[New Magic Item] Potion of Friendlessness

Potion of Friendlessness

Bakra-do entered the tavern, his eyes adjusting to the darkness as he scanned the room for his traveling companion.

‘Are you looking for someone, friend?’ the barkeep asked.

‘A tall, lean fellow named Griv,’ Bakra-do replied.

‘There’s a tall, lean man that has been waving an arm at you since you entered this fine establishment,’ said the barkeep.

‘Bakra-do, over here!’ came a voice by a window, yet the mercenary could see no one.

‘Well, he passed that test,’ Bakra-do said as he made his way over to the table leaving the barkeep completely confused.

Considered a curse by some, to others it helps them to truly see things as they are. Use with caution.

Benefit: When drank this strange concoction reveals those either neutral or adverse to the one who imbed the potion for 1d4 hours while allies and close friends are completely invisible to the imbiber. After the time lapses all can be seen again as before.

Usable by: Anyone.

About bät

I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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