[New Magic Item] Censer of Waning Wills

Censer of Waning Wills

Bakra-do woke up groggily in the wooden cage built onto a creaking wagon, bereft of his armor, weapons and coins. As he became more alert and assesed the situation he saw a half a dozen others in the same plight, most of them either asleep or looking frightened.

‘Not again!’ the mercenary mumbled to himself as he stealthily removed to very small daggers from his leg wrappings and began cutting through the ropes that held the wooden cage together.

‘I really need to not stop at every roadside shrine in my travels,’ Bakra-do continued muttering as he prepared himself to run off into the dusk as soon as he had weakened the temporary prison enough to collapse it and surprise his captors (and a few captives too).

A banged up silver censer attached to a tarnished silver chain. Often with an oak staff to be able to wave it around. Breathe deep as it pass by.

Benefit: Any living creature, save the bearer of this censer when it is lit and smoke is billowing out of it, must make a Wisdom Attribute check with a -2 modifier, those who fail this check have a -3 to their Wisdom attribute for one day and are very susceptible to mind affecting spells. If an incense that induces sleep is being burned only a result of 20 on 1d20 will keep the living awake.

Usable by: Anyone.

About bät

I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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