[New Magic Item] Turning On You Charm

Turning On You Charm

Bakra-do noticed that the sorcerer had some sort of charm that he manipulated and smiled at the mercenary.

‘Thank you for your work, but I am afraid that I cannot pay you, what if you die by your own sword instead?’ the spellcaster offered with a smile.

The mercenary turned his head quizzically just as the sword in his hand came to life and slashed at his other arm. Shocked, Bakra-do fought the sword’s wishes and grabbed the handle with both hands. Ton onlookers this must have seemed comical as the mercenary struggled against his own blade which was now intent on killing him. With a burst of energy Bakra-do threw the blade to the ground as the sorcerer advanced with a dagger, the blade of which seemed covered in some strange green liquid.

Bakra-do produced another short sword, the sorcerer hesitated and tried to think of a spell to cast as the mercenary threw the sword at the spellcaster, not fast enough, the blade sunk into the sorcerer’s torso.

As the magic-user screamed in pain and dropped his dagger the mercenary advanced and claimed the charm from his previous employer.

‘This will do ncely as payment,’ Bakra-do said with a smile.

An unassuming silver and gold charm that your enemies wish you had never seen. Fun in melee.

Benefit: Once per day the bearer of this charm may invoke its power to cause the weapon of another to turn on its owner, giving the weapon a sudden hostile intelligence if it did not have one already, in which case the weapon is immune to this magic and the charm’s bearer may try again that day on another weapon. This effect lasts for two turns (twenty minutes) and the owner of the weapon may elect to try to control the weapon which will require one Strength attribute check per turn. After the weapon gains intelligence there is a 10% chance after the charm is applied that the weapon will permanently gain a 12 Intelligence and the charm is useless against this particular weapon as it will then align with its owner.

Usable by: Anyone.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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