, being more akin to oozes and slimes with just a hint of malicious intent. Small stones, stray fish, bits of reeds and algae, along with occasional bones and minor treasure may be found in a Perambulating Pond as it aimlessly drifts about.

In the game: A Perambulating Pond can be a lifesaver or a death sentence. If these floating bodies of water go too far afield one can be encountered in desolate and dry areas and may be used as a source of water and even food if a fish or edible flora is trapped inside. Conversely, a creature such as an ogre can easily toss a creature of Medium size or smaller into one of these tiny ponds, which requires a Dexterity check to escape to avoid drowing within the mildly vile water which strangely tries to hold air breathers within (it is part of the curse).

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[New Magic Item] Belt of Lycanthropic Revelation

Belt of Lycanthropic Revelation

Navnen leaned in towards the other patron of the bar.

‘Someone in here is a lycanthrope,’ the thief said.

‘A what?’ the other man asked.

‘Someone who can change their shape,’ Navnen replied.

‘Who? Who could it be?’ the other man said as he raised his mug of ale to take a drink.

‘I am guessing it is you,’ Navnen said with a twinkle in his eye.

‘How dare you! How do you come to this conclusion!’ the man demanded, seemingly outraged.

‘Because I was in here last night and everyone else was here, except you, and I didn’t have this same inkling shall we say,’ the thief replied just before the other man let out a shriek and became a vicious looking wererat, squeaking in defiance as he raced for a nearby window.

Made by an overly paranoid wizard to give to a hero, this magical belt, seemingly made of the hides of several creatures, has caused a lot of upheavel and dismay as it reveals shapeshifters about the land.

Benefit: In addition to granting the wearer a +1 to AC this enchanted belt alerts the wearer whenever a lycanthrope is within 40′. While this does not reveal who the lycanthrope is, often simple deduction reveals them. The lycanthrope is compelled to reveal themselves after one full turn (ten minutes) of being in the company of the wearer of this belt, getting a standard Saving Throw versus Paralysis with a -1 to their Save each subsequent turn to a maximum -3 modifier. Once the wearer of the belt knows who the lycanthrope is he or she may then cause that person to ‘freeze’ in shape, stuck in whatever form the belt’s wearer chooses, the lycanthrope may only reverse this situation via a Remove Curse, Limited Wish or Wish spell.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Improved Portal

Improved Portal

The priest turned and looked over his shoulder in fear for the sadistic wizard Stork kept a steady pace a few feet behind him. The wizard sneered and drew a magical dagger which he drew back just as the mumbling cleric reached the doorway. The dagger flew as the door slammed and a dagger that would have, with arcane abilities activated, flown threw even the thick wooden door and buried itself into the soft flesh of the cleric merely clanged harmlessly off of the now metal door and fell harmlessly to the cobblestones below. Stork growled as Vistis the Blue Mage joined him.

‘I will kill you,’ Stork said to the cleric in a mocking sing-song voice as he nodded at Vistis. The illusionist conjured shadowy monsters that slithered to the windows and crept in through the bars on said windows.

‘Not today!’ squeaked the cleric as he disappeared, unbeknownst to the two spellcasters outside through a magical mirror already prepared.

Stork howled in rage, not liking to be eluded, especially by an upstart cleric that had beat him at dice three times in a row.

Improved Portal (Cleric)

Level 2

Range: Touch.

Duration: Permanent, although reversible.

As a cleric passes through or merely touches a particular door, window or similar portal that has a way of closing the caster may make this portal stronger. For example a thin pine door wood become upgraded to a thick, oaken door, an oak door to a stone door, a stone door to a metal door, etc, using reason to determine the strength of the new door, or shutters or similar closing device. Each upgrade includes reasonable reinforcement as well. This spell will not lock or unlock a door, yet it is reversible and can make a door easier to break. Multiple casts will stack to a thick metal door of mithril that is nearly unbreakable.

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