[New Encounter] Guild of Negotiators

Guild of Negotiators

Uzeb the Wise nodded to Zhona the sorceress of the princess as she entered the rundown tavern.

‘You eat here?’ Zhona inquired, looking disgusted.

‘Who would suspect you here?’ Uzeb asked as he invited her to sit.

Zhona frowned and sat on the rickety wooden chair.

‘We get it that you don’t live like us, what do you need?’ Jaundo asked.

The sorceress leaned forward as she looked around furtively.

‘The Guild of Negotiators,’ she whispered. ‘They have the princess in their clutches. She has been compromised. They are everywhere.’

‘What can we do?’ Uzeb asked.

A trio of cloaked and hooded individuals entered the tavern and sat in different locations near the door.

‘I would say get me out of here, but they are here, those three must be with them,’ Zhona replied.

Uzeb and Jaundo exchanged glances.

‘Blazing, Bouncing Skull and Screaming Giant Rat?’ the wizard asked.

‘I already have my spear ready,’ Jaundo replied with a grin.

Sometimes villains choose to play the long game, biding their time and collecting as much information as they can, this can take generations of humans, yet to the guild, who are mostly nonhumans, this is absolutely fine and much less messy.

In the game: need an orc and goblin army to go through a human town to get to their rivals on the other side without riling the humans? The Guild of Negotiators will find a way. This organization will infiltrate a society via changelings/doppelgangers/lycanthropes far ahead of time and glean as much information as they can and through bribery, blackmail or simply bluff usually get their way. Each job done is a victory that they will use later on another job. Once you have capitulatated to the Guild of Negotiators they have you, in the future they will call upon you for something and you will fold. Unless you can find some plucky adventurers to plot a counter-attack.

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  1. These are always interesting but now I urgently need to know about “Blazing, Bouncing Skull and Screaming Giant Rat”.

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