[New Magic Item] Bat Hammer

Bat Hammer

Snarling the raging humanoid turned. The ogre looked down at the dwarf that held the magical horn that had been on the monster’s belt. The dwarf returned the looked and raised an eyebrow.

Without hestiation the dwarf turned and ran for the window of the tower. A little slower in its reaction, the ogre followed nonetheless, howling in rage and frustration.

With a quick prayer the dwarf thief tapped the stone floor of the room high in the tower and dove out the window.

No wings appeared and the dwarf began to plummet. And panic. Then suddenly a monstrous dark shape with leathery wings appeared and caught the dwarf and tossed it on its back as the ogre swore many curses upon the dwarf.

Some scholars believe that a clan of chaotic dwarfs created this magical hammer while others believe it was a gift from an evil wizard to an orc shaman. Either way, it can be a very handy way to escape a sticky situation.

Benefit: In combat this one-handed hammer deals 1d6+2 damage on a successful hit. In addition, if the hammer is struck against a hard surface outdoors or near outdoors it will summon a gigantic bat. This creature will serve as a mount to a Medium-sized creature or smaller for up to two hours and while it will defend and attack the creature prefers to avoid combat is at all possible. The summoning ability is usable once per day.

Gigantic bat: AC 5 [14], HD 4 (16hp), Att 1 × bite (1d6), THAC0 17 [+2], MV 60’ (20’) / 220’ (80’) flying, SV D11 W12 P13 B14 S15 (2), ML 10, AL Neutral, XP 60, NA 1, TT None. Has Echolocation as other bats.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a hammer.

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[New Magic Item] River Bloatstone

River Bloatstone

The gnoll warband was closing in on Bakra-do. The human mercenary was looking for an edge and then he found the fast flowing stream that had a small wooden crossing. With a smile Bakra-do hurried across the wooden planks even as he heard the yipping of his pursuers.

Spinning on his heels Bakra-do tossed a small stone into the water and turned to disappear into the trees as an arrow, probably poisoned, flew towards him.

The excited barks and yips of the gnolls soon turned to snarls of rage as they realized that the water was suddenly much too dangerous to cross. The mercenary had escaped them and their wizard leader would not be happy when they returned. In a panic three of the gnolls broke free from the warband to defect on the spot despite the threats and outrage of their comrades.

This magical stone is a simple way to deter pursuit over across rivers, it is just waiting for the right opportunity that can be excruciating.

Benefit: If tossed into a body of running water (like a river, stream or creek) this magical stone doubles the width and speed of the water’s flow and triples the depth of the water magically within a few moments and extends for 1d4 miles in either direction. Non-magical bridges and crossings break and collapse. To reverse this effect is simple- just remove the stone from the water (the stone always drops straight down and remains in place) and dry it off, returning the area to normal.

Usable by: Anyone.

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[New Spell] Possessed by the Enemy

Possessed by the Enemy

‘My wand!’ squeaked the gnome illusionist. ‘It’s gone! How?!’

A faint tittering laugh could be heard that faded into the distance.

‘Treachery for certain,’ Fellhorn the druid said.

‘Probably taken by that wizard you embarassed a couple of towns back,’ replied the elf ranger.

‘We have to catch him! I need that wand badly,’ urged the gnome.

Three days later the trio of adventurers caught up to Skralt the wizard, yet he had no wand on his person.

‘What does this mean?’ Fellhorn asked the wizard.

‘That this annoying gnome has bigger enemies than me,’ Skralt replied.

The elf ranger removed his backpack and went through his own things.

‘Not me either, he must have a very powerful enemy indeed,’ the elf said with a wry smile.

The gnome frowned.

Possessed by the Enemy (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: 10’+3’/level.

Duration: Instantaneous (see below).

A nasty spell that causes the most prized possession of the target to now be owned by their most powerful enemy. While there is no Saving Throw to resist this the casting wizard may be forced to reverse the spell if pressed to within 24 hours. If no specific enemy is known then the local tyant/depost comes into possession of the prized object.

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[New Monster] Kalastofus


[A sickly green light illuminates this small room of roughly hewn stone. Hovering a couple of feet above the cold stone floor is a strange mixture of scaly, spindly arms and coiling tentacles, a creature with an unhealthy mouth full of shark-like teeth is apparently distracted; its long, mottled tongue laps at a strange liquid that has collected on the ceiling, unaware of anything going on around it. Suddenly the light, which is radiating from a few dubious looking fungi, fluctuates wildly, turning the air various shades of blue then red then yellow before returning to green once again. As if on cue, the horror turns towards the door, and vile, hate-filled eyes open all about the circumference of the mouth. With an evil hissing the creature begins floating towards the door.]


