[New Spell] Merchant’s Curse

Merchant’s Curse

Olhmi the priestess grumbled quietly.

‘What is the problem?’ Murgis asked.

‘Why did I get charged more than you for food in the market stall? We bought the same things,’ she replied.

‘Here, let’s get separate rooms in this inn,’ suggested Murgi.

The duo went into the inn and got rooms, again the priestess was charged more.

‘They look at me like I’m a known thief and charge me more than you,’ Olhmi said, exasperated.

‘Maybe it is the company you keep,’ Murgi suggested wryly.

‘Maybe it was being bumped into by that strange wizard when I bought the medallion he wanted, everything started costing more then,’ she said.

‘We should find him and see if he cast some spell on you,’ the thief said.

‘Without haste! I am tired of this gouging!’ Olhmi said as she prepared to go out into the town.

Murgi groaned.

‘I didn’t mean this instant. But this instant it is!’

Merchant’s Curse (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: One day per level of caster or until dispelled.

The target of this obscure curse, if a Save versus Spells with a -2 modifier is not made will find that all merchants, vendors, innkeepers, and other types who sell or rent for a living will not only eye the subject suspiciously but will also charge 10%-20% MORE for goods and services on top of what they might normally charge others for an item or a room for the night. This enchantment does not affect interactions with villagers or townsfolk who are offering a room for the night or some minor object or act of generosity.

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