[New Magic Item] Sporecerous Spear of Klonx

Sporecerous Spear of Klonx

Thr four teetering mushrooms ambled about the cave.

‘Valance?’ one croaked creepily.

‘Over here,’ replied another of the walking mushrooms as it raised a three fingered hand.

‘Spiders?’ the first fungoid creature asked.

‘Coming soon,’ replied a mushroom-Valance in a raspy tone.

‘Chances of that kobold getting out of here alive?’ croaked the first.

‘Zero,’ said another of the shambling fungal humanoids, this one drawing a crystal bladed sword from a sheath at its side. Koram was in no mood to negotiate after this.

Klonx the sporecerer created many strange enchanted items before the giant slugs got him. This spear among the more bizarre. Coveted? Not sure about that.

Benefit: Upon a successful strike this magical spear transforms the target into a fungal version of their type (humanoid, quadruped, etc) for 1d4 days, no Saving Throw to avoid. Looking like a strange mushroom creatures drops one’s Charisma by 5 points, unless around other fungal creatures, in which Charisma increases by 3 points. Strange eyes around the body mean that the fungoid creature cannot be surprised and does not need to rest, although movement is slowed by ¼ and only melee weapons may be used. A spore attack is possible, sending spores like darts up to 20′ that deal 1d4 hit points of damage. Each creature has 2d8 of these spores and they regenerate every 4 hours.

Option: On a natural 20 up to six other creatures within 10′ of the target are transformed as well.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a spear.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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