[New Magic Item] Cape of the Deity

Cape of the Deity

Drazak the War Wight stood bewildered at the sight on the hill. A line of fighting men stood before him and his troops with what appeared to be a long banner covering most of the humans, all that could be seen were a few helmets and a banner that looked like a wavering constellation before the undead.

‘Fire!’ came a shout from the side of the living followed by dozens of flaming arrows that seemed to come from the stars on the banner. Drazak howled in rage as skeleton and ghoul warriors caught on fire and the undead leader called off his attack to ponder another strategy even as the men behind the banner began to move forward.

With hatred burning in skull-like eye sockets Drazak turned and ordered a hasty retreat as the living cheered.

Many a warband and army captain has sought this mythical cape, said to be of a fallen god. In the hands of the right leader an outnumbered force can turn th tide of battle.

Benefit: This legendary cape is six feet high by thirty feet long. The outside of the cape looks like a reeling sea of stars while the inside is see-through to those behind it. Weapons, both melee and missile pass through the inside of the cape outwards without hindrance while providing +2 to AC to all protected by this enchanted item. There is a 75% chance that this acts as a Confusion spell with a one turn (ten minute) duration that affects up to 5d6 subjects within 60′. Creatures with 3HD or more are allowed a Save to resist.

Usable by: Anyone.

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I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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