[New Spell] Letterscatter


Stork peered over at Vistus the Blue Mage. The latter nodded ominously, the thickly lacquered mask bobbing slowly twice. Stork sat back and relaxed, a smirk on his face.

‘Let us hear the list of wanted wizards in this dive!’ he sneered.

A quartet of heavily armed bailiffs appeared, making a lot of noise and huff. One of the bailiffs, obviously the leader of the four, unrolled a scroll and began to read.

‘Ansker! Korts! Vabstil!’

The reader shook his head, those were not names he had read a few minutes ago. But there they were, written in ink on parchment. The bailiff handed the parchment to the court wizard. It seemed to take the magic-user a few moments to focus.

‘Renask! Stork! Stivlab! And….Vistus!’

Stork and Vistus sat up quickly as the bailiffs shouted and pointed at the two spellcasters.



Letterscatter (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 5′ per level of caster.

Duration: One day per level of illusionist.

This sneaky illusionist spell alters any writing that is within range of the caster. The clever illusionist can make a distracting anagram with some letters while warping others into whole new words. This can be cast upon any writing and can confuse those trying to read a speech, garble spells being read from a parchment (causing the person reading the scroll to roll under their Wisdom attribute to regain control of the spell) or mix the words on signs and other directions. Those who see through this illusion will see a momentary signature in the air of wispy smoke, the signature of the caster of the spell.

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[New Spell] Snapping Maw

Snapping Maw

The goblin wizard stomped his foot and snarled at Chalk.

The human sorcerer laughed.

‘And what are you going to….’

The goblin thrust an outstretched palm towards Chalk before he could finish his mocking question.

A trio of razor toothed mouths of mystical energy snaked forward and all bit down hard on the wizard here or there.

‘Ouch!’ howled the sorcerer. ‘Why you!’

Chalk prepared a spell of his own as the goblin spun around on one heal and tried to escape.


Snapping Maw (Magic-User)

Level 2

Range: 20′ per level of caster

Duration: Instantaneous.

When a wizard casts this arcane spell a number of sharp fanged mouths of mystical energy (one per level of the caster) spring forth from the palm of the magic-user, ignoring armor and dealing 1d4 points of damage to those bitten by this magical energy. Unlike fire spells of a similar nature, Snapping Maw does not affect materials around the target of this spell, only the target itself.

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[New Magic Item] Bell that Rings Elsewhere

Bell that Rings Elsewhere

The vile sorcerer Stork slipped over the lichen covered wall as silently as a shadow. Peering around he spied two guards idly chatting. Removing a small bell from a pocket the wizard whispered a word and rang the bell vigorously, yet the sound seemed to come from another direction entirely. Drawing their slender swords the guards ran off in the direction of the sound.

Soundlessly Stork crept across the cobblestones of the small courtyard and crept into the private chambers of the duke.

‘And without casting a spell. I have so many at my disposal, too,’ hissed the wizard.

The duke tried to scream, but he was silenced by a spell, followed by the daggers of Stork.

This small, innocuous silver bell looks like a mere trinket, possibly a child’s toy. A tiny treasure, yet this bell has saved countless lives and had many a treasure has been stolen by the use of this minor magic item.

Benefit: Whenever this bell is rung just after a special word is whispered the sound will not emanate from the bell itself but from anywhere that the ringer wishes, up to one mile away. If the location is out of sight then the one using the bell must have been to that location and seen it. This magic is used as a distraction and can even distract ritual spells being cast.

Usable by: Anyone, a favorite device of sneaky types like thieves and assassins.

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[New Spell] Stone Eye

Stone Eye

The mercenary and sometimes bounty hunter Bakra-do sat before the strange stone image at the roadside shrine of Vozena, Goddess of Hunters and Mercenaries. The casual observer would be convinced that the man was having a conversation with the old stone statue.

‘It shall be, I am grateful to know the location,’ the mercenary finished and placed a coin at the statue’s foot.


Stone Eye (Druid)

Level 2

Range: Touch.

Duration: One week per level of caster.