No. Enc.: 1-4(1d8)

Alignment: Chaotic

Movement: 90’ (30’)

Armor Class: 5

Hit Dice: 2

Attacks: 2

Damage: 1d6 (bite or claw)

Save: F2

Morale: 6

Hoard Class: VI

The unearthly Kalastofus is a horrid looking creature from an unknown plane, some speculate to be deep in the depths of the planar landscape, in some remote and hellish realm far past the Astral. This weird monster naturally floats about two feet off of the ground on the material plane for completely unknown reasons. While it is a mass of tentacles and arms that coil and search about constantly, the creature is so chaotic that it cannot organize an attack with more than two appendages or a bite and an appendage attack per round. The Kalastofus will not bargain or negotiate and will attack until looks like it could die, and then the creature will attempt to flee.

Without a lot of defenses or allies, the Kalastofus will attempt to form a symbiotic relationship with any type of creature or plant that will keep it alive longer on this plane, so that the creature can do whatever it is that they do on the Prime Material plane.

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[New Magic Item] Coin of Cadaverous Chaos

Coin of Cadaverous Chaos

Bakra-do the mercenary entered the inn to find his old friends and sometimes traveling companions. In his pocket he bore an enchanted coin given to him by a concerned priest.

Searching through the crowd the mercenary zeroed in on his friends.

Chalk welcomed Bakra-do over to their table, getting an extra chair for his friend.

‘It is a busy night, how did you find us so fast?’ the wizard asked.

Bakara-do jerked a thumb towards Valance.

‘I just looked for the skeleton in the crowd,’ he said with a grin.

‘I’m not that skinny, am I?’ asked the priest of the Spider God.

An enchanted coin that has become a talisman of sorts, this magical coin sometimes reveals much more than its bearer wanted to see.

Benefit: Always ‘on’, this magic item reveals Chaotic or Evil beings and the level of their villainy. To the one carrying this coin those who are Chaotic in nature appear as undead, the more vile they are the more dessicated the individual looks. For example a mildly Chaotic person could appear as a ghoul or fresh zombie while a complete villain will appear skeletal. While this can cause confusion with actual undead creatures in dungeons or wilderness settings it is very accurate and horrifying in villages, cities and towns full of living individuals. Any Chaotic individual that sees this coin will likely (85% chance) attack the coin’s bearer with a +1 to strike and +1 to damage in combat.

Usable by: Anyone, often not Chaotic.

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[New Spell] Tenfold Enchantment

Tenfold Enchantment

The gnome illusionist was talking to the three gnome bards intently in the middle of a forested claearing while Fellhorn and the elf ranger waited impatiently. Then the illusionist broke away with a slippery smile on his face as he took off a pair of gloves.

‘Let’s go!’ he whispered with urgency to the other two.

‘Why are you wearing gloves?’ the elf asked.

‘Where are those useless talismans you had around your neck earlier?’ Fellhorn asked.

The gnome patted a pouch at his side that clinked with coins.

‘We need to get out of here and disappear before the enchantment wears off on those fake charms, I shudder to think of the devastation three gnome bards can cause!’ the small illusionist replied as he hurried along down the path.

Fellhorn and the elf ranger both groaned, yet also sped up their pace.

Tenfold Enchantment (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: Self or Touch.

Duration: Effect lasts for one turn (ten minutes) per level of caster.

An illusionist spell that must be cast upon a pair of gloves being worn by the target of the spell, this enchantment makes the value of anything of value held in one hand or both hands cupped together ten times more than it is in reality. Most merchants or buyers will be instantly duped. Those with a reputation for being extremely good or with level twice as high or more than the caster receive a +2 Saving Throw versus Spells (for example, a 3rd level illusionist casting this spell will fool a 2nd level thief but not a 6th level thief). This will not give objects of no value, like rocks or dirt any value and if cast upon these will only infuriate the potential buyer.

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[New Magic Item] Talisman of Bloodstaining

Talisman of Bloodstaining

‘Gloves are forbidden in this town!’ objected Bakra-do. The mercenary was hired to kill a leader of the local thief’s guild that was not obeying the Grand Guildmaster of the realm.

‘That’s right, no gloves,’ replied the town watchman as he collected the entry fee from the mercenary.

The wily Bakra-do, sensing some mischief, waited a few days in a shoddy inn near the guild of thieves.

Not two days passed before another would-be assassin was caught in the public square, literally with red hands. Bakra-do found out that this man had only wounded the leader of the local guild, yet he was marked and caught by some magic. The local duke, a cousin to the leader of the petty thief’s guild, had the would be assassin thrown into his dungeon to be executed.

Calling in a favor owed him by a slippery wizard, Bakra-do earned the bounty by the Grand Guildmaster by having the sorcerer summon strange, drifting undead that carried the mercenary’s target off to the Astral plane, which, whether dead or alive, seemed to satidfy the Grand Guildmaster of the realm that a lesson was learned.

A very effective and damning magic item, often worn by kings, archmagi and others concerned about assassins and usurpers to their positions.

Benefit: This talisman marks anyone’s hands (claws, pincers, tentacles, fins, etc) that deal damage to the wearer with the color of fresh blood. The color depends on the type of creature wearing the talisman, yet is most often red. Or black. Or green. Sometimes blue. This effect lasts for 1d4 days and is magical and cannot be washed off.

Usable by: Anyone.

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