[New Magic Item] Off the Trail Amulet

Off the Trail Amulet

The mercenary Bakra-do was curious (and a bit doubtful) about the odd talisman that the dwarf Inglox was holding in his hand as the trio, for Krozik was also there, hustling along and looking back over his shoulder.

‘We can rest now that we are out of sight, I will awaken the magic in this amulet and we can seek shelter in a hidden cave nearby,’ Inglox said as he motioned towards a nearby hillside.

‘I hear the baying of the hounds, it draws nearer,’ Bakra-do said.

‘Relax, this will work, Krozik, find the cave will you? It is very close,’ Inglox asked. Krozik nodded and headed towards a pile of rocks at the base of the hill. Inglox followed and stabbed himself in one arm, careful to catch the blood as he winced.

Krozik revealed a crawlspace into a good sized cave that had obviously been used as a hideout before. Bakra-do was impressed.

‘Let’s just hope that this wizard doesn’t think to summon hellhounds when the trail goes cold,’ Inglox said.

‘What?!’ the mercenary exclaimed as the dwarves smiled awkwardly.

Set within this amulet is a strange blood-red stone with golden flecks in it. There is one sharp point on one side of the talisman rumored to be the tooth of a hellhound.

Benefit: Once per day this amulet may be used to throw those following the magic item’s bearer by scent ‘off the trail’ for a length of time. While this works against terrestrial trackers perfectly extra-planar creatures that are adept at hunting by scent are 75% likely to foil this talisman and betray it’s owner. To instigate the magic one must prick or stab themselves with the sharp end of the amulet dealing 1d4 points of damage. From the point that the this happens magic radiates out 100′ dispersing the scent of the talisman’s bearer for 1d4 hours, making tracking impossible for most creatures unless the person leaves the area in which case the trail may be picked up again.

Usable by: Anyone.

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