[New Encounter] Bone Lake Trading Post

Bone Lake Trading Post

Vistis gasped as he watched Stork remove a boot and sock and stick his foot into the freshly cut hole in the ice.

‘Have you gone mad?’ the illusionist asked.

Stork looked down at his foot in the water, all he could see of it were bones. He wiggled his toes.

‘This is it! Bone Lake,’ the wizard exclaimed.

‘I didn’t eat the stew in the tavern last night, maybe it was off,’ Vistis pondered aloud.

‘Would you stop blabbering and help me cut this hole bigger?’ Stork asked.


‘I’m going in of course. There is a trading post down there and allegedly a scroll I am seeking is there,’ Stork answered.

‘I will keep watch up here then,’ the illusionist said.

‘No, no, come on in, the water really is fine,’ Stork replied as he hurriedly cut the ice.

The eerie Bone Lake can and has appeared in many a strange wilderness setting. Some theorize that Bone Lake is nomadic, traveling over the surface of the planet and maybe even underground and to other dimensions. One thing is known; it does move and many who wish to return spend a lifetime questing to get there for the item that they left behind.

In the game: Bone Lake is an unexpected body of water, it never ‘takes over’ or overlaps another lake, pond, river, etc. Any travel on the surface is normal while anyone going under will notice that their flesh appears to be gone and only bones remain. Skeletal fish and other life moves about as normal, minus their flesh and organs. While one is submerged in this pond they will not drown as the magical waters grants Water Breathing as the magic-user spell. In the depths of this strangely lit body of water is a trading post. No coin is exchanged here, only barter, making this a ‘trading’ post in the truest sense. A bony wizard-merchant and his 4HD ogre assistants make sure that peace is kept, the thick skeletons of the ogres and their sharp scimitars are not easy to overlook. It is rumored that the occasional necromancer or liche will send a raiding party down to cause mischief as their skeletal hechmen blend in perfectly.

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3 Responses to [New Encounter] Bone Lake Trading Post

  1. Wofano Wantanto says:

    That is a really neat concept. Absolutely using that one in the future.

  2. Brutorz Bill says:


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