[New Magic Item] Doorburst Amulet

Doorburst Amulet

Murgi regarded the ornate door. It was sturdy, bound in hardened steel and locked tight. He fidgeted a moment with the small talisman in his hand then looked over at Olhmi.

‘Just do it,’ the priestess said.

‘Think it will work?’ the thief asked.

‘There is only one way to find out. If you don’t open it for me find a way back to the cottage as soon as you can,’ Olhmi replied.

A quick word to the gods and Murgi rubbed the amulet, nodded to the priestess and ran at the door. He was gone in an instant. Olhmi waited longer than she planned to. Worried, she finally went back to the cottage.

A day later the thief returned, triumphant, yet not with the treasure he had jumped through the door for and looking a bit shaken.

‘Where were you? I was worried!’ Olhmi shrieked as she hugged Murgi.

‘Apparently this is mostly reliable, yet I got a good haul anyway. Just not the right stuff we are after, we will need to try again,’ the thief replied.

Generally magic items are not sold. This one could be if things go awry for the current owner. Nobody knows who is on the other side of that door until you find out.

Benefit: At the time of activation the one that will be going through a closed door as one round (10 seconds) to run at the door. There is a blinding flash of light and that individual is gone, appearing on the other side of the door, note that a Dexterity attribut check may be in order to ensure the individual is upright upon arrival. For one day the device cannot be used on the same door (to return from whence they came, for example) and each use there is a 25% chance of emerging through a random door within ½ mile if there is one, if not then the person will emerge where they planned to regardless of the fickle nature of magic. Automatic surprise for the one using the amulet unless those on the other side already know someone is behind the door. Then they get automatic surprise.

Usable by: Anyone.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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