[New Magic Item] Cloak of the ‘Cube

Cloak of the ‘Cube

The seemingly endless horde of small spiders rushed at Zorvab the Axebringer and his strange cloak seemed to devour them all.

‘Handy cloak, good thing Valance isn’t here to witness its use though,’ exclaimed the illusionist known only as the Scholar of Wexos.

‘Valance? The Spider priest?’ Zorvab inquired as the stream of spiders dwindled down to a trickle.

‘Aye, the same,’ replied the spellcaster.

‘Apologies to your friend, but if he was here he might have a better solution, I have no choice but to don this cloak during such encounters,’ the fighter said.

From the Web Between the Worlds the Spider God glared at Zorvab, the curse upon the human so easily foiled.

Originally a magical accident, eventually a magic-user realized how to duplicate this strange enchanted cloak. Friend or foe, it doesn’t discriminate when in use.

Benefit: This strange green enchanted hooded cloak is activated simply by wearing it, otherwise it is inert. In addition to an AC boost of +2 this cloak also acts as if one was wearing a monster known as a gelatinous cube for anyone touching it for a moment takes 1d4 points of acidic damage and an additional 1d4 point of damage each subsequent round of exposure as the cloak seeks to dissolve anyone (except the wearer, who is immune to this effect) that touches it. In particular swarms of insects, rats and other vermin seem drawn to this cloak and are absorbed by it and for every ten points of damage dealt the cloak gives the weaer a ‘boost’ of two temporary hit points that may go over the normal hit points the wearer has up to a factor of x2. These temporary hit points wear off after 1d4 hours or when the cloak is next removed.

Usable by: Anyone.

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