This druid spell allows the casting druid to cause a stylized eye of his or her design to appear on any organic surface, although stone or rock is common for some reason. This spell allows the caster to see through the symbolic eye as far as if they were standing in that spot and even gives darkvision to 60′. By some strange twist of the winds of magic, if this spell is cast upon the same surface as the magic-user spell ‘Magic Mouth’ then it is possible for both caster to converse with beings facing the surface and this does not count as discharging the Magic-User spell.

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[New Spell] Temple Leap

Temple Leap

Valance was mumbling a spell as he ran passed Koram and Chalk, pursued by a pair of lizardman brutes.

‘This won’t end well,’ commented the wizard. Koram nodded.

The priest of the Spider God, finishing his invocation, spun on his heel and said ‘Nekscralia!’ as he touched each of the reptilian humanoids with an open palm to the chest. Each creature gave an astonished look then disappeared.

‘Neksrcalia?’ Chalk asked.

‘The largest temple to the Spider God that I could think of offhand.’

‘I don’t envy those two then,’ the sorcerer said with a shiver.

‘I wouldn’t either, they were acolytes of the Great Lizard.’


Temple Leap (Cleric)

Level 3

Range: Self/Touch

Duration: Instantaneous.

Sometimes a diversion, sometimes a distraction, sometimes a lifesaving move, this cleric spell, also known as Leap of Faith allows a priest to move to the next nearest temple of the same faith (or pantheon, if applicable and the temple includes the caster’s deity). If there is no other temple on the plane then nothing happens. A cleric may attempt to “leap” to a particular temple further than the nearest, which will require a d20 roll under the caster’s Charisma attribute, a failed roll sends the target of the spell to the next nearest temple or fails altogether (50% chance of either). This spell is Self or Touch as the caster may decide not to go and send another for one reason or another. Evil High Priests often use this spell to live to plot another day.

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[Outstanding Personalities] Urgluk the Shadow orc

Urglok the Shadow Orc


The big orc roared, urging those around him forward as the small group of elves fired back.

‘Enough!’ shouted an elf mage. Stepping forward the wizard raised his staff and cast a spell meant to make the orcs run in fear. The orcs kept advancing with the same ferocity.

‘Damn, that usually works….RUN!’




Hit Points: 45 (6HD) Equipment:

+2 Chainmail, +1 to hit club (does 1d6+4 damage), two enchanted daggers (allow wielder to make two attacks without an offhand penalty, 1d4+2 damage each), 850 gold pieces.



Save as: 6th level Fighter



Experience value: 585



Special: Extremely cunning, will attempt a retreat if hit points are reduced to 15. May command any orcs within 150 feet. This inspiration makes all affected orcs immune to fear.







Urglok, also known as the Shadow Orc, is an unusual member of his race, possessing an uncanny cunning and an ability to control all orcs within 150 of him at any time. In addition, Urglok will try to lead from the back of the group of orcs that he is leading and if he takes too much damage (reduced to 15 hit points) he will attempt to flee the scene. This makes Urglok a good nemesis for low to mid level characters.


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[New Spell] Deadlike


‘Is this going to work?’ Koram asked Valance.

The priest of the Spider God opened an eye.

‘Not if you keep interrupting my prayer!’ he hissed. ‘Quickly! They are coming!’

The fighter stood still. The priest finished invoking the favor of his god. The magic was cast.

Koram took on a sickly look at first, then seemed to take on the appearance of a ghoul in moments.

‘Now you can stroll among those undead down there and grab any loose gold!’

The fighter smirked and shambled off.

Watching from the shadows the necromantress, Deadflower, raised a hand silently. A shadowy figure tore itself free from the darkness and fluttered at the necromantress’ feet.

‘Go, get some others, bring those two thieving idiots to me!’

Without word the shadow glided away.


Deadlike (Cleric/Magic-User)

Level 4

Range: Self or Touch

Duration: One turn (10 minutes) per level of caster

When cast this spell causes the magic-user or one touched by the caster to take on the general qualities shared by corporeal undead; while under the effects of Deadlike one is immune to the effects of diseases, paralysis, mind-affecting spells, death magic, sleep spells and does not breathe or eat. The subject also has darkvision to 60′. Undead creatures are 15% likely to recognize those under this spell as false undead.

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