[New Spell] Enchant Boundary Stone

Enchant Boundary Stone

Bakra-do and Stonebones the dwarf sat on their mounts on a small hillock and beheld a curious sight; a short, chubby man with a meat cleaver seemingly fighting off a small pack of bandits almost effortlessly. When the skirmish was over the mercenary urged his horse forward and the dwarf followed on his stout war boar.

‘Do you have a problem too?’ the innkeeper asked the two adventurers.

‘Just looking for a couple of rooms for two or three nights,’ Bakra-do replied as he admired the carnage.

‘As long as you have good coin and don’t cause any trouble I believe the Battling Bulette Inn can serve you,’ the man said as he regained his composure and seemed to dwindle into a harmless innkeeper.

Dwarf and human exchanged glances dubiously yet steered their mounts to the stables as the innkeeper called for a stableboy to clean up the mess and see to the mounts. As the two rode by he asked them:

‘You haven’t seen a wizard in purple robes and an absurd hat nearby, have you? He comes around about this time each year to help me with something.’

‘Not that we have seen,’ Bakra-do told the innkeeper who looked a little worried at the reply.

Enchant Boundary Stone(Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: One year and one day and see below.

This spell enchants a stone that has specific runes engraved upon it to protect the owner of a particular piece of land, whether it is a hut, hovel, tavern, in or mansion. For the duration of the spell any adversaries are -2 to hit and damage the actual owner of a particular piece of land while that person is +2 to hit and damage any that would harm them. These modifiers only apply when both landowner and any adversaries are all on the protected land. Taking the boundary stone off of the land will dispel the magic, although anyone handling this stone other than the one who cast the spell or the landowner will suffer 1d4 points of damage per round while carrying the stone.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Enchant Boundary Stone

  1. Dick says:

    Handy if the owner is hale enough to fight if need be. I wonder how many aging parents arrange for
    property transfers to a stout offspring so they can get the stone’s benefit and take care of the old folks better. I wonder, how does it work on a whole feudal holding? Would a king get the benefit anywhere in his kingdom, or do fiefs held by vassals only benefit them?

    Liked by 1 person

    • bät says:

      I would keep the magic down to a building myself and surrounding reasonable property. I see a wizard making a lot of money maintaining this spell for the right price. Making a yearly circuit.


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