[New Spell] Fungal Form

Fungal Form

‘I don’t like this weird damp smell,’ said Vistis the Blue Mage, unrecognizable as a red and white humanoid mushroom.

‘Don’t you like how those troglodytes in the warband didn’t see us when we stood still?’ replied Stork in the same physical state as his adventuring companion.

‘Except that I thought one of them might take us for food,’ the illusionist replied.

‘With troglodytes that is always a possibility, being taken for food, although I understand they prefer meat, fresh or rotting,’ countered Stork.

The mushroom-illusionist shrugged his shoulders, still getting used to the weird fungal form and wishing to himself that Stork had bought a different scroll.

Fungal Form (Magic-user)

Level 3

Range: Self and/or all designated within 20′ radius.

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level of caster.

This arcane spell allows the caster and any they indicate within a 20′ radius at the time of casting to take on the form of a mushroom-like humanoid, particular type of mushroom is up to the caster and multiple types are possible, all carried items are still carried, clothing and armor melds into the new form. Those in this form cannot be detected by infravision and if they stand still will give the illusion of being stationary mushrooms. Encountering actual fungal creatures will require a d6 roll, a result of ‘1’ means that these creatures see through the deception and will probably attack, but will certainly be curious about what is going on.

Optional: as the spell ends roll 1d6 for all affected by this spell, on a result of ‘6’ the spell is permanent and all clothing and armor is discarded, AC without armor is now 7 [12].

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